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… still… it’s time to lower those noses… grow wings… take off those yamulkes for a noble [agreed upon] cause and fly outside of Israel [Orthodox America] and the USA… get out of those black and whites… and give a little deeper and more adventurously. Yeah… I see you all on Facebook at Starbucks bored out of your brains… you’re so ready!

Go here Israel and my Jewish readers. Your strategic minds and presence of spirit is needed for this one. Mazel Tov.

“May The Rock deliver ‘them’ up” then… [Yeshua]. Shalom!

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[Martin Hunter photographs Christchurch for Getty Images, as seen in the New York Times.]

Aotearoa New Zealand has found itself in our darkest hour reports many news sources from around the globe today. This is being taken from a report from the nation’s leader, John Key.

“We could be facing New Zealand’s darkest hour,” Key said after arriving in the devastated area of Christchurch City’s business district following an emergency meeting of cabinet ministers. This story has been reported on via Saudi News, The Hindu, Trend AZ Oceania Nations, Horseracing MSG News, Earthtimes, Weather Bug News, Malaysia Sun, All Voices, 24 Dunia, New York Times – Asia.

[Photograph - Mark Mitchell, AP]

Reports The Telegraph, Australia – “New Zealanders are among the most resourceful people on earth. Separated from major global capitals by even greater distances than is Australia, and limited in international market opportunities by its tiny population, New Zealanders were forced to become do-it-yourself nation-makers. The same enterprising mechanical skills that kept old Vauxhalls and Fords on New Zealand roads long after they’d been abandoned in other countries were applied across the board. New Zealand is a hands-on, can-do place. We saw that spirit come to the fore yesterday in stunning news footage depicting office workers quickly forming an emergency response unit, obtaining a ladder, and commencing the rescue of a fellow worker.” As a Maori-Kiwi living in Hollywood I can’t argue with that, Maori New Zealanders kept cars on roads for decades. It’s what we did as a part of Kiwi brotherhood and nationhood in years past.

[John Key is pictured here with wife, Bronagh Key depicting Kiwi life in happier times].

At a time in the USA, where , Yahoo News that 75 have been reported dead to date, at the time of writing in Los Angeles at 8.30pm on Tuesday, 22nd January (USA).

Christchurch will be rebuilt, but it will be a very different city. Heritage buildings will have to be destroyed,” said Mr Key.

New Zealand is fortunate to have Mr Key leading at this time with such amazing politicians too, standing with him from all political parties at this time in New Zealand history, as well as Mayor Bob Parker leading resilient Christchurch people with stability and trademark Kiwi strength.

For the 176 of you who have donated to the rebuilding effort today via Horiwood.Com, thank you. You humble us with your acts of goodness. To do so, if you have not yet, go here–>Donate to Christchurch Earthquake rebuilding effort. Again, many thanks for loving and supporting my people. They are good people in Christchurch City!

He kotahitanga tatou. Kia Kaha katoa, Aotearoa New Zealand at this time.


Strength Inspiring Music Today via Hollywood thanks to Crowded House

May strength within stand strong and assuage all fear  in a time of devastation and grief. Crowded House Poetic Lyrics follow:

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There’s a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you’ll never see the end of the road
While you’re traveling with me

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Calif-A snapshot of US today: Sometimes life is like high school exams. I think this as I blog opposite an investment conscious guy wearing a blue, ‘Chicago Cubs’ tee shirt. He scours the money section, like it’s his manual with an almost religious fervor. I take a break and join the cue that is now fifteen people deep, all waiting inline at the local Starbucks patiently, as if it’s a coffee train station, like we’re all at the high school cafeteria all over again.

These days, as grown ups, it’s okay to wait. A wait in line means a treat. Personal phone time on one’s mobile phone.

We have been socialized to drink coffee every morning from exotic nations like Africa, Guatemala. We feel like we’ve traveled to these nations, when we haven’t every day. In line, we are socialized to happily spend money via internet based phone companies pressing growth areas like ‘smartphone spend’ apps, services, IT systems with major franchised store owners. It is the ‘mobile wallet’ culture that the corporate kids of America, are all for, to transact virtual dollars quicker into their own virtual worth accounts.

Each day we pour phone time into their corporate banks. They sit on top of us, like privileged wasps, drilling down into the honey of the sweet fruit of our labor. We envy their ‘clever’ over our drudgery. The trade-off for their privileged spots is that now they work with government, banking merchants and news agencies to provide our world views, in a boxed screen, like a QR code-reading, single eye, we hold in our hands.

We don’t know yet, if the eye can read us too. But it can map and track our habits. Each one of us is like a social guinea pig. Or lives via our telephones can be read, like a personal tabloid. Transparency in a digital age is the only cultural way forward, if we live in a world, where nothing is secret or unknown about us.

I notice today, that it is rare that anyone talks to each other in the cue as neighbors of community would, standing side-by-side. We don’t care, we have control of the world in our palms as our trade off. Or so we think.

If you’re a little old school, you might want the feel of papyrus newsprint in hand (the invention of Egypt and China), of wood that has been beaten to a pulp, pressed, dried and inked with journalists and politicians or corporate spokes peoples words placed on them in 26 characters of the English alphabet, with a Z being more apparent here in America than many other English speaking nations.

Instead of talking to the person beside us, we reach for a copy of the Wall Street Journal. That always makes us look smart, sorts the men out from the boys, or women out from the trophy girls with bucket loads of salon time, like we know what a buck is – an important American trait, I don’t yet possess – or maybe never will. Today, a circus of orchestrated volatile news occurring in the Middle East, shouts terror, violence – the subliminal subtext leans towards ‘more security measures needed.’ Nations are played out like their own reality TV show. Any attention in a ‘competing’ global economy is better than ‘no press.’ How else will anyone else know you exist and the tourism dollar come your way, or not. Politicians can sacrifice their tourism draw, with other nation’s leaders in secret trade offs. They become villains, to aid nations as not-so-secret-unlikely allies in a super powers race. They take turns being terrorists, in the way or nations they’re politically courting. We live in a reality TV culture, so such narratives are easily read, more and more – as if a big TV spectacle. Even the terrorist’ or ‘religious unrest’ orchestrated ones too.

The gratification of the terror-lines is that it makes you feel incredibly thankful we’re standing in the land of the military-protected, brave and the free of the US.

Like, where else would you want to be in the world right now, except somewhere incredibly protected from all that stuff out there? Doh! That’s a no brainer. Especially if you have a family on your  mind. Again, we are encouraged to remain safe, and not travel. We’re in the best place.

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Music today: January Hymn by The Decemberists is very cool. A winter storm, that sadly claimed one life in Washington DC, makes headlines in Hollywood today. Read more at this link. In more happier news, here’s ten entertainment posts from Hollywood you like and are sharing via social media from Hollywood right now. Enjoy the read.

1. Nicole Kidman and new SAG Awards presenters are announced

2. A UK Crown is a visual symbol appearing in Hollywood

3.  Jennifer Lopez talks pareting, children, marriage

4. Arizona’s Alex Meraz

5. Bikini Diet Stars: Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson & Betheny Frankel

6. Oscars game changers – Inception & The Social Network buzz

7. Remembering – Telephone Lady Gaga & Beyonce

8. Jen was last spotted putting on her ‘dating red’ lipstick today ;)

9. Virtual Oceania recommends Fiordland National Park to vacation at

10. Graham Hensen is doing way too much with a rugby football

Six stories that Washington DC readers are finding interesting via The Washington Post’s website right now are: Rahm EmanuelNelson MandelaYemen protestsDavos and Japan volcano news.

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“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare -playwright, poet, from As You Like It.

The front page of the New York Times is like an orchestra of orchestrated world news today. It’s doing a lot.

First up, a federal inquiry says the financial crises (they say 2008, but it’s still going) was avoidable according to a Federal study. The outcome of the survey (findings) blames the piglet ways of Wall Street culture, with The Federal Reserve also getting a wee smack on the hand too for not curbing it. Whatever!  Read it here.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah government taking shape, unrest in Egypt over Hosni Murabek’s nearly 30 year-rule, and Tunisia unrest news – somehow lands on the Times as a US foreign policy situation to now sort out. Read here. Of particular note in the story, this new news is sited as effecting Palestinians, who are no longer likely to make an more concessions in the Israel-Palestine negotiations talks. Meaning, Israel-Palestine is still the central jewel of politics in the world, due to Israel’s significance as a spiritual site in the Middle East. Isn’t it fascinating how Israel-Gaza as a strip of land, is the balance of world power relationships – in many ways. It’s like the gauge of many political issues and how they’re ruled on in the world. Quite powerful to observe in the news, really. If you live in Hollywood, you just know already that Natalie Portman (Jerusalem born who speaks Arabic) better win best Oscar this year, already!

Perhaps we need to do some more wikileaks leaks confessions – to calm that hot spot of the Middle East down a little? I say this today, because I have rolled out with Lebanese people for most of my life in New Zealand and Los Angeles, and they’re really cool people. Quite civilized with very sophisticated knowledge awareness of the world, I’ve found.

Locally in the US, President Obama is proposing a bipartisan effort to ‘out rule the world’ for the USA. Obama sights America’s future as being more important than winning the next election. Good positioning of issues that help unite majority in the USA.

Gun control in communities also gets some attention too. Fair Warning website covers The Times reporting that NCR have put the stoppers on gun research reports studies. Read here if interested.

Wow! That’s the latest on the agenda unfolding for the final week of January 2011. That’s quite a bit to think about, or not.

I’m kinda glad we covered Egypt-American news off on the blog already today. :)

If we’re going to look at Egypt politically (and not historically – or neither look at what Egypt symbolizes to many cultures spiritually) – we’d have to introduce two key words on a political front. Those being the words of those two things that are a little less ‘paper economy based’ like “oil” (or natural gas) oh…  and “gold … symbols of rule.”

Lofty (Rahm) is getting good press at the minute. Sending peace to Alexandria, Egypt today. Like, big time!

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