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Just before Fukushima’s tragic news, The Black Eyed Peas hung out in Tokyo.

They filmed their new music video, Just Can’t Get Enough in Tokyo. Here’s that footage of Japan’s people just before the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear reactor melt down trifecta hit Japan.

Some lyrics of the song perhaps useful to share are:

Fergie –  I’m addicted, want to jump inside your love

Will I Am –  Honey got her sexy on steamin. She give the hotness a new meanin. Perfection, mami you gleamin. Inception, you got a brother dreamin, dreamin.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Adam, a fighter specializing in mixed-martial arts, is taking the hard hits for the art of sport and honed reflexes today.

The local legend of Legends Mixed Martial Arts (Training Center) here in Los Angeles says “I love the Maori haka. Your Kiwi football [rugby football] boys are fierce doing the haka!”

We talk about Maori actor Cliff Curtis who trains in Mau Rakau (the indigenous form of Maori Martial Arts learned on Mokoia Island training schools at set times of the year in Rotorua, New Zealand). A trip to Rotorua is something that fascinates Adam, to learn this Maori sport.

Cliff kicked his weight at the global box office in The Last Airbender in 3D, a big box office winner last year worldwide. Mau Rakau goes with Hollywood, already as a useful sports activity that can equate to box office stars with good casting moves on the board.

“Black eyes are just a part of the sport,” Adam says with an eye that only Sylvester Stallone‘s mother Jackie could love today. “I’m so used to having them, I’ve learned to read out of the eye that’s less painful to see out of each week. It varies.”

Man. That’s tough. Cheers bo!

Adam is also a student, studying hard, as well as being a top-level fighter. It’s about good balance and taking the good with the bad being a champ, who can read with both eyes! Go Adam!!

Music – In case you wanted to see it again, here’s Fergie, Will.I.Am & The Black Eyed Peas turning out their Super Bowl Show 2011 from Sunday. It’s all about the freaky costumes and the armies and armies of dancers doing MC Hammer’s running man moves, in an effort to look like the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, I tell ya! Will’s dancers are running to school to get educated or something though, apparently in his shout outs during this performance.

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True fact: The Maori word for spirit is wairua. It means “two waters.” Water distribution is a spiritually humane act, because it takes anyone with spirit to ensure that people who need it, can have life each hour of the day. Our spirits need to act with goodness so water can happen for 1 billion people. Most of these people are in India and Africa. I wonder if China can help as water has so much significance as a metaphor for spirit in China. When I China is already helping share water.

Exciting News: For only $10 invested at Charity Water, one person in the world can have fresh clean drinking water, for a lifetime – when currently 1 billion people don’t have access to it yet. Isn’t that cool information?

It’s the end of the year in Hollywood. Normally I do the list of The 50 People Who Were Voted Most Hottest in Hollywood, as a really good compare and contrast democratic exercise in who is actually hot –vs, other media outlets lists. It can be quite surprisingly the results. On this website, votes are voted daily. The results always provide a study. For example Lady Gaga was no.1 last year, before she’d even appeared on Oprah’s Show.

This year though I thought instead of glorifying Hollywood’s Top 50 list, a priority first, was to link the list of stars, celebrities, hot Hollywood topics in this blogs category list with the topic of H2O. Sometimes we forget that the difference between a ‘star’ and an unknown third world person – is simply basics of humanity or human rights too, like clean drinking water being one–and equal access to it. So, before that list happens, let’s work the existing list already created of people and stars on this blog, who all can do something to help other peeps have life that flows daily with decent water.

Let’s do it as a Christmas gift to the world. Each star who gets any press going up online, have these news items emailed to them daily in the form of google alerts emails. So, in doing this exercise, this is my challenge as a Maori-Kiwi blogger to each one of US as I like US together as a global community connected to all people in the world, to give the gift of water this Christmas to someone else in celebration of life. Celebrity is about water. A celebrity is “anyone who deserves to be celebrated.” In giving water to someone else–we celebrate life, and we act like true celebrities of the world.

Merry Christmas and if you feel inclined, make a difference. is our water distribution agency today. It’s a trust that is action certified that Nicole Richie all year round. Richie also does work too for water distribution via UNICEF as well. I think that’s pretty gnarly good. Let’s do it and make a difference. Cheers and thanks for reading this blog all year round. May festive greetings flow to others too through US. Much love.

Until every person has clean drinking water –no one in the world has true power. Who are we fooling? There will never be peace in the world, if people are fighting over clean water each day. As a power balance exercise that makes us civilized nations look less fake in the eyes of the world, let’s have some fun and make it happen. :)

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Never judge a book by it’s cover, for that we have Cover Awards in America. As a website they rock. Most of my covers I feature on Horiwood.Com are derived from their research and team efforts to entertain US all. Thanks team. Here’s 3 they feature.

Covering Esquire, Jake Gyllenhaal talks new movie: Love & Other Drugs: “‘Anne Hathaway and I had already had sex on film (in Brokeback Mountain). There’s something about the way Annie and I both work which is inherently very musical. It’s all about rhythm. There’s a rhythm to writing, there’s a rhythm to sports, there’s a rhythm to sex. I was naked a lot in the movie. I was naked in more of it than was even in the final cut. A director’s cut? I don’t even know how that would be rated.’”

Naked. cut. rhythm – and Jake’s point is?

Fergie Covers Glamour December: The Woman of The Year feature cover girl (wears a “red wine” velvet tuxedo jacket -subtext, Lady Gaga is not woman of the year) and says this about overcoming a rumored cheating husband, a meth addiction and low self esteem. Her wisdom: “You’d be surprised how addicting high self-esteem is.” Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts and Donatella Versace also made the list

Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation Sorrentino: gives his 8 tips on having a six pack to Men’s Fitness Magazine. Not easy to do when you’re raised on good Italian pasta. I won’t steal Cover Awards thunder totz on what they are (go here to read in full) but via Celebitchy, I totally dig his verbs. They are: eat, drink, choose, get, avoid, approach, make, give. All action words. Words of a star.

Three entertainer American kids in the box seats turning on a print show. They’re not at all bad … at show biz… in the unabashed United States of StArs.

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Love is contagious in the dance of life. “You just never know whose in on it”–Kim Bryan

Here in L.A, sweetness sits beside you, when sometimes you can feel a tad bit gloomy on things, and sweetness makes you smile.

Kim Bryan showed me flash mob clips today, that made us both laugh. Although the Opera singing clips were amazing, let’s go with a taste of Illinois. The smile on Oprah‘s face as The Black Eyed Peas surprised her with a dance tribute from Chicago, was precious. I think I enjoyed seeing Kim laughing at Oprah’s surprised expressions, more than seeing Oprah celebrating the kickoff start of her 24th season. 

“I’ve got a feeling that today’s gonna be a good day… so just dance.”

When you witness scenes like this, reminds you how much spirit the American people have. An eclectic tapestry of colorful people who love life, and love fun. Thank you Kim, Oprah and thank you Chicago. 

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Poor Fergie. She took a wee fall while in concert recently. Here’s that clip. Black Eyed Peas were voted American kids favorite group last night in LA at the Kids Choice Awards 2010. Congrats.

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On Billboards hot 100 charts in the US of A, the most lucrative pop charts in the world, the Black Eyed Peas, hit song, Imma Be is #1 for the second time. Congrats. Love that song! It’s so LA drivetime, it sizzles.

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The B.E.P are #1 in the US of A, at this second on Billboard’s Top 100 Song Charts with Imma Be Rocking That Body.

Fun song. Fun times.

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For a youngster with hopes in the music biz, Phoenix Phenom has a good sound. 

Phoenix (aka Ebony Latrice Batts) is finding out the hard way, that when you have potential in show biz, hide your hot shizzle when pitching your work to record labels. Read the rest of this entry »


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Bing.Com have released their first, second and third placed winners for most searched for celebrities of 2009. Here they are:

1. Mario Lavandeira of the Perez Hilton website.

2. Robert Pattinson of Twilight Saga fame.

3. Megan Fox of The Transformers film series franchise.

Entertainment and celebrity blogging plus young Hollywood actors in film franchises are the most requested celebrities of entertainment via this year. Obviously bing is supported by a twenty-something audience to pull up these results and findings this year. Interesting choices. 

Congrats to all three winners. Bing.Com has an 8% share of the search engine market in America. One must always give credit where credit is warranted. Oh, and here’s also the mega fabulous Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas, because he rocks just as much too and what an amazing year this grammy winner and talented music producer has had in the Black Eyed Peas this year with music sales and #1 hits on the charts worldwide. :)

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The Black Eyed Peas American Music Awards double performance depicts what a fantastic year this group has had. Haters may hate them, but they are amazing. Love them!

[Image of Fergie by American Superstar Mag].

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On the life of a pop diva’s role to entertain, Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas says to Cosmopolitan Magazine:

You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe that there are two types of women: the Madonna and the whore. And me? I’m both.”

Madonna must be spewing as Fergie romps home, heading into Christmas. Fergie does not sound like a woman supposedly spurned at all as the Los Angeles native takes her third cover this week.


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Both People Magazine and US Weekly Magazine, are reporting that Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie of West Corvina has been betrayed by actor, Josh Duhamel, after only 9 months of happy marital bliss.

Says People: The couple have denied claims made by stripper Nicole Forrester that she had a one night stand with Duhamel at the St. Regis Hotel on Oct. 9. Showing that they’re still very much together, Duhamel and Fergie dined at Chops restaurant located next door to the St. Regis, where Forrester claims the tryst took place. 

Fergie  is in Atlanta filming, Life As We Know It. She’s kind of creative, taking the anti-Angelina Jolie approach with husband Josh (like Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart has also this week), in this latest round of publicity. The subtext being: ‘we don’t  have an epic romance like Angelina and Brad Pitt do’ in order to make Fergie’s headlines and magazine covers. Angelina is the cover girl queen to beat. Fergie’s getting her covers.

These two kids are smart. Fergie is a native Angeleno, like Stewart is. They know  how to play the fame game, like osmosis. “Rocked by Scandal” as a cover line.. could a rock-pop star get a better cover than this, to remind  fans to buy their music?  Clever. Let’s hope, Josh and Fergie’s marriage holds up in their  love game, despite the infidelity rumors. Two covers. Chalk it!


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With music sales as strong as Jason Mraz this year, he’s the Tarzan of music’s jungle. Jason Mraz‘s music single I’m Yours has been in Billboard’s top 100 the longest out of any artist this year.

Although Jason Mraz is an eco-friendly artist with radical theories like his toilet paper tips positing that ‘if the world all used less squares of toilet paper each day, more trees will be saved.’ A good point.

Congratulations to  for his music accomplishments this year. Mraz and The Black Eyed Peas along with Taylor  Swift, are the top selling music artists this year. Mraz had a 71 week run on the top 100 charts, a record.


Ms Swift is also exceptional. She released her album Fearless in Nov 2008 and Swift’s album sold 3,789,000 units, as cited by Nielsen SoundScan. Fearless has sat for a total of 43 weeks on the Billboard 200. 11 weeks of these 43 were spent at No. 1, the most for any album released this decade.

Taylor Swift Fearless

Congratulations to Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Will I AM and Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas. Big music winners this year!



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Hey Chicago! Celebrating Sunday, along with Oprah Winfrey, the amazing success of The Black Eyed Peas and the hit of summer, I Got A Feeling, that’s smashed all records.

Love it. I Got a Feeling is the optimistic vibe of America right now. Living the dream. Onwards and upwards. :)

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