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After many weeks of rumorsVariety’s Showblitz (via/Film) reveal that Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose starred in Inception and 500 Days of Summer has now officially signed on to join Christopher Nolan‘s cast in the third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Joseph will play Alberto Falcone, the son of mob boss Batman Begins villain Carmine Falcone. Tom Wilkinson originally played that role. The casting confirms industry talk Gordon-Levitt would be in the film. The part is also one of Nolan’s favorite Batman story lines.

Gordon-Levitt bares a slight resemblance to the late Heath Ledger who won the Oscar in the last Batman film. These photographs courtesy of Comic Book Movie.

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Story boarding Democracy – “If democracy in an internet age is preferred in a Mid-East nation. How do you show it ‘unfolding’ … in pictures?”–Horiwood on Egypt.

In the left corner we have Hosni Mubarak, a man with billions in his personal bank account he’s amassed while he has had a career in politics as Egypt’s leader for 30 years. Hosni has approximately a billion dollars for every year he’s been President. That’s not a bad job.

In the right corner we have Wael Ghonim, 30, a spokesperson in the Mid-East for American billionaires, Bill and Melinda Gates. We like the last two names. We do not like Hosni’s name as we’ve been reading it in the press.  Wael has had a career being paid to talk about Google’s virtues in the Mid-East. He sells google into the Mid-East. Bill and Melinda pay Wael to do that for them.

Talk of freedom through information sharing (accessible under any topic via Google and the internet) is Wael’s no.1 sales rhetoric as Google’s mid-east salesman in charge of marketing. It gets better. More billionaires are involved in Wael’s story. Wael also ‘s progress reports to his friends. Meaning, he’s also an advertisement for Mark Zuckerberg and Co. Zuckerberg a member of Gates and Warren Buffet‘s newly formed Giving Pledge Trust.

In a way, Wael works for people who all sit at the same table. He works for some of the world’s Top 200 richest people in the world. He’s their new face as a Mid-East hero, leading an online tech revolution carrying the wings of ‘democracy.’ Democracy defined as information Google deems and ranks as being list-worthy under any topic on its search engines first two pages (stats show that 80% of people using a search engine, rarely scroll pass page 1 or 2 when searching Google). Therefore what Google lists ‘organically’ in the first 20 search results has a lot of power as ‘truth’ in the information sharing game – a symbol of ‘democracy’ in a modern digital, computer and mobile telephony driven age. Gates and Zuckerberg are two key players in this billionaire’s game of the Top 200 richest people in the world.

Ironically Hosni is in this numbered club too. They kind of all know each other. Billionaires leading and influencing the world in different ways. This month, Hosni is ‘the bad boy’ of the billionaire’s classroom. Not everyone can be ‘good’ as that would be a very boring club. Is Hosni playing the villain Joker to Gates’ Robin (Wael). I live in Hollywood. We still like Heath Ledger who plaid the Joker in the very successful film, The Dark Knight. And Heath is dead. Hosni will survive this revolution. Egypt will be aligned more with the US. They are being trained to go to the US for information sources to be fed knowledge, with Hosni acting as the villain guide of Arab nations introducing a Mid-East friendly youthful face as a hero, like Wael Ghonim.

These are the background factors to this story as reported by The Associated Press. It reads as follows: “CAIRO — A young leader of Egypt’s anti-government protesters, newly released from detention, joined a massive crowd in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for the first time Tuesday and was greeted with cheers, whistling and thunderous applause when he declared: “We will not abandon our demand and that is the departure of the regime.”

Many in the crowd said they were inspired by Wael Ghonim, the 30-year-old Google Inc. marketing manager who was a key organizer of the online campaign that sparked the first protest on Jan. 25 to demand the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak. Straight from his release from 12 days of detention, Ghonim gave an emotionally charged television interview Monday night where he sobbed over those who have been killed in two weeks of clashes.

He arrived in the square when it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder, a crowd comparable in size to the biggest demonstration so far that drew a quarter-million people. He spoke softly and briefly to the huge crowd from a stage and began by offering his condolences to the families of those killed.

“I’m not a hero but those who were martyred are the heroes,” he said, breaking into a chant of “Mubarak leave, leave.” When he finished, the crowd erupted in cheering, whistling and deafening applause.

Ghonim has emerged as a rallying point for protesters, who reject a group of traditional Egyptian opposition groups that have met with the government amid the most sweeping concessions the regime has made in its three decades in power.

Read more from AP here & Zedo Max.

One things for sure Wael Ghonim has an interesting job. Taking a lead from his beaming smile, Wael looks like he’s enjoying his job with an increased profile to date. Appearing in front of 250,000 Egyptian people assembled in one place publicly (demonstrations are popular these days. Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert‘s American led rallies reflect this tradition too. Heck in New Zealand we’ll roll out for beaches and hobbits in public demonstration form, we’re not adverse to a rally) and being beamed out to the world during this time of political unrest in Egypt, is certainly much better for Wael in doing his job – than visiting this office in Cairo. It’s nice to see Wael get a bit of a hand up, from the powers that be, to do his job.

Know what I’m sayin? That office looks awful to go to work at. :)

[Music by James Taylor and Shower The People]

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Often it’s hard letting people go we knew, that we would shoot the breeze with, the people we loved – who have died. In New Zealand for example, quite a few people lost loved one’s unexpectedly last year. Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal talking about Heath Ledger his costar and peer from Young Hollywood days a while back now: Says Jake:

“I do miss him. It was just us by this river in Calgary for a month, in the middle of nowhere. There were no hotels to stay in, so we lived in trailers out there in the wilds. We would make coffee together in the morning, eat together and sometimes we’d ride horses to work. We were out there alone and all we had was each other.”  –SourcePic source.

May we always appreciate the friends in our lives – as long as we have them with US. :)

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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Above is a pic of actor Alex Meraz. Below is the film trailer of Kevin Costner‘s multiple Oscars winning film, Dances With Wolves. Hollywood history has so much to be thankful for to Native American Indian actors and their tribes.

Let’s go Young Hollywood, 2010′s. 

As Alex is both an artist and a joker-comedian (hence this Heath Ledger tribute) like many Indigenous Peoples are. His sense of humor reflects the best form of indigenous entertainment that has been occurring for centuries, whether a camera is on Alex’s people or not. So, here’s some tweets Alex on twitter that are kinda funny. 

On friendly city welcomes: “Heading back to Arizona for the weekend! I better bring my passport cause last I heard things changed.”

On Chris Nolan‘s casting: “Fell asleep during Inception the whole cast was doing it so it seemed like a good idea. What I did see was GOOD! I’ll drink coffee nxt time.”

cf: Uncle Emile having exact same reaction in the same film. So noted. :)

On being vampire-entertainment Hollywood fit: “Eating while watching people get open heart surgery done on tv. Is that wrong?”

Yes Alex! That was not very vegetarian-sensitive of you. :)

On adding the heat to co-stars A-List game: “Had an odd random dream about Kristen Stewart last night…WoW I’m never looking at her the same way again!”

On sketching his own star branding: “ is finally up! I hand drew every single page on the website check it out and let me know what you think!”

Alex is just so talented! Go kid! The late Maury Chaykin also features in the following trailer with Kevin Costner. Dances with Wolves is still such a fine film today. 

In the tradition of dark stream-of-consciousness literary humor a la mode, Janet Frame, a literary genius of the past on social times commentary, this post going up for Alex Frame today and Cowboys & Aliens star Raoul Trujillo of the New World (also pictured). Image of Raoul courtesy of Hot Flix Website. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.20.10~


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A good Aussie should always be remembered–Heath Ledger.

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TheImaginariumofDrParnassusHeath Ledger’s last film, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus has released its movie poster–busy!


Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s documentary film, This Is It, has got America going mad for tickets. Insanity here as Jacko’s film gets ready to premiere.

Time Leiweke  President of AEG says: “I’m very proud of the way we treated Michael, and very proud of the partnership that we had with him. And this movie is an opportunity to celebrate that, and we could get past all of the gossip and all of the innuendo.”–

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in the world last year. That’s quite a halo glow Australian Heath left behind in the world. May he RIP.

The line up of the most googled stars in the world last year, had Heath sitting amongst these leading ladies: Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, Arianna Huffington, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Tila Tequila, Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus.

Heath's Halo burns bright in the afterglow of brilliant Australianess in Hollywood

Heath's Ledger's halo burns bright in the afterglow of brilliant Australianess that once sat on top in Hollywood

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