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I had this creative-cazy thought today about how much Johnny Depp (pictured here in character as Jack Sparrow) looks so much like Ezra Pound, the American poet (in Ezra’s poet days not his weird politics days). If I had met Pound in his latter days, I probably would have shot him. He was a Jew hater. I am not. Just kidding. Anyway, the fact that Ezra looks so much like Johnny today is like, a trip.  Politically, Ezra Pound was also like China’s current President, Hu Jintao – you know, a communist. Yet his likeness in this photograph to current box office Hollywood star’s look, does deserve a mention today. In fact–

That’s amazing!!! Well worth a share from the land of great Uncle Sam. :)

I still can’t believe how much money Johnny Depp has hauled in for Disney in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, that’s still rocking. Can you? All the while Johnny is essentially playing The Rolling Stones Keith Richards of The U.K, and raising his family in the South of France. He’s a true blue global superstar is our Johnny!

With an artistic sense of humor like this, Depp continues to just rock on as Hollywood’s leading lad in that knowing entertaining way! Props for Johnny’s schematic pattern of method acting in extraordinaire proportions. Like a Hollywood trend in furthering the proven arts of the greats, let’s jump to that!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.2.11~