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Spooky travel stories are all the rage. It’s almost getting to the point where the safest way to travel and see the world for kids or adventurous avid thinkers always wanting to learn by stepping inside another nation’s exciting and new pages, is like… quite possibly in the army.

Here’s a spooky travel story for you via The UK Daily Mail.

“Southwest Airlines passengers have said they are lucky to be alive and spoken of their terror the moment a three-foot hole ‘exploded’ in their plane’s fuselage, forcing them into a terrifying descent.” Read it here. Sounds like a bit of an ordeal.

The drama of the saga is best summed up in this summary – “Southwest Airlines blames an ‘in-flight fuselage rupture’ while FBI stress it was ‘not a terror attack.’” Excellent!

The moral of this tale then, if there is one… is always travel with a parachute to be less terrified. Also, if you plan a bungy jumping vacation from the outset and that’s your purpose of your vacation, then the chances are you’re totally prepared mentally, if anything could go amiss up in the air. :)

Our greatest heroes in history were adventurers and that’s how nation’s narratives became more exciting.

Buy new clothes when you get there. Alright?! To not travel, is to not know or experience any different than what you’ve been told… so… jump on planes anyway to grow. What you’ll glean, could quite possibly save your country with a wealth of new ideas on your safe return.  Leap, fly, run, breathe, travel, have fun. Most of all, have the courage to grow. Peace!

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Voting hot in Hollywood today on this blog is Jarryd Hayne star story in a rescue mission where Hayes, an NRK footballer looked a little bit Dean Cain or Henry Cavill. See Jarryd’s eye brow WTF-ing heroic efforts interview here.

Basically, with his uber hot Polynesian origins in the South Pacific, Jarryd is a hit reality TV series just waiting to happen.

Now Jared’s Paramatta Eels football teammates are taking the mimi, out of Haye’s good efforts. They are likening him to The Hoff (David Hasselhoff) of Baywatch fame days. How Hollywood of them. Love it.

One quote via the Sydney Morning Herald comes via a teammate Luke Burt who notes, “It shows what kind of a man he is to go out there and do something like that” Apparently Jared is betting at surfing then swimming in the training pool for his sports game. This fact was parodied at the press conference when Jarryd’s football captain Nathan Hindmarsh said, ”What he did was awesome; he saved someone’s life.” In down under humorous fashion known to Australia and New Zealand, Nathan had jokingly mocked Hayne by entering the press conference with a kickboard. Lol!

“It’s great that he did something like that for a struggling swimmer. It shows what type of kid he is and what type of man he is to get out and do that. He did a great job,” said Burt of his star teammate who knows how to conduct league football crowds like few can, when he arrives on the football field. 

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3,048,986 is the milestone we’ve climbed to together in Hollywood. Again… many thanks. Stay strong.

This milestone, being remembered for the nation of Japan, Tsunami survivors. Because we are committed to good peoples climb in their recovery, go here to make a difference if you’d like to. Peace!

[Photograph - Southern Alps, Hari Hari - Aotearoa New Zealand]

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It is the art of the American reality star to be as honest as one possibly can while turning out a show in the USA, offering commentary on culture.

After all, this is the job of the reality TV star, in the age of ‘reality television’ and the lucrative deals that follow (not for the show) but with endorsements. It’s millionaire-making terrain.

The Kardashian-Jenner family rule this entertainment platform in the USA (there’s so many of them, they’re able to cover trends, sort of like subtle moss in a jiffy!).

Scott Disick has the job of justifying the firms already shot TV series that have all already been filmed, in light of current global crises occurring all around us in the world. He’s a good lad. Thank goodness for tabloids, as what’s missing in the show content’s relevance, this family can make up for, in new tabloid stories.

Here’s what Scott has to say today, ”You know, I just realized there’s bigger things in the world than just being a selfish, self-centered, prick,” Disick, 27, told PEOPLE recently at the Famous Stars and Strikes Event benefiting A Place Called Home at Pinz Bowling Alley in Studio City, Calif. Scott’s comments were also made in relation to his recent stance to ‘give up the booze.’ It’s like dude, moderation man! His comments are good today.

We all have self-centeredness to work on and re-prioritize in light of a world we actually increasingly share more in being a part of, so I welcome Scott’s comments today. Trending sentiments for the USA even. Today Disick looks like a reality TV show guru. :)

Here’s 5 things we’re voting and sharing as social media in Hollywood right now.

1. Fukushina Iwaki Japan evacute 170,000 in nuclear meltdown scare

2. Polynesian’s greatest boy band Nesian Mystik are humble and Hawaii-50

3. Model citizen Christopher Chandler

4. The Bush family have a budding writer

5. Petra Nemcova inspires with real life experiences – Love her!

I gotta admit, I am slightly into Kim and Kourtney‘s new show. I must miss my sisters and their cool and very diverse families.

Some media outlets in the USA thinking about others in Japan right now are: Kausfiles (Slate)kottke.orgLeft, Right and CenterThe Moderate VoiceNDN BlogThe Notion (Nation)Oxdown GazettePandagonABCAccess HollywoodAl JazeeraAOL NewsAssociated PressBBCBloombergBoston GlobeC-SPANCBSChicago Sun-TimesChicago Tribune

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[Photo caption Kevin Zegars and Keisha Castle-Hughes star in Vampire - Pic via NZH]

Reports the New Zealand Herald today, Oscar-nominated actress Keisha Castle-Hughes was taken away from a prominent Auckland nightclub in handcuffs after a bar fight sparked by a “crude” comment about her acclaimed movie Whale Rider broke out, all up in our girl’s Hollywood A-Listed face in gorgeous New Zealand, after dark.

The once teen mom, now working mother found herself in a fight resulting in cuts and bruises for her boyfriend Mark Graves. Say it isn’t so! This man is NOT Castle Hughes bodyguard. Stop that nonsense asap!

Oscars Show’s Maori royalty in New Zealand getting ruffed up like that is so not acceptable! How rude! ;) More follows below…

Hollywood pop cultural news we’re sharing in Hollywood in this minute, is as follows on the Horiwood.Com commununity. Back to Ms. Keisha Castle-Hughes after these links.

1. Lana Rosa‘s awful New York parking spot violent story drama

Bad Boy Alex Pettyfer: ‘I Am Number Four’ Shirtless Run!

In the red corner for TI

2. Halle Berry‘s wears Pucci for NAACP Awards 2011

Kate Middleton selects her wedding dress designer

Kate Hudson news

3.  Hillary Clinton shines

Alexander Skarsgard goes shirtless for True Blood

Anne Hathaway loves romancing in the UK

4. Janet Jackson‘s big romance

New Water for Elephants trailer

Christchurch quake leaves its mark on tattoo fans

5. The Stowers are switched on and aware

Body language and celebrity relationships

Rebuilding Christchurch business – Black Rose Tattoo

6.  Kris Jenner is a riot

NeNe Leakes is LOL on the Celebrity Apprentice

Against Libya’s rebels, Gadhafi controls the skies

7. Ashley Greene, Nina Dobrev, Nick Jonas

8. Gisele Bundchen covers muse

Obama takes Aussie PM to school

9. Charlie Sheen sounds like the US AND the UK in his quotes

Egypt swears in new post-Mubarak Cabinet

10. Harlem Theater needs our love

Alex O’Loughlin for GQ Australia

Tearful Kylie tells of ‘dark moments’ in cancer battle. Aw!

The Herald continues “The 20-year-old star and her agent say she was not arrested in the weekend incident, but confirmed last night that police removed her from the scene.

Both the actress and boyfriend Michael Graves were released without charge.

Castle-Hughes told the Herald the fight broke out after someone recognised her at the Pony Club in Customs St and made a derogatory remark about Whale Rider.

She said Graves got into the fight defending her “in regards to comments made to me that were quite rude about my job, and so from there it became a physical fight”.

“He defended me and it got out of hand. It was in the club and there were lots of people involved … It was very messy.

“It was an unfortunate incident and I was involved in an altercation in amongst it and, yes, I was taken away by the police because I was in the way while they arrested a number of people,” said the Maori Hollywood cinematic princess of the South Pacific after her rare night out on the town. Such a sensible young lady.

For more go here….

As Keisha is a national living treasure of New Zealand, Indigenous Peoples of the World and Hollywood, California, and, the fact that she stars in a new show that has the word “John” in it, perhaps this young Princess of Hollywood and Maoridom, needs her own bodyguard budget allocated to her when she goes out. ;)

Now there’s a good thought for Security smart New Zealand.

President Barack Obama taking The Hot Ginge of Aussie (aka PM Julia Gillard) to US school, Wakefield of Arlington is pictured below via The UK Daily Telegraph. President Obama in his reshuffle of whose the USA’s best buddies this year said “We have no stronger ally than Australia,” Mr Obama said, after the Oval Office talks, marking the 60th anniversary of the formal alliance between the two nations.” Word!

“The two leaders said they discussed the uprisings in the Middle East, key Asia-Pacific security and economic issues and the fact their nations were “great mates” linked by a pioneering spirit and love of the outdoors.”

She also said she had talked to Mr Obama about the need to maintain the G20 summit of developed and developing nations as a driver of economic growth and job creation.

Good mates are good mates. Nice one Julia. Photo via AP.

Gillard echoes her sentiments to President Obama that she first made with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key about ‘being good mates’ is how we like to roll in the world as allies in Australia, America and Aotearoa New Zealand. Mr Key is pictured with Ms Gillard below reflecting strong mateship ties.

Oh… one more news link via Telegraph 9/11 WikiLeaks cables in full.

And reflecting on President Obama’s political hi-lights, also check out this informative news link too –  Obama’s highs and lows

Anyway, back to Ms. Keisha Castle Hughes who just added bar brawl survivor to her Hollywood star template, quite by accident, here’s a Beyonce song, as a reminder to stay on top of things… always. And whoever gets in the road of your star fun at Pony bars, giving them a little neck move, Beyonce styles, goes a long way. Go Keisha! ;)

Wow, I can’t believe that five of my favorite people to blog about in Hollywood are in one post today. Let’s work it!

Visual – Pop Art Kiwi key ring reference for Keisha Castle-Hughes Today for cuffing one’s keys, that matter. Mauri ‘Ola. :)

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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[Phill Goff is pictured here with Auckland Central political candidate Jacinda Arden]

Guess what? The best cupcakes in the world are made with golden creamy, New Zealand butter.

Better Butter Movement News: Wikileaks documents reveal that America’s top foreign affairs diplomats like New Zealander Phil Goff and his brand and style of political leadership. The leaked cables handed to The Sunday Star Times reveal these views from America about Mr Goff, the leader of the Labor Party of New Zealand:

Mr Goff has military like precision when parachute jumping:

The cable talked of Phil Goff doing a parachute jump from a military plane. As the American report goes, Mr Goff logically debated for the jump over water option because it required less training. The US also liked the way he argued the amount of training down to two hours, proving he is a good time manager and negotiator–while not valuing his own sense of importance over tasks at hand.

Goff is “very focused on the job at hand,” American diplomats found via the wikileaks docs being shared with the world. “This sums up his working style in a nutshell.”

In other Kiwi-American trade deals news: Wikileaks reveals (via silobreaker) that a trading partnership between the US and New Zealand may not be as “El Dorado” lucrative or worth “billions and billions to New Zealand’s commercial sector” as some political leaders have claimed in the past in more recent New Zealand media, that may have given a perception of too high expectations– than these wikileaks US diplomatic communications reveal. 

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Quote of the Day – “It’s kind of a gift to approach life with having nothing to lose.” Sarah Silverman, The Jewish Journal, November 2010.

Good stuff.

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“Attitude is like a flower–when it blooms, the garden grows”

Today I ventured out into the local shopping center of the 90046 shopping district. I wanted to get a copy of a one-paged letter copied.

Armed with a dollar bill, I had to ask 20 stores, all with copiers, before one said yes.

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Only Love wins.

Photographs of the Hollywood Hills, the local Russia Delhi in front of where I live in Little Russia that serves up the best caviar in West Hollywood, Angelina Jolie‘s latest billboard 30 yards from home and the open street view of fair Santa Monica Blvd today.

As I upload these pictures to share with you all, I’m reminded that super rockers U2 are performing live in New Zealand soon.

My Maori-Kiwi Helensville-raised mom is in her 70′s and is so excited when talking on the telephone that U2 are performing not too far from her Whangarei City hood in Auckland The Supercity soon.

She really wants to go and see Bono, The Edge and the lads live. Gorgeous Maori – Kiwi mums, they’re always too much fun!Where fun is, that’s where they can be found. Fun people need to be recharged with fun too. Mom knows where it’s at! Go Mom! :)

Here’s U2 performing live at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena California in an epic performance. Hollywood is still raving about it today.

Amazing Grace & Where The Streets Have No Name. Up! Liberty looks, feels and sounds like this today. Loving it from these Irish rockers here in Hollywood today. Bring it on!

[Jimi Hendrix Hollywood star, Walk of Fame, complete with Adventurous Maori motif jewelry, Hollywood Blvd California--especially for all kids of Auckland The Supercity, New Zealand and California who want to express themselves on the guitar. Hendrix's music mastery is legendary status music. Avoid all the other stuff, just learn his music. Hot! LOUDER PEOPLE! Skilfully on ten guitars, even. Why not?! Now that's a fine plan!]

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Watch clip here.

FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, laid all her American dance moves aside and leaped into some new fun and learning, dancing with young people in India.

Their traditional music, is a little bit hip, as reflected in this dance video too of Beyonce dancing at a block party with arms raised, Indian style also. (Kylie Minogue‘s arm/ hand movements choreography from her new music video Get Outta My Way, a few weeks before Beyonce was filmed, doing Indian-styled hip hop choregraphy, also reflects the same trait. Hands expression in dance is India).

Nice cross-cultural similarities being found and created right now in world history (in arts and cultural performing arts) between America and India with Mrs Obama. Quite novel really, who ever would have thought?

Also Britney Spears Bollywood choreography in her Circus World Tour was also a forward-thinking example of this. The most successful cross-over American artist in India’s history is Michael Jackson (1/4 of all music download in India, is that of MJ’s). Nice to see Michelle Obama going after the Jackson golden trail of cultural appeal that Indians like… in the dance of life that in universally shared by us all.

Janet Jackson also demonstrated this in her no. 1 hit, Runaway -the music video,15-years ago for American women crossing over into India by paying tribute and respect to Indian women’s legacy of dance as performing artists. That clip below. Michelle Obama makes it look so natural and easy for America to dance Indian. Love it, just like the world loves Janet doing the same thing. Mrs Obama is the first First Lady of America to do this. Go Michelle!:

Of course, being a Kiwi I ask the question, what would Bollywood musicals choreography look like, filmed in the colorful magic of 3D cinematic mastery? Now there’s the future of cinema and musical cinema(s) bridge-building cross-culturally smart, right there. A part of it, anyway. Peter Jackson directing a simulation of the Taj Mahal imagery in 3D could be quite hot, when filming action and choreography. Watching Mrs Obama perform in the above clip also reminds me of Avondale, a city in Auckland The Supercity and the culturally rich Kiwi-Indian community of New Zealand. Love them.

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From the beloved’s walls speaks this message, with poignant music with a difference, for effect:

Attitude is everything: Attitude is the way you think. Your attitude is something other people can actually see. They can hear it in your voice, see it in the way you move, feel it when they are with you. Your attitude expresses itself in everything you do, all the time, wherever you are.

Positive attitudes always invite positive results. Negative attitudes always invited negative results. 

Attitude makes a difference every hour, every day, in everything you do for your entire life. What you get out of each thing you do will equal the attitude you have when you do it.

Anything that you do with a positive attitude will work for you. Anything that you do with a negative attitude will work against you.

If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of things over which you have no control.

You can develop a positive attitude by emphasizing the good, by being tough-minded, and by refusing defeat.

[Music: Soeur Marie Keyrouz singing Ilahi hanayta-s-sama' and Fairouz's Wa Habibi by the Kronos Quartet]

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