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Our girl Miley Cyrus spills the country trail beans to Marie Claire Magazine about hitting a bong on her 18th birthday. Says the teen superstar “I’m not perfect … I made a mistake … I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans. They’re not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for.” She’s so right. LOL!

Cyrus stars with Demi Moore in Lol! a social media themed movie where the two stars are cast in the same family. Sounds fun!

Ten Hollywood entertainment news posts where sharing as culture via social media ourselves right now as Horiwood.Com readers look eclectic and diverse in this Hollywood moment.

1. Rugby Football player Sonny Bill Williams sports profile for Whindwhistle parents

2. Harper’s Bazaar China goes J to the Lo!

3. Heritage, Arts & Culture – A Rosa Parks print by Artis Lane

4. Charlie Sheen humor - Rob Lowe talks Extreme Sports for sobriety

5. Yale Women’s rugby team have good college sports marketing

6. Humor – Crabby Old Fart Blogger on teenager‘s piercings

7. Brian Austin Green could be the next Ryan Reynolds

8. Polynesian superstars of the future – Kalani Honey & Hollywood celeb news

9. Hollywood casting – Julia Roberts goes dark for Snow White retelling

10. Employment Equality via Ms. Britney Spears

Charity Spotlight – Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe for The Trevor Project

Sports Stars Pick of the Day: “Windwhistle School had a treat when Crusaders rugby team members made good a promise by Sonny Bill Williams. Sonny Bill can be seen in action live at Rugby World Cup 2011 in September and October either on US television or by being their in person, live at the matches too.” Photo courtesy of Olivia Carville‘s photog.

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Photo caption – “She bangs: Rihanna showed off her straight new hairstyle – and fringe – as she watches the Los Angeles Clippers vs Miami Heat game at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.”

Entertainment and celebrity news at 3pm today in Los Angeles, as voted by you in Hollywood news looks like so, in our Horiwood.Com top ten. Thanks people!

1. Zahara Jolie-Pitt

2. Humor - Megan Fox‘s Hobbit thumbs cover Cosmo Italia

3. Jenelle Evans is a teen mom whose growing pains are US entertainment.

4. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez pic.

5. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

6. Funky Heather studies cooking @ Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College in LA

7. Johnny Depp is Forbes #9 ranked celebrity

8. Andrew Garfield is Spider-man remixed

9. Facebook China? Robin Li meets Mark Zuckerberg

10. Boxer Megan Gangitano‘s message for modern America packs a punch!

Sports Support Hook Up – Tickets to Rugby World Cup 2011 can be purchased here. This image: Rugby football player, Dr. David Kirk holds the Ellis Cup. Universal/ Comcast will be broadcasting this event in the USA this year. Woot!

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Suzanne Sena stars as Onion News anchor Brooke Alvarez “reporting” on a “story” about North Korean’s leader Kim Jong II shutting down their nuclear program for the lead in the next Batman film. Too funny! So Hollywood. Had to share this one!

In perhaps one of the most interesting voting days ever today, here’s what made the upper cut as voted worldwide in our top ten entertainment, news and celebrity news posts in Hollywood. Much love going out to Arizona State from Hollywood and New Zealand beaches are holding their own in a starring role this week. Good to see!

1. Humor - Zahara Jolie-Pitt has her Naomi Campbell pose worked out already

2. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is Elle blanca for Bollywood

3. New Zealand’s Beaches – Getting real about the Foreshore & Seabed Act

4. President Obama & Alan Grayson for Arizona shooting victims families

5. Rugby Musik flava – Nesian Mystik & Sonny Bill Williams

6. The rise of Latina in fashion & beauty – L’Oreal signs Jennifer Lopez

7. World Newsy Bites via The Hollywood Hood 1.5.11

8. Richard Chandler is a shark in a good way

9. Education Nation: Does teen mom, Janelle Evans like her pot a little 2 much?

10. Meet Gabriel Corbin – California actor

Bonus Post: Instant Heat – OMG! I think there’s some Patrick Logan fans in the Haus today.

Rugby Football player Hikawera Elliot shows Hori (Maori) strength as a rugby football player (pictured) who likes to kick box to stay in shape for football season. As Maori, action lads do.

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In rugby football news, The Mirror UK reports, Nick Evans was “backed for an All Blacks recall after his Harlequins team started the New Year with a bang. On a weekend of shocks in the Premiership, Quins won 16-13 at leaders Northampton,while winless Leeds saw off Gloucester 15-13.” To understand more, check out Rugby World Cup 2011′s website. Rugby football is being telecast at this event live via Universal/ Comcast right here in the USA 2011. Really you want to be at the action live though. Like, tots in person. So exciting! Rugby fans are the maddest down-to-middle-earth fun to hang out with. A sporting trip of a lifetime!

In local Hollywood news, here’s what you voted from 50 nations of the world and across 50 US states. Here’s the celebrity and entertainment news that made the cut. Thanks people. For some reason I’m feeling a bit Ezraeli proud today, go figure! :)

1. Russell Brand has a new book

2. Your words inside Horiwood‘s Hollywood hat- 1.2.11

3. Jason Eaton is a hori, rugby football All Blacks star

4. Kim Kardashian

5. Valerie Bertinelli‘s mad affair with Photoshop!

6. A big Baby Leah tattoo? Why Amber Portwood why?

7. Tatau – Dwayne Johnson - The Rock of Hollywood

8. Photoshop reminders by Christina Hendricks vanishing waistline!

9. Sweet Sixteen – Hollywood noses

10. Social Media Hollywood favorites – 1.2.10

Photo caption above: ‘Nick Evans of Quins plays the ball during the LV Anglo Welsh Cup match between Leicester Tigers and Harlequins at Welford Road on November 5, 2010 in Leicester, England. Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio.

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Guess what? Dudes who poke their tongues out on the football field and do the Maori haka are creative enough to be called “game breakers” by leading sports commentators of the sporting code. Not bad! These lads pictured via Getty Images are creative and tough to evolve and break the game open at new sporting levels of play.

Writes the All Blacks Website’s Sports News Section: “Even considering personal preferences and allegiance, the makeup of the best team of the season past will have a heavy tinge of Black, reflecting a test calendar where Richie McCaw and his men won 13 of 14 tests. Rugby sites and various pundits from around the world have compiled their best team of the year.

Rugby sites and various pundits from around the world have compiled their best team of the year. Planet Rugby selected no less than eleven All Blacks in their starting XV, whilst rugby365 put seven New Zealanders in their selection. Rugbyheaven of Sydney Morning Herald in Australia selected ten All Blacks, while even Green and Gold Rugby, a notoriously pro-Australian rugby site, put eight kiwis in their run out team.

What is notable is that it is considered necessary to have multiple world class players in a team to have any hope of winning a World Cup. Not one or two players, but a host of game breakers who can change a test with a certain play.”

Looks like the World Cup is shaping up to be quite the hot sports event of the world. Believe me, rugby football is so much fun. Hollywood media conglomerate, Universal/ Comcast are gearing to broadcast and broker the Rugby World Cup sporting football coverage into the US next year. Should be hot to watch either on the telly but particular in person, at the event. Rugby culture and its supporters are crazy, wild, fun. You really have to sit in a live rugby match to feel the made love. It’s the best sporting buzz in the world. That and Super Bowl and Wimbledon finals as well as Soccer World Cup. Top sports entertainment live.

A note to all rugby football players worldwide. Americans love big toothy smiles. Everyone here puts white caps on theirs, especially Hollywood stars and sports stars to produce that winning smile for a camera’s close up. Now would be a really good time for leading cosmetic dentists in every rugby football nation to step forward as corporate sponsors perhaps. Just a suggestion mind.”

Universal Sports Coverage Currently includes: Alpine SkiingBeach VolleyballBobsledCurlingCyclingDivingHorsey stuff (Equestrian); Ice Queens (Figure SkatingSport with Rings (Gymnastics); That one Canadians are real good at (Hockey); LugeMarathonNordic CombinedOlympicsParalympicsRowingRugbySkeletonSki JumpingSnowboardingSpeed SkatingSwimmingTrack & Field.  Universal is also well known worldwide for movie making, as in Universal Pictures and bringing good funny TV shows to the world as in James Cameron presents Sanctum & The Little Fockers for example. Oh wait… those were their films. Wicked: The Musical. Oh shoot… that’s their big Broadway Musical foray show. Their TV Shows are: Keeping Up with the KardashianKourtney & Khloé KardashiansFashion Police and The Big Picture to name a few of Universal’s most popular TV shows.

You can also visit with your family at Universal Citywalk Theme Park (pictured above) before or after visiting Rugby World Cup live too. It’s all up to you. Fun!

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Who: Louis Henry Davis III.

Tribal Affiliations: Ngapuhi, Ngati Whaatua.

Appointee: Board of Trustee Representative 2011, Whangarei Boys High School with Geoff Abbott.

Claim to Fame: Brother of Jakey Davis. He is also a fine rugby football player and a super basketball representative too with a good academic record.

Hallmarks at this early stage: From a compassionate community-minded family. Learning how to be a team player. Pride in Kaupapa Maori traditions and knowledge both IQ and EQ. Grandson of current community leaders. And this young guy is a friend of teen parent moms too. Not bad so far!

Hollywood Comment: And who is using more hair product than both Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber put together, with mo tumeke staunch-pouting going on than tuakana Cliff Curtis in a 3D action movie role or brotha Taika Cohen in that Boy movie… in his high school leadership photos, then aye? Mr Maori Kiwi-Staunch. Congratulations Louis III.

Kia kaha. Be wise. Be yourself. Lead. :)

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No. These two are not discussing the latest funnies on the ICanHasCheeseburger Blog! This is an official ambassador visit photo. Prince Harry shares a smile with German actress Sophia Thomalla at the charity gala ‘Ein Herz fuer Kinder’ in Berlin, Germany. Amongst chatting up hot blondes, Harry was on his first official visit to Germany where The Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial was a place where the Prince laid a wreath on a restored section of Berlin’s former East-West border, including the Wall and the area behind it known as the ‘death strip’ where many died trying to escape back in the day before U2 sung and the wall came tumbling down. In hot Kiwi news, rugby football stars, Andrew Ellis says he’s heading to Aussie for Christmas holidays; Kieran Reed is looking forward to becoming a new dad real soon, and Stephen Donald says “Mate. The Coromandel is the only place to be this Christmas.” 

Today we hit 2.8 million on ze blog. Japan and Iran both got hit by massive earthquakes. Let’s be mindful of Iran and Japan today. Sudan could have 2.8 million people displaced real soon. Christmas carols from West Hollywood beat all other news. We are Grinch free on this blog. And I still think these bloggers are all better than this blog, they just need to get a bit more fun, so let’s share the love with them too: Al JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneForbesFortuneFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoicesNPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlate. See what I mean? So much work goes into news websites sharing info daily, yet only Julian Assange makes a Time Magazine cover. Go figure.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news posts voted by you the people, statewide, nationwide and worldwide here in Hollywood, California. Here’s the most voted posts to share this festive season. Thanks people. We look like this today:

1. Christmas Carols from West Hollywood -Part 1: Shout to the Lord

2. Christmas Carols from West Hollywood-Part 2: Nesian Ninja Ben Lummis

3. Locklyn Kyla Vaughn survived Jennifer Aniston to be here 12-20-10

4. Retro Joanna Krupa Playboy Christmas issue

5. Security @ Kailua with Obama‘s Hawaii vacation is totz ‘beach blocking-ish’

6. LeAnn Rimes gets festive

7. 10 Things about billionaire Christopher Chandler - Momma’s boy to the days

8. Jamie Lynn & Britney never did manage to squeeze in that double wedding

9. Brian Austin Green could be the next Ryan Reynolds

10. Allegedly, Horiwood.Com is read daily in these US States – all of them. As if! Hi America!

Bonus Post: Aussie angel Miranda Kerr for U.K readers

Bonus Post: Wikileaks and that Assange dude news updates -12.20.10

Bonus Post: Will & Kate‘s special coin for Lloyds of London whomp, whomp press.

Bonus Post: Nesian Mystik & Sonny Bill Wiliams for rugby football’s chillest chillness

Bonus Post: Angelina Jolie Humor – like them that market movies like a doll

Bonus Post: Robbie Williams reaches 20 years warbling for the UK

Bonus Post: Rihanna‘s kind words to bloggers are charming

Bonus Post: At 19, Sunny Oglesby gets cast in the Levi Johnston reality show

Bonus Post: Hugh Jackman on wearing Aussie speedos

Bonus Post: Young Hollywood actor & occasional cake maker, Brooke Abbott‘s big night out

Bonus Post: Why doesn’t New Zealand just ask Julie Christie to do Big Brother Fiji?

Bonus Post: Spank You America bank - must be shungting over wikileaks news!

Bonus Post: Retro Gaga: Lady Gaga News still rates – 4.23.09

Bonus Post: Cassie Smith says hi.

Bonus Post: Hori thighs by Luke McAlister for world cup sporting events

Bonus Post: Barbara Streisand & leading democrats on Obama inking tax cuts bill

Bonus Post: Absolutely tongue-tied is how Reese Witherspoon felt in Washington DC

Bonus Post: Armani for Gaga: Fashion sketches 2010

Bonus Post: The WashPo ask can Borat belt it out as Freddie Mercury? Does it get better?

Bonus Post: Barbara Walters ten most fascinating pebbles of 2010

Bonus Post: Maori representation on google books culturomics bogusness is just ugh… dinosauric!

Bonus Post: Bradley James visits Queenstown with family

Bonus Post: Mawhera at Christmas in Hollywood: We remember Joseph Dunbar, 17.

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