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Thank you for having me and sharing with me. I will come again. I hope you will too to Aotearoa New Zealand. All my love. Uncle Sam.

[Artwork - A Love Letter by President Ronald Reagan for First Lady Nancy Reagan in taking the time, to write in his own hand in conveying the love and appreciation in his heart - for those that most mattered to him. I will let Ronald's words do the thank you for US all].

Kia Kaha. Stay Strong. Remain forever well. Do not lose your torch of Liberty. The flame is in every Americans special spirit. Aroha and love always.

[Blog post no. 13,555 at the 3,087,964 summit of this blog's achievements from The Republic of California in our United States of Eureka [εὕρηκα heúrēka]. Mauri ‘Ola (Life to US) & Shalom!]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.5.11. Especially for Team Elie, R.E and E.E, Elvira and Glendale and West Hollywood, California USA, my hood people. I love you. Photograph via The Shappell Center Exhibition Profiles of History. Oops, photo was a little bit shaky cam like a reality TV series filming. Sorry about that.~



Artwork… “it doesn’t matter what color our eyes are… just don’t kill civilians if you can help it. We must never cheapen Life, because in Life is our redemption as fellow brothers and sisters across all and any divides.”– this one for Ivory Coast & Afghanistan & Libya & Hollywood today and whoever needs a reminder that they are loved just the way they are too. Especially soldiers cast in war… this one’s for you. Peace!

Artwork made of recycled plastic pieces of happily consumed products, that were then collected and painted blue. Steel wire and copper wire also make up this piece, mounted on the side of a plaster building – opposite the wonderful and very expensive Whole Foods. West Hollywood. Photographed 5 minutes ago.

Our top ten this eve, are…

1. Land mines, post traumatic stress & USA’s military on the front lines

2. Model Yasmin Bidois

3. Miranda Kerr

4. Lady Louise Windsor has a wedding to go to

5. Bollywood – ten stars

6. Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt

7. Flags by Brooke Fraser is so now

8. Michael Buble ties the knot

9. Game of Thrones gets a good review on HBO

10. A dancer speaks for a mother post trauma

George Pendle shares his observation of airport decor:

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Love: A beverage of truth. A Love story Surfacing. Nothing is Confidential. Magic. Loyalty. Believe. Confidence: A Reservoir of Trust. A new way to see. Playing to win. Elevating the Core. Get in the mud. A reason to exist. Benevolence. Beyond the status quo. Bold moves. Pain: Whirlwind. A Lethal combination. Reverance. No silver bullets. I know this to be true. Hope: Truth in crises. A galvanizing moment. Nimble. Plan B. Stay the course. Courage: Innovate. Conviction. Connecting dots. Balance. Conscience. Winning. Ni Hao.

If you know who wrote these key words, inciting key attributes of #winning American culture that is proven by millions in the world, add the author’s name.


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She might elope. This is Jessica Simpson‘s news that bumped her name back into the top ten today. Gosh, so easy for some to make press. Simpson is a bonafide star, for sure. More on what Jess has to say, below.

In Hollywood entertainment news today. Here’s how you voted. One and two had big hits. Peace!

1. No.1 by a marathon mile today, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

2. New golf romance – Tiger Woods moves on in love with a golf pro

3. About Horiwood–> Avalanche City have a guitar folk sound that’s humming

4. Does teen mom, Jenelle Evans like her pot a bit too much?

5. Justin Gaston & reality TV star friends get naked for PETA

6. Natalie Portman

7. Jeremy Irons The Borgias series for Showtime holds intrigue

8. An LA Ink Owl tattoo has major fans

9. Jolie-Pitt family news via One Times India

10. Tie A - Snow White movie casting – Julia Roberts will add the dark

10. Tie B - Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson romance

Simpson tells WWD via CA- “No date has been set yet. We’ve both been married before. We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time,” said Simpson. Nor has she determined who will design The Dress. “I will be part of designing my own wedding gown. We might elope if it gets to that point. We’re very relaxed,” she says. “It takes a lot to get us stressed out. We talk through everything. You’ll see him off in the corner, and what’s Eric doing? He’s just meditating.”

Cover Awards adds, ‘Simpson also tells the publication she plans to one day add a cosmetics, skin care, menswear, home furnishings and jewelry to her already $1 billion fashion empire.’

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From the UK Daily Mail comes these reports of how Dame Elizabeth Taylor was laid to rest today.

The 79-year-old actress only died of heart failure on Wednesday but a combination of her Jewish faith – which she adopted in 1959 and which demands speedy burial – and her family’s evident desire to avoid a media circus for once in her life ensured her burial took most people by surprise.”

She was laid to rest in the same resting place as Michael Jackson was, her good friend.

Taylor’s four children from three of her seven husbands – Michael and Christopher Wilding, Liza Todd and Maria Burton – as well as most if not all of her 10 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren were believed to be present.  Read the rest of this entry »




The Wall Street Journal today goes all out pitching Will & Kate‘s wedding as The Ultimate Reality Show in the world. Discovery Channel’s TLC Network will devote 89 hours of TV coverage across six days.

Over a third (2.4 billion people) of the world are expected to tune in via TV, online streaming coverage or radio in Will and Kate’s special day. For 10 years some TV networks have reserved a balcony opposite Westminster for this moment. 400 CNN Anderson Cooper workers will be based in London working on this one event.

The royal love birds will command the biggest TV audience in history. These pictures give a clue as to how.

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The soundtrack for the Rugby World Cup festivities has begun in an unusual way. Sports festivals favorite Lionel Richie has teamed up with one of the best male vocalists on the planet, Guy Sebastian of Australia to record a new version of Richie’s hit All Night Long. Sebastian was the first ever winner of Australian Idol reality TV Talent show.

The song that has been performed successfully at The Olympic Games in Los Angeles in prior years (1984 -watch video footage below) is being remade with a charitable focus in mind. Richie and Sebastian aim to help raise funds for the earthquake hit City of Christchurch, who lost loved ones in their hour of devastation. Says Richie of the joy of giving to this City:

“I can think of no better use for one of my most successful copyrights than to help raise needed funds for the people of New Zealand. New Zealand has been very good to me over the course of my career and I welcome the opportunity to return the kindness.”

Lionel selected All Night Long for the region of Canterbury, as “it will give people a reason to donate and celebrate the good times ahead instead of just dwelling in the past.” Word.

Richie and Sebastian will perform the song on stage during their current New Zealand tour.

Guy Sebastian, a gracious statesman of Australia in a pop cultural capacity added, “Being offered the tour with Lionel is a real honour but getting to record with him is truly humbling,” Sebastian said.

There is so much good will occurring in the South Pacific right now, it’s amazing to watch. What a good collaborative effort between two fine entertainers for noble-hearted people and for a noble cause.

Above is Guy singing Receba o Poder/ Recieve the Power with Australian-Polynesian R n B vocal princess Paulini, Espanol-singing artist Silva AlemãoRobert Galea (Italiano). Amélia Farrugia (France) in a song that guy and Gary Pinto penned.

Richie and Sebastian’s song has RedOne as producer on it. As we know RedOne is a producer who grew up in Africa with a cross-cultural daily reality and his work involves producing some tracks for Stefani Germanotta of the USA. I’m feeling that We Are The World giving vibe strongly on this one, aren’t you?

Here’s Lionel in action.

[Story penned by NZPA via The New Zealand Herald]

Artwork – Holly V. Hoof of Los Angeles to celebrate this moment that is humbling to blog about because goodness, kindness, compassion that is honoring life is being shared freely and willingy in hearts with such a gesture. So powerful.

Fine entertainment producing in action. If you’ve ever taken the time to read the lyrics of Christchurch’s national anthem, this is the “freedom’s ramparts on the sea” part of the anthem being fulfilled in entertainment for Christchurch City. As we know “ramparts” is also a word found in the Star Spangled Banner of the USA as well.

May Love & Peace always be our power shared equally and freely around the globe amongst people in our common bonds of shared humanity. To love others and be considerate to others is to be royal and warm-hearted. May that always be what we sing about and celebrate with and in our strong communities (the real celebrities of us all)… the most. True power is when we serve others like brothers and sisters into our comos-zealous destinies at the foot of The Tree of Life.


~Thanks Lionel, Guy & RedOne. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.16.11~



There’s nothing like good Crowded House guitaring and soulful vocals from the 80′s era for easy listening music. Here’s the lads of New Zealand and Aussie with When You Come.

Press play on songwriter Neil Finn‘s pic to hear this love song. Enjoy.

Lyrics follow at the leap.

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When You Come by Neil Mullane & Tim Finn

When you come across the sea
Me like a beacon guiding you to safety
The sooner the better now
And when you come the hills
Will breathe like a baby
Pulled up heaving from the bottom of the ocean
The sooner the better now
When you come to cover me with your kisses
Fresh like a daisy chained up in a lion’s den
I’ll know you by the thunderclap
Pouring like a rain of blood to my emotions

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“Where you invest your love, you invest your life”–Mumford and Sons.

Oh crap! I guess I am forever invested in America The Beautiful then & Aotearoa, New Zealand! Let’s go USA!!!

Right now, I’m sitting in a Hollywood cafe listening to Mumford & Son‘s powerful song, Awake My Soul.

It’s pretty. The song has cool lyrics. The poetic anthem of men of accoustic-souled spirits. Good music.

Lyrics follow at the jump.

May we always stay awake. :)

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How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
I struggle to find any truth in your lies
And now my heart stumbles on things I don't know
My weakness I feel I must finally show

Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all
But lend me your heart and I'll just let you fall
Lend me your eyes I can change what you see
But your soul you must keep, totally free

Har har, har har, har har, har har

Awake my soul, awake my soul

How fickle my heart and how woozy my eyes
I struggle to find any truth in your lies
And now my heart stumbles on things I don't know
My weakness I feel I must finally show

Har har, har har, har har, har har

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
Where you invest your love, you invest your life
In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die
And where you invest your love, you invest your life

Awake my soul, awake my soul
Awake my soul
For you were made to meet your maker

Awake my soul, awake my soul
Awake my soul
For you were made to meet your maker
You were made to meet your maker
ENDS - sourced via Artists - Let's Sing It


An Anomaly can be defined in many ways. Kindness is always the best one! Be kind. :)

To know people. To include people. To see others on an equal footing as ourselves, is being human.

When we lose the ability to do this, we lack love. Amnesty International ensures that love is at work.

Until we look a complete stranger in the face and say “you’re my brother” or “you’re my sister” because we are human, then we are children, pretending to be superior but merely hiding behind adult masks of material possession acquisition. To acquire without love flowing out as well, makes us lose our humanness.

Although new to this nation, I’ve welcomed foreigners into America. It has been a pleasure to do so, because in them I see a future I believe this nation needs.

America is changing. Rip your poker face off, and know the thrill of helping others in need in the world who need Liberty as much as we do. Just do it. I think it’s rather thrilling when we do. Many things being offered in America as being liberating, or freeing —  actually enslave. Yet, when we help others in need we demonstrate our liberty in full effect.

Liberty is always expressed by free people extending this concept and spirit to others. In a way, welcoming new people into a nation are liberty’s fresh waves – like a new moon’s tide a nation needs to replenish itself. Without Liberty, we stagnate.

Kindness is our compass of the heart that incites us to see others equally. I’m all for building an America based on kindness, equality and humility in recognition of the shared humanness complete in others, when we complete it. They also complete US.

Amnesty International do it all year round. Click on this pic to make a difference if you’re feeling it. Cheers!

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[Photo caption - Alan Grinberg - Mount Aspiring National Park. A view]

If in the silhouette of your skyward majesty,
your big-hearted presence breathes life into my soul,
may I be found in your wild and open summits
along your magical trails, aspiring upwards
to world inspiring peace kissed views. 

You are sheer splendor, a reflection of the divine.
--Mauri 'Ola. Life to US.

–Mount Aspiring College’s Hollywood Fan Club, for Christchurch City’s Thank You! To see more of this great mountain, head to Summit Post. This one for my grandad too, G. Edward Cruickshank, a mountain climber and tennis star–

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.3.11. Blog post no. 12,656. Horiwood.Com is a 3,000,000 attained website, made in Aotearoa New Zealand & the USA.~



Photocaption – Newlyweds Emma Howard and Chris Greenslade cheer for a group photo after their wedding, Friday, just days after the bride was pulled from the rubble of the earthquake-devastated Pyne Gould Corporation in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Gosh! What a dramatic wedding story. Got to love the Kiwi sense of nesting, it’s so strong, not even a quake can get in the way of it.

This report in full brought to US by The Associated Press: “CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Clutching her groom, she looked like any beaming bride. But Emma Howard’s trip down the aisle Friday almost didn’t happen. Just 72 hours earlier she was trapped under a building that collapsed in the earthquake.

The 23-year-old was rescued nearly six hours after sending a frantic text to her fiancee, who helped pull her out.

“I got this text … saying ‘It’s Emma here. I’m OK and I love you very much,” said Chris Greenslade, who was outside his office across town when the disaster struck Tuesday afternoon and raced to find Howard.

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About a gazillion blog posts ago, here in Hollywood I once shared a news story that “Kissing is medically proven to reduce stress.” This was way before the American people worked out they was a ‘global economic recession’ mirroring ‘the great depression of 1930′s’ in world history on the cards.

It was way before politicians started busking for their supper in America, asking people to be patient because we all needed a ‘stimulus plan’ in order for ‘war budgets to be increased’ and ‘before we were all supposed to be cast in recovery narratives’ that then became reflected in our pop culture.’

That original blog post can be read here, written two years ago, to the day starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie swapping spit at the Oscars Awards ceremony one year back. Where else would you kiss but at the Oscars, right?

Today when I turn on my lap top in the local Hollywood cafe, Starbucks coffee communities web page, is running with a story that gives you free online access to read . I kid you not.

I’m like – if you don’t know how to kiss by now, that’s sad. Maori-Kiwis have kissing sussed out by the age of 13. Maybe 15 if a slow blooming kisser. It’s all about lip shapes and whether they are juicy or not – that will decide the nature of a good kisser. Who said kissing was a science? There was never a text book on it when our ancestors first sailed on down to Aotearoa-New Zealand with a language similar to native Hawaiians, but different. But Kiwis have always been the best kissers.

Why the need to over-discuss in paper form, the science of kissing, I ask today? Isn’t a kiss best given from the heart? Like art? 

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Jessica Simpson talks life.

On Love –  I don’t know if I believe in [love at first sight]. But it was definitely ‘I could love this man. And maybe I already do.’”

On Fashion - “I never thought I’d be some fashion mogul!” Allegedly Jess will make a billion bucks in sales this year.

Good on her!

New York Magazine has more pics]

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For Eduardo Cruz love is a walk over coffee with your Oscar winning sister’s good friend, Eva Longoria. Happy Valentines beautiful people. Already these two good looking Hollywood kids are appearing comfortably twin-hearted. Close knit ties.

It’s a mellow day in Hollywood post the Grammys. Everyone appears to be happy and in a good mood. The power of music in Los Angeles. We love it all. As I blog Neil Diamond‘s Love Song plays. Lyrics follow below. I like the thought of Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news voted across 50 nations in the world. Here are the top stories you searched for today.


1. Overjoyed cello musique by Esperanza Spalding

2. Seth Rogen strikes Miley Cyrus star heat at Grammys 2011

3. Mork & Mindy humor – Lady Gaga is so ‘insecure’ she’s on egg shells

4. Ryan Seacrest did a good job hosting the Grammys red carpet arrivals

5. Humor – Johnny Markoudakis has a show biz twin?

6. Cleopatra reality – via Egypt Kim Kardashian takes USA from silver to gold

7. Complete Grammys winners list 2011

8. Hollywood history – Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton

9. Belt Buckles on Melrose & The Grammys Weekend Horiwood Top Ten – 2.13.11

10. Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez teen friendship

Again - Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?

Thrice then - Love is the key we must turn. Truth is the flame we must burn. Freedom’s the lesson we learned. Do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen. :)

Espanol of the Day:

Si hablo las lenguas de los hombres y aun de los ángeles, pero no tengo amor, no soy más que un metal que resuena o un platillo que hace ruido. Y si tengo el don de profecía, y entiendo todos los designios secretos de Dios, y sé todas las cosas, y si tengo la fe necesaria para mover montañas, pero no tengo amor, no soy nada. Y si reparto entre los pobres todo lo que poseo, y aun si entrego mi propio cuerpo para tener de qué enorgullecerme, pero no tengo amor, de nada me sirve.

Tener amor es saber soportar; es ser bondadoso; es no tener envidia, ni ser presumido, ni orgulloso, ni grosero, ni egoísta; es no enojarse ni guardar rencor; es no alegrarse de las injusticias, sino de la verdad. Tener amor es sufrirlo todo, creerlo todo, esperarlo todo, soportarlo todo.

El amor jamás dejará de existir. Un día el don de profecía terminará, y ya no se hablará en lenguas, ni serán necesarios los conocimientos. Porque los conocimientos y la profecía son cosas imperfectas, que llegarán a su fin cuando venga lo que es perfecto.

Cuando yo era niño, hablaba, pensaba y razonaba como un niño; pero al hacerme hombre, dejé atrás lo que era propio de un niño. Ahora vemos de manera indirecta, como en un espejo, y borrosamente; pero un día veremos cara a cara. Mi conocimiento es ahora imperfecto, pero un día conoceré a Dios como él me ha conocido siempre a mí.

Tres cosas hay que son permanentes: la fe, la esperanza y el amor; pero la más importante de las tres es el amor.

[Pic via Bauer Griffin Online with thanks to Mickey K]

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Grammys Twitter Quote: “‎ RT : That awkward moment when you win a grammy for best new artist and nobody knows who the hell you are.”

Jazz artist Esperanza Spalding on the cello, (performing here live at The White House) singing Stevie Wonder‘s Overjoyed (Castle of Love) song is cute. What a talented young lady. She makes singing and cello playing look easy in an ego-lite way while honoring the traditions of the greats with grace and elegance. Hot. Esperanza scooped up the best new artist award. Let’s hope her own songwriting skills get to shine in 2011.

Esperanza was a Grammys break out star this eve. Here’s ten blog spotlights post Grammys 2011 you’re sharing via social media in Hollywood. Let’s work!

1. Tahi, Rua, Toru – Cleopatra portraiture via America – starring Kim K

2. Complete Grammys winners list 2011

3. Vegas Magazine – The Kardashian sisters go white

4. Solange Knowles & Australia music markets

5. Kat Graham can tweet

6. Hollywood Walk of Fame and Nat “King” Cole

7. White face, black ninja – the American lads of hip hop

8. US reality TV star mogul humor – Donald Trump may run for President

9. Yale women’s rugby team have good college sports marketing

10. Ten posts about Maori you like in Hollywood

Bonus Post - America is becoming more bilingual – census results 2010

Overjoyed lyrics follow after the jump. Some media outlets covering the Grammys fashion, music, “try hard arrivals” on the red carpet news this year 2011 and political news too are - Hollywood NewsHollywood ReporterAccess HollywoodHollywood.ComET OnlineRead the rest of this entry »



Aroha is a word all New Zealanders know. It is like the Hawaiian word Aloha and to the Maori people of New Zealand, it is our word that knits family, friends, community, extended family, tribally minded people together. Aroha is the word for love. It is one of our most favorite words in the Kiwi vocabulary of our cultural lore and taonga (or treasure) of Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Here’s ten posts from Hollywood about the topic of aroha or love. Well worth sharing today.

1. Love is ubiquitous – Elizabeth Cruickshank breaks love down.

2. A letter to Ben – The attributes of Love for an American teen request

3. USA reflections culture as a shared quest of life, love, meaning

4. Love is the essence that helps us through heartache – Shania Twain‘s story

5. A love song. How deep is your love – Adeaze covers the Bee Gees

6. Love is poetry – stronger than fame

7. Love is the timeless words of Ruth - an adventurer who never turned back 

8. Love of one’s culture can be shared by a big hearted community

9. Love saves us from senseless lives of greed.

10. My favorite – God is Love.

To be Godly then is to walk with love in our hearts for others. To turn love on for others as if it is a tap, or a faucet, or river that can flow in the world from us to others is what life should be about.

People who have love in their hearts are the wisest and most intelligent people I have had the privilege of ever meeting and knowing. Even as a blogger, my goal is to become more and more like them. Somehow. :)

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Love is ubiquitous. Love knows no beginning or end. “Love always was. Love never began to be.”–Elizabeth Cruickshank, Horiwood’s grandma.

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I walked through the pot clouded streets of twenty-something kids sharing joints, giggling about nothing this Super Bowl in Hollywood.

Mendel‘s words about reflections remind me of the 12,000 blog posts shared within Hollywood and Hawaii USA that we bothered to share as culture.

Each a reflection in some way of a whole picture of US. Walking past The Pleasure Chest, I notice two girls, platinum like Marilyn with a nod back to vintage Hollywood history, their camera on a tripod photographing the Valentine’s Day heart mounted as a wall display attraction. The red heart is made up of a myriad of square tiles reminding me of reflections that make up a diverse nation of people.

All are looking for love, meaning, life, love in meaning, meaningful lives of love. I think that if you stand on firm cultural foundations and if you know what love is, then take a risk and tilt the camera up is my one thought. Go higher.

I walk past the sly groggers, swigging on beers hidden underneath their jackets like its high school senior prom night, on their way to Super Bowl parties and smile. It’s definitely Super Bowl, a national day to let off steam across most communities of the USA. It’s a day of celebration in Hollywood.

Hollywood entertainment news posts we’re sharing as culture via social media right now in the Hollywood hood this Super Bowl eve are:

1. Football – Watching Super Bowl in Hollywood – 3 views

2. Just Flash Mob Dance – Oprah & The Black Eyed Peas – Chicago

3.  Super Bowl build up – Justin Bieber & The Osbournes

4. Hollywood’s Top 40 Box Office earners for 2011

5. Christopher Chandler is a model citizen of the world

6. Lord of The Rings – Will & Kate

7. Doctors without borders spotlight Sudan

8. 10 Rugby football stars – NZ All Blacks 2009 team

9. Country music – Gloriana are a little wild at heart

10. Hey aye – It’s a Party in the USA

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While Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, two top earning box office stars of 2011, canoodle for their latest Water for Elephants poster, Nicole Kidman in a rare moment, shares insights in to her decade married to Tom Cruise.

Says Nicole of their marriage, “I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love…It’s hard when you’re young. But I’m ready to give up anything for love, because ultimately, that is what you have.”

On damages: [via the UK Daily Mail]  ”I knew he was a really big star, but after a while, to get to a real place in a relationship, that has to wear off. As a couple we were very private. We were not out a lot and we were very, very tight and that’s why we lasted ten years, which is a good amount of time, particularly when you get married at 23. That was a great relationship. It was great,’ she adds. ‘I think it ran its course.

Nicole Kidman admits she was unsure she would ever find love again after her high profile split with Tom Cruise ten years ago.

“I was really damaged and not sure whether that was ever going to happen again to me,” Kidman reveals in this month’s UK Marie Claire magazine.

[It's a good thing Nicole is being so sweet regarding Tom, because Cruise gave Kidman a half billion dollar divorce settlement, when they'd run their course together. How could Nicole see Tom any other way. It was of the main reasons why Hollywood is still listening to Nicole Kidman at 43 share her Pearls of wisdom as a leading light of this industry town. He may get a rough deal by press, may have never won himself an Oscar either, but Tom was very fair].

On her marriage to country Kiwi star Keith Urban, Kidman says: “I’m crazy in love,” she says. “I think you can live anywhere and do anything when you’re crazy in love. I’m very driven by falling in love. I fall in love and I’ll drop everything and change everything.”

On having more babies: “More.”

[Kidman appears above in her Moulin Rouge poster with Ewan McGregor. Pics courtesy of Crabby Golity, EW Popwatch and Vanity Fair's Oscars Night photograph archives].

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“Hold up your hands before your eyes. You are looking at the hands of God.”–Rabbi Lawrence Kushner talks practical spirituality as food for thought today.

Photo Caption: “Crown Heights, NY – What is it like to photograph thousands of rabbis? Award winning photographer Don Holloway has been doing it for over twenty years. The Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim gather from over seventy-six countries for a five day conference in Brooklyn and traditionally gather for a group photograph outside Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters.”

What a photograph! That’s a lot of wisdom assembled in one place as depicted in this picture. Thanks Don.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.1.11~



Alison Stewart is one of the most compassionate people I know of in the world. Her legacy of work with time devoted to teenagers and the poor and needy of New Zealand is the stuff that Rosa Parks Hollywood film legends are made of.

Maori young people in particular are Alison Stewart’s forte.

Not that Alison has ever distinguished between a Maori teen or nonMaori teen either. She just loves young people.

It is an honor to be Alison’s Facebook friend. Most of all, to have been a teen growing up and seeing Alison train up a group of women to impact community with good actions, is far more impacting to my life and any bro who saw Alison do her thing, and to all who even remotely know Alison… than being her Facebook friend.

Love puts a face on it, with actions people can see in community. Alison Stewart was that person for many of us growing up as teens. Her home in Tikipunga was legendary for all Ali taught others. Kia Ora Alison Stewart from Hollywood. Thank you for all you taught us growing up in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Even though Ali has never been in a Hollywood movie, I have to put Ali in the action stars line up, on this blog, because Ali’s life is one of action and always has been. Much love from the City of Angels Ali!

[Photo caption - Ali and Jo (Alison's cousin's son) kayaking at Taurikura, Summer early 2009]

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We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power.  Then will our world know the blessings of peace.  ~William Ewart Gladstone.

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This beautiful poster artwork for Westside Story the original movie is on display at the Weideman Gallery in West Hollywood.

The original 1961 classic vintage movie artwork features Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer in this life sized poster in the epic tale of cross-cultural young love. Something this blog features a lot of in past months.

Being treated to seeing artwork like this each day, reminds you just how Hollywood is such a groovy city. If you’re a big movie buff – you should live here. It’s colorful, vibrant and usually always fun.

Cross-cultural romance is always so hot. Though many cultures prefer to have arranged marriage within their own cultures too. I love Westside Story because it depicts love transcending every divide or barrier.  In Love is always found our future. The architecture of a whole new world.

Writers of Westside Story 1961 were Ernest Lehman (screenplay), Arthur Laurents . Legendary directors were Jerome RobbinsRobert Wise.

A cross-cultural rom-com was the wings that brought me to the US. Of that film I am very thankful for. This poster reminds me of that original opportunity each day. I am thankful that producers and directors dare to make romantic films. Such wholesome and fun films can make the world a much brighter and better place.

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Today I thought I’d sponsor a Project Angel Food advertisement here in Hollywood. Just because that is achievable with this platform and most of all because I am willing to help others and really want to. Hope you are too. :)

I saw Maggie the homeless lady today (read her written on my Facebook page)- and I thought – bloody hell! We have so much to be thankful for.

Project Angel Food is a charity of Los Angeles feeding and helping the homeless of Hollywood all year round. Love them!

Watch their video clip below to see the work they do. And, of course, their link is here.

Their modus operandi: “For life, for love, for as long as it takes!” Can’t argue with that mission statement really. How can we be more like that in spirit and actions?

Always true celebrities in my book -they’re freeking awesome. So inspiring in Hollywood! :)

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To see New Zealand beaches  - go here.

New Zealand Politician Shane Jones, shares some thoughts on the interesting debate surrounding the ownership, access rights and guardianship of New Zealand’s outstanding beaches. In 2004 the then government of New Zealand, passed the Foreshore & Seabed Act, effectively putting all beaches and coastline into Crown ownership. The day this occurred I worked in government and was left with a very sickening feeling when this occurred. Um, as we have global family watching, I won’t go there in this post just yet.

Shane Jones claims many foreigners now own choice portions of New Zealand’s beaches as prime real estate. Read the rest of this entry »



Gabrielle Giffords is senselessly shot sending shockwaves from Arizona across the US today. Natalie Portman wears romance’s regenerating hopes for America’s new level of leadership coming through in Hollywood in her For the Love of Benji cute reference to her big romance announcements.– US Weekly.

Many entertaining stories captured our attention today as a global audience on Horiwood.Com. These topics became our top ten, brought to you from Melrose District, the street wear capitol of Los Angeles with many fashion items made and supplied by Downtown L.A’s Fashion District. Happy Saturday everyone. Peace to Arizona families.

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I woke up today and read the book of Ezra. I was left thinking, how can you be Jewish and live in Hollywood, after reading that book.

It was amazing. Although a lot of stuff was weighed.

Ezra of old, was quite a unique guy when it came to nation building. He was asked by King Cyrus of Persia (now modern day Iran) to rebuild Israel in Jerusalem. As you can imagine, such moments in world history, are sort of like miracles, when King’s hearts are turned by a divine hand.  Something in Ezra’s life spoke of purity of focus and courage to build. He was Hollywood dramatic too in the way he expressed what he felt for his people. He was a fashion designer’s dream client. His trait of diligence is perhaps something for us all in these times to learn from in rebuilding nations after that rather gutting global economic crises.

Ezra is a good example of why we should write things down as we build. Centuries later, a Maori from New Zealand is reading his words in a US city titled The Entertainment Capitol of the World. He was quite a writer then. A scribe I think, was the correct term.

[Photograph, freshly snapped at Starbucks - Santa Monica & Fairfax, West Hollywood. Music by best selling artist Josh Groban. What a set of pipes! This song especially for a little prince, who joined us with a spirit that would never give up. Mihi atu ki a koe, toku rangatira iti ou tatou ngakau Kahanui o to koroua Kereama, he Tohunga o Te Paipera Tapu o Te Wairua Tapu hoki. Ko koe, He Arohanui o te Atua Kerehi, rite tonu te Ra ma runga a Parahaki. Ko koe, te tama matakitea hoki. ICU and I love you!]

Josh Groban appears live on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight in Los Angeles.

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“There’s a public infatuation (with royal weddings) that you wouldn’t believe,” French commentator Stephane Bern says, who has covered dozens of royal nuptials. “There is a real public desire for these sorts of events, a willingness to beat the gloomy times.”

So true!

[Image of Will and Kate via Zimbio. Ben Millepied and Natalie Portman pic via Pop On The Pop]


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