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A story today on the front page of the Wall Street Journal tells the story of Chad Wade, a US marine who was sweeping an area with a metal detector searching for land mines, of war.

He lost his life – and the shock to his friends is being used as a case study to treat post traumatic stress disorder in the field – as soldier’s have a much higher rate of returning to combat, if they are encouraged to plough on, in duty in such moments by “not succumbing to loss and fear” the story notes.

It’s understandable that training soldiers is expensive and that keeping soldiers with training investment monies in the field, not only gives experienced platoons the war capitol to stay on the battlefield, rather than needing expensive treatment later. Currently, 1 in 10 Americans is registered as a veteran of war, so stories like this ask the question – what can we do to help? The story is penned by Michael M Phillips. Go here to read that.

Last year the average cost of war to America divided by the amount of military personnel in Afghanistan averaged out to $1 million per soldier a year. War is an expensive business and keeping soldiers alive and mentally well is of prime importance to the US. Land mines and soldiers is an issue we can pray for. Something simple like a karakia (prayer) can be effective and has gotta help these soldiers, a lot.

They’re normal people doing the best they can in such conditions where land mines are obviously located and are active.

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With her umbrella ella necklace, here’s teen Rebecca Black singing her global hit Friday.

I guess it’s safe to say, many people in the world don’t want this weekend to end either.

Teens that are conscious of saying their prayers in today’s world deserve air play on a Hollywood star blog, I reckon anyway. :)

Go kid!

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Arianna The Aggregating Alligator Huffington brings us these news links sourced from media outlets on Japan’s nuclear crises (thanks). Repairs Begin As Survivors Asked To Relocate For A Year..
IAEA: Race Against Time To Control Nuclear Crisis.. Japan Considers Burying Nuclear Plant.. Record Number Of Aftershocks.. 20,000 Foreigners Plan To Flee Country.. NRC To Review All U.S. Nuclear Plants.. How To Help.. LIVE UPDATES.

Known Cost to Life – 6,900 dead, 10,700 missing. This 9.0 quake now cedes the 1995 earthquake tragedy in Kobe. Sad.

Community Living Impacts. 452,000 are homeless. 343,000 have no electricity. 1 million have no water.

‘Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano admitted that Japan was not prepared for what happened. ”The unprecedented scale of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan, frankly speaking, were among many things that happened that had not been anticipated under our disaster management contingency plans. In hindsight, we could have moved a little quicker in assessing the situation and coordinating all that information and provided it faster,” he said.

‘In the disaster zone, tsunami survivors, rescue workers and ordinary people observed a minute of silence Friday at 2:46 p.m. – the moment a week ago when the quake struck. Many were bundled up against the cold. As a siren blared, they lowered their heads and clasped their hands in prayer.’

In Libya News, the UN has ordered a cease fire but Kadafi is still killing people.

I like the approach of these people in this picture, when you read such news going on in Japan and Libya.

Nothing much else will work except what they’re doing. Pray for Japan. Lift them up.

[Photographs - New York Times Front Page Friday 18th March and Pic of Japan's people praying courtesy of Reuters]

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