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An artist Natalie Stamilla has her Kiwi heart set on sculpting rugby football player Michael Niko Jones in a bronze statue. The artist aims to honor what Jones has gifted the game of rugby football, New Zealand culture, his worldwide fans and his West Auckland community, close to neighboring Helensville.

One of the most famous sports moments of Rugby World Cup history is when Michael dived across the try-line against Italy in the 1987 World Cup tournament to score. The photograph of this moment has captured the young sculptresses imagination and artistic talents.

It is ironic that someone who doesn’t really care that much for ‘graven image culture’ (like Hollywood loves to rock out with as US culture as a norm) and who is known for his great athleticism and cool calm strength veiled by restrained humility would agree to the sculpture even being made. He’s just so humble.

The moment perhaps shows Jones’ sense of humor to honor his team mates of rugby football of the game by green-lighting the project and what all Michael’s peers have given the game too, when Jones switched from basketball to rugby football. It was a rare sporting moment at the time and he brought his basketball reflexes to rugby football – changing the game with quick creative play. Jones is also a big star of South African people.

Michael’s mother Maina Jones was a vibrant school teacher who would always say she “loved Jesus.” It was just her line. Saying such things today, can get school teachers in trouble, but with Maina, it just drew her many fans closer in to her warm heartedness. In that regard, she made modern law scientifically irrelevant. Her life would never have fitted these restrictions. When she died, she had the second largest funeral of any New Zealander known in New Zealand history at her passing for a person who wasn’t born in New Zealand. She was a legend too.

Her bubbly laughter was like a well of joy. Her face was like the sun shining. She knew no fear. She loved all people. All of her children have her zest for life in fine doses and are equally interesting people who carry this one gracious lady’s spirit of excellence in leading others with laughter.

Because Michael has a living likeness named after him too, Niko Kirwan, (rugby football player John Kirwan named his eldest child after his legendary bro), the above fun pop art tribute via New Jersey, USA is going up for Michael’s Kiwi mum who mothered John Kiriwin too and her unique ability to feed peoples’ spirits while feeding them at her family table.

Honoring Maina’s legacy today from The Entertainment Capitol of The World, is perhaps what Michael, his sister Kathy and older bro Derek, would all want to see with this story. She was special. One out of the box.

Maina was her childrens’ and Michael’s biggest fan and she was 200% rugby football obsessed like most Kiwi moms are. As a sport, she loved rugby football. We all miss her enthusiastic contribution to a sporting nation. Her faith was bright shining as the sun.

Talofa Michael Jones! God is always with Michael and his brother Derek – The Matai (Chief – one of them) of us all. Stay close.

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