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Be a reservoir via Hollywood of life for kids. To put it bluntly, 2 million kids die each year because clean drinking water is what 1/6th of the world still need.

Let’s flow. Thanks people.

[This photograph: Ethiopia]

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Here’s a bit of rock purpleness for ya, from the Hollywood Hood. Jimi Hendrix. Hollywood star, Walk of Fame.

This version of Hendrix star is featured with Maori taonga jewelry, in steel. Denoting, new discovery and wrestling with new frontiers, to create freer, more easier to breathe inhabitable cultural space for music and the performing arts, for all.

Just like Hendrix on his guitar once did to takes his generation into a new America and his own people, into a new cultural place.

He was a noisy b*stard wasn’t he?

Up ya’ll. Let’s get louder. For the good sweet things of Life.

[Music: Star Spangled Banner - Woodstock 1969. Especially for Gisborne-raised, Kiwi white folk, today, who always loved Jimi Hendrix on guitar. And for Tamaki Makaurau, the region of the Ngati Whaatua Maori Tribe, my mom's, that doubles also as being Auckland - The Super City - Southernmost host city of the best rock acts in The World. Kia Kaha & Louder. I can't hear you. :) Up!]

This post also for Samuel de Vetter, the dude who used to play Jimi Hendrix styled guitar in church and theater, musicals, plays Cherry Joy wrote (namely You Are The One), including the New Zealand national anthem like Hendrix would have, while us crazy CRF ‘cool kids of the world,’ were ‘growing up’ being all creative and anointed with our creative talents and stuff).

Artwork: West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimmy Hendrix Anthology. Click on album cover to buy it, in original vinyl. Or go to iTunes, to purchase for any girls and guys you have in your household, who are learning and playing guitar. A must have for a next generation of guitar kids.

Image: Wainui Beach, Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand for Robbie “Pere Bell” Barker, Mary Teachin and collective of friends. ICU. xox. Click on beach image, to discover the beauty of nature, with 10 NZ beaches to vacation at, when you go to NZ for rock concerts, in Auckland The Super City. My favorites there: seeing, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morrisette, Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin, Robbie Williams, Destiny’s Child (Kelly Rowlands, Beyonce, Michelle Williams), Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Annie Crummer and Debbie Harwood of When the Cats Aways, Sharon O’Neill, Moana & The Tribe, Crowded House (The Finn Brothers – and ), Dave Dobbyn & Che Fu, Bic Runga, Boh Runga of Stellar*, and Bob Dylan (to name a few). Englebert Humperdink and Tom Jones were a treat live to see too. All these people are so talented as witnessed as a concert goer, live in Auckland City – demonstrating in their concerts, what stars are. All young people (and kidults too, long live us all), need to see music stars live, as you’re somehow, never the same again, when you do. You leave inspired.

Once spoiled, going to these concerts in Auckland with nurse Trinity that Lady Patricia Thorp of Auckland City Council, ensured that we must see live along with her family and friends.

[a rainbow comes down from above at Wainui Beach - show biz naturally]

A live concert in Auckland City is the best. Plan it. Do it. Enjoy it. Sing it. Swim it. Fun.

And here in L.A, there are many concerts I’ve been to (lucky, again somehow); featured – favorites being Pink, Britney Spears, Tracey Chapman, Aimee Mann, Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson and (what’s her name? that new girl, whose still learning how to share press and mentor younger stars – with her camera time, by introducing and collaborating with teenaged singer/songwriters. Not just perform with more famous people than herself? I joke. She’s in top demand. But what’s that one’s name, again? Oh, Lady Gaga). Growing music sales, is also about new talent development of willing collaborators with a current profile, co-writers and live performers. Always. Kids need all the help they can get today. Tough times. But with collaboration, they burst through. Come on collaborating artists, to work and share, with the young!

Two of my favs too to see live, are Kylie Minogue at The Hollywood Bowl (epic to see an Austalian shine at The Bowl, wow!), and Kelly Clarkson at the Orange County Fair. So cool live! Also was fortunate enough to get to see California Gurl and New Zealand favorite, Katy Perry in concert too. She’s a darn fine, acoustic soloist! Breathtaking when she’s solo on guitar. The light of a solo spotlight and a mic is all that’s needed, to go “wow.”

Here’s Boh Runga with Stellar singing Star. Also being showcased, with Mr Jimi Hendrix today is The Patea Maori Club - who, when I was a kid, (jokes on the ‘when’) at 11, they swung their traditional Maori pois across their bodies as a ‘unified body collective of drums’ changing charts history, and were rock stars too on our music charts – a very first for Maori in the early 80s to stay at #1 as long as they did, with their smash hit classic, Poi E. Auckland – The Super City is Changing. Getter better, bigger, kindly more colorful, and more rocktastic. Let’s  rock it louder, people!!! In, LA – The Staples Center is live concerts venue central, but the Hollywood Bowl pops too outdoors under the stars? (can we see those in L.A most nights, on the flats? maybe on a good night) for jazz, classical strings and orchestral events as well as dance electronica djs concerts – only the best in the world.

Mauri Ora (Life to You) New Zealand, America and allied nations

music entertainers, in all star arrays of diverse forms of good music.

Happy sharing and traveling with good music artists to make US stronger.

And let’s “think green” and have ‘music tie in’ for the environment.

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Sir Elton John and Ricky Martin team up to make this video about gay hate crimes. A timely video, and again, celebrities should share their platform with a) community workers, who are real, doing the work on these issues, and b) success stories of people who these community workers have helped to strengthen this video’s message – beyond a pet topic to do press about for celebrities only. Glee‘s Chris Colfer has also made his video below.  :)

There are no perfect parents. Like a baby, Usher dishes on his mom’s freedom, to agree to disagree over his last marriage choice, for press in Vibe Magazine for Vibe readers laughs. Too funny.

Chelsea Handler and Fifty Cent are now allegedly officially dating.

MTV scraps Bridge & Tunnel - the show they touted to be Staten Island reality TV series, opting to just stick with Jersey Shore.

Alanis Morrisette‘s baby bump gets bigger. Naturally. :)

It’s a ‘gay’ celebrities ‘sweet scramble’ week this week, Read the rest of this entry »


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With that devilish Arizona Immigration Law issue,now being dismissed by  judge Susan R. Bolton; we have a lot to be thankful for today.

Liberty rings.

At this news, I can’t help but think of an independent romantic comedy film, simply titled Meet Me In Miami that featured actress Brooke Abbott as the Young Julia/ Juliet lead. This delightful movie, filmed in both New Zealand and America (2005), celebrates Hispanic American culture internationally. 

So here’s a pic of the beautiful Brooke Abbott, a clip of footage from the film, and Mr Ricky Martin and a friend.

Perhaps this film should be re-released in Arizona, for a limited time to celebrate this State’s leadership efforts today. :)

Thanks New Zealand. And go Brooke Abbott! Nice work. 

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According to Contacto Musico,  pop star, Ricky Martin used the platform of the Billboard Latin Music Awards on Thursday (29 Apr 2010) to voice his outrage over a tough new anti-immigration law in Arizona.

‘The Livin’ La Vida Loca hitmaker is fuming over the legislation, which allows cops to question any individual who they suspect is an illegal immigrant, and he criticised the plans onstage at the awards show, held in his hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The singer began his speech by telling the audience, “This is not in the script,” before declaring the law “makes no sense”.

He added, “You are not alone. We are with you. Put a stop to discrimination. Put a stop to hate. Put a stop to racism… Long live love, long live peace.”‘


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In light of Arizona’s new immigration laws recently, America has been in a bit of a tizzy about whether an apartheid system will occur between police (representing the citizens of Arizona) and Latinos this week. Police can now ask anyone who looks remotely Latino to show their papers in Arizona.

Latin superstar Ricky Martin responds to the talk and the buzz, by taking his shirt off, and cleaning up his Miami beach side property. This lead TMZ to run the tagline, “Ricky Martin cleans up well.”

But Ricky does have a point. Latinos are like the gardeners and house cleaner stars of America. Without their excellence every week in America, keeping the US clean–Latino’s often unseen labor and love for this country would be sorely missed by that horrible oversight (of rather blind-sided selective editing in who does what to make America functional and pretty every day), so a nice pic from Ricky Martin today. Caliente!

In West Hollywood, we have a radio dj called Harrison who lept into a big debate across my table (and consquently our blog) about it–while I was at morning coffee yesterday.

I’m not white, or Latino, or an American so I’m pretty open to the whole debate and seeing all sides… but I said what I personally wanted to say about the issue (because many people think Maori Kiwis are Latino here at first meeting, so I had to say something) via feeding it into Harrison’s blonde brain (Harrison is literally blonde… and proud!), who devoted a whole radio show to discussing this issue yesterday.

As Harrison’s radio motto is to always be “funny, fearless and fabuleux” (whatever that last moniker means), I guess if the issue is being discussed on his show with an audience then it’s a hot potato issue. Noted.

As almost everyone believes that better border control is a necessity here in the US maybe radio DJ’s had a point in raising the issue–because it is also a concern that Latinos in Arizona could be judged by the color of their gorgeous and flawless Americano Latino skin, (after we have the gall in Arizona to  devour their spicy cuisine and down their marguerita’s too without hardly a thought), as a symbol of Americanness and their status.

I didn’t end up listening to Harrison’s Show either, because I was being seduced at lunch over Italian cuisine instead by the Larchmont super star club’s love of fine West Hollywood pasta (and lunch was far more exciting than listening to radio on a beautiful Californian Spring day) but to read my own political commentary on this issue, which is a little bit more serious… read this poem.

This whole issue was actually so last month when the Census forms came out. Lol! Cheers ears! And thanks Ricky for the message today.

UPDATE: Apparently, Harrison’s radio show was a good one in raising all sides of the debate. Good on him for being an advocate of Latino and anyone at risk of being potentially bullied for the color of their skin–or any other prejudice.

[Image of Ricky Martin working in Miami courtesy of National Photo Group. Image of Ricky Martin's Star (the Maori version) on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Horiwood.Com's own. American Teeth by Harrison and his weekly radio advertisement in Frontiers Mag]

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Towleroad is reporting via El Nuevo Día: –that Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin is in negotiations with a well-known publishing house to publish his memoirs which would give details of his life as a gay man, and he would receive a preliminary payment of $20 million. The deal would also include the rights to making a film about his life.”

Casting of the film would create the next Ricky Martin of this generation. Judging from the lack of Puerto Rican and Latino entertainers in mainstream entertainment, perhaps this is long overdue, especially in the 2010′s. Having seen Ricky perform live in concert with Mrs Trinity Brooke in Auckland City of Sails–he used to be amazing as a live performer and artist. Well worthy of a life story for the screen–that’s for sure.

And because Ricky is a talented singer, songwriter and live musical performer and dancer… the film and not the book per se, will be the hot ticket and medium for his story to be told.

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Ricky Martin tweeted this for all of his fans. I think Ricky’s about to make a bit of a come back on the music scene. Long overdue. Shakira and Kim Kardashian’s magazine loving hips need some competition to spice up the hip swagger game of entertainment.

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I was watching The View last week, where Barbara Walters was getting all sentimental about taking it easy about creating more American TV specials, in her young age in the near future.

When asked by her co-panellists if she had any regrets in her career, Barbara Walters said yes she did. Of note, she said, “I regret asking Ricky Martin whether he was gay or not. And although he didn’t confirm or deny that he was gay nor not, I really felt that perhaps in a way, I destroyed his career, because I asked him that question and pushed the issue because that was what everyone wanted to know when he was at the height of his fame. After that interview, he kind of didn’t want to work again.”

I thought about that, and Barbara was right, that question about a man’s sexuality totally took out, the most high profile latino man on America’s mediascape in that moment. His Latino-ness and Latino presence got lost, and America so needed that, all because of the ‘gay’ question.

Anyway, Ricky Martin must be ready to go on tour again, because this is what he wrote on his website:

“A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating. Read the rest of this entry »

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