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Carrie Ann Inaba, judge on Dancing With The Stars reality TV series talent show, got a surprise when her boyfriend of two years proposed to her on the set of a Regis & Kelly appearance today.

For a cute story, go here.

[Photo via Disney Television]

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There’s very few stars as hot as Natalie Portman at this minute in the Hollywood. Here’s a pic of Natalie swanning her way through LAX via US Weekly. Baby bump is said to be the big draw of Portman press these days. I’m more like, what about the fact this girl can speak five languages? Isn’t that hot too?

And then there’s Natalie’s big romance/ engagement news to dancer/ new actor/ choreographer Benjamin Millipied too as well. On that: “I have always kept my private life private,” Portman told Entertainment Weekly in a brief statement. “But I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

I wonder if Portman will be like Salma Hayak and raise her child, Valentina Poloma speaking several languages. Some stars and their offspring are just so smart and clever, they make many of us feel a little mono-dimensional sometimes when it comes to being open to healthy global discourse. Hollywood is definitely split right now as to whether Nat should win an Oscar or whether Annette Benning should.

Established Hollywood are all for Annette winning the Oscar. So perhaps Natalie needs to eat more and grow that baby bump bigger quicker to help win the popular vote on the matter via the press. Go Nat!

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“There’s a public infatuation (with royal weddings) that you wouldn’t believe,” French commentator Stephane Bern says, who has covered dozens of royal nuptials. “There is a real public desire for these sorts of events, a willingness to beat the gloomy times.”

So true!

[Image of Will and Kate via Zimbio. Ben Millepied and Natalie Portman pic via Pop On The Pop]


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“He was really flexible,” Natali Portman told People Magazine earlier this month. “Working with film and working with actors rather than dancers, that flexibility was key.”


Man is Oscars 2011 being fiercely contested this year! Romance narratives are back en vogue in Hollywood.

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“I’m very happy for both Reese and Jim.”I wish nothing but the best for the mother of my children.”–Ryan Phillipe congratulates Reese Witherspoon on her decision to marry her agent Jim RothNew York Daily News.

All I can say is–Jim must be a better agent then we all thought in the H-Wood hood. Congrats. A nice switch up for Reese in getting ready for Natalie Portman and Annette Benning‘s potential Oscars face-off in 2011. If the nod goes Benning’s way–Jerry Brown, Governor-elect of Cali and his camp of backers will be more than stoked. If it goes Portman’s way (and you always need a strong contender to create a strong newly annointed Queen as in Annette putting her face forward for Nat’s Oscar’s bid)–than Portman is our newly anointed Angelina Jolie Queen-Peer of Tinsel Town. As there can only ever be one unique individual as Jolie is.

Either way, Reese and her camp and ensuring they’re looking the part. Engaged and preferably preggers is the Oscars trend for 2011 as Portman is in both situations right now as Hollywood’s rising star Queen engaged to African-born ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied. America needs to breed and get married again. That all sort of stopped the last two or three years. Economic stress is a total romance buzz killer. Whoever thought that up – should show their faces I reckon!

Isn’t Ryan Phillipe such a gentleman. That’s the spirit. Reese’s long time agent, Steve Dontanville is going to be stoked at Reese’s future husband’s occupation. Steve had signed Reese as a child actor. American stars getting married again aligns with the uber-trend of event of the year next year that being the wedding of Prince William Windsor to Kate Middleton. Huge, global romances as a trend, coming up! It appears that Portman and Millepied have been given the nod to give Wills and Kate a reflected run for their wedding money. Nice one! Portman’s mom and agent Shelley Stevens is believed to be ecstatic. But really this blog post is about Reese and Jim’s engagement joy per se. As these two live in Hollywood, a Jewish show biz town, I’m sure they won’t mind some scotch and a Rabbi having a world on this ‘big royal romance’ trend. :)

Writes Rabbi Jason Blog: “While Cyberspace is buzzing about whether Natalie Portman’s beau is a “Member of the Tribe” or not (ABC News reports his faith is unknown), New York City-based writer Marla Garfield is working the conspiracy theory angle. She wrote on Facebook: “I doubt that Millepied is even that guy’s real last name. In French, it means ‘a thousand feet,’ and the dude plays a dancer in ‘Black Swan.’ That’s just too ridiculous to be real. I bet his last name is Schwartzenbergerfeldowitz or something.” Lol!

To celebrate the moment, I guess this would call for some Doublewood Scotch Whiskey of The Balvenie Distillery of Scottish fame. The Doublewood is described as: “The Balvenie DoubleWood is a 12 year old single malt which gains its distinctive character from being matured in two woods. Over its period of maturation it is transferred from a traditional oak whisky cask to a first fill European oak sherry cask. Each stage lends different qualities to the resulting single malt ~ the traditional casks soften and add character, whilst the sherry wood brings depth and fullness of flavour.”

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Natalie Portman uses dance to fish for her hard earned Oscar hopes in 2011–good luck kid!

Everyone is going wild for Natalie Portman today. Not only is Nat Golden Globes nominated playing a ballet dancing swan this year in a tutu, but the rumor mill is spinning that Natalie is declaring that she’s come of age. She’s doing 3 years tabloid headlines in one clean swoop heading into Oscars season. Way to play it down the middle of where US entertainment is at and heading.

First up she’s allegedly a:) now engaged to a male ballet dancer and choreographer Benamin Millepied and b) she’s now pregnant too with his baby. This is Natalie’s way of majorly promoting dance and The Arts, a nod to first lady Michelle Obama perhaps, in a much more cultured way perhaps than Sandra Bullock‘s divorcee-adoption post swastika tattoo Oscar’s heart-breaker show from America last year- that was a freakazoid shocker!. Nice to see Nat lifting a tone a little this year, when appeasing her gatekeepers! Like mature person’s more cultured Glee – Dancing With The Stars popularity and So You Think You Can Dance reality TV talent show of uber authentic street hip American talent. Dance is her American Hollywood crown. Creative fangs in the fame game where Oscars blood requires the best show. I like it. Very “just dance” publicity. A tribute to Angelina Jolie too as a mother -respectful to Hollywood’s reigning Queen of American culture. Brainy, smart, elevated leadership positioned as a “let’s get breeding” pin up girl poster too. Funny. A dancer over a soldier – gutsy message of Peace, something Portman is strongly about.

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Sometimes I feel like a waterfall in West Hollywood, that just won’t stop. Where the water comes from within the spirit that feels dry, jaded, tired on grey winters days, ironically on days when it pours with rain – I don’t know.

One thing I do know, is that 2 million innocent children, die each year in our world, on our watch, regardless of what flags we wave above our heads, or what parades we have under them for whatever reasons to gratify our own sense of worth and identity. While our flags flap around in the wind, the lives of these children do too and many die because they don’t have access to clean drinking water. They get sick, their lives and their potential in this world are cut short.

Sometimes I wish, that people who are told and even say themselves that they are Kings & Queens would rise up like the legend of Moses in a dry desert, and take the wooden staff of their generation’s destiny and dare to strike the rock of greed, of apathy, or blindness, of entitlement, of nationalism, of hatred, of extreme and costly ‘paper gangsta’ capitalism, of those attitudes of detachment masked in those nonhuman words ‘that’s them and not us,’ of leader’s pride, human blind spots and prejudices; and our own too judging these leaders who are at best, mirrors of ourselves that we elected in many cases (or, the flip side too of letting go of the paralyzing and crippling fear of extreme loss and grief that inevitably follows in that degree of sudden loss too, it’s all the same constructed coin)–and these royals of the earth would say “enough, let these children go free” and cause water to flow to children they don’t know, whose parents they’ve never seen, whose dreams are more real than us at times or our bank balance or the figure we are told of our paper worth or lack of, or the excitement in our allocated and imagined carbon credit worth too. We are so green thinking these days!

[Excuse the Kerouac-esque lack of punctuating all proper, in that last paragraph].

Then I realise, sh*t, these Kings and Queens are on this blog everyday. They’re you and on a good day – I could be in your good company too. On a good day. Giving the gift of water to someone else is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do in the 2010′s. One of the true signs we have actually evolved with all of enjoyment and claims of new technology et al that have radically changed our lives. Giving water and saying to someone else, “I love you and you are much loved” are two simple yet vital things we can do each day.

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Country music hottie, Shania Twain‘s just made a big commitment to Frederic Thiebaud. The couple are engaged. A cute story of moving forward after romantic tradegy and heartache.

Love is in the air! Second-chance love is as beautiful as first love. You know it! Wishing this past resident of Queenstown, New Zealand (pictured at night fall) all the best in her ongoing journey of romance and love.

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How romantic. In turning up for a photo call with the British Media – Prince William Windsor and his bride to be Kate Middleton both looked a picture of love and all things romantic pertaining to a lifelong commitment to each other and inspiring growth and well being for a Commonwealth Empire.

Their engagement ring belonged to Princess Dianna of Wales and of the ring appearing on Kate’s finger as her engagement ring, Prince William had this to say:

“It is very special to me. It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

What a sweet thing to say and do. I don’t thing anyone in celebrity land can trump that. This couple are the super romantics of their generation. Needless to say, the woman that last wore this ring had one of the greatest hearts of compassion of any humanitarian of the modern world. Perhaps Kate as the wearer of this ring, will do the same in the world. But no pressure! :)

Image below of Prince William on his debut public presentation to the world, when his mother chose Waitangi of the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand to present this crown Prince to the world’s eyes.

She was a great woman who chose for her son’s presentation to be surrounded with songs, color and beauty of the Ngapuhi, Ngati Hine,  Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri maori tribes of New Zealand. On his presentation day to the world’s gaze, he was surrounded by the sounds of Te Reo Rangatira (or, the language of Chiefs). Below is a song, that was sung on this day, called Te Whare e Tu Nei – written by songwriter of Matauri Bay, Katerina Mataira - whose name ironically means Katherine in English. Her song’s title when translated means, This House That Stands. Diana had  impeccable taste that her son seems to have inherited in his choice of a wife and a star maker of leaders of a modern world faced with new challenges, requiring a gift of wisdom to be creative towards sustainability in the world’s good future.

It’s nice to see William honor his mother by bringing her engagement ring back into play in the eyes of the world, as a homage to a woman who never saw this Kiwi-presented future King’s engagement day. It’s like full circle of their bond reclaimed in honoring Diana’s memory and his new love with Kate.

Top Image courtesy of Bauer Griffin Online. Image of Princess Diana wearing the ring as a teenager, courtesy of BER website. Image of Prince Charles, Princess Diana and baby Prince William Windsor at Waitangi, Te Tai Tokerau, Aotearoa/ New Zealand courtesy of New Zealand History.Net. A wooden buzzy bee Kiwi-made child’s toy was the first paparazzi photographed item, Prince William ever owned to amuse audiences worldwide. The toy that is made of wood is iconic to New Zealand. This one as featured on the cover of North & South magazine, courtesy of Buzzy Bee.Co.NZ .

Prince William is like every Kiwi’s little brother in a sense of those who watched his parents marry in 1981. Myself, being just one of many, now blogging about this momentus day in his life from California. Surreal stuff. To visit Waitangi for yourself – a right of passage for all people in the U.K who have followed the royals for years, go here to discover more on how to do that. It’s the region where I grew up.

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Buckingham Palace has announced the engagement of Prince William Windsor to Kate Middleton. The official statement is as follows:

“The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton.

The wedding will take place in the Spring or Summer of 2011, in London. Further details about the wedding day will be announced in due course.

Prince William and Miss Middleton became engaged in October during a private holiday in Kenya. Prince William has informed The Queen and other close members of his family. Prince William has also sought the permission of Miss Middleton’s father.

Following the marriage, the couple will live in north Wales, where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal Air Force.”

Cute. Big news for Commonwealth nations today. The betrothed are both 28. It was 1981 when the wedding of Britain’s last Crown Prince was seen. That was quite a moment in world history when Williams parents both wed. Kate and William have been dating eight years.

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She’s definitely not a Kardashian when it comes to marriage, but Chelsea Clinton has confirmed that she is now engaged to long-term boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky reports ABC News

People who plod along, kind of rock in their own charming way. With children in her future, possibly as unpredictable and spontaneous as grandpa Bill Clinton, Chelsea and Marc’s steady plodder approach to dating and marriage may well just come in handy when parenting their children.

Chelsea Clinton is a true stateswoman and ambassador of America. The grace in her heart and love for her country has shone all of her life. Chelsea Clinton is like the ‘white Beyonce’ of all American Presidents’ children. Gracious. Love this girl! Rock on sister!

Congratulations Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. At last.

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Chris Noth, 54, of Sex & The City has announced his engagement to Tara Wilson, 27. The couple have a two year old son, Orion Christopher Noth. Noth met his sweetheart when Wilson worked at Noth’s local New York City bar, The Cutting Room. Canadian born Wilson and Noth now jointly own the Once Upon A Teacup, tea house in Ontario Canada. [/source]

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