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Guess what? Dudes who poke their tongues out on the football field and do the Maori haka are creative enough to be called “game breakers” by leading sports commentators of the sporting code. Not bad! These lads pictured via Getty Images are creative and tough to evolve and break the game open at new sporting levels of play.

Writes the All Blacks Website’s Sports News Section: “Even considering personal preferences and allegiance, the makeup of the best team of the season past will have a heavy tinge of Black, reflecting a test calendar where Richie McCaw and his men won 13 of 14 tests. Rugby sites and various pundits from around the world have compiled their best team of the year.

Rugby sites and various pundits from around the world have compiled their best team of the year. Planet Rugby selected no less than eleven All Blacks in their starting XV, whilst rugby365 put seven New Zealanders in their selection. Rugbyheaven of Sydney Morning Herald in Australia selected ten All Blacks, while even Green and Gold Rugby, a notoriously pro-Australian rugby site, put eight kiwis in their run out team.

What is notable is that it is considered necessary to have multiple world class players in a team to have any hope of winning a World Cup. Not one or two players, but a host of game breakers who can change a test with a certain play.”

Looks like the World Cup is shaping up to be quite the hot sports event of the world. Believe me, rugby football is so much fun. Hollywood media conglomerate, Universal/ Comcast are gearing to broadcast and broker the Rugby World Cup sporting football coverage into the US next year. Should be hot to watch either on the telly but particular in person, at the event. Rugby culture and its supporters are crazy, wild, fun. You really have to sit in a live rugby match to feel the made love. It’s the best sporting buzz in the world. That and Super Bowl and Wimbledon finals as well as Soccer World Cup. Top sports entertainment live.

A note to all rugby football players worldwide. Americans love big toothy smiles. Everyone here puts white caps on theirs, especially Hollywood stars and sports stars to produce that winning smile for a camera’s close up. Now would be a really good time for leading cosmetic dentists in every rugby football nation to step forward as corporate sponsors perhaps. Just a suggestion mind.”

Universal Sports Coverage Currently includes: Alpine SkiingBeach VolleyballBobsledCurlingCyclingDivingHorsey stuff (Equestrian); Ice Queens (Figure SkatingSport with Rings (Gymnastics); That one Canadians are real good at (Hockey); LugeMarathonNordic CombinedOlympicsParalympicsRowingRugbySkeletonSki JumpingSnowboardingSpeed SkatingSwimmingTrack & Field.  Universal is also well known worldwide for movie making, as in Universal Pictures and bringing good funny TV shows to the world as in James Cameron presents Sanctum & The Little Fockers for example. Oh wait… those were their films. Wicked: The Musical. Oh shoot… that’s their big Broadway Musical foray show. Their TV Shows are: Keeping Up with the KardashianKourtney & Khloé KardashiansFashion Police and The Big Picture to name a few of Universal’s most popular TV shows.

You can also visit with your family at Universal Citywalk Theme Park (pictured above) before or after visiting Rugby World Cup live too. It’s all up to you. Fun!

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“Our cup overfloweth with joie de vivre to share with others”–motto for 2011 onwards.

This Christmas Eve is the month where a Maori Hollywood entertainment celebrity blog made history and hit the 2.8 million threshold thanks to you all worldwide. That’s never happened before in Hollywood’s entertainment history. Hawaii takes the top spot as both the 44thPresident of America and New Zealand’s Prime Minister vacation at the tropical jewel isles location of the USA.

Here in California this artwork at the Wiedeman gallery photographed in Hollywood this eve, reminds me of the umbrella I’ve been living under while living here in Hollywood California to date. Very French with a Hollywood twist. And Jakey Davis shines with two of his biggest fans, sister Taylor Jane and his mom, teen mom’s champion life coach - The Maori Rose of Sharon across the world in New Zealand. It’s all about children and their world we help and support them create. As you can see, I’m on Jakey’s program as he’s already busting out his Peace sign moves for photos, so fine like already, on a Kiwi beach. Too cute.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news on Christmas here in the Hollywood hood as voted by you the people worlwide. Here’s how we’re looking in our top ten today. Merry New Zealand Christmas and Happy Hollywood Christmas Eve. Thanks people.

1. Security at Kailua as the Obama‘s vacation in Hawaii is headline worthy

2. Kim Kardashian for W Magazine -Los Angeles

3. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively -rewind

4. The rise of Latina in fashion and beauty

5. Anjelica Huston‘s film biography spoke of loss/ grief in her life’s start

6. Katy Perry does tofu-urky starting new family Christmas traditions

7. Richie McCaw has no plans to retire from top level rugby football, just yet

8. Eva Longoria has been eating at Besos too much

9. Willow Smith is doing way too much in London Town. Girl go play some jump rope!

10. Ten tweets from Arizona actor Alex Meraz

Almost made it – The Bonus Posts:












Happy Kiwi Christmas and Merry American Christmas Eve.

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Who: Louis Henry Davis III.

Tribal Affiliations: Ngapuhi, Ngati Whaatua.

Appointee: Board of Trustee Representative 2011, Whangarei Boys High School with Geoff Abbott.

Claim to Fame: Brother of Jakey Davis. He is also a fine rugby football player and a super basketball representative too with a good academic record.

Hallmarks at this early stage: From a compassionate community-minded family. Learning how to be a team player. Pride in Kaupapa Maori traditions and knowledge both IQ and EQ. Grandson of current community leaders. And this young guy is a friend of teen parent moms too. Not bad so far!

Hollywood Comment: And who is using more hair product than both Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber put together, with mo tumeke staunch-pouting going on than tuakana Cliff Curtis in a 3D action movie role or brotha Taika Cohen in that Boy movie… in his high school leadership photos, then aye? Mr Maori Kiwi-Staunch. Congratulations Louis III.

Kia kaha. Be wise. Be yourself. Lead. :)

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I just spoke to my Maori mom on the phone wishing her and dad a very Merry California Christmas.

She was sooooooo excited to hear my voice in a way only a Maori mom is.

Hot topics of conversation were: Mom warning me about the perils of “Facebook oversharing.” Heavens forbid!

Mom is in her 70′s and she goes to see Bono live at U2 concerts and holidays in Paihia that is rark-it-up seaside resort township for New Year’s eve of New Zealand each year… so mom did make me laugh about Facebook. Apparently many of my beautiful, talented, breeding and entertaining family are having family Christmas in a New Zealand top secret Christmas party location, right at this minute. So… I just might have to ring into that party real soon, like So Undercover via the telephone via the top secret telephone number given to me by mom, and spice it up the party a little. ;)

To all my family/ whanau all friends in Christchurch, in Melbourne, in Papakura, in Beverly Hills, in Arizona, in China, at PPL HQ, in New Zealand, in Malibu, in Auckland The Supercity, on Catalina Island, in Westwood, in California, in Wellington and in Helensville –Mere Kirihimete, I love you and God bless.

[Christmas Artwork: Weideman Gallary snapped 10 mins ago, West Hollywood-Chanel No 5 Series of 4 and James Dean in Hollywood Headlights. Catalina Island photographic artwork of Avalon Bay hangs outside my apartmento door in Hollywood. Who would have thought?]

UPDATE: Hollywood = 1.59 am – NZ Boxing Day, USA Christmas: I so made the call. Christmas message on answerphone, okiez? Love ya all black! :)

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“Keeping secrets on our pillow”–Brandon Flowers lyrics, for those who grieve grief’s unquantifiable language in the dark night of the soul.

“As a family, we have been so fortunate to have a son and a brother who has so enriched our lives. To the young men of this country, Jack would want me to say this: Be your own man, do not be afraid to dream and pursue those dreams with quiet determination. Be sincere in your friendships, and keep those friendships in good repair. Stay true to your beliefs. Love your mother,”–the farewell words of Roger Howard on behalf of his family and friends, Anne Scott and daughters Charlotte and Isabella–as Roger laid his son, Private John Howard (Jack) to rest at Wellington’s Cathedral of St Paul in New Zealand’s capitol.

Private Howard was a Kiwi lad serving in the the 3rd Battalion in The Parachute Regiment of the British military, who was ‘killed by American soldiers piloting an American F-18 Hornet fighter, during a friendly fire incident in Helmand, Afghanistan,’ reports the UK Daily Telegraph.

Two Maori warriors carrying taiaha (traditional Maori wooden weapons of the art of Mau Rakau hand combat martial arts) ‘accompanied Private Howard’s coffin along with seven of his fellow British soldiers.’ In very poignant imagery, his coffin was draped in a Union Jack flag and with a traditional hand woven Maori cloak as he was carried into the cathedral, with his family following behind.’

His family are such big-hearted people to be able to forgive the futility of Private Howard’s loss of life in Afghanistan’s war effort. The cost of war to America and allies has been shared by many in common bonds of brotherhood in the hope of peace in the world.

New Zealand is a small nation. News like this rocks New Zealand culture to the heart, deeply. We don’t have all that many people to lose, our nation is small. One life lost is like 10,000 to us. It feels like as a Kiwi looking at New Zealand from afar in California that I’ve unexpectedly found myself crying about 29 lost miners gone too soon recently and now Private John gone too soon as well.

Such news makes any Kiwi cry. Blokes included. We’re just wired that way to fellow Kiwis in a deep and committed sense of place and Life’s purpose in the world. I’m tired of crying for New Zealand blokes lately in Hollywood, whose lives have been lost too early in the pursuit of the earth’s energy resources or a real sense of Peace too in the world transcending war. Accidents resulting in loss of lives in both cases, where unexpectedly men weren’t safe. Sorry, but I am. It’s just gut wrenching and we all share their loss and contributions to our culture.

RIP Private Howard. Sending kind healing thoughts and prayers for the Howard-Scott families this Christmas. A Kiwi brother of Commonwealth and Am-Kiwi community gone way too soon. What a beautiful send off for this Kiwi lad as these pictures show. John’s grandmother Elizabeth Scott looked very regal at the helm of her family.

Haere ra ou tatou teina–a symbol of a younger brother’s vital potential– to us all. Hollywood salutes your blood father’s spoken symbolic words of Peace in the Spirit of shared bronaaki culture (fellowship) that is Our Protector, stronger than war’s unquenchable grave and the proven Victor over death itself. Mauri ‘Ola Tatou. Ka Tu Te Whare Ka Ora o Te Ao i te taha o Te Awa Ora, Mo Ake Tonu.

In the spirit of global brotherhood that surpasses any difference of race, geographical borders, religious or cultural boundaries too in our shared humanity of melanin fused with spirit on this same shared earth we love, here’s the group Candella singing Brandon Flowers song Crossfire in honor of Private Howard’s life of service for the world. The song is offered from Hollywood today in the hope of Peace’s diverse rule and expressions in hearts and minds universally as an intelligent way forward of all leaders of future generations who wear Wisdom’s timeless glasses to see the best paths forward for children to walk in freely. Children who as global friends, consider each other equally and who build good friendships across all cultures of the world, as their open hearts so choose to as our guides, teachers and leaders without fear. [Thanks Candella & Brandon Flowers]

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Heard of Sonny Bill Williams yet? You’ll get to see him on Universal/ Comcast sports coverage next year in the US during Rugby World Cup 2011. He’s new sports talent who switched to the rugby football code from rugby league football. As a colorful and rather fearless entertainer, dude rocks! He’s world famous in Hollywood already on this blog.

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No. These two are not discussing the latest funnies on the ICanHasCheeseburger Blog! This is an official ambassador visit photo. Prince Harry shares a smile with German actress Sophia Thomalla at the charity gala ‘Ein Herz fuer Kinder’ in Berlin, Germany. Amongst chatting up hot blondes, Harry was on his first official visit to Germany where The Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial was a place where the Prince laid a wreath on a restored section of Berlin’s former East-West border, including the Wall and the area behind it known as the ‘death strip’ where many died trying to escape back in the day before U2 sung and the wall came tumbling down. In hot Kiwi news, rugby football stars, Andrew Ellis says he’s heading to Aussie for Christmas holidays; Kieran Reed is looking forward to becoming a new dad real soon, and Stephen Donald says “Mate. The Coromandel is the only place to be this Christmas.” 

Today we hit 2.8 million on ze blog. Japan and Iran both got hit by massive earthquakes. Let’s be mindful of Iran and Japan today. Sudan could have 2.8 million people displaced real soon. Christmas carols from West Hollywood beat all other news. We are Grinch free on this blog. And I still think these bloggers are all better than this blog, they just need to get a bit more fun, so let’s share the love with them too: Al JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneForbesFortuneFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoicesNPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlate. See what I mean? So much work goes into news websites sharing info daily, yet only Julian Assange makes a Time Magazine cover. Go figure.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news posts voted by you the people, statewide, nationwide and worldwide here in Hollywood, California. Here’s the most voted posts to share this festive season. Thanks people. We look like this today:

1. Christmas Carols from West Hollywood -Part 1: Shout to the Lord

2. Christmas Carols from West Hollywood-Part 2: Nesian Ninja Ben Lummis

3. Locklyn Kyla Vaughn survived Jennifer Aniston to be here 12-20-10

4. Retro Joanna Krupa Playboy Christmas issue

5. Security @ Kailua with Obama‘s Hawaii vacation is totz ‘beach blocking-ish’

6. LeAnn Rimes gets festive

7. 10 Things about billionaire Christopher Chandler - Momma’s boy to the days

8. Jamie Lynn & Britney never did manage to squeeze in that double wedding

9. Brian Austin Green could be the next Ryan Reynolds

10. Allegedly, Horiwood.Com is read daily in these US States – all of them. As if! Hi America!

Bonus Post: Aussie angel Miranda Kerr for U.K readers

Bonus Post: Wikileaks and that Assange dude news updates -12.20.10

Bonus Post: Will & Kate‘s special coin for Lloyds of London whomp, whomp press.

Bonus Post: Nesian Mystik & Sonny Bill Wiliams for rugby football’s chillest chillness

Bonus Post: Angelina Jolie Humor – like them that market movies like a doll

Bonus Post: Robbie Williams reaches 20 years warbling for the UK

Bonus Post: Rihanna‘s kind words to bloggers are charming

Bonus Post: At 19, Sunny Oglesby gets cast in the Levi Johnston reality show

Bonus Post: Hugh Jackman on wearing Aussie speedos

Bonus Post: Young Hollywood actor & occasional cake maker, Brooke Abbott‘s big night out

Bonus Post: Why doesn’t New Zealand just ask Julie Christie to do Big Brother Fiji?

Bonus Post: Spank You America bank - must be shungting over wikileaks news!

Bonus Post: Retro Gaga: Lady Gaga News still rates – 4.23.09

Bonus Post: Cassie Smith says hi.

Bonus Post: Hori thighs by Luke McAlister for world cup sporting events

Bonus Post: Barbara Streisand & leading democrats on Obama inking tax cuts bill

Bonus Post: Absolutely tongue-tied is how Reese Witherspoon felt in Washington DC

Bonus Post: Armani for Gaga: Fashion sketches 2010

Bonus Post: The WashPo ask can Borat belt it out as Freddie Mercury? Does it get better?

Bonus Post: Barbara Walters ten most fascinating pebbles of 2010

Bonus Post: Maori representation on google books culturomics bogusness is just ugh… dinosauric!

Bonus Post: Bradley James visits Queenstown with family

Bonus Post: Mawhera at Christmas in Hollywood: We remember Joseph Dunbar, 17.

More worthy and harworking bloggers to appreciate: BuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireThe HillIndependentKCRW’s Left, Right and CenterLos Angeles TimesMcClatchyOxdown GazettePandagonABC; Couragetolovetheblog.comYouth RadioAltercation (Media Matters)AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing Boing.

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Shania Twain who is an occasional resident of Queenstown, New Zealand (pictured below) and who has may-jah fans in Australia writes an email that’s uploaded to her blog for fans.

Seasons greetings to all!

I’ve spent much time over the course of this past year, learning about others who have suffered loss in their lives and taken inspiration from how they’ve managed to overcome it. I’m learning that grief and the suffering of loss, challenges me to be more sensitive and understanding of other’s and also more accepting of my own struggles.  Challenge reminds me how important it is to let those who love me, care for me when I need it.  The support of others has helped me to move forward less fearful of change, allowing me to embrace the beauty of life today and remain more open to whatever it brings tomorrow.

The people who make my life the most joyful are the ones I am able to lean on because of my own humanness.   Read the rest of this entry »


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To find out more about this headline, Bloomberg news has this good report about the New Zealand economy.

New Zealand dairy cows are the big stars of the Kiwi economy at this minute, rebounding from drought earlier on in the year. The New Zealand people recovering from earthquake situations also proved very resilient although the housing market was possibly effected by the unexpected quake that hit this paradise nation on September 4th.

The big indicator for leadership in New Zealand appears to be that there is much work needed to strategically occur in growing export markets –as results highlighted from the report show. 30% of New Zealand’s economy is export markets dependent.

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Christmas is about possessing a spirit of compassion–to give away richly. Got spirit?

It’s Christmas time in the City of Angels, California USA. I’m so excited I’m here for that. It’s a Christmas miracle that I am (long story!).

The moment I most associate with a Christmas feeling in the Entertainment Capitol of the World this year is perhaps singing They Can’t Take That Away live in 2006. Lummis has vocal quality few American male stars that have been manufactured in the last five years show. He’s the real deal singing star. He’s more like Usher in terms of true vocal quality as a live performer than someone like T-Pain for example.

Ben’s winning performance of when he got discovered is a Hollywood-worthy moment to me as it reflects how trends created in California can and do cross cultures, effortlessly across the world too, Read the rest of this entry »


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[Phill Goff is pictured here with Auckland Central political candidate Jacinda Arden]

Guess what? The best cupcakes in the world are made with golden creamy, New Zealand butter.

Better Butter Movement News: Wikileaks documents reveal that America’s top foreign affairs diplomats like New Zealander Phil Goff and his brand and style of political leadership. The leaked cables handed to The Sunday Star Times reveal these views from America about Mr Goff, the leader of the Labor Party of New Zealand:

Mr Goff has military like precision when parachute jumping:

The cable talked of Phil Goff doing a parachute jump from a military plane. As the American report goes, Mr Goff logically debated for the jump over water option because it required less training. The US also liked the way he argued the amount of training down to two hours, proving he is a good time manager and negotiator–while not valuing his own sense of importance over tasks at hand.

Goff is “very focused on the job at hand,” American diplomats found via the wikileaks docs being shared with the world. “This sums up his working style in a nutshell.”

In other Kiwi-American trade deals news: Wikileaks reveals (via silobreaker) that a trading partnership between the US and New Zealand may not be as “El Dorado” lucrative or worth “billions and billions to New Zealand’s commercial sector” as some political leaders have claimed in the past in more recent New Zealand media, that may have given a perception of too high expectations– than these wikileaks US diplomatic communications reveal. 

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We rise

above plateaus.


It’s our nature

to know heights

of vantage points,

the amber lit tussock

flat of valley too,

the pristine cool

hidden depth awes of

wet velvet lake lands.


We know

no other Way

than our destiny

to be




Photograph: Lake Taupo & Mts Ngauruhoe & Tongariro, Tongariro National Park, Central Plateau, North Island by David Wall.

To see in person, adventure here.

~For Barnaby Coxon. Happy Birthday Esquire. T*. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.17.10~

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[AI suggestion - perhaps NGRAM needs to go back to the chalk board phase]

If I was naive enough to believe Google’s “Books Ngram Viewer” that claims to count words based on 5 million published books and track their trends in terms of amount of times words appear in books (quantitative research), the Maori people of New Zealand would not fare well. The results would have me rehashing that archaic dead-end term, “racism” asap. Maori don’t like doing that in this enlightened age. It does not get people very far, because it immediately casts Maori in the light of having to drive a car fueled by ‘white man’s guilt.’ When you drive on whenua (land) that has tar seal put on it and called a “road,” that would be too much “irony” for a Maori to handle in any given day. Besides, why should we? That’s something that would appeal as a college student. The past is healing.

The tracking tool claims (my search conducted between years 1920 and 2008) that the word “Maori” peaked as a topic of interest in books in the year of 1978 (aprox). Since then it’s plummeted and currently, the usage of the word Maori is as low as its status listed in 1950 findings that’s given in the little graph that pops up. Already, this NGRAM Viewing tool of Google is capable of starting civil wars. I don’t like it much at all so far.

Being scientific, with heart and soul – this means: a) Maori are extinct again – a typical ‘pseudo-scientific’ finding (yawn!) Maori have learned to ignore since being able to read maps – but this time in a literary sense.

Already this supposedly revolutionary tool of technology is spitting out results generating ‘information’ that is rather boring quite frankly in my humble opinion. I say this because such ‘information’ has been so done TO DEATH already!  Read the rest of this entry »


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When it comes down to sporting gladiators, you always look at a rugby football field to discover the true essence of sportspersonship; that being” skill, athleticism, fitness, tenacity, courage, creative play, stamina, making it count on the score board and in the case of rugby football–that no.1 trait TEAMWORK. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Here’s a bit of exciting news with all of those features on display with the news that Kieran Read, 25, has been listed as New Zealand’s top rugby football player this year.

The New Zealand Herald reports: ‘Barnstorming No 8 Kieran Read picked up the Kel Tremain Memorial Trophy for player of the year at the New Zealand Rugby Awards. The 25-year-old was outstanding for the All Blacks as they went through the June internationals and Tri-Nations unbeaten, before playing a prominent role in the Grand Slam. The only blight on his season was the knee ligament damage that forced him from the field early in the year’s final test against Wales. Read has been earmarked as a future All Black captain and last night he edged the incumbent skipper and 50-test lock Brad Thorn for the big prize.’

The Black Ferns, (Kiwis womens rugby football team) scored big for the Team of the Year trophy.

MSN news adds: ‘The New Zealand Rugby Union described Read as “a rock at the back of the scrum” for the All Blacks and his Super 14 team, the Canberbury Crusaders. Reid received the award at a function in Auckland on Thursday night, when Auckland Blues halfback Alby Mathewson was named Super 14 player of the year.’

Congrats to all winners. Especially Kieran Read who plays in the no.8 position. His name is that of a sixth century saint and it means “black” and is of Irish and Gaelic origin. How apt to be in the running as a future captain of the All Blacks team of NZ then. Destiny shines.

[Below pic: Alby Mathewson feeds the ball out in the position of scrum-half via Getty Images]

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New Zealand’s Prime Minister appeared on The Edge radio station to warble a Christmas ditty before he jets out with family for the holiday season. Topics of conversation were: What to get Will & Kate for their wedding present next year, a niece’s wedding in London and enjoying mohitos and corn-fed beef in Hawaii where The Keys plans to vacation this year.

Go here to see the flattest rendition of this song in any Kiwi pub’s history, but hey, 200% effort for leaping in and being a sport. What a hoot. Happy Holidays New Zealand. :)

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Republic of Fiji
Fringed by salt-water lace, the abandoned ship
British Empire drifts through Isles of Amnesia,
awaiting colonial mutual evaluation.
A shell roars inside the sea, calling to islands,
and islands surface like turtles in the rain:
rain white as mosquito net, white as grated coconut,
white as the helmets of ex-Governor-Generals.
Rain white like the walls of Suva city jail -
walls which hold bloody hibiscus, bruised mango,
and crims who blow smoke at a dead volcano.
Orchids nod to sermons of the wet season;
jungle is green ink bleeding into sludge…

~Shared from the book, Whetu Moana [Sea of Stars]: Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English (eds: Albert Wendt, Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan) via Hawaii University’s website. To read more, click on link. Posted Hollywood, California USA. 12.15.10 by Sam Cruickshank~


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Yes. Apparently New Zealand was using spy technology to spy on mobile phone calls in Fiji during the coup of 2006. I wonder how Fiji leaders’ gossip stood up to recent wikileaks gossip from the US? Interesting.

New Zealand and the US have re-established an information-sharing relationship recently, with New Zealand now seen as being integral to Pacific Islands security in The South Pacific region. US security concerns about the Pacific, including concerns over China’s expansion into the region have been accelerators to an appreciative liaison between NZ and USA being strong on this issue.

Here in America, while a  just outside Washington, D.C., in Virginia to mull charges against Julian Assange  of Wikileaks for publishing the leaked diplomatic cables, Julian saysWe now know that Visa, MasterCard and PayPal are instruments of U.S. foreign policy. It’s not something we knew before.”

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According to Fran O’Sullivan, New Zealand thinks they are not P.I.I.G.S when it comes to national debt. The nation announced yesterday that $12 billion debt is what it is expecting to delve into real soon.

It’s justification on a global stage is that it is not like Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece and Spain whose debt is so great current generations can’t even repay interest on their national debt, reports Fran.

Apparently according to Fran, the US and UK are following PIIGS nations wake, if not careful. Who knew? Pays to read the foreign press then. Always.

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One of the wikileaks scandals down in New Zealand right now, is the fact that the New Zealand people weren’t told that New Zealand had re-established super strong intelligence ties with the USA again. In a way New Zealanders were treated like innocent children, needing to be protected from the knowledge that there are big scary unknown things in the world requiring intelligence-sharing between NZ and the USA. True fact. There are!

Main points of this scandal via TVNZ news are:

New Zealand’s Prime Minister is described as being “pro-American.”

On why New Zealanders were not told everything: “It’s simply a matter of fact that we just don’t comment on those sort of things. Once you start, where do you stop… we do these things to try and protect New Zealand and New Zealanders. The relationship is going from strength to strength because we’ve restored the intelligence sharing capability that we have to its maximum point.” Read the rest of this entry »

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[Photograph via Lady Summer's Tour of New Zealand]

Many nations have had their Foreign Affairs diplomatic laundry aired via wikileaks regarding dealing with the USA. Via the New Zealand Herald, here’s some links. Hardly riveting news but none-the-less a good insight into how New Zealand and US relations have been seen in the past –and how they are improving in the upcoming future:

17 February 2006
Ambassador Bill McCormick
On possible changes to National Party policy on nuclear arms
Read it here

11 September 2005
Charge D’Affaires David Burnett
In the midst of the 2005 election campaign
Read it here Read the rest of this entry »

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Kim Kardashian is the number 1 reality TV star earner of 2010. Jessica Simpson has quietly built an empire of $750 million this year with shoes, denim, swimwear, fragrances, and accessories–affordability to people is how she did it.

Achieving that goal in a global economic crises was no small feat. Good for her! Britney Spears, Jason Trawicke holiday in Mexico (below) and Jennifer Hudson is spotted with baby Daniel Ortega today. Cute. Hudson inspires us with an anthem of being grateful for the Spirit of Love that always brings us on through every threat hurdle or fear in life, as good shines in the World.

If there’s one person in America with first hand knowledge of the depth of love that resides in the American people and this nation’s great spirit it is this young lady. When she sings she dispels fear, instills courage and restores faith in the America Dream. I had the privilege to see Jennifer live because a friend kindly made that moment happened. We never left her concert the same. She’s a gift.

On that note–Let’s go people. Up!

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news post you voted worldwide today in Hollywood. Here’s our top ten. Thanks people.

1. Elizabeth Edwards is remembered

2. Queen Elizabeth II in 3D TV

3. Lil Bow Wow hangs with Breezy for a Gaga New Years

4. Oprah tells Barbara Walters how Gayle King is a good friend

5. Melbourne‘s Daniel Assange talks dad’s “audacious awesomeness”

6. Susan Boyle for Christmas season

7. Miranda Kerr‘s Merry Aussie Christmas for GQ Germany

8. Gylne Tider‘s weird “let it be art” is poignant

9. The rise of Latina in fashion & beauty

10. Chris Nolan‘s Cerebral filmmaking: A look at Inception

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“My cultural pride I will show, that you may know, who I am.”–song lyrics, Aaria.

Beautiful voices from The Shaky Isles today.


Mauri ‘Ola Tatou! Life to US!!!

[Footage: Singer Stan Walker & Whanau/Family from Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia]

Lyrics: He kakano ahau i ruia mai i rangi atea (I am a seed scattered from Rangiatea)

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E.M – has this funny pic about how 3D glasses should be used

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Boys. Guns. Trade. ‘Money.’ Moonshine.–exciting or an expensive hang over to humanity, already?

This movie is going to be a hit. Original Gangster’s Offensive Guard rhetoric, from Franklin Virginia. Especially for the little people of America and pub swilling UK too. Relevant as the UK and America think military.

The Wettest County in The World is a screenplay written by Nick Cave based on the book penned by Matt Bondurant.

The film stars Tom Hardy of Inception and Shia LaBeouf of Transformers and Indiana Jones fame.

Wettest is based on the story of Bondurant’s own family in Franklin County Virginia during the prohibition years.

“Based on the true story of Matt’s grandad and two granduncles, The Wettest County in the World is a gripping tale of brotherhood, greed, and murder.

The Bondurant Boys were a notorious gang of roughnecks and moonshiners who ran liquor through Franklin County, Virginia, during Prohibition and in the years after. Forrest, the eldest brother, is fierce, mythically indestructible, and the consummate businessman; Howard, the middle brother, is an ox of a man besieged by the horrors he witnessed in the Great War; and Jack, the youngest, has a taste for luxury and a dream to get out of Franklin. Driven and haunted, these men forge a business, fall in love, and struggle to stay afloat as they watch their family die, their father’s business fail, and the world they know crumble beneath the Depression and drought.

“White mule, white lightning, firewater, popskull, wild cat, stump whiskey, or rotgut — whatever you called it, Franklin County was awash in moonshine in the 1920s. When Sherwood Anderson, the journalist and author of Winesburg, Ohio, was covering a story there, he christened it the “wettest county in the world.” In the twilight of his career, Anderson finds himself driving along dusty red roads trying to find the Bondurant brothers, piece together the clues linking them to “The Great Franklin County Moonshine Conspiracy,” and break open the silence that shrouds Franklin County.

“In vivid, muscular prose, Matt Bondurant brings these men — their dark deeds, their long silences, their deep desires — to life. His understanding of the passion, violence, and desperation at the center of this world is both heartbreaking and magnificent.”

If you read Matt’s comments here about his grandfather, he speaks of a man who had a gun rack and brass knucklebusters hanging on the wall beneath them. I always thought guns were useful for hunting food on the prairie. To use them on people, should be the last and final resort. However, Matt’s seductive prose has many sucked in to his violence masquerading as noteworthy American culture. The power of words, and a tough bitten sound in this day and age.”

Tough Bitten–good words.

[Music, Moonshine by Savage feat Akon/ Pics via Pop Suga]

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Transparency is like refined gold, it has to be earned, tested with trust. So, I like people who endeavor to display a transparent spirit as leaders who serve the best interests of all, hence this quote running on this blog: ”In my time as Prime Minister I have tried to push for greater transparency, and we are happy to have an independent body overseeing expenses and entitlements for MPs [politicians], says New Zealand’s leader from Wellywood/ Wellington,”John Key 3 News. Information is like water flow. It often doesn’t flow to the right people who need to have it. Knowledge equals power. Africa needs water. What do we do this knowledge?

Transparency is good in any sincere culture but discretion is a part of wisdom too: ‘Do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing… Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove… A wise man conceals a matter.’

Often people who expect others to be transparent are not themselves–so good men and naturally transparent people–are forced to be wise and manage their own information about themselves, like a cultural taonga of New Zealand belonging to the collective people of Aotearoa New Zealand. Each nation is a knowledge farm of fruitful minds.

Here in America, today - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has already worked out what her parents do and wants to follow in their footsteps already as a performer turning out a show. “Shi’Bouncy” couldn’t be happier with her baseball bat and military attire as mother Angelina Jolie, sister Zahara and Maddox go to Lee’s Art Store themselves in Manhattan, New York to shop before they imagine and create as artists. Too cute. This family is on the attack today from haters not in Jolie’s league, or, all of her children either. Love it. Maddox Jolie-Pitt has been a star longer than many people claiming to be celebs today. He was born this way. A star.

Jolie’s statement today could be–Our best art, is serving our children, to be informed by their worldview, creating their art. In any culture, isn’t that always the truth.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news on a sad day where the much admired Elizabeth Edwards died, looks like this as voted by you today worldwide. Thanks people.

1. Elizabeth EdwardsPeople Magazine cover

2. Melbourne’s Daniel Assange talks dad’s “audacious awesomeness”

3. Kim Kardashian for W Magazine

4. Gylne Tider‘s weird Let it Be art is tres poignant-o

5. Entitled Chelsea Handler goes gunning for herself and Jennifer Aniston

6. Sataying – Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi & Caroline Artiss

7. Steph Koutsimanis-Smith enjoys the New Zealand Beach Life

8. Art: Indio Downey buys a John Courage Amber beer poster

9. John Barrowman of Scotland can kinda sing

10. Julian Assange for Time Magazine‘s cover man

[Images courtesy of Gog.Org.NZ and Splash]

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[Richie McCaw one of Graham Henry's players for the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Football team always shines with football in hand. Image courtesy of Getty Images]

SOUTH AFRICA SPORTS NEWS: “New Zealand’s impact on the rugby year has been reflected from an unlikely South African source. The influential rugby website has given New Zealand top honors in its annual sports awards.

Graham Henry was awarded the coach of the year, the All Blacks scooped the team of the year, Richie McCaw was the player of the year and Sonny Bill Williams picked up a ‘Living up to the Hype’ award. That’s too awesomery.

Henry was favored over John Plumtree for his work with the Sharks in winning the Currie Cup and Frans Ludeke for his second Super 14 trophy with The Bulls.

“Internationally, there was only one coach in 2010. Graham Henry will be disappointed with the loss to Australia in Hong Kong, a defeat that halted the All Blacks’ march towards the world record for the most consecutive Test wins. On the other hand, the All Blacks went undefeated in the Tri Nations and cruised to yet another Grand Slam,” the website said.

The All Blacks were confirmed by the judges as the trend setters of world rugby. Of course. They’re hosting the World Cup 2010 so that’s like calling a rugby football a rugby football. Figures really.

“Some suggest that they’ve peaked, but the All Blacks have struck an intimidating balance between running, kicking and mustering the physicality needed to quell traditional powerhouses like South Africa and England,” they said.

While acknowledging that Port Elizabeth born, Schalk Burger was the South African player of the year, the judges lamented that he wasn’t even the second-best Test flanker in 2010. That person was David Pocock, but even he was not close to the judges’ winner McCaw.

“In a year where a fetcher’s prominence was supposedly limited, McCaw retained his game-swinging penchant for dominating the breakdowns. As long as he’s fit the All Blacks’ threat is enhanced.” (nb: Hey Fluffy! As much jogging as posing then.) 

[Schalk Burger of South Africa photograph courtesy of The UK Daily Telegraph]

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Pensioners have been promised their superannuation pension from 65 years of age onwards in New Zealand. They won’t have to wait until 67 by some mean person penciling a later number on a piece of paper–before they can receive it, and will still be entitled to receive their pension at 65 years of age.

That’s if New Zealand’s current Prime Minister John Key gets in a second term with his National government party. As Mr Key has no fair competition at the minute opposing his lead–because most New Zealanders are happy with his bright spark leadership, this is a good sign for grey power in New Zealand. Go here to read the story.

I think any society who looks after their children, elderly and families–is seriously humane and rocking. A nice story in this day and age.

[Here's a shot of The Queen Mother - as a reminder why grey power are so important in The World. Who can forget her smile! or her roguish great grandkids, Prince Harry Windsor being one, organizing Snoop Dogg bachelor parties either? Too funny.]

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Life is a good beach — enjoy!

BEACH PERKS NEW ZEALAND: Onetangi Beach is the site of The Onetangi Beach Races each year. The beach is on Waiheke Island, near Auckland, New Zealand.

Aotearoa New Zealand beaches are one of the biggest perks you could ever see in the world, to vacation on, when visiting New Zealand. They’re transparently everyone’s property. Apparently.

Everyone in NZ feels a little entitled to own their fair share of sun-basting time on beautiful beaches like Onetangi all year round. Do you blame them? These beaches are a gift to all New Zealanders, at the moment. Tourists even more so. You just want to put the beaches of New Zealand in your own pocket and never do without them once you’ve discovered them.

My favorite thing to do at Onetangi is to swim and play chess with a friend, although the pawn pieces do get buried in the sand, if you’re negligent of them. So easy to do when drinking the superb Waiheke Island wines on offer. Or with ten guitars of locals playing around you at a beach BBQ too. If you’re lucky. Situated in the Hauraki Gulf, ‘the island is partially protected from the prevailing colder/wetter west and southwest winds, making it both drier and warmer than the Auckland isthmus.’ This makes it warmer and drier as the ocean moderates falling temperatures at night.

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For educational purposes –here’s some waiata light (songlight) from Hollywood today–in Te Reo Rangatira, the Maori language.

Gorgeous poetic lyrics.

So uplifting – an ornament of grace for the spirit in a diverse world.

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