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[Photo caption - Alan Grinberg - Mount Aspiring National Park. A view]

If in the silhouette of your skyward majesty,
your big-hearted presence breathes life into my soul,
may I be found in your wild and open summits
along your magical trails, aspiring upwards
to world inspiring peace kissed views. 

You are sheer splendor, a reflection of the divine.
--Mauri 'Ola. Life to US.

–Mount Aspiring College’s Hollywood Fan Club, for Christchurch City’s Thank You! To see more of this great mountain, head to Summit Post. This one for my grandad too, G. Edward Cruickshank, a mountain climber and tennis star–

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COOL KIDS OF THE WORLD AWARDS MUST GO TO Wanaka’s Mt Aspiring College today. Via Otago Daily Times we read how “Pupils formed a heart on the school field yesterday during a fundraiser for victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

“The pupils wore the Canterbury colours of red and black, raising $3900 during the mufti day, organised by the school’s student council. A year 13 Enterprise group, EFF-X, is also planning to produce “I love Christchurch” T-shirts in a further fundraising effort. Among the many Wanaka businesses and residents who also took part in yesterday’s fundraising campaign were Print It, which developed “We Care” posters in red and black for shop windows, and Wanaka Paper Plus, which decorated its premises in red and black and also collected donations.”

As I blog, Donny, a muzo, songwriter, 24, who wears the coolest hats ever, very French, tells me he’s tired of the American music scene. “It’s all about pop stars taking trending words on google and setting them to tunes. Then they get popular. When a politician needs them, they perform for them. Music is so jacked right now. It’s not authentic. The people getting rewarded are carrying messages for the powers that be in music. That’s not American music.” Oops! Donny has a lot on his mind today. But he does make a point. Authentic art, should come from artists hearts. Right?! Thanks Donny.

1. Nesian Mystik - Polynesia’s greatest boy band rocks out

2. Authentic music looks like Buddy Greene on live harmonica

3.  Halle Berry for Lena Horne

4. Rugby football Super 7′s winners are…

5. Justin Bieber‘s Vanity Fair‘s March 2011 cover

6. Christchurch Jams in light of grief, tragedy, rebuilding, recovery. Wow!

7. Retro Taylor Lautner

8. American Footballer – Tom Brady is always cover worthy

9. I Am New Zealand Art by Colin McCahon

10. Yes! Rihanna really does vacation in Hawaii

Some Javier BardemOscars 2011 – On What the Best Scripts Do

Lady Gaga debuted her new song on the runway of Theirry Mugler Fall 2011 fashion show. Click on pic to press play and listen. All black rugby football star, Kevin Mealamu also features below Stefani Germanotta’s clip of Government Hooker runway fashion action. Kevin’s take on the game of global sports, is much tougher, perhaps. So…

From those nations who love rugby football, (France and the UK being two), rugby football is a big hearted community-minded sport with spirit.

Mount Aspiring school students display of Heart Art today, as a collective for Christchurch City quake victims is a good reminder of how Kiwi’s are rugby-minded people. Go Wanaka! To know more about rugby football too, being broadcast in the USA, October 2011 by Universal/ Comcast of California, click on Kevin Mealamu’s pic.

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Julie Tyler works at Burger King Dunedin. She almost got fired when she Facebooked the comment “real jobs don’t underpay and overwork people like BK does”.

MSN Money brings us this story: “At a private disciplinary meeting yesterday, Burger King decided that Tyler would be given a second and final warning.

The 27-year-old had received warnings for two previous complaints from customers, including one for telling an abusive customer, “Like you need it”.

Tyler told the Otago Daily Times she was happy she was able to keep her job but maintained the importance of her comments, saying it was about “freedom of speech”.

Unite Union national director Mike Treen condemned the burger chain for interfering with a personal post matter and said it was “a primitive attempt at thought control”.

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