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OMG – GLOBAL PRICE FEARS MOUNT!!! (Whatever are we going to do – about this very dramatic news headline?) –  We all seem to forget what causes ‘asset bubbles’ in a global economy. Increasing national debt does. It then effects the global economy of the world. It’s not really rocket science. That message came via New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key on November 28th, last year. Why act shocked this year. So, let’s not freak out too much.

In addition, American Gordon Gecko Warren Buffet as a rich person who lives at Omaha sometimes, clearly has stated “He’s never had it better, in terms of all of the tax breaks, etc, he can get at this moment in his life.” It’s just that for the average person – food and material costs have all gone up to soaring levels according to WSJ via Europe. Go figure!

Anyway, according to European banking analysts – they haven’t forgotten what jacks up the global economy. The warning of inflation via a European banking spokesperson via Central Europe takes the cover of the Wall Street Journal today. This news is contrasted with President Obama allegedly now being fixated on the 2012 Presidential race in the form of “a new address.” After a start in some of the rockiest times for a US President in world history, it has to be said to be fair, he’s only just begun, really.

Scott Bakula of Men of A Certain Age will open the 17th Screen Actors Guild Awards this Saturday, Hollywood. Scott joins Alec Baldwin & Jeff Bridges in a line up of presenters.

Rick Ross, Travis Barker, Mix Master Mike join a hot tour package as Lil’ Wayne & Nicki Minaj announce a 24 cities tour. Wowsa.

Box office heavyweight Bruce Willis is tired of Ricky Gervais. Kevin Smith plays Bruce’s Hollywood villain, and calls Willis, “f*cking soul crushing” to work with. Bruce isn’t an actor. He is a Hollywood empire on his own. So that is kinda funny.

James Franco says he made a sex tape, when he was 19. Next James will say, he directed it actually.

Green liquor endorsement queen news – Kim Kardashian signs as the new face of Midori.

Sean Durkin‘s Martha, Macey, May, Marlene film, sells to Fox Searchlight Pics at Sundance. “MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE stars Elizabeth Olsen as Martha, a damaged woman haunted by painful memories and increasing paranoia, who struggles to reassimilate with her family after fleeing a cult.” Sounds riveting! All the critics at Robert Redford‘s Utah film festival, love it.

Oinksta.Com Humor – Heavy Metal, Oink Oink, Kiwi Maori bashing news for Kerre Woodham.

People Magazine gets Ryan Seacrest empire envy, announcing they’re muscling in to the red-carpet pre-Awards television market. Editor Peter Castro will join TNT & TBS for this. What took People so long, when TV Guide is their mentor and has a TV show. But, why TBS?!

Check out news: Ted “Golden Voice” Williams continues to amuse the UK from the US, after leaving rehab.

Some disturbed teen 22 year-old, has just pleaded not guilty. Alright. Imma little tired of that show already. But it’s still going!

Christopher Ciccone (Madonna‘s bro) calls Madonna’s other career as a Hollywood casting agent/ star maker… when dating, as a mere “distraction” from her good parenting skills. Okay then!

[Photo of Jean-Claude Van Damme Trichet scratching his head courtesy of The Globe & Mail].

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