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O Kilauea from the ocean floor you rose
to be a Polynesian-kissed summit in paradise King isles.
Today fiery ribbons stream like red hair strands
from the eye of your looming blue mountain peaks.
Eagle choppers fly with matchstick wings
high above Manu Loa skies with camera eyes
as a cheeky Aussie from Wales visits in Amerika.
From the eye of this poet from Tarawera's Shakey Isles,
you bear witness of the need to give The Water of Life
to those who thirst on our earth's watch
while we swim as mates so hip, among the sharks
at the feet of Pu'u O'o's spark bright rain 
from within a ring of fire.
--Mauri 'Ola Hawaii

[Photograph - Tim Wright photographs Kilauea's fiery eruption for National Geographic]

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Kileaua Scientifc facts: “A fissure opening in this area is not unusual—a similar event occurred in 1997, according to John Eichelberger, coordinator for the USGS Volcanic Hazards Program.

In fact, Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano, and it has erupted 34 times since 1952, according to the observatory. Kilauea has been erupting consistently since January 1983, during which time the volcano has spewed at least 0.5 cubic mile (2 cubic kilometers) of lava, Eichelberger said.”

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