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All these people should be on every entertainment bloggers hot list. They’re pretty cool this year in the age of billionaire philanthropists. With that mega-celebrity buzz word forming in the form of this list of people joining a cool club to advocate and act for the needs at hand in the world, what does this mean?  Think 1000 Oprahs (plus) eventually. That’s gotta be good for the world.


























































Go here and especially HERE to read why. Gratitude is a beatitude. It’s a beautiful trait of generosity of spirit. The beauty of gratitude is that these billionaires appear (quite publicly) to have it, but it is also relative in terms of what you personally have and what you do with it, to make the world a better place. For example you don’t need to be a billionaire to be just like these people, gratitude though is the common bond that links these people to ordinary folk who have the same heart and eyes looking out for the world. These people inspire me this Christmas to be more thankful, grateful and sharing. Let’s flow!
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True fact: The Maori word for spirit is wairua. It means “two waters.” Water distribution is a spiritually humane act, because it takes anyone with spirit to ensure that people who need it, can have life each hour of the day. Our spirits need to act with goodness so water can happen for 1 billion people. Most of these people are in India and Africa. I wonder if China can help as water has so much significance as a metaphor for spirit in China. When I China is already helping share water.

Exciting News: For only $10 invested at Charity Water, one person in the world can have fresh clean drinking water, for a lifetime – when currently 1 billion people don’t have access to it yet. Isn’t that cool information?

It’s the end of the year in Hollywood. Normally I do the list of The 50 People Who Were Voted Most Hottest in Hollywood, as a really good compare and contrast democratic exercise in who is actually hot –vs, other media outlets lists. It can be quite surprisingly the results. On this website, votes are voted daily. The results always provide a study. For example Lady Gaga was no.1 last year, before she’d even appeared on Oprah’s Show.

This year though I thought instead of glorifying Hollywood’s Top 50 list, a priority first, was to link the list of stars, celebrities, hot Hollywood topics in this blogs category list with the topic of H2O. Sometimes we forget that the difference between a ‘star’ and an unknown third world person – is simply basics of humanity or human rights too, like clean drinking water being one–and equal access to it. So, before that list happens, let’s work the existing list already created of people and stars on this blog, who all can do something to help other peeps have life that flows daily with decent water.

Let’s do it as a Christmas gift to the world. Each star who gets any press going up online, have these news items emailed to them daily in the form of google alerts emails. So, in doing this exercise, this is my challenge as a Maori-Kiwi blogger to each one of US as I like US together as a global community connected to all people in the world, to give the gift of water this Christmas to someone else in celebration of life. Celebrity is about water. A celebrity is “anyone who deserves to be celebrated.” In giving water to someone else–we celebrate life, and we act like true celebrities of the world.

Merry Christmas and if you feel inclined, make a difference. is our water distribution agency today. It’s a trust that is action certified that Nicole Richie all year round. Richie also does work too for water distribution via UNICEF as well. I think that’s pretty gnarly good. Let’s do it and make a difference. Cheers and thanks for reading this blog all year round. May festive greetings flow to others too through US. Much love.

Until every person has clean drinking water –no one in the world has true power. Who are we fooling? There will never be peace in the world, if people are fighting over clean water each day. As a power balance exercise that makes us civilized nations look less fake in the eyes of the world, let’s have some fun and make it happen. :)

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[Arianna Huffington & Jesse Jackson and Diane von Furstenberg courtesy of guest of a guest]

First up, a happy Christmas Eve to all of these hardworking newsy entertainers this year: InstapunditJames Wolcott (Vanity Fair)John RidleyKausfiles (Slate)kottke.orgLeft, Right and CenterThe Moderate VoiceNDN BlogThe Notion (Nation)Oxdown GazettePandagonABCAccess HollywoodAl JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago TribuneChristian Science MonitorCenter for Public IntegrityCNNCongressional QuarterlyDaily TelegraphDemocracy Now!Drudge ReportE! OnlineEntertainment WeeklyForbesFortuneFox NewsFinancial TimesGlobe and MailGlobalPost.comGlobalVoices; ; GuardianThe HillIndependentKCRW’s Left, Right and CenterLos Angeles TimesMcClatchyMediaiteMosaicMother JonesMSNBCNew York Daily NewsNew York ObserverBuzzMachineThe Corner (National Review)Crooks and LiarsCursorDaily KosDemocracy ArsenalFiredoglakeFrumForumJonathan AlterEric AltermanSidney BlumenthalEric BoehlertRon BrownsteinJoe ConasonDavid CornStanley CrouchEJ DionneJon FineHoward FinemanThomas FrankJon FriedmanJohn FundEllen GoodmanDavid KirkpatrickHoward KurtzNew York Times;

I was looking today at Arianna Huffington of that blog in New York City that is quite extensive in showcasing other peoples brainy thoughts all year round. It’s really entertaining this year observing how Ari has transformed herself into the Christmas Divorcee Santa’s little helper this year of The Big Apple. She just keeps on getting better as a blogger in that uptight Ari way. I like her Christmas a lot this year. Christmas time is a time where many people get divorced. Who knows why? Stress I guess. However I like Ari’s focus, that if you focus on families entirely worse off than your own, it just might help a lot to appreciate the family that you do have. Quite wise really.

Here’s her message, shared for the City of Los Angeles too this Christmas Eve:

Dear People,

“Merry Christmas. I’m back from Chile (Feliz Navidad) and Brazil (Feliz Natal), and celebrating with my daughters and my ex (see HuffPost Divorce) in New York. This year’s It’s A Wonderful Life Award goes to Gregory Schauer, the unemployed man who demonstrated the true Christmas spirit by taking in a homeless woman and her three children for the holidays. Remarkably, when we contacted Greg to tell him about all the people who had written in offering to help him, he told us: “Please let them know that the best thing they can do is pass it on so to speak. Instead of sending me anything, call a shelter, sponsor a family for Christmas, give to the food pantries, spread the spirit of Christmas to as many people as they can.” So, in Greg’s honor, please go to The Goods, our online store featuring goods and services for those in need, and make a purchase in Greg’s name* (My choice was to help pay the rent of a family in need).

*Before adding your selection to your cart, click the box that indicates you want your donation to be a gift, put down Greg Schauer as the recipient, and as the recipient’s email. We’ll make sure he gets your message.

Also check out these worthy bloggers too–if you get the time this Christmas: Funny or DieGeorge’s Bottom Line (George Stephanopoulos)GothamistHotline On Call (National Journal)HullabalooInformed CommentNPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlateTIMETimes Of LondonTMZUSA TodayVanity FairWall Street JournalWashington IndependentWashington TimesWashington Post; ; Youth RadioAltercation (Media Matters)AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing BoingBrave New FilmsBuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireRaw StoryRedstate.orgSeeing The ForestThe Swamp (Chicago Tribune)Swampland (Time)TalkLeftTalking Points MemoTapped (American Prospect)Taylor MarshThat Minority ThingTruthdigThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWashington Whispers (US News & World Report)WonketteThe Young TurksRoger E. HernándezChristopher HitchensRich LowryDick MeyerJohn NicholsJack ShaferRobert ScheerLynn SweetBrian TillGeorge WillMichael WolffPBS NewsHour.

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Zara Phillips and rugby football player Mark Tindall of the UK are engaged. Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news voted worldwide in our top ten (with bonus posts for the holidays) looks as follows. No. 1 is my favorite today with ‘heroine addict’ rumors having swirled through celebrity circles and in Hollywood the last two days. Ugh! So boring, if you live here. Yet another reminder how important it is perhaps, to be careful with our words. Congrats to the two stars pictured of the second royal wedding on the social calendar of 2011.

1. Reformed heroin addict Helen Baylor wows with a Christmas Carol, 2010.

2. Nicole Kidman 41st hottest star in Hollywood 2009

3. A Kardashian Family Christmas Kard 2010

4. Dark, weird & manipulative – Ryan Gosling & Kirsten Dunst

5. Katy Perry & The Wonderwoman movie rumor

6. Vanessa Bryant‘s got big basketballs

7. Grenade – Bruno Mars song as covered by Jake Coco

8. She conquered with EleganceMiss Elliette‘s epic Hollywood tale

9. Bong News: SNL, Salvia, Miley Cyrus parodies

10. Runway Action – Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2010 – Part III


In the spirit of sharing, click on these bloggers in between our bonus posts and say hi. Many of them work harder than I do all year round turning on an entertainment show as website writers and or bloggers. Let’s make Christmas happen for these girls and guys too, if we can. My only claim to fame is that by virtue of location living in Hollywood means that what is on Horiwood.Com is seen as being more credible at times then these hardworking people. I think that’s fair as to survive Hollywood–you have to be ten times tougher than bloggers who don’t live here. It’s part of earning your fame cred in the City of Angels, but with it comes a thorough understanding of the ‘unspoken Hollywood rules of fame.’ It really can’t be learned any other way than living here. A tough school I am thankful to almost have graduated from. To everyone whose ever supported me here in seen and many unseen ways that I have felt, thank you so much for making a Maori’s dream that I never once grew up dreaming, but fortuitously fell into by grace of opportunity, come true. :)

For celebrity bloggers who don’t live in Hollywood, know that all opinions aired and shared have validity in a democratic society of equal people, so let’s support such bloggers too, aye if we have the time and feel like it?! Thanks team. Any celebrity blogger who does charity posts and shines a light on the defenseless, the unheard, the misrepresented, the needy, the poor–will always be a star in my book in that moment they turn their light on such people, just like us. Only creative people have this ability to influence others for the good, which is why I’m affirming their energy and efforts today as stars in the world of entertainment. Alright, on with the show then. :)

Absolutely True


Accidental Sexiness

Bonus Post: Lady Gaga: AND WHY EXACTLY IS THAT HAND THERE? Operation Smile is the organization that helps out peeps born with that cleft palate situation. Click on pic, to make a dif if your smile’s fabulous and want a kid to know the same feeling. Cheers!

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To give the gift of clean drinking water to make a difference to a billion people who need it, click on this pic–to not be a fruitcake stuck in the past these festive holidays.

The world’s true royalty is anyone conscious enough to make water flow. This one fact, determines the baseline flow of all human rights in this world.

Because you all rock… Love ya! :)

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Kate Middleton has a lunch date with The Queen. Will & Kate charm a . Royal souvenirs get the big tick. In other news, 1 billion people exist in the world today that need clean drinking water. The Water Project, seeks to make a difference in India and Africa, click on pic below to let charity flow these holidays and be a Prince or Princess too of a more civilized and modern thinking world today.

Tron: Legacy earns $43.6 million at the box office to be #1.

You too can watch a total lunar eclipse, early Tuesday.

Shakira teams up with Dora The Explorer to debut a childrens book.

And the rich get richer–Los Angeles Times story.

Taylor Momsen shares Sarah Palin‘s knowledge of geography.

Chinese women can play good chess

Johnny Depp is sighted backstage at a Justin Bieber concert.

Immigrants in the US and The Dream Act

Angelina Jolie gifts Brad Pitt a “family-rock” ring for his 47th birthday.

Mitch O’donell news–Omnibus spending tale.

Saturday Night Live spoofs the Kardashian sisters.

Cancer-causing metal found in Chicago-area tap water

Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron remain besties.

Lady Gaga perform in Paris, France due to crew arrests. Or, a pop star’s day off. Lol!

U.S. Senate OKs Illinois’ first Asian-American federal judge

Burlesque has a Golden Globes controversy on their hands.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds may have done lunch in NYC.

Best TV actor at Golden Globes is dubbed the mostly contested category this year.

Arizona and Nevada sue Bank of America over loan modifications–Why only two States?

Of course, President Obama has almost ‘job approval’ from Republicans–4% margin. :)

Christmas stocking stuffers for the pop cultural addict–Washington Post

iPads Arrive at Delta Gates at Kennedy

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Here’s some top rating celebrity news items, political trending news in the US and other current events news posts rating as observed from Hollywood in the world today. Enjoy.

Alina Kabaeva (above) gymnast, MP, model? wears Balmain for Vogue Russia cover.

Sponsor a child in Africa and don’t let starvation steal a child’s potential (below).

Robert De Niro prefers now, over “then” or never. He says to make it count.

Cliff Lee is baseball’s unexpected Phillies star


US Air Force Blocks NY TimesGuardian Sites Over WikiLeaks

Emma Stone and Garrett Hedlund get some press.

Free Speech: Juan Williams Signs Two-Book Publishing Deal

Harry Potter actor David Thewlis and Anna Friel split

After Leah, teen-mom Amber Portwood is pregnant again.

Stanley Fish: The Value of Higher Education Made Literal

Apple ipad gives Apple the edge.

Coldplay finally think up a new album concept to write songs about. About time.

Blink-182 talk a new album too.

Can Palestine make concessions

Jennifer Aniston wants distance between herself and Chelsea Handler. A wise move.

To Conquer Wind Power, China Writes the Rules


Jon Favreau will not be directing Iron Man 3. Harsh from Marvel after he did so well.

Former Prime Minister of Britain Embarks on a Global Opportunity at N.Y.U.

For Iron Man Avengers Gwenneth Paltrow will sit this round out. Pepper is busy.

Ruth Maddoff grieves.

Jane Lynch will be a voice on The Simpsons.

Charlie Sheen‘s lawyers manage to keep the ‘Pizza Assault Battery’ claim from his door.

David Ulin‘s favorite books of 2010

Hulk Hogan marries Jennifer McDaniel in Clearwater, Florida today. Nice one!

Donny & Marie$170,000 plus, per Broadway Show this Christmas season.

Richard Holbrooke book

Rob Zimmerman and Cher have split.

Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter split.

Leighton Meister tries to catch up with film stars her age.

Taxes and Obama



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[Photograph of the Day - Adbusters recreate a United Colors of Beneton Ad via Saskschools Deconstructing Ads Blog]

Horiwood.Com is a WordPress blog, just one of many from bloggers all around the world. Here’s 12 voices (see numbers) who blog and what they are thinking, sensing, sharing or expressing. I like their voices, as they don’t make me feel like a freak because they blog daily too and their opinions are much more thought-through conceptually than most of our stuff I post daily. Respec! Information sharing is all the rage in this day and age. We are what we share, sorta. Hopefully the better stuff–more so than the sketchy stuff.

Some hot potato political topics and world news stories rating in America of interest can be spotted peppered throughout too. Enjoy:

1. My Sister-In-Law is ruining the Economy

Richard Holbrooke Remains In Critical Condition

2. Truancy will kill your dog by Tori Nelson

Armed man takes 15 children hostage at French nursery

3. I’m sick of experts by Laura’s Looking Glass

Report: Netanyahu Does Not Want To Share Jerusalem

4. Transitioning to an Economy of Reuse by T.Caine

“Black Swan” leads Critics’ Choice award nominees

5. Writer’s Reality Check by Kristen Lamb

Suicide Bomb Kills 6 NATO Troops In Afghanistan

6. Christmastime by The Mija Chronicales

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

7. Reading Resources for Photographers by Kathleen Frank

No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own

8. The Success of the Scientific Method by Katie Bowell

Boehner Talk Skin Tone, Obama and Cries on Camera

9. 2 Bite Pumpkin Pies by LaurelG1

Murdered Alabama children were tortured: documents

10. Metrodome roof collapses; NFL game moved

China’s Army of Graduates Struggles for Jobs

11. Patio Planter Project by Britney Anne

Thomas L. Friedman: Reality Check

12. Controversial comments taken out of context: Foreign Minister Yeo

Celebrity Photos of the week

To give the gift of clean water, if you care as much for people who don’t have clean drinking water daily just as much as Liu Xiabo was not able to attend his own Nobel Peace Prize Awards concerts celebrations. Human rights is in our hands. Give. Believe. Love.

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Transparency is like refined gold, it has to be earned, tested with trust. So, I like people who endeavor to display a transparent spirit as leaders who serve the best interests of all, hence this quote running on this blog: ”In my time as Prime Minister I have tried to push for greater transparency, and we are happy to have an independent body overseeing expenses and entitlements for MPs [politicians], says New Zealand’s leader from Wellywood/ Wellington,”John Key 3 News. Information is like water flow. It often doesn’t flow to the right people who need to have it. Knowledge equals power. Africa needs water. What do we do this knowledge?

Transparency is good in any sincere culture but discretion is a part of wisdom too: ‘Do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing… Be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove… A wise man conceals a matter.’

Often people who expect others to be transparent are not themselves–so good men and naturally transparent people–are forced to be wise and manage their own information about themselves, like a cultural taonga of New Zealand belonging to the collective people of Aotearoa New Zealand. Each nation is a knowledge farm of fruitful minds.

Here in America, today - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has already worked out what her parents do and wants to follow in their footsteps already as a performer turning out a show. “Shi’Bouncy” couldn’t be happier with her baseball bat and military attire as mother Angelina Jolie, sister Zahara and Maddox go to Lee’s Art Store themselves in Manhattan, New York to shop before they imagine and create as artists. Too cute. This family is on the attack today from haters not in Jolie’s league, or, all of her children either. Love it. Maddox Jolie-Pitt has been a star longer than many people claiming to be celebs today. He was born this way. A star.

Jolie’s statement today could be–Our best art, is serving our children, to be informed by their worldview, creating their art. In any culture, isn’t that always the truth.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news on a sad day where the much admired Elizabeth Edwards died, looks like this as voted by you today worldwide. Thanks people.

1. Elizabeth EdwardsPeople Magazine cover

2. Melbourne’s Daniel Assange talks dad’s “audacious awesomeness”

3. Kim Kardashian for W Magazine

4. Gylne Tider‘s weird Let it Be art is tres poignant-o

5. Entitled Chelsea Handler goes gunning for herself and Jennifer Aniston

6. Sataying – Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi & Caroline Artiss

7. Steph Koutsimanis-Smith enjoys the New Zealand Beach Life

8. Art: Indio Downey buys a John Courage Amber beer poster

9. John Barrowman of Scotland can kinda sing

10. Julian Assange for Time Magazine‘s cover man

[Images courtesy of Gog.Org.NZ and Splash]

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Nelsen Mandela’s Key as Art for Human Rights Honorees and Advocates of the World

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – United Nations Website


Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people,

Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,

Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,

Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have in the Charter reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.  Read the rest of this entry »


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A consonant’s single power to define, reorder meaning in a collective of consonants–and who owns their arrangement in “words” that form “meaning” to create “laws” that protect and privilege certain people over others, in “books” or corporate or government “notes” and leaked “documents”– is the top trend in the world today–this week. It’s all about information sharing of consonants and written symbols today as collected via computer technology–and who has a right to “distribute” these consonants arrangement on a data file or printed page (being digitalized) to fellow human beings, supposedly deeply affected by these “words” and “consonants” arrangement and ordering of expression.

Are letters (written consonants/ symbols of a few people) more important than the lives of the majority of people?

Do we worship the iconography of our own words and their protection more so than lives being lost every second?

Do consonants really determine Freedom? Or, is freedom shared in the spirit of brotherhood worldwide — bigger and more spiritual than written consonants alone devoid of human bodies, flesh, blood, melanin and bone and breath–transcending the limitations of just the letter of the law? I think the true essence and meaning of Liberty is. Living words are always so much more what we all serve. Or should. Not death words or death systems words for the majority of people on the planet.

Which is why I think a war of data distribution “ownership” and “protection of certain peoples words over another’s” or “exclusion of some peoples words from finding other peoples eyes and ears too” is a little silly.

It reeks of entitlement of a few–and that’s an archaic model that isn’t serving the majority of peoples interests in the world today in many political systems. The world is changing –keep UP!

I was thinking that with the Wikileaks scandal, with Google’s scanning of every Victorian book ever printed in the 19th Century, and also every book ever printed–that the world is getting a little bit obsessed about owning the 26 consonants of the English language, how they have been used in history, how they are being arranged today–and what meaning these 26 letters can create.

So for all of the power freaks in the world, who want to own all words ever written and printed (with 26 letters of the English alphabet), want to control their distribution, and definitive ‘scientific’ arrangement and meaning–my suggestion is, that perhaps: a) you dropped out of school too young, b) you always wanted to be a writer but never had the talent c) your sibling got more alphabet soup in their plate than you did–because this ‘control obsession’ with data ownership based on ownership of words and symbols of letters is getting a bit ridiculous.

You see, true creativity is a symbol of endless power that is not stuck, static or frozen. Meaning is created by such people that is relevant in any era we all live in.

True creative people create new words all the time, that can never be controlled. Once upon a time, Beyonce in the group Destiny’s Child coined the term “bootylicious” to express an African American form of sexiness in order to bring awareness to her difference and to create space for her peoples’ unique representation in the world. It was a ridiculous word, yet the people decided it wasn’t. The word became a no. 1 hit pop song and is now entered into and included into the English dictionary of globally understood meaning.

[Images from Google Books, home page today, top banner visuals as at ]. FYI, I haven’t read one of these books and never once felt the need to. We have amazing authors in New Zealand like Janet Frame and Patricia Grace–all of whose books I haven’t read yet–before these lads writing books would get a look in, to my reading glasses. However, this is who google touts what we should all be reading today. Wow!]

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If you’re wealthy, you might want to skip this post. I’m kidding.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet announced The Giving Pledge a while back. It’s a charitable trust, that gives people of wealth the opportunity to be relieved of it–and act like ‘real’ people or like the majority of the world.

The trust urges wealthy citizens to give the bulk of their wealth to the trust for others in need. ABC’s Christiane Amanpour recently interviews Warren and Bill and Melinda Gates about their start up role as leaders of the trust. Ted Turner is also following suit.

This is certainly an opportunity to make a difference in the world now when it’s most needed. It also observes the principle that if you give, you get back. The rise of the billionaire philanthropist as a super hero of the world–is a miracle of the heart, I think. These guys and girls are all so admiral who are in this trust. Fearless. Rock on!

Watch these stars here for pure inspiration. Mr Buffet maintains that the current tax breaks for the rich of America have not worked for US society for a decade now. I have noticed that the people who like Warren Buffet as a celebrity are all good people, pretty much. They have fun but try and be frugal too where they can.

Not that ‘that last paragraph’ is a recommend to give half your wealth away. However, in the video link above, The Giving Pledge believe they can raise $600 billion from partners who join them to do the same thing. That’s amazing, it’s like the entire amount of the  recent US draw down from the Fed.

Love it. Positive and proactive leadership.

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In Oscars Hollywood history, the Cocoanut Grove was the venue celebrating Americans much loved art form of Hollywood’s cinema’s best awards for excellence.

From this image we see a Palm Tree as a symbol of Peace. Whether a palm is found in California, throughout The South Pacific, in Israel or Iran provides a message for us all to ponder as a symbol.

A palm tree grows peacefully in earth’s soil, irrespective of how people draw up maps of territory. Its a very humble tree. It just grows. Its leaves offer shade in extreme heat conditions for people and camels alike. It always signifies that water is found nearby, water being a symbol of life that all growing things need to live. A palm tree’s fruit is eaten by people of Californian, people in Iran or Israel alike. A palm tree does not discriminate. It looks after people equally.

May leaders of the world (G20 Economies Summit leaders included) all have a movie date with Peace, in their hearts concerning the future direction of the world and showing mercy to others, not all that different from ourselves.

This is California’s story in the City of Angels. We are peace messengers in The City of Angels–just like a palm tree is. May the art of peace be the most glorified American art of all and bring forth its fruit in due season.

I think an emphasis on water systems watering people who don’t have it in the world with clean drinking water, would be an intelligent thing of G20 leaders to obsess on at this point in World History. With the existing wealth all G-20 Summit leaders nations have, let’s leak some water these nations way who are without.

That’s smart leadership. Instead of just “World Economy, War Economy,” as buzz words, let’s think “Water Economy” too for all people in the world. A war on lack for the least in the world is what’s needed. That’s true power, to think that way and shows respect for basic human rights in the world.

[Image - courtesy of Vanity Fair]

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[Image caption - Fan Sam Bellingham was lucky enough to get a photo with Beyonce as she arrived at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand].

My Maori mum, Tui of Helensville is too cute. Right on midnight (Los Angeles Time) she called me to say that she had gone with her grandchildren to see Bono (she meant U2) perform in Auckland The Supercity.

She also said that Beyonce was spotted going for lunch the next day at The Soul Cafe in Auckland City. “She’s beautiful dear,” were mom’s words.

Maori moms are so much fun. Mine is in her 70′s and can still rock it out to a humanitarian’s rock concert with her grandkids. Namely, her blackest grandchild Bradley James. Love her!

On the phone we talked about what she feels the world needs today. For once I listened. She spoke of people needing a true sense of manaaki (or hospitality from one’s spirit) that this would warm and brighten the world and make it a better place.

She was deep as well as funny as Maori and all Kiwi moms usually are. I felt her manaakitanga over the phone of a woman who has birthed her children in New Zealand, in Tonga in Fiji and travelled to India, China, Israel, America, Australia, the Phillipines as the global people-loving citizen that mom is. From New Zealand, her home–mom’s love of her big-hearted nation in the world beamed bright across New Zealand’s South Pacific Waters to my Maori-Kiwi heart here in California.

Thanks for the fun phone call mom.

And – go Sam Bellingham in New Zealand! You rock. Los Angeles sees your star Kiwi smile too. xox

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Jennifer Hudson was spotted singing in NYC last night, for the Happy Hearts Fund Event.


Anyone doing something for others in need is even more pivotal this year than any other year in US history since the 1930′s. Go J-Hud!

The Happy Hearts Fund’s mission is “to improve children’s lives through educational and sustainable programs in natural disaster areas.”

I dig. Do you? If you’ve ever heard J-Hud sing live like I was fortunate enough to here in Los Angeles, the girl seriously moves octaves and mountains with a spirit of hope when she sings. Let’s hope she does for kids of the world needing her, after this performance.

[Top Image courtesy of Splash via Mickey K].

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“When they laid down their arms, we murdered them. We lied to them. We cheated them out of their lands. We starved them into signing fraudulent agreements that we called treaties which we never kept. We turned them into beggars on a continent that gave life for as long as life can remember. And by any interpretation of history, however twisted, we did not do right. We were not lawful nor were we just in what we did. For them, we do not have to restore these people, we do not have to live up to some agreements, because it is given to us by virtue of our power to attack the rights of others, to take their property, to take their lives when they are trying to defend their land and liberty, and to make their virtues a crime and our own vices virtues.”–Speech for the Academy Awards protesting the treatment of American Indians, written by Brando courtesy of The New York Times.

Marlon Brando–as photographed on the set of .

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Elisabetta Canalis attended the Ripple of Hope event last night in The Big Apple. Apparently George Clooney went with her. George is always carrying folders of paperwork these days. His new look.

The Ripple of Hope’s manifesto is: ““Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

The Awards recognize those who mentor others with good actions and is an event organized by The Mentor Network.

[Image courtesy of Splash]

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The Valley always brings a smile. In right or wrong ways.

Here’s some images of “Native American Indian” Art, right on Ventura Blvd in The Valley, California. More specifically located at The Indian Art Center of California. A shop.

Worth sharing today as a commentary on society in general. There wasn’t a real Indian in sight. Go figure.

My always over-active brain asked the questions: Where are the real Native American Indians at, in Hollywood? And where is the Native American Indian line up of Senators in the American Senate? State Governors too?

Instead, let’s just share these pictures. Do I believe that any “Native American Indian” visual presence is better than none? Yes I do. The rest is up to US –of “the political issues” that these artworks raise awareness of, in modern society. Inclusion vs Exclusion? People in dialogue with landscape and natural resources preservation or not?

I think we need these peoples view in the world, across a lot of government policy-setting and decision-making arenas, don’t you?

By the way, I love The Valley. It can be a fun place. Known to be a little less uptight and snobby, than other parts of Los Angeles. There are a lot of nice people there too.

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How romantic. In turning up for a photo call with the British Media – Prince William Windsor and his bride to be Kate Middleton both looked a picture of love and all things romantic pertaining to a lifelong commitment to each other and inspiring growth and well being for a Commonwealth Empire.

Their engagement ring belonged to Princess Dianna of Wales and of the ring appearing on Kate’s finger as her engagement ring, Prince William had this to say:

“It is very special to me. It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

What a sweet thing to say and do. I don’t thing anyone in celebrity land can trump that. This couple are the super romantics of their generation. Needless to say, the woman that last wore this ring had one of the greatest hearts of compassion of any humanitarian of the modern world. Perhaps Kate as the wearer of this ring, will do the same in the world. But no pressure! :)

Image below of Prince William on his debut public presentation to the world, when his mother chose Waitangi of the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand to present this crown Prince to the world’s eyes.

She was a great woman who chose for her son’s presentation to be surrounded with songs, color and beauty of the Ngapuhi, Ngati Hine,  Te Rarawa, Te Aupouri maori tribes of New Zealand. On his presentation day to the world’s gaze, he was surrounded by the sounds of Te Reo Rangatira (or, the language of Chiefs). Below is a song, that was sung on this day, called Te Whare e Tu Nei – written by songwriter of Matauri Bay, Katerina Mataira - whose name ironically means Katherine in English. Her song’s title when translated means, This House That Stands. Diana had  impeccable taste that her son seems to have inherited in his choice of a wife and a star maker of leaders of a modern world faced with new challenges, requiring a gift of wisdom to be creative towards sustainability in the world’s good future.

It’s nice to see William honor his mother by bringing her engagement ring back into play in the eyes of the world, as a homage to a woman who never saw this Kiwi-presented future King’s engagement day. It’s like full circle of their bond reclaimed in honoring Diana’s memory and his new love with Kate.

Top Image courtesy of Bauer Griffin Online. Image of Princess Diana wearing the ring as a teenager, courtesy of BER website. Image of Prince Charles, Princess Diana and baby Prince William Windsor at Waitangi, Te Tai Tokerau, Aotearoa/ New Zealand courtesy of New Zealand History.Net. A wooden buzzy bee Kiwi-made child’s toy was the first paparazzi photographed item, Prince William ever owned to amuse audiences worldwide. The toy that is made of wood is iconic to New Zealand. This one as featured on the cover of North & South magazine, courtesy of Buzzy Bee.Co.NZ .

Prince William is like every Kiwi’s little brother in a sense of those who watched his parents marry in 1981. Myself, being just one of many, now blogging about this momentus day in his life from California. Surreal stuff. To visit Waitangi for yourself – a right of passage for all people in the U.K who have followed the royals for years, go here to discover more on how to do that. It’s the region where I grew up.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.16.10. Song lyrics of Te Whare follow in Te Reo Rangatira~ Read the rest of this entry »


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Only Love wins.

Photographs of the Hollywood Hills, the local Russia Delhi in front of where I live in Little Russia that serves up the best caviar in West Hollywood, Angelina Jolie‘s latest billboard 30 yards from home and the open street view of fair Santa Monica Blvd today.

As I upload these pictures to share with you all, I’m reminded that super rockers U2 are performing live in New Zealand soon.

My Maori-Kiwi Helensville-raised mom is in her 70′s and is so excited when talking on the telephone that U2 are performing not too far from her Whangarei City hood in Auckland The Supercity soon.

She really wants to go and see Bono, The Edge and the lads live. Gorgeous Maori – Kiwi mums, they’re always too much fun!Where fun is, that’s where they can be found. Fun people need to be recharged with fun too. Mom knows where it’s at! Go Mom! :)

Here’s U2 performing live at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena California in an epic performance. Hollywood is still raving about it today.

Amazing Grace & Where The Streets Have No Name. Up! Liberty looks, feels and sounds like this today. Loving it from these Irish rockers here in Hollywood today. Bring it on!

[Jimi Hendrix Hollywood star, Walk of Fame, complete with Adventurous Maori motif jewelry, Hollywood Blvd California--especially for all kids of Auckland The Supercity, New Zealand and California who want to express themselves on the guitar. Hendrix's music mastery is legendary status music. Avoid all the other stuff, just learn his music. Hot! LOUDER PEOPLE! Skilfully on ten guitars, even. Why not?! Now that's a fine plan!]

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A different view: Photoshopped Aubergine featuring the letters, A & B.

If you blog from Hollywood “A” will always stand for Angeles, Angel (a messenger), or, Angelina (Jolie) – a second generation proven Hollywood star and cultural, global treasure of America.

“B” in Hollywood’s current celebrity star system, will always stand for Brad (Pitt)- champion celebrity supporter of the New Orleans Saints football team, who wear a Super Bowl ring. “B” stands for Barack (President Obama, husband of FLOTUS Michelle Obama) and Bill (Clinton) husband of the current US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton or (more current) Canada‘s teen entertainer, Bieber (Justin) or a returning Kawana (Governor) of California, Jerry Brown too.

Of these names listed – American culture is spun, millions of dollars, time, energy, resources, hours and hours and hours of global attention and effort are spent printing, distributing, broadcasting, (watching, viewing, emulating, discussing at office water coolers) any inkling of a sighting or a key message from any one of these names.

As celebrities of entertainment, politics, music, arts and culture – they form a multi-billion dollar industry that generates around them each day. AB people, leading the world – in a metaphor of a (solar) star system, or the particles of an atom. They are the oracles, of a Super Power’s discourse. The artillery (signifiers elect by popular free-choice vote) of a super power’s dominance and culture–imploring the key message of:  ‘emulate US’ worldwide. They’re fun people. Fun sells. As celebrities of US culture, I like them all. More often than not, they always bring a smile.

“B” also equals whose got the ball. B is also about what you do for others when you have the ball.

You’re an A-List star in Hollywood when you do A-List worthy things with the ball you hold in your hands for others. Angelina Jolie perhaps sums this up the best, on her humanitarian missions for the UN, to people of the world most needing advocacy. AB is a blood type (like any other, O type for example is too) –the signifier of human life globally–symbolizing the movement of a pulse for the good, across the globe, for people.

Practically speaking though, if you’re from New Zealand and you’re a rugby football enthusiast, AB stands for All Blacks and of them and what they have achieved in sports and what AB’s culture has inspired for human rights records of the World (cf: Nelson Mandela‘s story and human rights, apartheid advocacy via Maori New Zealanders and Kiwis in the documentary films of artist, Merata Mita, one of the most significant filmic artists in the world of all time, who held, focused or directed a camera, in often zero budget filming conditions–yet in a Queenly manner, like Angelina Jolie is now as a debut director, seeing beyond color bars into the heart of genocidal, raping tendencies as a filmic theme)–is only the stuff Hollywood legends are written of and made of. Hence that very long sentence. Sorry ’bout that.

On the other side of the world, in New Zealand, at a significant time in world history as captured on film in Merata’s film, Patu! – AB’s culture helped free a Nobel Peace Prize Winning King, of South Africa. His life story of freedom, is a Kiwi story too. He’s in our hot mix. Maori and Kiwi’s freed him with advocacy also, helping give Nelson his long awaited cup of Liberty in his unique journey of a very long walk to freedom as a now celebrated South Africa icon of the world. When New Zealand play South Africa in rugby, we celebrate our part we play, in his ongoing legacy of freedom. He gave us a challenge, we responded, and that legacy to free others, will always be what we do in rugby country, Middle Earth. It’s a proven gift, a cultural taonga (inner treasure) AB Kiwi-thinkers have, carry, possess, pass on to others when needed for the world.

We instigate the play and the pass of freedom with our actions and instincts, outworked in a teamwork formation. We always have.

AB thinkers and action star-doers, are ‘Humanitarian Messangers of Sport.’ They are down-to-earth and fine Commonwealth people. Their nobility of spirit is defined by a Joe Blogg’s-appearing cloak of humility.

Like any rugby football enthusiast or ‘team work sports’ appreciating Kiwi in the world –The AB’s are our fun heroes. Gladiators of sport, whenever they appear, they symbolize fearless change in a modern world of fiercely contested challenges. New teamwork strategies in play is what they evolve as a science of sport and an art form of globally loved entertainment. They are masters at evolving the game of play and making it better.

Image: Photo-shopped Aubergine (deep purple) appearing as black. Hot image via Freaking News website.

[For a good Baba Ganoush dip recipe, enjoyed by people in the Middle East equally (regardless of geographical borders) and also with people in the Western World too, check out David Bovitz recipe. Pictures are also DB's. Recipe found here].

What’s cooking in your kitchen for the world America? Good things, I trust. Happy cooking, creating, eating, shared and diverse dining. Peace ya’ll! :)

[Below Image: 'Canterbury Kia Mau Training Rugby Ball" courtesy if Ikon Sport].

A and B are two important keys on a King or Queen’s piano’s keyboard. I am not either. I am the “C” key, of Middle Earth (eyes are needed to C), like any try-and-do-some-good Kiwi does, I try and join in too, in and around supporting our rugby footballers to excel in teamwork opportunities that get the best results on and off the field.

Our rugby players are our AB’s stars. The rest of us Kiwi’s – at best, tend to play the “Middle C” key role of Middle Earth – to entertain for a peaceful and productive future of “big hearted” purposes in the world. Baba Ganoush - with pita bread as a change from Latino-staple Corn Chips and Salsa, in this Jerry Brown latino-voted California’s elect future, of political climate change terrain of Hollywood, that I blog from. Exciting times.

Keeping it real, is having a diverse taste palate. That way, we’re more likely to consider the needs of others, with a worldview different and/or similar to our own. Mature tastes then maturing together with consideration and love for others in our stout rugby and football hearts- Baba Ganoush, why not?! You know it. Peace!

~Music, Sam CookeA Change is Gonna Come in honor of Motown Artists contribution to the world for MO-vember rugby nation mugs 2010. Courage to Collaborate And Bee more awesome. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.5.10~


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(L) of Auckland – The Supercity poses with Lani.

The Samoan-Kiwi hottie looks like her late grandmother, Aunty Maina Werne-Jones - a lady who died in Kenya while on safari, and who had the distinction of having the second most-attended funeral in New Zealand history in 1997 of a Kiwi not born in the green paradise nation. As a woman of Samoa with Mana in The South Pacific, Maina Werne-Jones was down to earth, heavenly-minded, loving and much loved.

Aunty Maina as she was affectionately known, is still sorely missed by Auckland City, Samoa and throughout The Pacific today. Her laugh was magic. She laughed a lot, always sharing her smile and joie de vie with a rare gift of joyful encouragement.

Kalani also looks like her gorgeous momma, Judi Jones. Kalani’s dad, Derek Jones can be found here with Judi, doing their bit providing Samoan-Kiwi flava and inspiration at a transitional time for Porirua City leadership in Wellywood – Hollywood’s sister-city for 3D film making expertise.

Porirua is currently in the middle of a surprise bi-election, as the US Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton has just recently touched down in Wellywood, a film making nation’s capitol city, at the time of writing from Hollywood. There’s a lot going on in New Zealand right now. It’s a hot diverse entertainment nation, destination.

At the top, of the North Island of New Zealand, Kalani lives in Auckland, The Supercity of this beautiful paradise-green nation.

To see Auckland – the City of Kalani Jones and the largest Polynesian and Maori Gateway city in the World (Aloha O’ahu Hawaii of America), GO HERE.

: The analysis,  “You’re ambitious, fashion-forward and a true (if sometimes tumultuous) romantic. You’d opt to work on your business plans over your party plans, even if friends say that’s boring. But hey, you always look good doing it–just like Kim!”
If you live in Hollywood and follow Herman-Town’s Young Hollywood promotions expertise, you will know that Ms Kim Kardashian is styling and dressing America’s style conscious twenty-somethings, right now, here in the USA. Nationwide in the USA, Kim is currently doing this online 24 hours a day, with a skillful style package that consults and customizes fashion accessories to each individual customer. Smart.
Kim Kardashian is perhaps the only A-Listed reality TV Star in Hollywood, who is also a fashion merchandising mogul on the rise. If Kalani is like Kim Kardashian, I’m all for that. The world needs a Samoan-Kiwi style-queen I reckon. Especially one of Spirit — like Kalani Jones possesses, naturally. Check out Kim’s online biz ventures with Hollywood entertainment power-lawyer Robert Shapiro –at Shoe Dazzle. Amazin! They’re taking over stylish retail for the young in America–via their online storefront window instead. It’s a Kardashian underground movement of taste and style blitzing the USA.
Kalani Jones is rugby royalty of New Zealand, Samoa and the Commonwealth Affiliated Nations and Oceania Nations of the World. She is the niece of a rugby player who England’s Will Carling listed in the UK Telegraph as being the no.2 rugby footballer in the world of all time. Kalani’s father Derek, is also a good rugby footballer too.
As a future rising star of New Zealand & The South Pacific – Kalani Jones has got it all going on in her star mix and this kid loves God too. Not a bad combo for grounded balance to balance out the craziness of fame that lies ahead of her, I reckon. Go kid! If ever there was a girl in New Zealand worthy of a reality TV series of her own, to weave in a stellar cast of characters who surround her in everyday life, Kalani Jones is one such star of great potential to lead, entertain, inspire her generation. Oh… btw:
Visit Auckland City for a fun travel experience.
[Photograph of a Sky Walker - Auckland City - Courtesy of Photographer David Wall]
[Music: Sun Goes Down - Nesian MystiK & Luther Vandross tribute to Lena Horne going up too as a homage for Aunty Maina Jones' legacy as a humanitarian activist of Compassion & Love--Hollywood today.]
Let’s go Auckland. Porirua City & Let’s go SAMOA! Mauri ‘Ola.
This post going via Kalani’s Maori Aunties of Oak Ridge Camp, Whangarei City, Northland via The City of Angels & “Uncle Sam” born in Fiji, and I guess… your Uncle Derek Farmer (and Farmer Brotherhood) too – now of Australia. In the words of Avatar in 3D: We see you! :)
Reality TV Series Idea: Kalani goes to Wellywood (Porirua).

[Lena Horne -great entertainer and blacklisted activist for Humanitarian Human Rights issues and causes, Hollywood Star (the Maori koru taonga version), for Kalani Jones, Hollywood Walk of Fame–photog: Horiwood.Com’s own).

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Duck under my umbrella says John Key and Phil Heatley.

Photo Caption: Prime Minister John Key and Whangarei MP Phil Heatley duck for cover as a rain squall blows through during their visit to He Mataariki School for Teen Parents in Raumanga.

Reports the Northern Advocate via Hollywood today: Thursday saw Prime Minister Key say this about education of teen moms:

Mr Key said “it was good to be back in a place that provided such fantastic learning opportunities for its students. Looking at your achievement board is an example of how well you are doing.”

“Everybody can be very proud of themselves,” he said.

Mr Key said the school was working incredibly well and was an important place for youngsters in the region.

“We know unless you get a good education it’s hard to get the job you want and get the opportunities you deserve,” he said.

Mr Key is proof that Chilvalry is alive and well for teen moms. In the spirit of Whangarei-Hollywood Art, here’s some right back at these two lads for their good efforts.

As most of the teen moms at He Mataariki can pick up a guitar, play it and sing beautifully as Maori and Kiwi women of talented promise, here’s some early Johnny Cash with his pals Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl PerkinsThe Million Dollar Quartet reflecting back to these multi-talented ladies–and the gentlemen who step up to the global stage to let them and their children’s global presence and contribution for The World, shine.

These two lads of Key-We land are a little bit Elvis and Johnny Cash meets Mother Teresa and Angelina Jolie, in the way that they rock n’ roll for others, as showmen and men who delight in taking fierce action, to lead for good causes.

The Million Dollar Quartet were also legendary lads who entertained.

[Top image courtesy of Northern Advocate]

[This image,yesterday - Hanoi Vietnam: LEADERS WHO LUNCH: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with Philippine President Benigno Aquino as (L-R) New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, China's Premier Wen Jiabao, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh look on. Getty Images].

~Hollywood Walk of Fame, In Kind. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.30.10~


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Although Grazia Magazine claim Hollywood’s leading lady, Angelina Jolie is hapu (preggers) and other rumor mongering stuff to titillate the bored housewife – who cares.

Look at those sunglasses, that conjur up old school Jackie O elegance with a slight Bono rock star edge. Combined with Jolie’s humanitarian heart – now that’s a hot fashion combo going on and being worn right here as a Hollywood fashion statement. Hot.

Thanks for the image Grazia via Cover Awards. Very few do sunglasses better than Jolie. So California chic.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.27.10~


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Rwanda has had such a tough time as a nation. Genoicide abounded. In 1994, 800,000 people were mass murdered over a 100 day period.

The people that remained, had life tough and still do. Today many children don’t yet have access to clean drinking water. Disturbing news as the human body is made up of 62% water.  

My thought today in a Western World, moaning about things for ourselves, our own status, our own needs, our own wants - is this thought. It does get better, when all children of the world have clean drinking water. A basic human right and need, many of us never ever had to deal with growing up. These children do. They deal with these issues, but know no better. Yet we do.

Go here to Rwanda Clean Water, to see what they’re up to, and make a difference if you’re feeling it. Thanks. We can also donate through the UN’s WaterForLife website too.

~Black Caviar and Green Caviar unite, to make a diffrence. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.17.10~

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Because each of us are 62% water, a photo caption tells a story of how true power by good people for other good people, is being shown to help distribute clean water to real people, just like us: “A boy is one of many children who can acquire fresh water from a pump in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

As part of its Water and Sanitation project, World Vision in Zimbabwe will construct at times, three water pumps in a single village. This can help provide a village’s local school and more than 500 households with water.

It does get better when we give all kids water.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.13.10~

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Project Angel Food is an organization of mainly volunteers, whose mission is “to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children.”

They’re good people, doing good things, for good people who need them. Click on their logo to find out more about what they do in Los Angeles.

Very cool.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.11.10~

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Peruvian-born Mario Vargas Llosa wins the 2010 Nobel Prize for literature, making him the first Latin American to do so since 1990.

He chronicled ‘power struggles’ of oppressed peoples. Says John Freeman editor of Granta to the Los Angeles Times, ‘”He had a very vigorous public life, which often obscures the fact that he is first and foremost a restless stylist. He’s worked as a satirist; he’s written parodies, political thrillers; he’s moved from a fairly earnest modern style to a very lucid, clear style. … I think it’s the hallmark of a writer who is endlessly searching for new ways to depict the refraction of history in life.”‘ A fascinating writer and man.

This post going up for Q’orianka Kilcher and peoples of Peru. Q’ori is Hollywood’s preiminent Young Hollywood actress and advocate for Peru and Hollywood’s voice of the Indigenous People of the Amazons.

Congrats Mr Llosa. Video footage, of the Nobel Peace Prize boards selection can be viewed at The Washington Post’s website. And Llosa’s back story, of personal romantic life, reads like a novel all on its own. Go here to read that too.  

In The Storyteller: “This book takes us into the Peruvian jungles, where the Machiguengas tribe battles to retain its peaceful heritage against ruthless rubber barons. His books often employ stories within the story, and here this is beautifully achieved by telling the story of the tribe’s fight for survival interspersed with the tribes’ myths told by the Hablador — or storyteller. It celebrates the act of telling stories and is an ecological call to arms.”

[Image of Mario, courtesy of Susana Vera of Reuters. Q'orianka Kilcher's image, her own. To see what Q'ori's up to, go here to Q on Q-Initiative. Always interesting. A fine human rights advocate, just like Mario of Peru.]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.7.10~


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“We box not against flesh and blood, but against oppression of people,  trapped underneath layers of harmful systems, not working for them.

“We box against these systems, created by those with no heart, that sit, intoxicated on The Young’s blood, obscured in darkness”–2010′s community-focused manifesto.

If you’re a boxer. Let’s work! There’s a lot to box about and good things to box for. First we must turn the light on. That’s a good start. :)

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.1.10~


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