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Be a reservoir via Hollywood of life for kids. To put it bluntly, 2 million kids die each year because clean drinking water is what 1/6th of the world still need.

Let’s flow. Thanks people.

[This photograph: Ethiopia]

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A Miranda Kerr Post as Sun Capp Art – These ladies are ambassadors that matter. They are seen each year by a billion plus people on the planet. They are visible. As international ambassadors they are given the title of “angel.” An angel is a “messenger.” With all their wings aflutter–(feather creations as fashion accessories) they are a reminder of–what’s your message for the world? And to strut it out.

True fact: All the models that walk the runway of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show each year are called “Runway Angels.” The elite representatives for America’s most favorite fashion show each year and spokespeople of the brand are called “Victoria’s Secret Angels.” They’re in another league of hotness. They’re like Charlies Angels –the TV Show once made here in California–as global representatives.

Their selection reads like a line up of G20 Summit leaders or a UN Summit meetings best representatives. They stem from many nations. In the current line up is:

Miranda Kerr of Australia, PINK spokesmodel 2006-8 and now ongoing. Featured here for Heavenly Kiss launch.

Doutzen Kroes of The Netherlands via Vsalla Acess Victoras Secret.

Behati Prinsloo of Namibia–since 2008.

Rosie Huntington Whitely UK, selected 2010

Candice Swanepoel of South Africa, selected 2010

2010′s American trio – Erin Heatherton,

Chanel Iman,

Lily “is it time to snort & vomit yet?”Aldrige

In 2007 Victoria’s Secret Angels as a star brand, were awarded their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They are an elite group of girls–doing good things with their beauty and profiles. They join previous Victoria Secret Angels: Heidi Klum of Germany and America, Selita Ebanks of USA, Tyra Banks USA, The Brazilian trio: Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio. Karolina Kurkova and Marissa Miller and Lindsey Ellingson USA to name a view more.

Fun girls–all strutting their stuff for a good cause. These Angels all work for a company called The Limited.

Why are they so lethal and effective as global ambassadors? Their distribution model. More catalogues from The Limited than people who are in the US are created. More than 400 million Victoria’s Secret catalogues are mailed each year from head office, America.

The Limited is increasingly becoming a green thinking company: Under pressure from environmentalist groups, Victoria’s Secret’s parent firm and a conservation group have reached an agreement to make the lingerie retailer’s catalog more environmentally friendly in 2006. The catalog will no longer be made of pulp supplied from any woodland craibou habitat range in Canada, unless it has been certified by the Forest Protection Association.

Sun Capitol Ambassadors: The Limited sold 75% of its company shares to Sun Capitol Partners, Inc–a company that manages $8 billion in equity capitol with 245 companies and businesses worldwide that generate INXS of $40 billion each year. Sun Capitol Ambassadors have offices Boca Raton, Los Angeles, New York, and affiliate offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

These Angels are Sun Capitol’s ambassadors of choice. Miranda Kerr is almost about to pop with baby no.1. Go kid!

[Images-Top via Zimbio. And People]

~Information via Not The WikiLeaks Website. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.30.10~


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