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Guest Commentary – James Lawton: “In formal competition there would be around 4.4 million contenders, most of them daubed in some form of war paint. So we have to be fairly arbitrary about the identity of New Zealand’s most passionate – and substantial – rugby fan. The nomination here is Fred Allen – or to give him his full title, Sir Frederick Richard Allen, Knight of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

This honour is nice but not so vital to his continued enjoyment of life, at the age of 91, as his most prized, indeed his only material legacy from brilliant service in the cause of the All Blacks – two tickets and a parking space for every big match at Eden Park, where here on Sunday night he saluted one of the “greatest performances ever turned in by men wearing the black jerseys”.

Sir Fred’s entirely positive analysis is the perfect weighty accolade for All Black coach Graham Henry as he prepares his team for the last act of the seventh World Cup against France on Sunday, which should, if a grain of logic is in working place, lift 24 years of apparently inexorable paranoia.

Given all the fear and loathing that obsessed New Zealanders before Henry’s team quite superbly overwhelmed Australia, the most striking quality of heroes like Richie McCaw, Cory Jane, Israel Dagg and the consummate old warrior Brad Thorn was the certainty of their work. They opened with a blitzkrieg, then sucked the life out of the Wallabies and Sir Fred’s tribute – along with a euphoric assessment from another great name from the past, unbeaten All Black skipper Wayne “Buck” Shelford – applied impressive seals to a surge of national contentment.

The Kiwis were, of course, given some pretty severe lectures about their lack of grown-up perspective earlier in the tournament when the nation’s leading sportsman, the sublime five-eighths Daniel Carter, went down injured. From England, which has been known to be mortified by the catastrophes of metatarsal misadventures by such pillars of national achievement as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, there was even a stern ticking off for the member of Carter’s first club Southbridge who made an emotional cross-reference to the earthquakes that had devastated parts of the country. However, the culprit did point out that he had made a metaphorical lunge rather than a strict equation of sporting disappointment and human tragedy, about which he knew well enough as a life-long resident of the shattered Canterbury region.”

If still riveted, go to the rest of the article – here.

[Photo by Dougis Sherring]

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Yesterday, an elderly Maori lady called me. A man had flown in a plane over her home. He had taken a photo of her home. He then had knocked on her door and tried to sell her the map (photo) of her own home.

She said “no, thank you.” Once he saw she wasn’t going to buy it, he then ripped it up in her face and got abusive on her papa kainga doorstep. He was both a stupid and brave man.

“So, are you gonna call the PoPo ma?” I asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous. He’s just a dwarf.”

Mom has always been such an old school Maori ninja. Love her fierce.

[Music - Brian Bradley's X Factor Audition].

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[Reg O'Neale of Masterton with wife Muriel, below. He was put on Pradaxa in July and died on September 2].

You have a bad heart. You go to the doctor to help manage that. Instead, you are prescribed something that could kill you. Are you happy with that? No!

Alright, here’s a story about sieving Pharmaceutical Companies claims to offer the latest and greatest for every ailment – when sometimes their products are like playing Russian Rhoulette for some patients they claim to help. I’m someone who believes everyone has the right to live a long life in a civilized world, if they so choose. No one should fear, having life cut short as they get older. Here’s Tony Wall‘s story.

Pharmac touts blood-thinning drug Pradaxa as a ‘game changer’ for heart patients. But many of our elderly have had horrific experiences and there is concern at the way it was rolled out. By Tony Wall. 

Whangarei man  Rex Smith took the new blood-thinning drug Pradaxa on a Thursday – by Monday he was in North Shore Hospital’s intensive care unit with massive internal bleeding. Three weeks later he was dead.

His family is angry that Rex, 82 and living alone, was prescribed Pradaxa when little is known about managing its side effects. His son, Russell, says Rex was on warfarin for many years for his irregular heart. He had had a bypass and a valve replacement. Rex recently went to his GP in Whangarei and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

“The doctor said, ‘antibiotics and warfarin are not a good mix, I’ll give you the new wonder drug, which I’ve never given anyone before. It’s just come out this week’,” Russell says.

Russell collected his father from Whangarei and took him to Auckland, where he was admitted to hospital and given multiple blood transfusions. “They said he was the first one they’d ever seen on the new drug, that it was completely irreversible and that he had three to four days to live. They said to me if it was warfarin, we could stop it [bleeding] straight away, but they didn’t have anything to stop it with.”

Rex improved for a while but died three weeks later.

Russell says he has not spoken to the GP but understands he is “devastated”.

“I’m pissed off, I don’t think it’s had enough trials,” said Russell. “My GP said, ‘it’s too soon for me to use it, I’m a bit wary about new stuff like this – there’s been no track record’.” Read the rest of this entry »



Mason Durie is a real legend in educationalist circles. In Aotearoa New Zealand, he’s (hopefully) trying to encourage more scientific minded young people to further studies in the sciences.

Yeah… I think that’s what Mason is doing in this news article.

Rock on dude!

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At the moment, Hannah Tamaki is the 7th top rated individual voted on this blog.

Here’s Hannah pictured with New Zealand political candidate for Northland, Lynette Stewart – a lady of vision, gusto, strength and grace.

I have always LOVED “Aunty” Lyn and I’ve known her about 32 years now. She’s a good woman.

Maori women are having a good week on this blog, I’ve noticed. They are rating and rating and rating. What is the world saying about that then, aye?!

[Blog post no. 13,893]

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Grey Power Guest Commentary perhaps should go to Garth George. He gives a view of New Zealand society in this nano-second after a new budget announcement. In sharing this, I have to preface this post with the knowledge that New Zealand is a very kind country overall. On the budget, here’s Garth view:

“I intended this week to comment on last week’s Budget, but when it was delivered and analysed, I discovered there is nothing to say. The first reaction to any Budget is always “What’s in it for me?” and it very quickly became apparent that the answer was “Nothing”.

I’m not a beneficiary of Working for Families, do not participate in KiwiSaver, nor do I have a student loan. I am, however, a recipient of National Superannuation, which didn’t even get a mention. And that’s the way I like it, thank you very much.

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Many moons ago (about a million) when I was a kiwi Kid, I grew up reading the books of Margaret Mahy. Recently Mahy won an award for her new book that she was “absolutely astonished” to be awarded, from a judging panel who described her latest creation as an “absolute treasure.”


The story reads like this: ” Acclaimed New Zealand children’s writer Margaret Mahy, 75, has won New Zealand’s premier children’s book award with her book, The Moon and Farmer McPhee.

The book, illustrated by David Elliott, also won the award for the best picture book. It tells the story of Farmer McPhee – a once grumpy farmer who learned to enventually like his farm animals.

Ms Mahy, who wrote her first story when she was 7, has won numerous awards and honours for her contribution to New Zealand and children’s literature.

She has written more than 120 books which have been translated into 15 languages. She has also won many of the world’s premier children’s book awards, including the Carnegie Medal and the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Her book A Lion in the Meadow, published in 1969, launched her global career and she became a full time writer in 1980.

Other winners can be read here:

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The Royal Wedding fever has definitely hit the older generation in New Zealand (myself being one now :). A big night is planned for the words “I do” being exchanged.

Full List of Royal Wedding Attendees are:

Members of the British Royal Family

The Queen
The Duke of Edinburgh
The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
Prince Henry of Wales
The Duke of York
Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Eugenie of York
The Earl and Countess of Wessex
The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips
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Empathy is in evidence when leaders lead their people on the ground–Japan’s story of recovery fascinates us each day.

Emporer Akihito, left, and Empress Michiko speak with evacuees at a Tokyo shelter. Most of the 300 people there are from Fukushima prefecture, where a nuclear power plant was severely damaged by the March 11 quake and tsunami.

Photograph by Issei KatoAssociated Press.

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Teen Demi Lovato, confesses today that she believes in Paranormal activity.

When you think about it, if you believe there in God, you are saying that you believe in paranormal activity. God is spirit.

Demi though is talking ghosts today – in her zany paranormal activity way. I just like Lovato’s cheeky grin. She’s a fun kid.

Demi is pictured here at Disneyland (a repeat pic on this blog) as she tweeted last week. A FUN place to take the family and kids here in California.

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Sometimes when a singer sings, they not only pierce the air but they pierce hearts with their beautiful sound. Singer Hayley Westernra talks about singing for Christchurch City, her hometown that is rebuilding after earthquake devastation.

Click on Hayley’s pic to be wowed. Lyrics to this hym originally penned by a slave trader in unenlightened times of world history, named John Newton (1725-1807) who wrote this song once he had an epiphany of how gibbing others in order to profit, was wrong, follow:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

[TVNZ news footage screen cap photo- A grandmother listens to Hayely sing the words of this timeless hymn at Hagley Park Christchurch City]

T’was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
‘Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.

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Leonard Cohen is that sage, poet, performer, musician who writes songs so effortlessly like he’s penning the art of cool in a tune.

He’s a seer, a prophet and in the main, quite insightful as a discerning voice across any era.

Here’s a cool documentary from Snag Films who love it when I promote their docos on this website in Hollywood. The film is produced by Lionsgate, Horse Films, Icon.

Watch Leonard. Click on above pic to see a much loved character in action … being celebrated.


Bonus news link today – 1/4 of Japan’s population are 45 years of age and older - Disaster is heavy burden for elderly.

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Press Release via Otago Daily News & Hollywood for Christchurch City, Photograph via NZ Herald:

“Prince William will make a special visit to Christchurch to pay tribute to the victims of last month’s devastating earthquake, but bride-to-be Kate Middleton won’t be joining him.

St James’s Palace today announced the prince would attend next Friday’s national memorial service to mark the quake on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, and would also visit Greymouth to speak to the families of the Pike River Coal mine disaster.

Prime Minister John Key this afternoon welcomed the announcement.

“This is a heart-warming gesture that will mean a lot to the thousands of people whose lives have been forever changed by these events,” he said.

“I would like to personally thank the Queen for thinking of New Zealand in its darkest hours and very much look forward to seeing Prince William again, even though it is in very sad circumstances.”

A spokeswoman for Mr Key said Price William’s fiancee, Kate Middleton, would not be joining him on the visit.

The prince will arrive in New Zealand the day before the service at Christchurch’s North Hagley Park before flying to Australia on March 19, where he will visit parts of Queensland hit by the recent cyclone and flooding.

Prince William last visited New Zealand for three days in January last year, when he opened the new Supreme Court building in Wellington.

The full itinerary for his upcoming visit will be released closer to the time.

Mr Key’s spokeswoman said the PM still planned to attend the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, at which 1900 guests are expected.”



After reading this story, it occurs to me that EARTH ROMANCE is what UNITES EVERYONE in THE WORLD, TO A COMMON BOND SHARED BY ALL. Earth awareness and US is the next big trend in the world. In a way, our thinking needs to marry a mentality that considers what is best for this planet, and the people in it, we serve on this hallowed ground.

Kia Ora Christchurch, Scotland & London. Nice one Prince William.

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Today I walked along the street this Hollywood sunny day. An old Russian-Jewish lady, not believing the news leaves bags of potatoes out for the homeless. She has twenty percent vision left in one eye. A dimming light of Hollywood, she is, she is, she is. Every morning her potatoes are gone. She has one eye, but it works good.

On our street, she is light. Who will replace her, when she goes?

100 yards from the house now, a lady asks me if I want to support Polish orphans abroad. A spinster perhaps, who never coupled. She looks happy and this is her way of staying happy. I give her the big thumbs up and say “right on!”

A 22 year-old Go-Go dancer, tells me, “we’re not children” in this America.  Coping takes many forms while people hang on. Perhaps, losing the 3rd Reich Jr. tone would help the USA no end. Jr. doesn’t realize they have this tone, yet it’s good to have opinions when you’re invincible and young. Beyond the bravado facade of youth, I know where crumpets are buttered best and also who has the best butter. As yet, this kid does not. Never travelled, but knows it all. The whole world awaits a growth curve then in America’s young. How exciting. Wrap up.

Along the street, people hang woolen scarves on their fences in tartan colors. It’s the home owners way of being funny in American neighborhoods of Hollywood. Those are gone every morning too. I love the American-UK humor-blend in effect. Colorful humor, with linear distinction in woven straight lines of wool. How wool can talk in distinct clear lines, at all, is one of the wonders of the Scottish people. Tartan was a very clever idea.

Today at the cafe, Rondee can’t find Boots. Boots is always going AWOL for 3 day stints. Co-dependency disguised as love is always tricky for these two inseparable love birds. Rondee heads up to the Hollywood Hills to sit on the deck and drink martinis. It’s Midday, so I decline the invite to join. I have a sense that Rondee is moving on, Boots or no Boots.

Today at the cafe, I notice that there is a growing anger in the air. Politeness is wearing thin. Fat is the new cool. Again. Only the happiest faces know this though. I wonder if all of the skinny people of California need to have a public demonstration of sorts to let all of the anger out of their thin and wiry bodies. I can’t think of an issue that would unite them all to do something community centered. It would go against, the very ‘individual concept’ they’ve built up for themselves, so I abandon that idea. Pronto.

As I blog close to Luis, my barista bro I open the newspaper and look at the latest sports cars ads from Europe. Va-zoom goes the boom boom boom silent sounds from the newsprint pages. I realize that people love to taunt other people from newspapers. But perhaps some new arrivals to California from the Middle East will look good in these cars as they acclimate themselves in Hollywood.  Wall street are quite impressed by fast cars I’ve noticed, even when crude oil is peaking.

The Pike River coffee tastes good today. Luis has outdone himself. What a good brew. I have already seen a star in action today, celebrity news all pales in comparison to a little old lady’s daily actions. With her holocaust history shining so bright, On our street, she is light. She is, she is, she is. Who will replace her, when she goes?

Here’s some Hollywood news today, being shared by you as a community online. Cheers!

1. The Anomaly of Kindness – What is Liberty in America?

Are you listening to Britney Spears new song? It’s a little morbid.

2. Ten Humanitarian blogs worth reading

Will Jessica Simpson be a good judge on The X-Factor?

3. Ohio has a flash mob thing for Glee

Matt Damon is not satisfied with President Obama -Republican parodying is lol!

4. Kris Jenner is a riot

Did Roseanne Barrs neighbors murder her goats?

5. Hillary Clinton & Maoris

Justin Bieber heats up country music with Rascal Flatts

6. JB on Vanity Fair

Courteney Cox does a Kim Kardashian too

7. St Selena gets to work

Adele in Canada news

8. Melissa Rycroft

Zooey Deschanel covers fashion magazines now

9. Aussie loves the lifestyle of California

Owen Abroad has a hot blog for the Middle East

10. CH CH news

From Poverty to Power – I’m a fan

Here’s a Gleeful face to brighten up the day in Little Russia then. Recognise this lovely lady?

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As long as Moses held up the staff in his hand, his team had the advantage. But whenever he dropped his hand, his opponents gained the advantage.

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up–one on one side, one on the other–so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.27.11. Oscars Sunday as a reminder to hold up the staff of Peace and to support leaders of communities who do.~



I can’t believe that the beautiful Helena Ataya, our family’s Lebanese “Sitty” of West Auckland is about to turn 100 soon.

She is the great oak of Lebanon once planted in West Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. Best friends with Elizabeth Cruickshank my war-widowed great grandmother and adored by my namesake Sam Sasser, a revolutionary footballer of the USA who lived on Marshall Islands archipelagos with his wife Florence and his two children Renee and Terrence. Sam loved Helena and her late husband George Ataya – a man full of laughter and joy – known as our ‘Jitty’ who had spent time in Egypt before arriving to New Zealand years ago.

Quite the dazzling light, Helena Ataya is loved be everyone. She is also much loved by the Smith and the Jones families as well, of Oak Ridge days.

She’s amazing and I love her! Go “Sitty!” Much love on your very special upcoming day.

Six generations of our family would have known her and her beautiful Kiwi-Lebanese family on her birthday. Sitty’s smile and sense of humor has always been sweetness and light. She’s always been the coolest!

Psalm 1 - They are like trees that grow beside a river, that bear fruit at the right time, and whose leaves do not dry up. They succeed in everything they do.”

Thanks Cherry and Aunty Janice for the message.

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“I think politics dominates everything so much, that guys like us are restricted. We can’t do much. We can’t move much. We can’t travel much. Our life’s choices are so limited,”says one Starbucks barista to another as I write this blog post from Hollywood. These guys are mid thirties. They were born in America.

Never have truer words been said of America’s youth today. Since the George W. Bush (years of politics – not the man per se), reign of leadership? in the world and the deficit situation of the USA’s positioning on a global stage, Americans have pretty much been kept within US borders. Can’t argue with honest people, actually working with their hands on the topic each day. They have my attention with a vision of honesty and truth. But it’s not working for them.

In local Hollywood news via Britain…

Martin Sheen is doing way too much pretending to be a concerned show biz dad. Via The UK, Estevez Sr., says to Sky: “He’s doing well. We pray for him. If he had cancer, how would you treat him? This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift him up.”

If you replace the word ‘addiction’ for ‘oil’ or ‘coal’ or ‘fuel’ or ‘debt’ or ‘war’ what would that say about US all? A few things.

Based on the headlines though that Esteban’s son, Charlie Sheen clocks up globally each week, the ‘Sheen Addiction’ ‘male-trainwreck show’ is a vibe that most people in the world, find amusing.

They’re a strong family. Hollywood fit. The answer is always “Peace.” A good story from a Hollywood great on a global problem. Green energy’s development, all the way… I say!

Alright then, it’s time a hardworking honest American, served this Maori-Kiwi another coffee in Hollywood. The blatino guy, goes by his Hispanic-American name. Chaa! :)

[Emilio Estevez appears with his dad, Martin Estevez/ Sheen in the pic also via the UK]

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After the recession washed over us, like a flood of hot lava most of us ducked and survived (phewsh!), three generations living together under one roof is quite common here in many US communities. In fact many cultures around the world prefer this model of family interaction for children growing up. It’s very Native American Indian for example, this trend. Anyway…

The Jolie-Pitts don’t seem to mind this extended inter-generational model of living either. This year, they prefer it. Reports Splash News Online, “[Brad Pitt‘s folks will be moving in with Brad, Angelina and the six Jolie-Pitt grandkids at the star couple’s French chateau home. Stability for their brood after a year in a plane, is what they’re after this year. Sticking to mostly doing voiceover work, recorded at a studio on the property is the star couple’s goal this year. Brad has begun construction plans for a cottage for his folks, out back of their fifty five million dollar estate in the South of France. Cute.

In April, the Jolie-Pitt family will look just like the Mountbatten-Windsor-Spencers in the UK with three generations of family members all being photographed together. Smart publicity from Hollywood’s no.1 couple.

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The AP - LOS ANGELES – Elizabeth Taylor’s health is improving, but the Oscar winner is still hospitalized in Los Angeles.

A spokeswoman for the 78-year-old actress says Taylor “has continued to show great improvement, and her family and friends are very pleased with her progress.”

Publicist Jamie Cadwell said Friday that Taylor will remain under observation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center “for the time being.” She was admitted more than a week ago.

Taylor is being treated for symptoms of congestive heart failure, a condition she disclosed in November 2004.”

[Pic of Dame Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton attending the Oscars in Hollywood, courtesy of Vanity Fair's Archives]

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One Maori leaders words resound from Hollywood today. Api Mahuika, known affectionately to inside tribal members of the Ngati Porou Maori iwi (tribe of Aotearoa), New Zealand, as Yoda, comments on his tribe’s $110 million settlement. Says Api in wise words that many global leaders could take a note from:

“I don’t believe that growing the bank balance at the expense of our people is the way to go.What you have to do while you’re looking at investments is consider where your people sit and where the employment opportunities sit.”

“You are growing your economic wealth on one hand and growing the employability of your people to look after those assets that you are growing.”

“We have many sharks going round and round and you’re in the middle watching the fins. It makes me sick.”

Mr Mahuika says that Ngati Porou, the second largest Maori tribe in New Zealand after Nga Puhi in the far north of New Zealand, are likely to favor these tribally focussed programs:

~ A science of technology and innovation unit, to work with universities to find more efficient and profitable ways of managing farms, aquaculture and fisheries

~A school of excellence focused on tikanga (tribal truth principles of cultural lore) and Te Reo Rangatra (the Maori language of Chiefs). An associated sporting academy would call on the expertise of elite sportspeople from the iwi such as Rico Gear, Rua Tipoki.

~Housing and alternative education.

~Working with schools to develop a science syllabus which would prepare students to work for the tribe in the future.

It’s good to see Maori and the sciences develop along with cultural lore, the best known ideological framework known to best support Maori excellence and top level achievement in the world. Put simply, the knowledge of this tribe’s Maori ancestors, but with the tools of science aligning Ngati Porou with its destiny in the world.

As yet, Nga Puhi, the largest Maori tribe in New Zealand has yet to be compensated for their tribe’s settlement. Although all New Zealanders are one and a very tight community of people as a nation, Ngati Porou’s ‘dodging greedy sharks’ news, gives Ngapuhi and other tribes hope today.

Go Natis! :)

~That’s Maori news from Hollywood today. Sourced via the New Zealand Herald and posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.17.11. Sports pic San Jose Sharks Ice Hockey Team, Rock Jocks Sports Wear as a reminder to skate forward carefully.~



In an age where Sarah Palin is potential competition to be a next Vice President of the USA, (a joke I know, in light of Hilary Clinton being so groovy, yet Sarah is) it’s not a far stretch of the imagination for someone like Donald Trump (reality TV star like Palin but with a biz brain for his own biz ventures) to want to stand for President of the USA too.

Although, my loyalties are with Obama on many issues as the dude just got into office, I think what Donald posits as America’s diplomats needing to be more financially sharper and versed in negotiating –as being a good critique of ‘how politics sit’ concerning the US economy. Or more notably, America’s future place in the world.

Donald says that China’s products are often crap. America can make better products. He also says China is having too much say at setting the economic agenda, without America challenging China back. Donald says that 12 guys sit around a table and set the price of things like ‘steel’ each day. I get the feeling that Donald can’t stand not being one of the 12 for a nano-second longer. He does not like to be second. It’s not in his nature and he’s not having a gold bar of it. Yeah, right!

He raises some good hard hitting points though. It’s certainly TV I want to watch. In fact, my only gripe with Donald is that he comes across as a little bit Xenophobic or like a sore loser.

Is there a way Donald can change his tone a tad, so he doesn’t sound so ‘racist.’ I mean saying ‘China is the enemy’ is a little harsh. ‘Normal’ or ‘every day’ people of America (namely, the wannabe-rich-too fans of The Donald) may get confused and think that literally (an enemy lens now on their mugs) towards Chinese people (outside of a biz/ political context).

That would be all kinds of wrong.

I love the points he’s raising though. It’s hard to fault Trump on many issues he’s raising on Piers Morgans new show.

What do you think?

Should Donald stand for President? Or should he just get screen time for giving a flip side view of the American economy, that’s oft not being heard in mainstream press and needs to get louder?

I am all for Prime Time TV that’s ‘smart money’ focused for the average citizen to become more aware of finance. It’s way more useful that looking at some star’s new weave pics, concerning the future direction of the USA. Go Piers Morgan!

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Here’s some good news for veteran rockers Aerosmith. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, since Steven Tyler signed on as a judge of TV talent show American Idol, his band’s music catalogue sales have increased by 250%. A fair hike.

For a rocker grandad and his buddies, that’s awesome!

Go here to read Tyler’s amazing success story.

[Pic of Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson via NY Post]

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Hollywood veteran actor Omar Sharif shares a song at the 9:50 mark of this YouTube video clip.

I can’t understand a world of what Omar is saying, but the song is groovy. Well worth a share as authentic culture today in the Entertainment Capitol of the World.

The fact that I can’t understand Omar’s interview, reminds me of how sheltered my life has been, largely living in New Zealand. Sharif is a Hollywood legend, we all still love the world over.

Watch clip to see a great entertainer and ambassador of cinematic culture in action.

~Todays tee shirt, California via Melrose. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.29.11~



As I blog today in Hollywood as a Maori Kiwi farmer’s raised country kid son, there’s a lot going on to deal with. Nothing is as simple as those country days, in a Cosmopolitan City like Los Angeles.

I get texts on my phone asking for a meeting with a Romanian-American kid whose discovered paranormal activity in Laurel Canyon, beneath the house with a pyramid on top of it, currently on the market for 3.5 million, “why wouldn’t Tom Cruise buy it?’ is the gist of texting. Why I would even go, I don’t know?

I know that the founding Native American Indian tribes of California used to meet in the Laurel Canyon area each year, seasonally and theater would occur between the convergence of tribes there – where they would reenact a year’s worth of tribal stories for each other as tribes, in shared song and dance narratives.

Hollywood in a way, is an evolution, of this tradition, but technology (cinema, film, media, mobile telephony) is the preferred medium to convey this tradition in the world now from California. As I’ve already told this kid that, I don’t feel like going.

There’s always going to be paranormal activity in the Canyon, until Native American Indians are invited back to do what they always did on Hollywood Hills and Canyon landscapes, as people. It’s just what they do and should be allowed to do as a sign of genuine belief in the origins of freedom of expression of America’s founding fathers, mothers and their children. That’s where the concept of American family begins as a narrative in the USA, in a celebrated and ongoing healing process that should be honored and respected too for all of America with Native American Indians being a vital part of that.

I had suggested to the kid to meet with Indian tribes himself if he was so concerned about the increase of paranormal activity in Hollywod, to see if there was any interest in that and to meet with the Mayor of L.A too to get it going on. He had looked at me like I was a total spinner, (I have the same thought each day too at times, so that’s quite okay) but it’s certainly much better than entertaining ghosts in the canyon, I think. Far smarter.

Pyramid worship here of the rich and famous and Free Mason society types aside here, I think Indians have their place in Hollywood as people on this landscape that should be honored and respected as honoring the roots of a nation’s peace and human rights record and pathway forward. So that’s the end of the texting saga as I turn my phone off. Peace is the greatest gift of all in California. Least we get confused at to what robs America’s peace, we need to learn to turn our phones off sometimes to have it.

Beside me to the right, the blonde girl in the cowboy tartan red and black cowboy, all wool shirt (too hot for California actually), cut off denim shorts and black fishnet stockings talks the need of “boundary setting with her new boyfriend” to her ‘Personal Gay’ friend. He just nods at everything she says, like he’s a tamed poodle or something. What’s up with that brainless trend?

A Mexican Aztec fashion designer, with sharp cheekbones talks to investors in the cafe today about how far $100,000 investments could go, and where that would take them. He’s 50 with little Richard eyeliner Aztec eyes. A fierce statement in today’s Hollywood. He’s not big on ‘speaking the English,’ he’s like “You give me $100,000 and this is what you get for that.” Yet there’s no denying that he knows his stuff in the new wave of the fashion apparel business in California. He’s a modern merchant of Cali’s fashion world as perhaps best denoted by his leopard, tiger markings-fused silk printed gypsy-esque scarf worn over his Aztec Indian jewelry. The look in his eye, tells his investors, that he’s fearlessly forging ways forward in the current economy. Good for him! A discerning confident spirit.

He wears an old school biker leather jacket with the words L.O.S A.N.G.E.L.E.S in white leather down each black sleeve and plenty of jean jewelry chain accessories.

Beside and opposite me, Mandel an Orthodox brother studies up on the Torah on his laptop and my African-American brother, Jey Lawrence sits too. Jey’s dad researched in the Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn Hollywood-popular era of the 70′s, Jey’s family history. He mapped his families tribe back to the Southern Nile of Egypt, hence Jeys Egyptian key, eye, double spears, skin-shield tattoos. He is very Barack Obama-esque today (the contemporary inked version) and watches college football keeping up with the next generation of sporting talent. Of course being in Hollywood weird things happen all the time in good ways. My last Hollywood post was about the Key of Ramses II fused with the prophet Isaiah’s words. Then Jey sits right next to me, with a version of Ramses tattooed on his arm. His version does look like Obama’s face a bit, and we laugh about that, because it’s true.

In addition, Jey tells me that the Maori haka is a big trend in college football. Where football teams perform the haka (Maori war dance) before their football matches. What is even more awesome though is when the crowd of spectators respond and do it too. Jay says American footballers love Maori culture because it is an expression of warrior-hood and tribalness that defines community, that football represents here at community level. The Maori haka resonates with America’s belief of strong warrior communities.

I can’t argue with that. Maori culture and tino rangatiratanga (the spirit essence of the culture) is all about that. It does think of protecting everyone, and ensuring everyone remains strong warriors in community. The haka is a visual expression of this aesthetic in effect. The haka – when performed properly, is always spiritual. Jey loves it.

Jey has moved from personal fitness training to now doing hair. He says it’s way easier to manage. We talk the concept of ‘hair lockers.’ Where Jey points out the beautiful twenty-something blonde girls in the cafe and says most of these girls have weaves, or hair tracks on their scalps. I’m so dumb, I’m like “no way!”. He’s like, “yes, they all do. California is hair capitol of America.” When they get their hair done, their old hair they take off their heads and they save it. Hence all these girls have what is called a hair locker in their bedrooms at home.

I say, well, Hollywood American girls are sort of like Native American Indians, collecting hair in that scalping tradition way then. Jey says, “not a good example. But yes. You’re right. Half of Hollywood is like that.” We laugh. Servite Football team of California are Jey’s favorite college football team’s fans, he says do the Maori haka the fiercest. They’re also big on Scottish music too. Must check them out. Jey reminds me of my brother-in-laws Lou, once bro-in-law Matthew, Richard and Eddie who all play touch rugby football. Some internationally too. Jey most looks very similar to brotha Eddie who is half Maori of the Tainui Maori tribe and half Tongan of the South Pacific.

‘Don’t be a stranger,’ Jey says off to his next appointment. Dude is so Warren Beatty of Shampoo movie days in 1975 Oscar winning history, minus the attitude. We had a good conversation today, with his permission to share it with you. Yes, feel privileged.

On any given day you blog in a cafe in Los Angeles, such things go on all around you in the real Hollywood.

I love it.

Today Malia gets top billing (pictured above), with her Maori koru design aesthetic from Aotearoa-New Zealand etched into her Young Hollywood scalp. She’s all fierce, smart, beautiful like a skinnier version of Missy Elliott, the rapper; having biz meetings with a blonde guy from the U.K with a Cockney accent whose convincing Malia to sign with him as her photographer/ manager.

She is beautiful, confident, quietly resolute. As I ask to share her winning look back to the good people of Aotearoa-New Zealand where her I.D is inspired from, (and with you all) she smiles big, turns side on and says “Wurq it Mah-ree peoples of New Zeeeeeland.”

Like that. Let’s go America! :)

As a New Zealander, I am that American footballers and supporters do the Maori-Kiwi haka of New Zealand. Just get on a plane every now and again and head down to NZ to see it performed live every now and again, for reals from the source of culture, okay? :)

What a fun day. I feel like I hung out at Hollywood’s version of The White House – Hollywood coffee bar today. Thankfully Aotearoa, New Zealand is so in that picture too. Fun.

[Gosh, that was perhaps the longest blog post header written ever!]

Music today is laid back mellow, as I think about Hawaiian sun, South Pacific palm trees and beautiful Aotearoa beaches, while listening to the Zac Brown Band ‘s song Toes brought to US by 5 Gum, while thinking that I’ve already done our celebrity news today in this one post.

I can imagine my Maori-Samoan cousin Eileen Taogaga grooving to this at the Helensville pub today near the Kaipara, on a mom’s friday night off in the ‘big smoke’ of Helensville as good country Kiwi folk do in any tight knit rural community, with the best green grass in the world, far across the waters on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean of Malibu as I blog, from The City of Angels today.

~Cross cultural, living tukutuku weaving art on wood created at Melrose & Spaulding. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.26.11. To everyone who contributed to this moment, thanks.~



Did I ever mention that West Hollywood is one of America’s military most favorite cities. Residents of this city are the darlings of the US military. I am reminded by this by the constant stream of military choppers who display their wings above us, quite a lot.

They’re noisy metal beasts, choppers, if you live under them while blogging at Starbucks.

West Hollywood is between Beverly Hills and the power production offices of Hollywood studios.

California is a well protected state, due to the powerful people in the world who live here and shape global perceptions.

Their money funds and elects Presidents.

As I fade out from the chopper drones, while drinking the fresh Pike River roasted coffee of the day, I am captivated by the grey set today who have rocked out with canes and Swifty Lazar glasses (originals not Bieber 3D glasses per se) to turn on a show for the ‘kids’ of Hollywood today.

Their stories are fascinating. Captivating. Each word a gem of California history.

They speak of Cary Grant and recall the contribution Cary made to California life and culture. A lady, with a Princess Diana hair cut in silvery grey, recalls how when she first got to Hollywood, how the first day she got a job in a studio.

So excited at the possibilities of what this meant, she set out to Sunset & Vine to celebrate her achievement with a glass of champagne.

Perched up at the bar, she turned to ask the nearest person next to her, “Hey, so do you ever see Cary Grant in places like this in Hollywood?”

The man said, “I don’t believe I ever have, but you never know, if you look hard enough you just might.”

She says, it was only then that she realized who she was talking to. It was Cary Grant.

The shared laughter at the table lasts for a minute. Obviously, this is a favorite story.


I look at them and think, unless grey power are prepared to still put their Swifty glasses on, grab their wooden canes and meet at Starbucks, how else does a new generation of Hollywood people catch a glimmer of important life messages in a city where messages for the world are what we do. Their message today perhaps is- that it doesn’t matter who you speak with, or talk to – everyone could be Cary Grant – a person. Even a stranger, talking to the freshest faced kid who just got off a greyhound bus in Hollywood.

Today, I think Grant would be in Africa, in the faces of people we may have never yet met. Or in India, in the poorest districts. Or even sleeping under palm trees at night in Los Angeles, if we look close enough. I think real stars, do whatever they do, to somehow make a difference for the people who most need it. Finding such people in need, is a star’s real business.

I have my Swifty Lazar invisible glasses on, as I turn my camera skywards and press ‘capture.’ Here’s that shot as the canes disappear like magicians wands assisting unexpected whiz kids out the glass doors of our local Starbucks today. They are priceless. So cute!

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Presenting an award for Burlesque Jane Fonda was just tumeke! Can you believe she’s as old as she is?

Jane is amazing!

[Photograph courtesy of Life.Com]

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Sadly, Hollywood screen legend Zsa Zsa Gabor required radical amputation surgery of her leg. The good news is that UCLA Medical doctors are closely monitoring Zsa Zsa post surgery because she’s 93. The wonders of medical science!  –via TMZ

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With all that majestic scenary in 3D about to light up the screen in The Hobbit films I was wondering who could do it all some justice? Today though my angsty anxieties as a Kiwi living in Hollywood with hobbit-haka feet were all dissolved. The Celebrity Cafe reports: ‘Sir Ian McKellen, 71, will reprise his role as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings prequel, The Hobbit. McKellen confirmed the news on his website Tuesday. The 71-year-old actor wrote on his website that his “worry that I could not easily escape from Middle Earth was lifted.”’

Exciting news for Lord of The Rings fans worldwide. Production begins next month (February). For more on Sir Ian, his own website is pretty blingy. Check it for more on a cinematic great.

[Photograph - courtesy of New Line Cinema via New York Daily News]

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MC Hammer Blogging from Hollywood today: Or mallet, whatever your favorite word choice is for carved wooden object symbolizing order.

MC Pelossi hands over the hammer to MC Boehner today. In not being stuck in the past I have to shake off the niggling thought that already I think I preferred Nancy holding the mallet rather than John. That is so unfair, as John hasn’t even started or had a chance to prove himself as yet.

One has to admit though that Pelosi did give good face in all of those pretty pics that went out from Washington DC in the last two years or so. She more than represented for women, grey power and America. Quite remarkably preserved for her age really is our Pelossi. I guess, we’ll get used to John Boehner‘s mug in the House sooner or later.

Power people and wooden mallets/ hammers! What’s up with that with people who serve in powerful positions of the world? And John’s not even looking at Nancy – he has his eye on the hammer in this particular editor’s choice of photos going to press. Lol!

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