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Our girl Miley Cyrus spills the country trail beans to Marie Claire Magazine about hitting a bong on her 18th birthday. Says the teen superstar “I’m not perfect … I made a mistake … I’m disappointed in myself for disappointing my fans. They’re not role models. So for me it was a bad decision, because of my fans and because of what I stand for.” She’s so right. LOL!

Cyrus stars with Demi Moore in Lol! a social media themed movie where the two stars are cast in the same family. Sounds fun!

Ten Hollywood entertainment news posts where sharing as culture via social media ourselves right now as Horiwood.Com readers look eclectic and diverse in this Hollywood moment.

1. Rugby Football player Sonny Bill Williams sports profile for Whindwhistle parents

2. Harper’s Bazaar China goes J to the Lo!

3. Heritage, Arts & Culture – A Rosa Parks print by Artis Lane

4. Charlie Sheen humor - Rob Lowe talks Extreme Sports for sobriety

5. Yale Women’s rugby team have good college sports marketing

6. Humor – Crabby Old Fart Blogger on teenager‘s piercings

7. Brian Austin Green could be the next Ryan Reynolds

8. Polynesian superstars of the future – Kalani Honey & Hollywood celeb news

9. Hollywood casting – Julia Roberts goes dark for Snow White retelling

10. Employment Equality via Ms. Britney Spears

Charity Spotlight – Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe for The Trevor Project

Sports Stars Pick of the Day: “Windwhistle School had a treat when Crusaders rugby team members made good a promise by Sonny Bill Williams. Sonny Bill can be seen in action live at Rugby World Cup 2011 in September and October either on US television or by being their in person, live at the matches too.” Photo courtesy of Olivia Carville‘s photog.

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