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Ngati Whatua, Te Rarawa and Ngati Kahu ki Whaingaroa are working together with a Chinese biz partner, to lay a fibre optic broadband copper cable from Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) through the Kaipara, up to Whangarei.

The goal is to put back revenues into Northland (Te Tai Tokerau) and not deplete Northland of finances.

Datalight’s Roger MacDonald loves working with Maori at the top of New Zealand. The investment partner of these three crucial tribes, alongwith Datalight is China.

It’s a brand new world of opportunity growing business with people who can partner with Maori tribes.

I love this story! Rock on! Mauri ‘Ola entreprenurial people!

For more on innovative Kiwis and broadband development, click on pic to see an ANZUS combo, roll it out as well.

Te Karere Ipurangi website shares how a long term investment based on trusted relationship-build options, is what is sought between investors of the Northland broadband cable project. Read it all at the leap into New Zealand’s bright fibre optic future. Read the rest of this entry »



Lou Davis Sr. and his lovely wife, Sharon Davis are two of my most favorite New Zealanders ever.

Not only do they administrate a national youth program for teenagers and youth in New Zealand, but they also educate young people at their schools too. Their school pulses with life and good vibes for New Zealand youth, every day. For me, that’s where the future of New Zealand richly sits, in the youth of New Zealand and their dreams and aspirations to rise up and achieve their potential and even exceed their own expectations.

They let youth dare to believe that the world is their oyster. In particular Maori young people, the bright hopes of an authentic and inclusive New Zealand. Most of their work has been achieved in the region of Te Tai Tokerau (the ancestral home of the Ngapuhi Iwi). However, they are often called upon to go to Wellington, Christchurch and the Pacific Islands as well as the USA (Hawaii loves their work too) to inspire and instruct people just like them who work with Indigenous Youth Populations throughout Asia-Pacific.  

Their work with teen parents is legendary and their early childcare center is humming with amazing success stories of change, education, hope and much love, at grass roots level of a city. They believe it takes a whole village to raise a child well. They are committed to providing a village environment for the young people they live amongst and serve.

When you get emails from these two, one of the things I notice is that their email sign off whakatauki (proverbs) are always thought-provoking. Reading their correspondence while living in Los Angeles, the entertainment capitol of America, one saying in particular always made me think. It was a motto of meekness, embued with practical wisdom. The saying was “a leader is anyone who wants to help.”

At best leaders serve the higher good or the higher purpose of the people they are privileged enough to earn the trust of, and to then encourage into all of the great things, that such people are meant to be doing. This star couple have been doing this kind of work for almost 25 years now, non-stop. They rock!

Most of all, many years after their lives aligned, their romance just keeps shining brighter. A real testiment perhaps, that if you are like-minded and one-hearted for the good of your nation at a community level, it keeps your romance alive, as this is passion in action. In this photo, while Lou and Sharon were on a whanau visit – their love for each other still burns bright.

Love it! Te Ora Hou Aotearoa is one of their favorite organizations to partner with and lead within.

I asked them if they’re ready to start a Papakainga Project yet for the city’s elderly population. “Not yet” was the response. Lol! They’re tres busy. But that’s not a bad idea. From infancy stage of a child, to working with the child’s great grandparents –all being included in their village-living and support concept of New Zealand, is a model that would well serve their span of life inspiring strategies. This couple are all about whanau (family). A whanau model of healthy Kiwi living is a proven one, that works as a model of strong societies growing together well. Their lives and work are proof of this. Everyone who knows of their work, can’t help but smile.

Shine on! :)

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Whose watching Whangarei? Paradise City of the North? China is.

Specificially, China Central Television (CCTV) with an audience of 1.1 billion, sent press to cover The International Rally of Whangarei over the weekend.

Here’s a snap shot of the 39 media outlets of the world, enjoying the rally action.

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Who: Louis Henry Davis III.

Tribal Affiliations: Ngapuhi, Ngati Whaatua.

Appointee: Board of Trustee Representative 2011, Whangarei Boys High School with Geoff Abbott.

Claim to Fame: Brother of Jakey Davis. He is also a fine rugby football player and a super basketball representative too with a good academic record.

Hallmarks at this early stage: From a compassionate community-minded family. Learning how to be a team player. Pride in Kaupapa Maori traditions and knowledge both IQ and EQ. Grandson of current community leaders. And this young guy is a friend of teen parent moms too. Not bad so far!

Hollywood Comment: And who is using more hair product than both Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber put together, with mo tumeke staunch-pouting going on than tuakana Cliff Curtis in a 3D action movie role or brotha Taika Cohen in that Boy movie… in his high school leadership photos, then aye? Mr Maori Kiwi-Staunch. Congratulations Louis III.

Kia kaha. Be wise. Be yourself. Lead. :)

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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Malo e lelei from California via Samoan-Kiwis in Hawaii singing the universally loved, ancient poetic psalm of King David of Israel. :)

Music from two brothers of the group, .

Salamo e luasefulu ma le fitu
O le fuaiupu muamua
Ma le fuaiupu e sefulu ma le fa

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord
The Lord is the strength of my life
Whom shall I be afraid

Wait on the Lord
Be of good courage
And he shall strengthen your heart
Wait I say on the Lord, wait I say on the Lord

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear Lord

O le atua o lo’u malamalama
Ma lo’u fa’aolataga
O ai ou te fefe iai

O le atua o ia o le malosi
I lo’u olaga
O ai ou te fefe iai

Fa a ta li mo le atua
Ia fa ama losi
E fa amalosi lo’u agaga
Fa a ta li mo le atua
Fa a ta li mo le atua


Whom shall I be afraid – till end

[Lyrics via sing365.Com]

~A singing birthday card for The Maori Rose of Sharon of Nga Puhi and Ngati Whatua Maori tribes, on her birthday, 2010. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.28.10. Excuse distortion, Polynesian artists are still waiting on times to change, before we can truly rock it out in Hollywood in a culturally meaningful way. In the meantime, this is it! Enjoy.~


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[Image caption - Fan Sam Bellingham was lucky enough to get a photo with Beyonce as she arrived at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand].

My Maori mum, Tui of Helensville is too cute. Right on midnight (Los Angeles Time) she called me to say that she had gone with her grandchildren to see Bono (she meant U2) perform in Auckland The Supercity.

She also said that Beyonce was spotted going for lunch the next day at The Soul Cafe in Auckland City. “She’s beautiful dear,” were mom’s words.

Maori moms are so much fun. Mine is in her 70′s and can still rock it out to a humanitarian’s rock concert with her grandkids. Namely, her blackest grandchild Bradley James. Love her!

On the phone we talked about what she feels the world needs today. For once I listened. She spoke of people needing a true sense of manaaki (or hospitality from one’s spirit) that this would warm and brighten the world and make it a better place.

She was deep as well as funny as Maori and all Kiwi moms usually are. I felt her manaakitanga over the phone of a woman who has birthed her children in New Zealand, in Tonga in Fiji and travelled to India, China, Israel, America, Australia, the Phillipines as the global people-loving citizen that mom is. From New Zealand, her home–mom’s love of her big-hearted nation in the world beamed bright across New Zealand’s South Pacific Waters to my Maori-Kiwi heart here in California.

Thanks for the fun phone call mom.

And – go Sam Bellingham in New Zealand! You rock. Los Angeles sees your star Kiwi smile too. xox

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Only Love wins.

Photographs of the Hollywood Hills, the local Russia Delhi in front of where I live in Little Russia that serves up the best caviar in West Hollywood, Angelina Jolie‘s latest billboard 30 yards from home and the open street view of fair Santa Monica Blvd today.

As I upload these pictures to share with you all, I’m reminded that super rockers U2 are performing live in New Zealand soon.

My Maori-Kiwi Helensville-raised mom is in her 70′s and is so excited when talking on the telephone that U2 are performing not too far from her Whangarei City hood in Auckland The Supercity soon.

She really wants to go and see Bono, The Edge and the lads live. Gorgeous Maori – Kiwi mums, they’re always too much fun!Where fun is, that’s where they can be found. Fun people need to be recharged with fun too. Mom knows where it’s at! Go Mom! :)

Here’s U2 performing live at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena California in an epic performance. Hollywood is still raving about it today.

Amazing Grace & Where The Streets Have No Name. Up! Liberty looks, feels and sounds like this today. Loving it from these Irish rockers here in Hollywood today. Bring it on!

[Jimi Hendrix Hollywood star, Walk of Fame, complete with Adventurous Maori motif jewelry, Hollywood Blvd California--especially for all kids of Auckland The Supercity, New Zealand and California who want to express themselves on the guitar. Hendrix's music mastery is legendary status music. Avoid all the other stuff, just learn his music. Hot! LOUDER PEOPLE! Skilfully on ten guitars, even. Why not?! Now that's a fine plan!]

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[Photo: Hosea Gear of New Zealand holds off the challenge from Chris Ashton of England to score the games opening try during the Investec Challenge match between England and New Zealand at Twickenham Stadium on November 6, 2010 in London, England. Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images Europe via Zimbio)

Alright. As you know I am completely obsessed with Rugby Football and watching it right here in Hollywood - The Entertainment Capitol of The World, like much of the world is too with their rugby football.  Here's the latest happenings on that via ESPN Scrum News:

"Scotland - Team News: Scrum-half Mike Blair leads a side showing five changes from the June win over Argentina. Winger Rory Lamont, prop Euan Murray, No.8 Richie Vernon and lock Richie Gray all come in to the starting XV while Blair himself completes the makeover.

New Zealand - Player to Watch: It took him a while to get going in an All Blacks jersey but Hosea Gear looked the real deal at Twickenham. He scored his first Test try against the English but any further five-pointers this weekend will not be greeted quite as warmly as that one was in Edinburgh.

New Zealand - Team News: Conrad Smith comes into the midfield to partner Sonny Bill Williams, Ma'a Nonu dropping to the bench, while Liam Messam replaces Jerome Kaino at blindside. Isaia Toeava starts on the opposite wing to Gear as Joe Rokocoko gets a rest and Jimmy Cowan is restored to the starting line-up at scrum-half. Hika Elliot has been bracketed alongside Keven Mealamu at hooker, with the destination of the No.2 jersey set to be decided following an appeal hearing into Mealamu's four week ban for head-butting Lewis Moody.

Key Battle: Scotland will likely require a defensive effort similar to the one that did for Australia 12 months ago but a strong showing from their back-row in limiting the All Blacks' flow of quick ball will be the deciding factor in any shock result.

Trivia: Roy Laidlaw, uncle of Scotland's replacement scrum-half Greig, started in the No.9 jersey the last time they drew with the All Blacks, 25-25 in 1983.

Stats: All Blacks fly-half Dan Carter tops most of their scoring charts but is way behind Andrew Mehrtens against the Scots. In seven Tests against Scotland between 1995 and 2001 the former Crusaders playmaker slotted 108 points, including 31 conversions.

Quote Unquote:

"We believe as a squad that if we can match the All Blacks' skill and intensity, that, with the Murrayfield crowd behind us, it can put us into a position where we can win a Test match against New Zealand." - Scotland skipper Mike Blair.

"I couldn't think of two better people than Richie and Mils to beat my record. They are outstanding All Blacks, good leaders of men and for me it's an honour to pass the baton on to those two." - Former All Black Sean Fitzpatrick.

Prediction: Scotland are the most improved side in the northern hemisphere but they just don't have the quality to overturn the All Blacks on the scoreboard."


[Below image: Mike Blair and Nathan Hines of Scotland tackle Adi Jacobs of South Africa during a rugby match between Scotland and South Africa in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

[This image: Cruickshank family Scottish Tartan via Stuart of Atholl clan's tartan. This post for my brothers of a rather fierce, leading edge high school, Les Boucher (father's name Atholl and Richard Cranch -father's name Maxwell -still going strong, on top of the world. You know it! Let's go Rugby Nations Worldwide as a reminder, that when you're Kiwi and/ or Rugby-Minded people --we're friends for Life! ICU]

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(L) of Auckland – The Supercity poses with Lani.

The Samoan-Kiwi hottie looks like her late grandmother, Aunty Maina Werne-Jones - a lady who died in Kenya while on safari, and who had the distinction of having the second most-attended funeral in New Zealand history in 1997 of a Kiwi not born in the green paradise nation. As a woman of Samoa with Mana in The South Pacific, Maina Werne-Jones was down to earth, heavenly-minded, loving and much loved.

Aunty Maina as she was affectionately known, is still sorely missed by Auckland City, Samoa and throughout The Pacific today. Her laugh was magic. She laughed a lot, always sharing her smile and joie de vie with a rare gift of joyful encouragement.

Kalani also looks like her gorgeous momma, Judi Jones. Kalani’s dad, Derek Jones can be found here with Judi, doing their bit providing Samoan-Kiwi flava and inspiration at a transitional time for Porirua City leadership in Wellywood – Hollywood’s sister-city for 3D film making expertise.

Porirua is currently in the middle of a surprise bi-election, as the US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has just recently touched down in Wellywood, a film making nation’s capitol city, at the time of writing from Hollywood. There’s a lot going on in New Zealand right now. It’s a hot diverse entertainment nation, destination.

At the top, of the North Island of New Zealand, Kalani lives in Auckland, The Supercity of this beautiful paradise-green nation.

To see Auckland – the City of Kalani Jones and the largest Polynesian and Maori Gateway city in the World (Aloha O’ahu Hawaii of America), GO HERE.

: The analysis,  “You’re ambitious, fashion-forward and a true (if sometimes tumultuous) romantic. You’d opt to work on your business plans over your party plans, even if friends say that’s boring. But hey, you always look good doing it–just like Kim!”
If you live in Hollywood and follow Herman-Town’s Young Hollywood promotions expertise, you will know that Ms Kim Kardashian is styling and dressing America’s style conscious twenty-somethings, right now, here in the USA. Nationwide in the USA, Kim is currently doing this online 24 hours a day, with a skillful style package that consults and customizes fashion accessories to each individual customer. Smart.
Kim Kardashian is perhaps the only A-Listed reality TV Star in Hollywood, who is also a fashion merchandising mogul on the rise. If Kalani is like Kim Kardashian, I’m all for that. The world needs a Samoan-Kiwi style-queen I reckon. Especially one of Spirit — like Kalani Jones possesses, naturally. Check out Kim’s online biz ventures with Hollywood entertainment power-lawyer Robert Shapiro –at Shoe Dazzle. Amazin! They’re taking over stylish retail for the young in America–via their online storefront window instead. It’s a Kardashian underground movement of taste and style blitzing the USA.
Kalani Jones is rugby royalty of New Zealand, Samoa and the Commonwealth Affiliated Nations and Oceania Nations of the World. She is the niece of a rugby player who England’s Will Carling listed in the UK Telegraph as being the no.2 rugby footballer in the world of all time. Kalani’s father Derek, is also a good rugby footballer too.
As a future rising star of New Zealand & The South Pacific – Kalani Jones has got it all going on in her star mix and this kid loves God too. Not a bad combo for grounded balance to balance out the craziness of fame that lies ahead of her, I reckon. Go kid! If ever there was a girl in New Zealand worthy of a reality TV series of her own, to weave in a stellar cast of characters who surround her in everyday life, Kalani Jones is one such star of great potential to lead, entertain, inspire her generation. Oh… btw:
Visit Auckland City for a fun travel experience.
[Photograph of a Sky Walker - Auckland City - Courtesy of Photographer David Wall]
[Music: Sun Goes Down - Nesian MystiK & Luther Vandross tribute to Lena Horne going up too as a homage for Aunty Maina Jones' legacy as a humanitarian activist of Compassion & Love--Hollywood today.]
Let’s go Auckland. Porirua City & Let’s go SAMOA! Mauri ‘Ola.
This post going via Kalani’s Maori Aunties of Oak Ridge Camp, Whangarei City, Northland via The City of Angels & “Uncle Sam” born in Fiji, and I guess… your Uncle Derek Farmer (and Farmer Brotherhood) too – now of Australia. In the words of Avatar in 3D: We see you! :)
Reality TV Series Idea: Kalani goes to Wellywood (Porirua).

[Lena Horne -great entertainer and blacklisted activist for Humanitarian Human Rights issues and causes, Hollywood Star (the Maori koru taonga version), for Kalani Jones, Hollywood Walk of Fame–photog: Horiwood.Com’s own).

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[Photo caption: YEEHAH, IT'S SAMYAH: Samyah Powell, 9, is hoping to get the role of the Milky Bar Kid all tied up but in the meantime she's trying out the ropes on Whangarei Primary School principal Rob Soar].

Meet Samyah Powell. As mentioned, this kid wants to be the new Milky Bar Kid repping New Zealand’s luxurious white chocolate made from milk of the best dairy cows in the world. TV commercials are what’s up for grabs for chocolate manufacturer Nestle if Samyah lands the spot.

Powell is one of ten children short listed for the role and the only one North of Auckland. She’s representing good farming muster country in the far north.

Reports The Northern Advocate: “The Whangarei Primary School pupil loves reading and maths and is top of the class. Her flair for performance has been polished through hip-hop dancing and cheerleading in which she has competed internationally. Whether or not she becomes the newest Milky Bar Kid, this little star has already performed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Sydney.”

Said Samyah, “It would be cool to be the Milky Bar Kid.”

What do you think? Should Samyah Powell of North Auckland, be the next Milky Bar kid?

Samyah does look a little like Justin Bieber in this pic anyway, so you never know. Here’s looking at you, kid.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.31.1o. Irving Swifty Lazaar’s star, Hamburger Hamlet – Hollywood, for Ruth Lazar~


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Duck under my umbrella says John Key and Phil Heatley.

Photo Caption: Prime Minister John Key and Whangarei MP Phil Heatley duck for cover as a rain squall blows through during their visit to He Mataariki School for Teen Parents in Raumanga.

Reports the Northern Advocate via Hollywood today: Thursday saw Prime Minister Key say this about education of teen moms:

Mr Key said “it was good to be back in a place that provided such fantastic learning opportunities for its students. Looking at your achievement board is an example of how well you are doing.”

“Everybody can be very proud of themselves,” he said.

Mr Key said the school was working incredibly well and was an important place for youngsters in the region.

“We know unless you get a good education it’s hard to get the job you want and get the opportunities you deserve,” he said.

Mr Key is proof that Chilvalry is alive and well for teen moms. In the spirit of Whangarei-Hollywood Art, here’s some right back at these two lads for their good efforts.

As most of the teen moms at He Mataariki can pick up a guitar, play it and sing beautifully as Maori and Kiwi women of talented promise, here’s some early Johnny Cash with his pals Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl PerkinsThe Million Dollar Quartet reflecting back to these multi-talented ladies–and the gentlemen who step up to the global stage to let them and their children’s global presence and contribution for The World, shine.

These two lads of Key-We land are a little bit Elvis and Johnny Cash meets Mother Teresa and Angelina Jolie, in the way that they rock n’ roll for others, as showmen and men who delight in taking fierce action, to lead for good causes.

The Million Dollar Quartet were also legendary lads who entertained.

[Top image courtesy of Northern Advocate]

[This image,yesterday - Hanoi Vietnam: LEADERS WHO LUNCH: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with Philippine President Benigno Aquino as (L-R) New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, China's Premier Wen Jiabao, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh look on. Getty Images].

~Hollywood Walk of Fame, In Kind. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.30.10~


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He Kaakano of He Mataariki has begun a $1.4 million building project for teen moms and their children in Whangarei City, Te Taitokerau, Northland of Aoteroa/ New Zealand. Prime Minister John Key has a sweet spot for this school.

Read all about it, here, if you haven’t already.

In honor of people of vision’s collective energy and focus, here’s a special tribute to ex Mayor of Whangarei City, Stan Semenoff, the new mayor Morris Cutforth, The ASB Trust and the Member of Parliament of Whangarei City, Phil Heatley.

“May you watch over this school and the community of people it serves, as the apple of your eye, as the brightest star in your galaxy. May great leaders arise in the world from He Mataariki and He Kaakano within the City you lead and serve.”

Mauri Ora, Life to You –from Hollywood. A good effort!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.30.10~


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(Picture: PERSONAL PM: Former teen parent student Danielle Logan, left, tells Prime Minister John Key about currently studying at teacher’s college and presents him with an edible bouquet grown at He Kaakano childcare unit. Sharon Davis (The Maori Rose of Sharon) and politician Phil Heatley watch their exchange and banter, Whangarei City, Te Tai Tokerau, Northland, New Zealand).

At the moment New Zealand’s Prime Minister has met with key global leaders at the APEC Summit in Vietnam this year. But before the PM of New Zealand jetted out for the global summit, Mr Key took some time out of his schedule to meet some incredible people of He Mataariki School in Whangarei City, Northland, New Zealand. They are remarkable, being commented on today for their passion for education, children’s value and place in the world, women’s achievement and collective community leadership from Hollywood.

The school works with teen parent moms and their children. If you live in America you will know that teen parent moms are on tabloids spotted at supermarket check out aisles in the US. They are big news.

[This photo: U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton left, talks with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key during the ASEAN summit on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Image via AP via India Times]

Jake Davis, my youngest nephew, got to the meet the PM with the turning of the first sod for a $1.4m development of the teen parent unit and associated childcare centre He Kaakano that He Mataariki have championed being built. Here’s news snippets of Mr Key’s visit:

[This photo: Jake Davis meets John Key]

“At He Mataariki Teen Parent School, John Key even insisted one pregnant girl call her baby John despite the fact it’s going to be a girl.”

“He also told a three-year-old girl his cat’s name is Moonbeam Smoky Fluffy-Pea.”

“Mr Key was escorted by Whangarei Member of Parliament Phil Heatley who says he knows what the demands are on the prime minister’s time. Mr Heatley says it is extraordinary Mr Key chose to visit He Mataariki for a second time – he visited the unit once when he was leader of the opposition.

[Photo: John Key Arrives in Vietnam]

But Mr Heatley says it was good to have him back to seal the deal for the upgrade. “Once a prime minister opens it there’s no turning back.”

Jake Davis‘ mother Sharon Davis (known as the Maori Rose of Sharon in Hollywood), who was born in Tonga, raised later in Fiji and returned to New Zealand when she was her son Jake’s age; has a rather cute story about Mr Key meeting young Jake.

She writes: “Today the Prime Minister came to turn the first sod of grass, in preparation for the building of a new teen parent school.  The little helper chosen to help him turn the sod was Te Raukura (the two year old child of a teen parent).  She didn’t want to do the deed, so he grabbed the hand of a little 4 year old boy.

That little 4 year old boy was Jake.  Our Jakey (our little Maori prince’s family name of endearment, although he’s almost growing out of that now) turned the first sod of earth over for the new teen parent school with the PM.

[This photo: John Key and Jake Davis, 4, discover an earthworm, while Te Raukura 2, watches on. Image via FlipVideo]

When the sod came up Jake looked at the sod, looked at the prime minister and exclaimed ‘Look a worm’.  John Key bent down and scooped up the worm and put it in Jake’s little hand and chatted away with an excited Jake about their find.” A cute green thinking story.

[Below image: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key next to (R-L) Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and China's Premier Wen Jiabao as they wait for the start of a gala dinner on the sidelines of the summit meetings between leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and their counterparts from partner countries including US, China, Japan, Russian, South Korea and Australia in Hanoi on October 29, 2010. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that he would visit India later this year, stressing there was 'enough space in the world' for both the giant nations to prosper despite a backdrop of frosty ties. Image: The Times of India]

Alrighty then: moving on now to global leaders news at APEC. John Key has met with Hilary Clinton briefly who is excited to be traveling to New Zealand next week for talks with the PM. Mr Keys says India’s Pime Minister, Manmohan does not appear to be phased by broadcaster Paul Henry‘s comments about Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand. Mr Keys says all leaders understand it is an open world and people say “many things.”

The NZ Herald reports: “Mr Key will visit India next year with a business delegation and Dr Singh indicated he was looking forward to the visit.

“He’s very optimistic about the growth of India, he’s talking about at a minimum it’ll be 8.5 per cent, maybe 9, so maybe there’s one or two things we can learn from that.”"

“Mr Keys has announced that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is likely to attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland next year. It would be the first time a UN Secretary-General had attended such a meeting, Mr Key says, and a recognition of the increasing importance of the Pacific region.”

Mr Keys hopes to discuss Fiji‘s return to democracy with newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard next year. He adds: “‘We remain absolutely committed together to do whatever we can to have democracy restored in Fiji.”

At APEC a lot of interest surround’s Japan’s detaining of a Chinese sea captain when these two nations fishing vessel/ Patrol boats collided off the coast of East China Islands, sparking the Chinese people to be incensed at the detaining.

This prompted Japan’s Prime Minister Nato Kan to say:  the current spat should not be regarded as “a decisive trouble,” saying the two countries have weathered a long history together.

“This sort of trouble that we’re seeing right now, compared to various incidents we’ve had in the long history of our relations, would not be regarded as a decisive trouble. And I think both countries remain calm and try to come up with solutions that would be positive to both countries … in terms of peace and stability for the Asia-Pacific and the entire world,” he told reporters.” It’s handy a Kiwi is at APEC to smooth strained relationships between China and Japan’s leading lads with a good Kiwi smile and sense of humor. Goes a long way.

Mr Key also spoke of Ban ki-Moon’s gratitude towards Sir Geoffrey Palmer‘s abilities with the the upcoming investigation of Gaza, Palestine for the United Nations. (Commentary on that can be found here).

Back in : A Humpback Whale was sighted in the bay this week. A pretty city.

[This image: Reuters Pictures: China's Premier Wen Jiabo (L) and New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key (R) show the way to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a group photo at the 5th East Asia Summit in Hanoi October 30, 2010].

[This image below, depicting New Zealand's ecotourism travel destination activities: "A boy swims with dolphins in the Bay of Islands" Horiwood.Com].

~To learn of the Maori culture that Jake descends from of the Nga Puhitonunui tribe and Ngati Whatua tribe, go here to see how young lads like Jake are raised. Fierce warriors. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.29.10. Billy Graham‘s Hollywood Star – Walk of Fame for Jake’s Uncle Billy Davis and his esteemed visionary grandfather, Graham Adrian and Jake and Sharon’s kinsmen by blood–serving in politics: Sir Douglas Graham and Kennedy Graham- image photographed, Hollywood Blvd, Horiwood’s own.~


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I remember living in Wellywood, where all those Hobbit movies are being made in 3D (‘in the rough’ planning stages still, as I write), and my niece Pearl Grace was going to Police Academy College – in Titahi Bay.

In those days, I didn’t even have a thought I’d ever be living and blogging from Hollywood. I used to drive out with her to the Police Academy base, while we’d eat paua gleaned from the moana (sea) from the bay and reflect about her love life. She’s gorgeous and I’m proud of her amazing heart and capacity to love and be.

Anyway, here’s a Maori doing blue-on-blue attire (a topic of USA and Hollywood interest today). Constable Tito of Titahi Bay Base, is a hori bro getting a Hollywood spotlight today.

I grew up with Vanessa Tito and her cousins from Tangiteroria in Nga Puhi country – this man’s relations, most probably. All good people, with a hearty laugh. :)

Maori men (and women too) are disproportionately arrested and jailed in New Zealand currently, as Dame June Jackson recently pointed out on her recent Damehood anointing . This has always irked me, as when you think about it, not even from a rocket science view point but a humane one, all New Zealanders run around enjoying the “clean, green, fabulous New Zealand lifestyle” on landscape that was once all Maori tribal ancestral land, so how can we arrest the descendants of the original stewards of New Zealand landscape at all? But our dark Kiwi sense of humor, kind of still does.  Dame June (a funny woman) is perhaps the first to admit that in New Zealand, we’re still working on getting our ‘humors’ right.

Any landowner or leader or law creator or law enforcement person in New Zealand at best, will be a steward of the land for future generations of people, like early Maori settlers taught New Zealand centuries ago as “kaitiaki” or green guardians of the earth – where people are the most important asset a nation has dwelling in the abundance of the earth.

Because of this fact, Constable Tito’s role at ensuring fairness in Wellywood with all people as a mediator and guardian of community is like — tino (the Maori word for totz) stellar!

Hence this shout out to a brotha doing a fine job, serving community.

[This pic shared by Mana electorate politician - Heck Yeah! Hekia. If you live in Mana and read this humble Hollywood blog - I hope you're all voting Heck Yeah! Hekia on Nov. 20th. She pops! I can't wait to see Hekia do the Samoan sasa dance at community events in Porirua. An image of Beyonce paying tribute to Josephine Baker's legacy in Paris in a respectful African-American community, artistic entertainer's kind of way - comes to mind. :)

Hekia is freakin' cool and a natural born entertainer. I love her style!!! New Zealand fun and entertaining vision coming up from this cool lady from Mana in the world. Check her smile right here - ]. And rock on at Titahi Bay Constable Tito and all the Kiwi bros and sistas wearing uniform in the force. ICU!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.25.10~


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“How can you resolve things speaking in an alien tongue?” he asked in 1983. “The past can only be seen in the language of your ancestors.”–Sir John Turei

Sir Te Ahikaiata John Joseph Turei was remembered in New Zealand.

This great leader of Ngai Tuhoe Maori people did so much for his tribe and Maori in the revitalization of the indigenous Peoples language of New Zealand. His actions and wise words fathered us all.

Haere ra, e Ta. I salute you Tu from Hollywood, The Entertainment Capitol of The World. For the future of all rangatira hou, Mauri Ora Rewa Rewa Ruatoki katoa. Kia kaha tatou. May you exemplify the best of Sir John’s traits to remind us all, what good Maori leadership is and what key cornerstones of it always will be. This his legacy of faith, wisdom, discernment, foresight with prophetic giftings that were rare and love to us all. He saw with the eyes of his wairua, into men’s hearts before they ever opened their mouths. What a man.

Sir John’s humor at surviving the great depression of the 30′s as kid also defines this great man. Another example we need to draw strength from in this times, as defined by  these words to the NZ Herald once: “But I suppose I was more fortunate than most in the valley because Dad milked cows. Anyone with more than five cows could survive. You could say I was brought up under a cow’s tit. Milking was something I had to do from the age of six.”

Her served in the Maori battalion in WWII in the Middle East, Egypt, Britiain and Italy. He was a warrior who overcame death, Hitler and death systems for Peace and Life, internationally.

He “played a leading role in the development of Maori language as a foundation member of the Radio Aotearoa Board. He was also a foundation member of the Lion Nathan Scholarship Board for Young Maori achievers and led cultural delegations to China, South Korea, India and the United States.”

He was a man of great faith. During the war he found inspiration from the Presbyterian branch of faith in God. Personally though, I remember him as someone who made me laugh when I saw him speak at Ruatoki. Though strict, he was funny and entertaining too.

Dr. Michael Basset describes his 30 year relationship as a politician with Sir John as knowing these things about him: “Sir John said for me it was a joy to come at an early age under the influence of Sir Apirana Ngata. While John took the name Turei from the man his mother (Te Ahikaiata) was meant to marry, his “biological father” (as John always called Tami Te Whetu), increasingly acknowledged his son and took him along to political gatherings. Long before Turei performed the wero in front of Lord Bledisloe at the opening of the Treaty House at Waitangi in 1934, he had met Ngata, then Native Minister. Having left school early because his grandmother couldn’t afford Te Aute’s uniform, John often accompanied Ngata and Te Whetu on ministerial trips. Carrying bags, polishing shoes and fetching hot water for Ngata’s shaving, enabled John to listen to the old man talking with his closest confidants. John was always a good listener. His eyes would sometimes close in meetings, but he heard everything.”

… Key words: “wise money management for Treaty Settlement monies,” “humbugs vs punctuality”…. He also believed new generations needed to be married with tradition while wanting them to embrace tikanga with diverse modern expression. What he also gave to the people of Panmure and Waipareira in my tribal rohe of Ngati Whaatua, for this too, I say thank you from Hollywood for all Maori in Tamaki – The supercity.

He passed away in Blockhouse Bay where he lived, a city where my own parents first met and fell in love at first sight. From Nga Puhi, my other Maori tribe, Sir John’s words were measured, spoken like bread made of the finest wheat from Whangarei for all in New Zealand. A trait we can all emulate in honor of this great and noble man.

He was a man of Spirit. He was also an academic Dr. He was an ambassador to America, during his lengthy lifetime as a New Zealand leader. “Very much missed.”

[Reporting and executive producing, Tini Molyneux. Presenter, Scotty Morrison. Both for . Images of Te Kooti Calvert and his flag for the memory of E Ta Te Ahikaiata today].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.25.10~


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“Tatou – Honor Role.”

Rugby News, Hollywood Calif – Ko nga mea katoa e kitea e tou ringa kia mahia, kia puta tou uaua ki te mahi; kahore hoki he mahi, kahore he tikanga, kahore he matauranga, kahore he whakaaro nui i te reinga, i te wahi ka haere atu na koe ki reira. Whatever you set your hands to do, do it with all your might –King Solomon.

We see fideliter. It anchors us consistently. We hold to our school ideal, of serving faithfully–WBHS Fideliter Moniker, School Song.

We are waiting on prophecy–Moana Maniapoto, song: Prophecy

Surrender to the sky. Over snow-mountain shine, upon the upland road, ride easyJames K. Baxter — poet-seer.

With rugby football and haka in hand, we carve our narrative across green of paddock. Our spirit’s dream expressed as talented physicality driving us forward as relentless sporting passion, forming “our rough-hewn story”.–filmmaker Rudall Hayward, The Te Kooti Trail

Kimihia te kahurangi;. ki te piko tōu matenga, ki te maunga teitei. If you bow your head. Let it be only. To a great mountain–Maori proverb of the ancients, a favorite of Ta Witi Ihimaera, author of Pounamu, Pounamu, a literary collection taught at WBHS when I was in high school.

“We have a good story to tell”–Prime Minister John Key

In Hollywood tonight, the City of Angels, (namely me, oh- and Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon rugby fans of Invictus the rugby leadership movie, maybe just a little bit too, & Ye Old King’s Head Tavern rugby supporters in Santa Monica too!) we celebrate the sporting selection of Sonny Bill Williams joining Samuel and George Whitelock in the announced new team of the New Zealand All Blacks for 2010/11.

New Zealand is the host nation in 2011, of the fiercely contested, gladiatorial sporting world’s, elite Rugby World Cup.

Get to it if you can. Awesomery sporting action. Gladiatorial sporting action. The supporters of the sport are one of the most fun aspects of the game of rugby football. Another reason to get there, just be a part of them all. Bloody good people.

As culturally correct, in sending these lads on their haerenga (journey) towards greatness, we celebrate this with the haka of Te Rauparaha, a Chief who overcame death from enemies in hot pursuit of his life. Te Rauparaha took refuge in a kumara (sweet potato) pit, beneath a Chiefly and noble woman who sat above him wearing chiefly woven cloaks that covered her and him. When he arose from the pit unscathed  - he celebrated with these words of the haka (Maori warrior’s war dance), an artform of masculine ferocity and cool, an expression of strength of a man’s inner spirit, distinct and indigenous to Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Centuries later, this same haka, is the offiical haka of New Zealand rugby lads.

Two hakas go up to be beamed out today from L.A. The first a haka from All Blacks rugby football sporting history performed before a match against South Africa, the current holders of The William Webb Ellis Cup.

The second haka, is the haka of Ngapuhi school boys in one high school - from the entire school of Whangarei Boys High School, brown and white lads (and fellow awesome redheaded like fire et al Kiwis too) performing in unison in the Maori language, in a city that is in the tribal region of NgapuhiTonuNui, one of my two Maori tribes by blood.

In doing so, WBHS send a challenge throughout all high schools in their nation, to match them and do the same with their ferocity – in unity as a collective school expressing Maori culture, language and heritage arts together with pride as a norm and forefront expression of their identity.

Back in my day, the school haka we wrote and performed under Wiki Harding‘s tutelege when I was the High School Maori Cultural captain, when performed – went on to win that year at the Te Taitokerau High Schools Maori Cultural (Kapa Haka) Festival - A haka that won the cup. Which is why, I’m posting this school’s haka in Hollywood today. It is like prophesy that “the best is yet to come.”   This haka featured is a new and updated version. Ka pai. It is good to see culture strong and evolving.

Ngapuhi is the largest Maori tribe by population, in the world. A good effort of leadership from WBHS! Interwoven community strength of participators actively creating and performing culture (like Hollywood movie stars do in film), being the star. Of course WBHS, you’re doing this today. 120+ years of being together as a school, looks good. Mauri Ora from Hollywood. :)

What a fine effort. A reminder that in sport and culture we are all united and are black too in New Zealand. And because we are, I acknowledge, see, affirm, give expression to and visibility to: your ihi, wehi, mana as young men of importance and value as leaders of the modern world in your own right, already. Btw: I am adding all of you lads to Hollywood’s Maori (& Kool Kiwis) Honor Role today. We are on a roll. :)

This image of Horiwood aka Sam Cruickshank (yawn! me – sorry), graduate of Whangarei Boys High School, CR Theology College (woooot!), Te Whare Waanaga a Aotearoa and Auckland University, with Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black to encourage both sporting achievement, entertainment excellence and academic achievement of all young people in New Zealand, on the rugby field and in lecture theater rooms and science labs too and on cultural/ theater stages, on sets and in cinemas. If you endure, dream, find strength within, always look up not down, and believe and give expression to your belief, your voice can be heard in the world too. Even against great odds, as you and Sonny Bill Williams and Samuel W, show as a rugby and haka nation of men who love to perform and entertain.

Good stuff fellahs! Louder - I still can’t quite hear you. :) And – go Rugby World cup players, supporters, followers and entourage of rugby mad babes too, like the smart and sporty Yale Women’s Rugby Team here in the US - for 2011. Kia Kaha Koutou- May great strength be yours.

[Top image - Samuel Whitelock scores a try breaking the tackle from Richard Buckman via Zimbio. All Blacks Rugby Football Team coach Graham Henry rolls out with his latest football appointment, Sonny B Williams, today. Image via Zimbio. Dustin Lance Black and Horiwood appear for Robert Ellis, an author for World Peace in the Middle East. Box office star and Oscar winning Maori-Kiwi-Aussie, Russell Crowe's Hollywood star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, California - The Te-Ika-A-Maui version.]

This post also dedicated to Ngapuhi rugby sporting greats, Zinzan Brooke and brother Robin Brooke of Warkworth; to my family’s childhood friend, world rugby great, Michael Jones and family and extended family of friends and allied Oak Ridge whanau a Whale Pasifika, along with youngsters and entertainers and sporting greats in the making Freedom Kahanui, Oscar Brooke, Louis Henry III, Taylor Thomas Thorp and Bailey Reign.

Universal of California are broadcasting The Rugby World Cup within America, 2011. Go Universal Sports and Warner Bros Studios for promoting rugby football as sporting entertainment in the USA.

When visiting California, Universal CityWalk Theme Park is a great place to visit when in Hollywood.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.18.10~


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