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Here’s a story about a spinal doctor using patients and doing mock surgeries, to make bank. Good, bad? Innocent? What about the patients one must ask? in this story of potential medical malpractice.

The story talks about one person (Ronald Johnson) having to have a spinal surgery not twice but at least six times from this one doctor (Dr. Vishal James Makker). Mr Makker is just as bad (perhaps) as computer companies who design computers to expire after a certain date, so consumers have to buy a new one from them. That’s the same thing as this story, when you think about it.

Anyway Tom McGinty and John Carreyrou allegedly wrote this story of malpractice via Portland, Oregon for the WSJ today.

I hear the LA Spine Institute of California in Santa Monica are good at fixing backs. Tom Hanks is a fan. Like they’re legit practitioners of good spinal health for their clients here in L.A. In particular, advanced stem cell research is what they excel at for clients who can afford them for a stronger spine.

Meanwhile Japan continues to inspire, navigating a way through tragedy and revealing to us all as our teachers what happens when we don’t take care of nuclear energy. Even fish in our oceans and sea are not safe.

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I am posting this letter penned by Lorri Lokey to enhance the potential of our Omaha factor today via Hollywood in an effort to inspire us all to be smart and kind people. More. Peace! [Omaha = of abundance in Te Reo Rangatira, The Language of Chiefs of Aotearoa New Zealand].

Lokey was born on March 27, 1927 and is an American biz person who is also a native of Portland, Orean who founded company Business Wire in 1961. So far, Lorri has donated $400 million to charities, mainly benefitting schools. What a guy! Lorri now lives in San Francisco, California.

He writes in a letter to Warren Buffet: “Born in 1927 I remember vividly the worst of the depression years in terms of how they affected my family—1933 and 1937 especially.  The depression taught me the value of money, and my mother gave me a lesson around 1937 I never forgot.

She asked me to run down to the store and get a loaf of bread.  I did and charged it as usual.  When I got home and gave it to her, she started at me in disbelief.  “Dummy!” she said. “You bought the small nine-cent size.  Don’t you know you get half again more for 11 cents?”  From that I learned the lesson of percentages.

But a bigger lesson grew from that experience.  I began to realize the importance of money consists of buying what is worth the price.  As I grew into adult years, I passed over things most people might grab because I didn’t think the price justified the value.  For decades I have applied that to hotels, plane fares, restaurants, clothes, hard goods.  I drive a hybrid and fly coach, upgrading only with points, not money.  I have only three luxuries: My Atherton, CA., home, a San Francisco luxury apartment 600 feet above sea level and a luxurious home on Pineapple Hill in Kapalua, Maui.  All will end up in my foundation where three other homes are right now awaiting sale.

[photograph via The Jewish Journal]

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Young Hollywood actor Brooke Abbott wears angel attire in New Zealand. Today we bring a few facts about Portland Oregon to nonUS readers attention (below).

Here in the Hwood Hood though in our daily hobby of celebrity blog origami art of weaving without a Maclean skerrett of wood pulp or paper wastage involved; “pregnancy” is the big theme of Oscars nominees, in the New York Daily Times today, but it is teen parent Amber Portwood who trumps all A-Listed stars today with testy teen behavior (battery charges to boot!), as teen moms prove to hold their own in all Hollywood entertainment news voted by you worldwide today. Amber has ferosh heat. And Sir Elton John and David Furnish, not to be left out, have welcomed Sir Elton’s baby boy born via a surrogate who is named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John. Hollywood’s doing way too much, as usual! :)

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Portland is a city meeting at the confluence merger of Willamette and Columbia rivers in North West, America. One of the most green thinking cities of USA, the city sprawls slightly into Washington County to the west and Clackamas County to the south.It is governed by a commission-based government headed by a mayor and four other commissioners.

Portland has a passion for microbreweries, microdistilleries, and coffee culture. The Trailblazers NBA basketball team are Portland’s sports stars. Climate-wise Portland sits in the Marine West Coast climate region. It is called The City of Roses, for the past 100 years and is home to The International Rose Test Garden. Beer and Roses is Portland then.

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