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Thank you for having me and sharing with me. I will come again. I hope you will too to Aotearoa New Zealand. All my love. Uncle Sam.

[Artwork - A Love Letter by President Ronald Reagan for First Lady Nancy Reagan in taking the time, to write in his own hand in conveying the love and appreciation in his heart - for those that most mattered to him. I will let Ronald's words do the thank you for US all].

Kia Kaha. Stay Strong. Remain forever well. Do not lose your torch of Liberty. The flame is in every Americans special spirit. Aroha and love always.

[Blog post no. 13,555 at the 3,087,964 summit of this blog's achievements from The Republic of California in our United States of Eureka [εὕρηκα heúrēka]. Mauri ‘Ola (Life to US) & Shalom!]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 4.5.11. Especially for Team Elie, R.E and E.E, Elvira and Glendale and West Hollywood, California USA, my hood people. I love you. Photograph via The Shappell Center Exhibition Profiles of History. Oops, photo was a little bit shaky cam like a reality TV series filming. Sorry about that.~



Hollywood’s no.1 box office heavyweight, Mr James Cameron makes me smile today.

As guest commentary I’m going to run with The Hollywood Reporter’s full report on his appearance at CinemaCon 2011. As I never wrote this story, you might want to read it here at it’s original source, to be fair to this website’s hits rate.

As Hollywood’s reigning King of The Box Office in America, here’s what James had to say in a story penned with good humor too, by Carolyn Giardina: “Higher frame rates offer “the potential to improve showmanship,” the director tells attendees at ChinemaCon.

LAS VEGAS — Calling the current use of frame rates in digital cinema “inadequate,” James Cameron urged the industry to consider shooting and projecting movies at rates higher than the standard 24 frames-per-second in a demonstration he presented Thursday at Cinemacon.

Cameron contended that that higher frame rates offer the “potential to improve showmanship.”
To prove his point,  he showed a comparison of 3D content produced and projected at 24 frames-per-second, which is commonly used today, as well as at 48 and 60 frames-per-second (fps). He also showed clips that demonstrated other elements such as slow motion at these higher frame rates. Read the rest of this entry »


Sometimes filmmaking is about just turning a camera on and letting a City speak for itself–Horiwood 2011

Every day I wake up in Hollywood… is always a blessing. I’ve been thinking more about writing a movie. I just can’t seem to get over the freakiness of every day living here, to even rise above it each day and create a script beyond occasional blogging and the surreality of every day life.

Today I was woken up from my dream of maybe making a movie by two Jehovah witnesses knocking on the door. “Who do you think you are, the Jacksons before they started in show biz?,” I said. ‘Poppa Jackson’ did not find me funny, but his daughter, 23, laughed so hard, it was worth making the comment. They feel that Egypt news has made people scared and perhaps people need spiritual guidance in these last days end times.

After shutting the door, I go back to thinking about the dream about making a movie. In the dream, I feel like I live on a film set in a movie called Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree. I am surrounded by hookers, hustlers, talented undiscovered hip hop rappers busting rhymes way better than what you hear on the radio. All around me are people who “cant’s stop talkin bout” The Kardashians, trans-gendered ‘artists,’ Orthodox Jews, Persian Muslims, drug dealers, single gay people protesting with placards for an equal slice of wedding cake, a handful of Hollywood Hills dwelling sex addicts daily checking the stock market like a religion, or war veterans holding cups of tea in The Valley and signs that say “jobs not war.” Then there’s the coked out Hollywood industry people speeding their tits off talking their big mouthed trash (some real, some not). I’m surrounded by arrogant wannabe film directors (every sentence they say has the word  ’power’ or ‘powerful’ in it), or gorgeous actors doubling as models or go-go dancers while hoping for that break and being put through the mill to get it. It’s not fair to see. In the dream, I am surrounded by control freak muscle culture in that Schwarzenneger kinda way, armies and armies of studio workers or spacey spiritual guru types transcending real issues, or very old Russians walking on canes each day up the street in pairs talking in Russian, or producers who lie and steal your TV show pilots literally too – without delivery on TV show investment funds, as they’d promised as their part of the deal. Such people set you back years. They are thieves of the young and not so-young’s creativity and time. Magically, using your pilot to do it with their new name as ‘producer’ now on it, they get jobs in “London.” Lol! All these reasons is why anyone who knows or lives in Hollywood, loves Los Angeles. It’s just L.A.

The comedic characters are the sweet, ‘normal’ people. Interludes of a sense of home. Like couples just starting families or people with kids. Their normality makes them stars in my dream about making a film. Sweet friends also act as angel heroes, slaying villains lies and false promises of smugness, daily. If you have sweet friends in your L.A dream, you’re a lucky one.

Oh, every now and again, in the dream, you bump into a celebrity. They’re always so thankful to meet a Kiwi. Sanity.

In the middle of all this, a Maori guy, wonders what he’s doing on this film set, wonders what the dream means other than being a walking living tourism billboard of New Zealand culture saying repeatedly like a record on repeat spin “visit paradise… oh and make sure you meet some real Maori-Kiwis while you’re there. We’re the best!” He is a caricature, created for people who want adventure, but sometimes are too scared to travel. It’s much easier to voyeur through someone else’s eyes. That’s the culture in this dream. A meeting with a Kiwi means that they probably will go to New Zealand in the dream on the movie set, of the dream.

Once Upon a Palm Tree‘s script reads like a heartbreak hotel baptism of fire, a fast paced story of fleeting love, dodging death’s sword, or guns (same thing), going with the roller coaster highs and lows along with my fellow recession-obsessed people. The script reveals lusts and twisted passions set against a back drop of George W. Bush outrage, Obama becoming the 1st US President of color in history, the plummeting tragedy of the global economic recession’s ‘introduction to’ American life and culture, the trainwrecks of that event as the wealthy had to get a new I-D, right up to Egypt’s current Mid-East unrest amidst stock market crashes and oil and steel’s value sky rocketing in a single week of political economic altering (or engineering) via Egypt’s billionaire puppet President Hosni Mubarak.

Hosni’s mug does appear briefly on a TV screen cut-a-way in the dream, straight after Anderson Cooper‘s and before Katie Couric‘s mugs. It’s a quick 1.2.3 montaged sequence, over in 10 seconds in the film of the dream. Katie’s mug gets a whole four seconds of silver screen time.

Against a backdrop of that kind of environment, Once Upon A Hollywood Palm Tree could also be the best of 1000 back-to-back 45 second vignettes strung together like a documentary film of meeting 1000 people. (Only the most entertaining one’s would make the cut – but the director’s cut would sell more copies than the actual film). Each vignette is a scene featuring a beginning, middle and end – with a rhetoric of “Hear a Promise, The Promise is revealed to be a Lie, Maori Guy’s French-word peppered, comical reactions to the Lies – often told in tee shirts slogans cut-a-aways” forming these vignette’s 1.2.3 beatnik narrative. The film in the dream has a lot of tee shirts in it helping the pace of the film move Cosmopolitan city-quick.

As the best vignettes of the film in the dream would make up 45 minutes of footage, creating work for 1000 ‘new face’ actors, I’d probably win a Robert Altman Award for creating more jobs than many politicians promises to create employment (or purpose) with that one film. The rest of the 45 minutes of the film in the dream would thread together ‘my’ real Hollywood story, between all of the bull sh*t I’ve heard from losers.

Already the movie is looking R rated, not remotely like a Flight of the Concords funny-lite TV series, or hobbit-similar movie at all. In the dream, I cast a 17 year-old to play ‘me.’ I want them to be Jewish with a yamulke on their head, but Maori actors are so few in Hollywood, where Jewish actors are hegemonically  dominant within the Hollywood actors system, so in the dream it feels right to cast a Maori teen in the lead.

In the dream, I ponder if perhaps Once Upon A Hollywood Palm Tree can go straight into the trash can, or not, as I keep sub-consciously thinking about Kaitiaki – A trilogy, that introduces Maori action super heroes with special powers into the Hollywood movie landscape, as um, actually created and envisaged and imagined by real Maoris. That’s um, not Maori people, painted blue, projected in 3D. Lol!

In the dream, Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree would be my Clerks film like Kevin Smith‘s humble beginnings as a film director, with talent a little bit more apparent as a filmmaker than Ben Affleck‘s and Matt Damon‘s original Oscar winning start, for example. It would be my Bad Taste low budget film, in that Sir Peter Jackson humble beginnings, zero-budget filmmaking way. I see an ear falling off an old ladies head into some custard for a second, in my dream. At that moment, I decide…

Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree would rock! In the dream I imagine that it would have a cult following of edgy, tattoed, facially pierced people the world over. Because it would just be too freaking real! In the dream I ponder if there’s more noble things in the world to be told than wanting to be the next Q. Tarantino of this generation. One of a hundred. I do like the idea of the gritty back drop of such a film to tell some powerful truths. Just in the dream, the truths aren’t vividly clear as to what ones should shine against this backdrop. There are so many, but in the dream, five are chosen to reveal, wrapped in the life of the central character’s talent. The dream feels creative and good, so I just might think about it some more.

Top Photo caption – Palm tree of the week, Genesse & Waring. Here’s ten posts we’re sharing via social media in Hollywood as culture in this second. Woot!

1. Alecia Moore Humor – some times stars have to take their own darn pics!

2. Waitangi Day News as Hollywood Pop Culture – 2011. That’s a 1st!

3. Written in True Blood – Anna Paquin & friends for Rolling Stone

4. Burning poppies and Muslim actors via The UK!

5. How her fairy tale began… Nicole Kidman‘s Coming to America romance story

6. Dorothy Height‘s All-American legacy is fierce

7. Hone Tuwhare‘s No Ordinary Sun poem

8. LeBron James is kinda different

9. Walt Disney, Shirley Temple & filmmaker Taika Cohen

10. Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green – Golden Globes 2011

Taking a koro kip (Kiwi language for a ‘grandpa nap’), the dream continues. Once upon a Hollywood Palm Tree would have to be shot (that’s as in filmed, not as in Arizona tragedies with idiots and guns) in the spirit of Maori filmmaker Merata Mita, one of my mentors and the way she fashioned cinema verite art in a manner that only Maori people can with cameras, film footage and especially a talent with weaving sound layering for psychological, socio-political effect. She was quite a gem of cinema arthouse films that mattered with human rights awareness in the world. Merata was gifted and clever. Loved the world over by tribal-minded indigenous thinkers.

In the dream, Merata would have loved Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree and Kaitiaki – The Trilogy as well. She would have perhaps loved to have produced both of them. Both would have reflected different aspects of her own sense of humor and life story as a Maori who lived with Hollywood people as well. “We’re allowed to dream!” This was her gift to me, when she stepped out of my film student text book dreams and actually into my first student film.

She gave me that gift to believe that crazy moments can become real for aspiring Maori filmmakers. She told me, our stories are vitally important for the world, on my camera. I believed her. That was not in a dream. It happened because she made it happen, along with other caring people who made that film happen too. Making dreams come true on film is what Hollywood is all about as a creative filmmaking town. It’s about a dream and turning these into visible reality.

One thing’s for sure. There’s one Maori, who has more than paid their dues in Hollywood to make a film. Once Upon A Hollywood Palm Tree is that unique story about leveling with Hollywood. In the dream, I think that perhaps it’s time!

In the dream, when I think about Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree as a film, I think it’s quite remarkable that Horiwood.Com actually exists, like for ‘real.’ Lol! In the dream, Once Upon a Hollywood Palm Tree would have to have Bird Runningwater of Sundance do its film distribution strategy, otherwise it would be sunk, like tequilas and extra spicy spiked bloody Marys, down the hatch with Injun filmmakers at The Abbey on Sunday brunches, if it didn’t. :)

I wake up. No Jehovah witnesses at the door this time. No Jacksons either. It’s sunset.

I think I’ll go out and meet real people. Although all the colors of a Hollywood filmmakers pallet are right before your eyes to paint with each day (you just choose super hero skins to overlay your characters with in your films to look more clever), you can’t dream in Hollywood on surreal movie sets forever.

Photo caption – A Photograph as Art, plastered on a wall on Melrose Southside (between Stanley & Spaulding). Whether we live in Los Angeles, a South Pacific Polynesia Island or in Israel or the Middle East – we all share life and identity underneath a Palm Trees shade.

~^ Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.5.11~



Meet Charice (black jacket – upper left of this photograph), who randomly turned on an impromptu comedy show, for anyone attracted to her friend’s laughter reacting to her humor over coffee, this afternoon in California.

Charice’s story time that ended 5 minutes ago was on the theme of “My First Job at MacDonalds when I was 18.” She recalled back-to-back stories of customers treating her like some ‘cotton picking slave.’ The humor came from what Charice would say back to these ignorant MacDonalds punters (customers). Charice is five generations Los Angeles born.

Living in Los Angeles – can be a wonderful experience. Such as moments of shared spontaneous culture in a show biz town, where to be an Angeleno means to share your comedic talents, regardless of how painful the content, in the form of live theater or a show. It’s just what L.A does effortlessly, like no other city I’ve ever lived in. Fun.

The most talented people in L.A are usually not on TV or in films. The beauty of Charice’s show today, was that she laughed the hardest at all the punchlines, making it okay for us all to laugh with her – at her expense. How generously sweet of her to give us this opportunity to enter into her cultural reality.

What a beautiful comedian Charice is. Not on Television, but so much more smarter and funnier naturally than someone, say like Chelsea Handler.

Maybe Chelsea should add Charice to her writing team or have Charice do a ten minute segment on her show once a week. That would make great TV – like real television that’s actually funny and relevant in Los Angeles – as President Obama talks about a need to fix up China’s human rights record today. I think Chelsea could learn to share more, don’t you? So Charice’s of the world that aren’t ‘black constructs’ but that are real talking real stuff that is funny can shine more.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Charice is fixing up America’s human rights short comings with her gift to entertain. What a winner! Thanks C. “I want to live in a REAL America” too. :)


Ten Posts via Horiwood.Com you’re sharing as culture too right now are:











Thanks people for the blog love. Let’s keep sharing culture as global citizens of the world.

[Nicki Minaj demonstrates the art of How Not To Work in MacDonalds and be MisTreated by Ignorant Mean People. Just give yourself permission to be as fake as possible because people just want your next distraction you create from reality. Both Nicki & Charice's approaches to US life are valid. I like Charice's approach better. It's more meaningful - though some of Nicki's music is very cool. Image via].

Some bloggers who don’t live in Hollywood but who perhaps should, as they are obsessed with Hollywood entertainment news – and yet they don’t get to meet and see real Hollywood girls like Charice ‘break it down’ REAL Cali styles are: Accidental SexinessRead the rest of this entry »



Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 12.29.10~

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“The best is yet to come. I’m never giving up. We’re going all the way”–Keith Urban

Once in a Lifetime –when you’re an American iving in New Zealand and Australia–hold your head up high and enjoy the people, the sights and the eternal air of adventure, that can never be diminished Down Under.

Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Day from the USA. You are loved, you are accepted, you are cherished, you are understood in an adventurous community. Thanks for the Facebook emails. Smile people.

ICU! :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA, from The Valley today, where Keith goes to rehab classes each week faithfully. He’s a winner!. 11.25.10~


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This is what a Kiwi team of champions looks like.

Pride of Aotearoa/ New Zealand = a pride of acrobats and action stars 2010′s.

Hot dance News/ Family News: Who? Prestige dance group is a group of Kiwi-Polynesian lads.

Hollywood Claim to fame: Jordan Samuel, aka Jay-V is my nephew and namesake. He also dances in this group.

Global Claim to Fame: 1st Place performance at World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2010, South-Pacific.

Skill: Polynesian robotic discipline fused with endless creativity. A new generation arises.

Dance Group Origins: Auckland – The Supercity, North Island, New Zealand.

Arts & Culture as Skills: Military dance focus akin to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson dance discipline for inspiration and entertainment purposes in the world.

Creativity: They are self-taught, self-choreographed. The ensemble shines–a Polynesian-Kiwi art form in effect. Community in unison is star.

Vibe: Off the chain.

What should happen: They all should be cast in a 3D action film. So talented. They’ve got mad skills. Put these guys in super hero costumes then film them in 3D. Wow! They’d be amazing. Think Dwayne Johnson x 11.

Rating: Group effort, little budget, focus. High energy. They are self supporting artists. But the Result is 10/10. Awesome! Mighty men.

Demand: Performing in Melbourne Australia and Sydney Australia. Trans-Tasman dance group. Their current self-expression takes the form of dance experts. However, they are all stars in the making.

Very cool. Mauri ‘Ola Prestige. You’re rocking! You make me proud to be a Kiwi.

[Pic: Jordan Samuel Graham (left) hangs out hood-side with his mates. Image Jay-V's own]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.22.10~


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HOLLYWOOD TODAY – 11.13.10, 8:00 am

It’s in the looking skywards, that the climb up always begins. While having coffee this morning, this is what my street looks like.

Hollywood Palms are US here in California. They alway brings a smile when you start each day. I am reminded that a Palm is shared equally with Israelis and many people of Arab nations alike as well as Hollywood and Miami here in the USA and peoples of The South Pacific too. A palm tree is a symbol of Peace, just growing and shared and enjoyed by all, if we could just see that. :)

~My street. Morning time. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.13.10~

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Cute are these Wahine Maori “stacking dolls” via this website.

The visual: “Maoriland” goes to Russia. Living in a Jewish-Russian neighborhood (Little Russia) of West Hollywood, California…

I’m totally feeling these cross-cultural art-on-wood numbers, due to my daily cross-cultural neighborhood reference.

To buy a set go here. Cute.

Outside of stereotyping Maori as icons, set in art, there’s a lot to work forward in how portraits and pictures of strong and intelligently nuanced Maori women should be getting told today in the Arts and via media.

Therefore these ‘cute’ stacking dolls are perhaps a good starting point to talk about when Maori women, will act in 3D action films with Russia themed story lines, in 3D.

Why not? Imagine that! :)

Read the rest of this entry »


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Two posters of The Boss.

“Let’s go down to the River…”

Go Ireland and America. UP!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.6.10~


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(L) of Auckland – The Supercity poses with Lani.

The Samoan-Kiwi hottie looks like her late grandmother, Aunty Maina Werne-Jones - a lady who died in Kenya while on safari, and who had the distinction of having the second most-attended funeral in New Zealand history in 1997 of a Kiwi not born in the green paradise nation. As a woman of Samoa with Mana in The South Pacific, Maina Werne-Jones was down to earth, heavenly-minded, loving and much loved.

Aunty Maina as she was affectionately known, is still sorely missed by Auckland City, Samoa and throughout The Pacific today. Her laugh was magic. She laughed a lot, always sharing her smile and joie de vie with a rare gift of joyful encouragement.

Kalani also looks like her gorgeous momma, Judi Jones. Kalani’s dad, Derek Jones can be found here with Judi, doing their bit providing Samoan-Kiwi flava and inspiration at a transitional time for Porirua City leadership in Wellywood – Hollywood’s sister-city for 3D film making expertise.

Porirua is currently in the middle of a surprise bi-election, as the US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has just recently touched down in Wellywood, a film making nation’s capitol city, at the time of writing from Hollywood. There’s a lot going on in New Zealand right now. It’s a hot diverse entertainment nation, destination.

At the top, of the North Island of New Zealand, Kalani lives in Auckland, The Supercity of this beautiful paradise-green nation.

To see Auckland – the City of Kalani Jones and the largest Polynesian and Maori Gateway city in the World (Aloha O’ahu Hawaii of America), GO HERE.

: The analysis,  “You’re ambitious, fashion-forward and a true (if sometimes tumultuous) romantic. You’d opt to work on your business plans over your party plans, even if friends say that’s boring. But hey, you always look good doing it–just like Kim!”
If you live in Hollywood and follow Herman-Town’s Young Hollywood promotions expertise, you will know that Ms Kim Kardashian is styling and dressing America’s style conscious twenty-somethings, right now, here in the USA. Nationwide in the USA, Kim is currently doing this online 24 hours a day, with a skillful style package that consults and customizes fashion accessories to each individual customer. Smart.
Kim Kardashian is perhaps the only A-Listed reality TV Star in Hollywood, who is also a fashion merchandising mogul on the rise. If Kalani is like Kim Kardashian, I’m all for that. The world needs a Samoan-Kiwi style-queen I reckon. Especially one of Spirit — like Kalani Jones possesses, naturally. Check out Kim’s online biz ventures with Hollywood entertainment power-lawyer Robert Shapiro –at Shoe Dazzle. Amazin! They’re taking over stylish retail for the young in America–via their online storefront window instead. It’s a Kardashian underground movement of taste and style blitzing the USA.
Kalani Jones is rugby royalty of New Zealand, Samoa and the Commonwealth Affiliated Nations and Oceania Nations of the World. She is the niece of a rugby player who England’s Will Carling listed in the UK Telegraph as being the no.2 rugby footballer in the world of all time. Kalani’s father Derek, is also a good rugby footballer too.
As a future rising star of New Zealand & The South Pacific – Kalani Jones has got it all going on in her star mix and this kid loves God too. Not a bad combo for grounded balance to balance out the craziness of fame that lies ahead of her, I reckon. Go kid! If ever there was a girl in New Zealand worthy of a reality TV series of her own, to weave in a stellar cast of characters who surround her in everyday life, Kalani Jones is one such star of great potential to lead, entertain, inspire her generation. Oh… btw:
Visit Auckland City for a fun travel experience.
[Photograph of a Sky Walker - Auckland City - Courtesy of Photographer David Wall]
[Music: Sun Goes Down - Nesian MystiK & Luther Vandross tribute to Lena Horne going up too as a homage for Aunty Maina Jones' legacy as a humanitarian activist of Compassion & Love--Hollywood today.]
Let’s go Auckland. Porirua City & Let’s go SAMOA! Mauri ‘Ola.
This post going via Kalani’s Maori Aunties of Oak Ridge Camp, Whangarei City, Northland via The City of Angels & “Uncle Sam” born in Fiji, and I guess… your Uncle Derek Farmer (and Farmer Brotherhood) too – now of Australia. In the words of Avatar in 3D: We see you! :)
Reality TV Series Idea: Kalani goes to Wellywood (Porirua).

[Lena Horne -great entertainer and blacklisted activist for Humanitarian Human Rights issues and causes, Hollywood Star (the Maori koru taonga version), for Kalani Jones, Hollywood Walk of Fame–photog: Horiwood.Com’s own).

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“Middle Earth is a 3D film making environment of film making excellence, rich in imagination facilitating diverse culture’s vision (their tino rangatiratanga and unique cultural sovereignty of culture) and their vibrantly entertaining expression in 3D film. Middle Earth is rich in acceptance of others’ difference & a film making haven of World Peace”–Horiwood, 2020′s.

“In 3D, all nations are created equal, in Wellywood film making practices, imagination, execution and delivery of film production excellence.”–Abe Lincoln and Horiwood.

A film is not a film, unless it is made in the Spirit of the experimental filmmaker–Len Lye, filmic artist, Taranaki.

In New Zealand we collaborate and create the world’s next array of Super Heroes in 3D, with powerful messages of good that impact and change the global consciousness and future direction of the world, through Kiwi made pop culture in cinema, merchandising, music soundtracks and entertainment distribution–2020′s

Writes Barry Glibb of the :

“Perhaps unemployed Americans should move to New Zealand to become underpaid production assistants for all these movies.”–Barry was responding to: “JAMES CAMERON’S AVATAR SOARS AHEAD ON WINGS OF HOBBIT LAW CHANGE”

A response: HORIWOOD – What a great idea Barry. The lifestyle that nature has to offer Americans, when not on set in New Zealand – is accessible to all – and would more than make up for any pay cuts.

Also, travel – let’s all people grow up and learn, outside their own cultural frames of reference.

It shows security within peoples own sense of identity, when Americans become a minority on distant shores and blend with the world too. Happily.

In New Zealand, people like dialogue, (not one-sided cultural monologue–so Americans will be more than fine in that switch and exchange). Exciting.

With New Zealand’s potential to attract Bollywood and China to New Zealand landscapes to film musicals and action films in NZ too in 3D in the future, the Americans who do make early inroads into NZ 3D filmmaking NOW – will be set with work for life.

NZ is going to become busy. A globally sought after 3D filmmaking nation. How New Zealanders welcome warmly diverse cultures of the world and overseas actors and crew members too (including those from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, Russia, UK–every now and again–France), will determine the return rate of these nations to NZ as a filmmaking nation. As far as America is concerned (Avatar’s record breaking success as Hollywood’s leading film of all time box office history), New Zealand is a culturally friendly place for Americans to work and conquer from, with a Hollywood-Wellywood partnership.

Conclusion: Your blog Barry, is rocking, albeit as minimalist as it is, I enjoyed the guide to your twitter account. Thanks for commenting. Incidentally New Zealand has 5% more women than men in its total population, so there’s a few girls that wouldn’t mind marrying an American crew member and sharing citizenship and beach views like no other. A lot to look forward to, aye?!

Wellywood is the box office winning 3D Film Franchises Haven of the film making world. Those who find success with their franchises, will all own homes in New Zealand on beach fronts and live there for most of the year. Their kids will be raised there. It’s the new more-relaxed mecca of box office power players, that can deliver proven results. Well, in 2020, this will be so–Wellywood is the World’s 3D Mecca. It is Middle Earth. A meeting place in The Middle for all cultures to realize the cinematic visions, without culture being compromised in the film making process. New Zealand is a culturally rich haven, paradise nation for this to occur for 3D film makers across the globe.  Good change ahead in Middle Earth.

I like your thinking Barry, where yes, film crew getting roughed around in Hollywood should move to NZ. Why not! NZ is a nation based on immigrants who joined the Indigenous Maori People, so as one of them, NZ can handle you bonding with us Maori-Kiwi lot. It’s how we came to be as a nation, just like America.

Incidentally how any nation has treated their Indigenous Peoples, is the barometer of all human rights relations in the world. It’s the gage of whether other cultures can be trusted dealing within our shores fairly as nations. So as a Maori-Kiwi if you want to move to NZ, I say… Go for it! Get on board brother. More studios other than WETA will spring up in New Zealand too, in order to handle the demand and keep a fair and competitive 3D filmmaking industry occurring in NZ. The economic possibilities are exciting.

[Images - Costume Design worthy -runway fashions - China in Tokyo & Indian sari]

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“She has a young Reese Witherspoon look and fresh-faced appeal about her as a potential child-actor of the future in Hollywood”–Horiwood on Hinetaapora Short.

A Diverse View of Hollywood worthy new talent potential:

Should Hinetaaporo Short, 10, be cast as the next Milky Bar Kid!

One of this kid’s X-factors in the entertainment game already, is that Hinetaapora speaks Te Reo Rangatira – The Language of Chiefs - otherwise known as the Maori language of New Zealand) each day, at her Kura Kaupapa school in Roto-Vegas/ Rotorua, Hiobbit country.

Te Reo Rangatira is one of the two official languages that Middle Earth, New Zealand protects and speaks within its shores.

Should Hinetaapora be the Milky Bar Kid for chocolate makers Nestle? Heck yes! What a bilingual, intelligent and talented cutie pai. Adorable. The Milky Bar Kid is a New Zealand child’s ‘super hero’ figure of inspiring Adventure and fun adventuring activities with friends and community–the great Kiwi Way. Just like Hobbits represent such cultural heroes too. A Maori girl super hero? Heck yes! It’s time. What a splendid idea at updating Kiwi pop culture in the 2010′s.

Will Hinetaapora go on to appear in Hobbit in 3D films in Wellywood too and Hollywood? I hope so! She’s a doll.

Go honey! Mauri ‘Ola from Hollywood. Let’s hope Hinetaapora can sign on to the same Hollywood agent as Oscar nominee, Keisha Castle Hughes. My Hollywood agent recommend though for Hinetaapora’s Hollywood acting hopes, is agent: Steve Dontanville. –the agent behind Reese Witherspoon’s acting career in Reese’s initial early years until two years before Reese won her Oscar.

Imagine Hinetaapora Short in a 3D action adventure film? Could she be another Reese Witherspoon, with the potential to win an Oscar too? Only time will tell. But, go kotiro tutu! I love her chutzpah. This kid has spirit.  She’s off to a good start at ten years-of-age.

[Presenter Scotty Morrison, executive news producer Tini Molyneux - Te Karere. Keisha Castle Hughes appears here with Inception star Ken Watanabe, image courtesy of Wire Image].

UPDATE: Hinetaapora Short is on the Nestle casting team’s Top Ten Short List at this minute. Go honey! You have Hollywood’s big tick approval. The gorgeous Hinetaapora short is a descendant of the Te Whanau a Hinetaaporo subtribe (Haapu) of Ngati Porou. She also descends from the Te Arawa iwi of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. The same tribe as famed and globally-loved entertainer, the late Sir Howard Morrison. The son of a Maori All Black rugby football star, Temuera Morrison , Sir Howard’s song My Old Man’s An All Black - combated and addressed apartheid in South Africa back in the day. He’s still a legend in hearts and minds today. Good Kiwi Ambassadors and proven entertainment stock are the performance artists of this tribe. They do the right things with their fame for noble humanitarian causes.

Hinetaapora’s Te Arawa tribe are watched by globe-trotting visitors to New Zealand, every day of the week in Rotorua City when they perform live daily as consummate and gifted entertainers. They star in musical theater showcases daily and have been practicing mau rakau (traditional Maori martial arts) for over a thousand years in New Zealand on Mokoia Island. As warriors in performance, they are New Zealand’s indigenous action stars. Very similar to Japanese samurai or Old-World warriors of the Chinese Empire dynasty too. Sir Howard, their much loved late Entertainer king, is pictured wearing his cowboy hat above.

Courage to imagine, see and be true to… yourself.

Message to H.S: Mihi atu ki a koe Hinetaapora… are you practicing your American accent and learning Chinese each morning for Hong Kong filmmaking, 3D action movie/ co-productions in future years, before school? Hope so! Ka rawe! Tino pai kē! Kid, you’re too much! :)

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“Tatou – Honor Role.”

Rugby News, Hollywood Calif – Ko nga mea katoa e kitea e tou ringa kia mahia, kia puta tou uaua ki te mahi; kahore hoki he mahi, kahore he tikanga, kahore he matauranga, kahore he whakaaro nui i te reinga, i te wahi ka haere atu na koe ki reira. Whatever you set your hands to do, do it with all your might –King Solomon.

We see fideliter. It anchors us consistently. We hold to our school ideal, of serving faithfully–WBHS Fideliter Moniker, School Song.

We are waiting on prophecy–Moana Maniapoto, song: Prophecy

Surrender to the sky. Over snow-mountain shine, upon the upland road, ride easyJames K. Baxter — poet-seer.

With rugby football and haka in hand, we carve our narrative across green of paddock. Our spirit’s dream expressed as talented physicality driving us forward as relentless sporting passion, forming “our rough-hewn story”.–filmmaker Rudall Hayward, The Te Kooti Trail

Kimihia te kahurangi;. ki te piko tōu matenga, ki te maunga teitei. If you bow your head. Let it be only. To a great mountain–Maori proverb of the ancients, a favorite of Ta Witi Ihimaera, author of Pounamu, Pounamu, a literary collection taught at WBHS when I was in high school.

“We have a good story to tell”–Prime Minister John Key

In Hollywood tonight, the City of Angels, (namely me, oh- and Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon rugby fans of Invictus the rugby leadership movie, maybe just a little bit too, & Ye Old King’s Head Tavern rugby supporters in Santa Monica too!) we celebrate the sporting selection of Sonny Bill Williams joining Samuel and George Whitelock in the announced new team of the New Zealand All Blacks for 2010/11.

New Zealand is the host nation in 2011, of the fiercely contested, gladiatorial sporting world’s, elite Rugby World Cup.

Get to it if you can. Awesomery sporting action. Gladiatorial sporting action. The supporters of the sport are one of the most fun aspects of the game of rugby football. Another reason to get there, just be a part of them all. Bloody good people.

As culturally correct, in sending these lads on their haerenga (journey) towards greatness, we celebrate this with the haka of Te Rauparaha, a Chief who overcame death from enemies in hot pursuit of his life. Te Rauparaha took refuge in a kumara (sweet potato) pit, beneath a Chiefly and noble woman who sat above him wearing chiefly woven cloaks that covered her and him. When he arose from the pit unscathed  - he celebrated with these words of the haka (Maori warrior’s war dance), an artform of masculine ferocity and cool, an expression of strength of a man’s inner spirit, distinct and indigenous to Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Centuries later, this same haka, is the offiical haka of New Zealand rugby lads.

Two hakas go up to be beamed out today from L.A. The first a haka from All Blacks rugby football sporting history performed before a match against South Africa, the current holders of The William Webb Ellis Cup.

The second haka, is the haka of Ngapuhi school boys in one high school - from the entire school of Whangarei Boys High School, brown and white lads (and fellow awesome redheaded like fire et al Kiwis too) performing in unison in the Maori language, in a city that is in the tribal region of NgapuhiTonuNui, one of my two Maori tribes by blood.

In doing so, WBHS send a challenge throughout all high schools in their nation, to match them and do the same with their ferocity – in unity as a collective school expressing Maori culture, language and heritage arts together with pride as a norm and forefront expression of their identity.

Back in my day, the school haka we wrote and performed under Wiki Harding‘s tutelege when I was the High School Maori Cultural captain, when performed – went on to win that year at the Te Taitokerau High Schools Maori Cultural (Kapa Haka) Festival - A haka that won the cup. Which is why, I’m posting this school’s haka in Hollywood today. It is like prophesy that “the best is yet to come.”   This haka featured is a new and updated version. Ka pai. It is good to see culture strong and evolving.

Ngapuhi is the largest Maori tribe by population, in the world. A good effort of leadership from WBHS! Interwoven community strength of participators actively creating and performing culture (like Hollywood movie stars do in film), being the star. Of course WBHS, you’re doing this today. 120+ years of being together as a school, looks good. Mauri Ora from Hollywood. :)

What a fine effort. A reminder that in sport and culture we are all united and are black too in New Zealand. And because we are, I acknowledge, see, affirm, give expression to and visibility to: your ihi, wehi, mana as young men of importance and value as leaders of the modern world in your own right, already. Btw: I am adding all of you lads to Hollywood’s Maori (& Kool Kiwis) Honor Role today. We are on a roll. :)

This image of Horiwood aka Sam Cruickshank (yawn! me – sorry), graduate of Whangarei Boys High School, CR Theology College (woooot!), Te Whare Waanaga a Aotearoa and Auckland University, with Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black to encourage both sporting achievement, entertainment excellence and academic achievement of all young people in New Zealand, on the rugby field and in lecture theater rooms and science labs too and on cultural/ theater stages, on sets and in cinemas. If you endure, dream, find strength within, always look up not down, and believe and give expression to your belief, your voice can be heard in the world too. Even against great odds, as you and Sonny Bill Williams and Samuel W, show as a rugby and haka nation of men who love to perform and entertain.

Good stuff fellahs! Louder - I still can’t quite hear you. :) And – go Rugby World cup players, supporters, followers and entourage of rugby mad babes too, like the smart and sporty Yale Women’s Rugby Team here in the US - for 2011. Kia Kaha Koutou- May great strength be yours.

[Top image - Samuel Whitelock scores a try breaking the tackle from Richard Buckman via Zimbio. All Blacks Rugby Football Team coach Graham Henry rolls out with his latest football appointment, Sonny B Williams, today. Image via Zimbio. Dustin Lance Black and Horiwood appear for Robert Ellis, an author for World Peace in the Middle East. Box office star and Oscar winning Maori-Kiwi-Aussie, Russell Crowe's Hollywood star, Hollywood Walk of Fame, California - The Te-Ika-A-Maui version.]

This post also dedicated to Ngapuhi rugby sporting greats, Zinzan Brooke and brother Robin Brooke of Warkworth; to my family’s childhood friend, world rugby great, Michael Jones and family and extended family of friends and allied Oak Ridge whanau a Whale Pasifika, along with youngsters and entertainers and sporting greats in the making Freedom Kahanui, Oscar Brooke, Louis Henry III, Taylor Thomas Thorp and Bailey Reign.

Universal of California are broadcasting The Rugby World Cup within America, 2011. Go Universal Sports and Warner Bros Studios for promoting rugby football as sporting entertainment in the USA.

When visiting California, Universal CityWalk Theme Park is a great place to visit when in Hollywood.

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With Eminem‘s Recovery album, blaring emotively expressive, (yet a tad bit explicit) lyrics through iPods and iPhones into America’s ears and collective psyche, I’ve taken a little bit of a shine, to celebrating the American Art of Recovery on Horiwood.Com, in the land of peaches and cream.

My version of recovery, is not being too proud to go to the 99 cents store as a starting point when you shop, because believe it or not, these healthy peachy numbers, averaged out to be 17 cents each. That’s my kind of a tasty snack that’s not out of one’s reach. Read the rest of this entry »


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[Image of Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Nolan courtesy of Kevin Winter for Getty Images]

Inception a film by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio is estimated to take in $21 million at the domestic box office this weekend.

The film is important as it deals with, ‘dream invasion,’ and a nation (like America for example) is only as strong as the dreams of our children and our elders. In Inception Nolan posits that lies are placed in peoples dream lives, that need to be extracted. I have said before on this blog, that sometimes whole nations (Nazi Germany is a good example from our world’s past) can be overtaken and built on lies. Such lies, (not people that we can all too easily victimize, but the ideological lies in peoples heads–and as humans, we all have lies or counterfeit ideas in our heads in varying degrees) need to be challenged and extracted. This is normal and healthy, if we do, and remain open to let others dialogue with us, from many different cultural perspectives. I call it ‘a lifestyle overhaul check up from the neck up.’ For this reason, I dig this film. 

Anyway, money begets money, so already a sequel is being talked about and planned for Inception. Actor and leading Hollywood lad, Leonardo DiCaprio steps up to the plate to bat for Nolan’s intended film franchise. In particular, the final scene of the film, leaves the film open to many possibilities of a sequel. Here’s what Leo has to say, via MTV:

“I have my own specific take on that final scene,” DiCaprio told MTV News, leaving his opinion out of the public debate, adding instead that he hopes the viewers make up their minds for themselves. “This is an interesting movie, because I really believe people can extract what they want from this film and interpret that in a lot of different ways. I think that’s something that doesn’t come from the Hollywood studio system very often nowadays. Oftentimes, I get scripts that came to me recycled from other ones. Chris [Nolan] pulled off something pretty ambitious, pretty existential, pretty cerebral and daring with this movie, and I jumped on the opportunity to do it and work with him.”

Dileep Rao adds: “If we’re talking about dreams, couldn’t anything happen?” Well said. Dreams start, at precisely this point. Nice job Mr Nolan. 

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وَلَكُنْتُ أُطْعِمُ شَعْبِي أَفْخَرَ الْحِنْطَةِ، وَأُشْبِعُهُمْ عَسَلاً مِنَ الصَّخْرَةِ».

I will feed you with the finest of wheat, and with sweet honey from the rock, I will satisfy you–A poetic psalm of Asaph 

~A war of cookies, could save lives. Sometimes, when I look at the world, I think that what the world needs is a unified Sweetness Surge Strategy in places needing cheering up.

Famine stricken lands could do with both fresh water and free cookies. Or in war torn lands, who quite often are caught up in a war of words based on language differences, that can lead to misunderstanding each others’ unique cultural worldviews resulting in acts of war, cookies are needed too.

So this is a post especially for the home cooks of the world, and specificly, the home baking enthusiasts. I ask the question, what if your ability to make cookies could effect future generations of peoples lives. 

There is an ancient Maori proverb I was taught as a child, that forms the basis of traditional Maori lore, when leaders make decisions on matters, that goes something like this: 

He aha te mea nui i te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in this world. It is people, people, people.  

Here’s a recipe for Peace in Afghanistan. What if bakers all over the world, could send both sides of the war in Afghanistan a batch of homemade Afghan cookies (double chocolate naughtiness, that always bring a smile), made together by grandmas and their grandchildren all over the world, with love.

Read the rest of this entry »


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Although the ice be thin, strut anyway.

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“I had a dream, and no one can interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that when you hear a dream you can interpret it.”–Pharoh to Joseph of Israel.

Long before television, still cameras, films, video games, iphone, ipads and computers, dreams were always esteemed and valued in ancient civilzation in the most advanced cultures of the earth. Joseph in ancient Egypt, was renowned for his ability to interpret King’s dreams. In fact, leaders were often prewarned of impending natural disasters upon their kingdoms they led in their dream life at night.

When a leader didn’t have the understanding to the dream, if they felt it was significant, they became perplexed–all of the wisest people in the land were then called upon to give their dream interpretations so guidance could occur for a King to lead their people. It was kinda like the American Idol competition of dream interpreters. It must have been a nightmare, until the real interpreter stood before a King or Queen with revelation into the matter at hand.

Dreams affect us in both the subconscious realm of our imaginations and the spiritual realm too. They are often premonitions of things that are ahead. Well, as trends are indicating, we live in such times again.

In the 2010′s, Young Hollywood’s Joseph is a girl, called Miley Cyrus. At the moment, Miley is masquerading as a song bird–but soon she will take on the role of Hollywood’s cinematic dream girl. Says Entertainment Weekly via  The Hollywood Reporter. “The first in a series of three novels, Wake follows a teenager who is unwittingly drawn into other people’s dreams. “Some of which, we’re guessing, might be less than pleasant.”

To be drawn into other people’s dreams puts this movie into the suspense thriller category of film trilogies. A nice move on the Young Hollywood chess board by Cyrus, in her effort to inspire dreams of America’s next generation of leaders.

Hot. Rock it out ha bibi!

[Image of Miley Cyrus in the Big Apple, courtesy of This Website. Image of Elisha's Tallit courtesy of ]

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… this just in via email: “God does not owe you your dreams.

A sobering thought towards the American Dream of 2010, from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Let’s keep working at it daily then, aye?.

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Student filmmaker, Maria Sanchez, delivers the message of “courage” tonight in Hollywood–in the form of a tattoo on her body, that says “Courage” (literary)–for any young person who has a dream to make films.

Maria (right) is pictured here with Golden Heather. Heather is an aspiring actress. :)

[To contact Maria for documentary or dramatic feature films she has in her soul to create: go here--> ].

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“I have a dream”–Martin Luther King Jr.

Here’s Glee‘s version of I Dreamed A Dream.

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I forget that some days here in Hollywood. This just in from poet, writer, University lecturer, visionary leader Dr Selina Marsh–a literary writer that I adore–reminded me that I am a poet and that I’ve even sponsored a poetry competition too, across the other side of the world. Lol!

Thank goodness for Blog Comments on this blog that jog my memory in between Oprah-styled Tequila shots here in beautiful and sunny California–that remind me–poets must live in another world entirely, other than, um… Hollywood bars. Oops! Writes the incredibly talented Selina Marsh:

“Hey Sam, I set urban iwi: tihei mauri ora! for an assignment and my student’s essay led me to this – chur bro!

‘I have a ‘take it to the people’ part of the assignment where [students] have to put their analysis in a public space.

‘My student created a wikipedia page for you which would have been awesome if the powers that B hadn’t removed it stating that it was ‘self-promotory’!! Ha!

‘All good, I’ve got her writing about that experience and it led to a class chat about censorship, literary gate-keeping and the gorgeous role that anthologies play in the Pacific!

‘[I] Am planning a nationwide Poetry [competition] for Maori and Pacific poets soon and your Mauri Ola contribution will go towards books as prizes. Thanks! Keep up the lovely work – Selina

I am a big fan of Selina Marsh’s poetry and work. And when she is a star maker of new poetic voices of Maori and future artists of the Pacific Islands of Polynesian (that includes Hawaii of the U.S]… even putting the energy into doing a nationwide star search for the next new literary voices herself! … how can we all not love her.

To read Selina’s delightful poetry that has always inspired me to see destiny’s future speaking in art, like her afa kasi (a poem about being half Anglo and half Samoan/ Tuvaluan by heritage) . Loves! Thanks coco-licious Honey Bee! Love your work and vision. And  by the way, Selina writes poetry where she lives on Waiheke Island where Lady Gaga goes on mini-beach vacations when holidaying in stunning and restful New Zealand. Selina has always had great taste.

And of course, winning poets from Selina‘s nationwide competition will be featured on this blog, for you all to read and be inspired by. Can’t wait! :)

[Image of Selina Marsh courtesy of Waiheke Book Festival Website. Image of Destiny's Child's Star, Hollwood Walk of Fame--the Maori and Pacific Island version--courtesy of Horiwood.Com. Image of Tahiti Women (1891) by Gauguin courtesy of Artlovers Online]

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Are you building your castle of love America?

Yes we can. xox

Stevie Wonder is so beautiful.

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Taonga tuku iho, he tatou–we are treasures handed down from our ancestors

Here’s what high school Maori young people get up to down in New Zealand, in their spare time. Featuring the poi dance.

Yes, I know… everyone is Hannah Montana and grew up singing together as much as Destiny’s Child did in their youth, down in New Zealand. (Young people can sing, harmonize, song write, dance, act,  theater, live performance, play guitar)… it’s all a natural part of the culture and socialization process in high school for Maori young people, without even thinking about it.

You can grow up Maori, and never once, hear the word that you’re talented as an individual. It’s the beauty of the culture. So natural. Always about community. For a Maori actor to take on Hollywood like Cliff Curtis (or Oscar-nominated Keisha Castle-Hughes) they break every code, they were ever socialized with to break away from the pack and shine as an individual star. That’s why I admire them ten times as much as Hollywood perhaps does. They’re amazing and strong people for daring to be different every day on their journey to entertain the world as individual artists and performers.

But back to these high school kids doing the Maori poi dance in the beauty of harmonious unison. Cool aye?! :) Angelina Jolie’s mom, Marcheline Bertrand also raised her daughter to know the poi dance too (pictured above). It’s great for developing reflexology in children and Maori in particular excel at sports and action on the sport field, like Jolie does taking on action movie roles. Can’t you just see this in Vegas, set to a drama and a legend of a Maori love story with a touch of Cirque? I can. It’s big future news and is an exciting new frontier. Perhaps by the time Avatar 2 hits the box office, Vegas will be ready for this, real and live encounter of indigenous-thinking live music artists.

Just don’t paint these precious Maori people blue! :)

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Colin McCahon, Victory over Death, 1970, synthetic polymer paint on canvas.

[Death = anything, anyone, any system pretending to be a friend - yet that which keeps us from fulfilling our potential and realizing our dream, destiny and life. Death is fear. False Evidence Appearing Real, in the form of a bullying threat standing in the way of a better future].

Because Hollywood is full of mirages in a smoke and mirrors town, I love this painting. McCahon says, I Am Victory over the enemy of my dream.

Love his artistic voice from the black canvas. So inspiring. Too deep and real.

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Martin Luther King was a man with a Dream.

~We Must Dream Too~

I have this dream that I keep winning the lottery over and over again on subsequent occasions. With all of the money I set up schools in The South Pacific, Somalia, Uganda, Dafur, Chad, Africa, India, and in poor parts of America and New Zealand. I kid you not! :)

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