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It was a very sweet idea for the New Zealand Postal Service to issue a range of “lick me” products, for customers of a royal theme to send their mail with.

Unfortunately, you can try your darndest to be sweet, but sometimes genuine mistakes, muck ups and bungles happen, as this story shows.

The pack, which sold for $19.90, was released this week but included the wrong birth date for the prince in the text.

Instead of the correct date of June 21, 1982, the pack said Prince William was born on May 21.

The mistake was not on either of the two $2.40 stamps of Prince William and Kate Middleton released yesterday by NZ Post but in the text of the presentation pack.

The “lick me” products go on sale again in packaged form, when the error has been amended. What a crazy country at the post box! Love it. Getting mail for months with royal wedding paraphernalia stamps is a Kiwi tradition. Go here to see that in effect. :)

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TOP – A  Manu Tukutuku kite to fly over the Takutai Moana (Oceans) while standing on the beach. Art exhibition piece from the Ngai Tahu tribe’s artistic lore of Maori culture. Kite materials are harakeke (flax fronds) and toi toi (or pamper-US grass flowers).

BOTTOM – Patchwork cotton badge for BMW of Germany. Made in China.

MUSIC - Anthony Callea and the lads of The Red Hot Chili Peppers bring us a live version of The Zephyr Song performed at Slane Castle for our listening pleasure today from The Entertainment Capitol of The World via Hollywood’s only South Pacific TV Channel online with Hollywood uploads. Enjoy.

Lyrics follow as poetry, below our fun logo talking point today.

This BMW racing car logo motif was originally posted in movie news featuring the making of the movie I Am Number 4. Seen it yet?

The Zephyr Song Lyrics sound great in a BMW. Lyrics could almost be an unofficial anthem of new, more fun and brighter roads ahead.

I think the old Jewish King, what was his name Solomon? would have approved of these lyrics with a chuckle, somehow, back in the day of his wise rule -

Can I get your hand to write on
Just a piece of led to bite on
What a night to fly my kite on Read the rest of this entry »



Prince William and Kate Middleton continue to amuse at US check out aisles. Their latest US tabloid flaunts a wedding like Will’s mom, Diana‘s. Poor Charles. :)

I was thinking today, how much we have in America to be thankful for. A lot. If we live in the US in community, we know that we have each other. That’s awesome. The diversity here in Los Angeles is amazing. Like a sea of twinkling stars from many nations, reflected in the pulse of Hollywood. It’s humbling to be a part of the ‘class’ in 2011. Not that Hollywood is a school per se.

I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s been a privilege to be here, interact with American people in Hollywood and dream a dream with Americans towards better and noble things. I believe in the best for America, of America, and with America. It’s in my Maori-Heart to be pro-USA.

I don’t know how many Americans have put up with me some days, but I am very thankful that Hollywood and beautiful California, has. Thanks Cali. And thank you all worldwide for your support of this blog.  :)

Here’s our top ten celebrity and entertainment news posts voted today. Nice choices.

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Bonus Post – Te Mata Tini O Te Ra – is what we’re made up of. Maori culture on display is vibrant and authentically inspiring.

Vintage Hollywood stamp art – Aunt Elvira‘s stamp collection – Marilyn Monroe original stamp.

True Royals today are all of US, who give safe water to those in the world who don’t yet have it. That’s 1 in 6 of US. Go here to make a difference if you want to. Perhaps we should start the Red Scallop Water Trust, just for kicks, to ensure this happens in the 2010′s. :)


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