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In OOC Kiwi News – It’s racial slurs time in the golfing world. The sporting world was a little shocked, when Tiger Woods former caddie, Steve Williams, referred his former boss,  to a “black a**ehole.”

To read that, go here.

Woods’ camp has yet to respond with the “lippy Kiwi-hobbit honky over-confident and ungrateful bag carrier” retort. I wonder when that’s coming?

I wish someone would create headline grabbing moments for New Zealand cricket. Preferably, sans racist, archaic, Colonialist, ‘dark humored’ non-Ha Ha! slurs. That would be a bonus!

UPDATE – Williams has since said “you just can’t have fun anymore” and that his “words were taken out of context.”

UPDATE 2: Williams says although his words were meant as a “joke,” he has “apologized.” His three main sponsors, golfer Adam Scott, Rolex and Titleist are still sticking with their chipmunk beaver-faced Kiwi caddie, and like Wiliams, they are perhaps hoping the scandal blows over in time.

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Christchurch City will remember Chris Doig‘s amazing legacy for sport and people today. Doig was a man who died too young from cancer.

Here’s an important link.

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A popular blog post many people are reading is – FROM HOLLYWOOD: 10 RUGBY FOOTBALL STARS

Seeing that reminded me, that as a welcoming Kiwi for visiting rugby teams and supporters into New Zealand – I should be supporting NEW TALENT getting through the ranks.

So, when it comes to the English team, I have to say “I’m totz Team Toby” on that one. Go here to read what I mean. Let’s get the new talent through.

From Toby’s homeland, The Guardian’s send up reads: Enter Toby Flood, the extra playmaker with an insurance plan to boot. The selections of Toby Flood, Nick Easter and Tom Palmer has the potential to enliven England’s hitherto dour Rugby World Cup campaign and topple France in the quarter-finals. Read more here.

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Watching veteran broadcaster, Paul Holmes, Q+A TV show, with Guy E-Spinner as his interviewer, I couldn’t help but notice Guy was interviewing ex-cricket pro, Imran Khan of Pakistan.

It turns out that Imran, leads the polls in being Pakistan’s next preferred political leader. The largely younger population of Pakistan make Imran the preferred leader at 60% in the polls.

Imran’s views of Pakistan regarding Afghanistan were interesting. He feels that Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan is a bit amiss. For example, Afghanistan was not and never has been Pakistan’s war, as such. In the mess of 9-11, they were allied with the US out of empathy at the molten steel carnage in NYC. It was America’s war and Pakistan supported that. After $70billion spent (much of it wasted? Pakistan would be privvy to seeing the spend on war) and 35,000 lives lost, Imran is not impressed at what the war outcome of Pakistan’s involvement has achieved in Afghanistan.

He posits that if you target resistance leaders, it just causes that resistance to even get stronger. He also is not impressed at America’s behavior and methods showing disrespect to Pakistan. ie – Imran noted “You asked Pakistan to help you. Pakistan did. Then years later you violate Pakistan’s sovereignty as a nation by sending your own troops into Pakistani borders without asking or involving Pakistan in that process. That’s not cool.”

Imran also clearly notes that Colonial systems, not reinvented, but still standing and in play, when Colonialists are no longer relevant or in power either – only further exploits and marginalizes the new direction of a nation’s best future forward. Interesting.

I liked his interview. It is not difficult to see why Pakistan’s people want Imran Khan to be their next leader. He’s no fool. And he ‘can still bat well.’ So that’s good too.

Full Transcript Follows of Interview:

GUYON ESPINER Well, thank you for joining us. I guess many people in New Zealand will remember you from your cricketing days, and you write in your book that there was an element, when playing England, of trying to right the colonial wrongs and assert the country’s independence. Was that a motivating factor for you when you were playing England?

IMRAN KHAN – Pakistan politician

Always, and not just me. I know my contemporaries – one of my friends and rivals, Viv Richards, and Sunil Gavaskar – I remember when we used to meet or socialise, it always was an element, because remember the effects of colonialism were still strong when we came into international cricket in the beginning of the ’70s. And so whenever you played England, it was as if you were trying to win back your self-esteem – something that colonialism destroys in a people. Read the rest of this entry »




The view from Eden Park today, the home of Rugby World Cup 2011, looks a bit like cricket.

Here’s that sporting hood shot. :)

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Everyone is stoked that Ross Taylor has been named cricket captain of New Zealand’s national squad. Especially Kenya Broadcasting Company. Here’s their report:

New Zealand have appointed batsman Ross Taylor to succeed Daniel Vettori as captain in all formats of the game.

The 27-year-old has played in 30 Tests, 107 one-day internationals and 37 Twenty20 internationals since his Black Caps debut in 2006.

He has previously stood in for Vettori, who stepped down after the World Cup, in 11 ODIs and three T20 games.

“Ross has shown to be a very capable leader,” explained New Zealand Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan.

“The process to select the captain has been robust. We wanted to make sure the right people were involved and that we appointed the right man for the job.

“I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution Daniel Vettori has made during his time as captain. He has been an astute leader and excellent role model.”

Taylor, who was chosen ahead of wicketkeeper-batsman Brendon McCullum, added: “I’ve learnt a great deal about leadership having played under Dan and feel ready to take on what is one of the highest honours in New Zealand sport.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge and appreciate the level of responsibility that comes with captaining your country, and I believe we have the quality to be a force in world cricket.”

He had a brief spell in English county cricket in 2010, playing Twenty20 cricket for Durham.”

Meanwhile, Ross is filling the ladies magazines with his recent nuptials to fellow cricketer, Victoria Brown. Pics via New Zealand Herald. Nice ‘candid’ pics.

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Cricket sports star, Adam Paraore, achieved a personal goal of climbing Mt Everest, the mountain first climbed by Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay.

Of the adventure, Adam says, “Once you’re over the South Summit it just plays out in front of you. It’s very surreal.”

He adds, “If you get high enough the only thing that matters is breathing. It’s quite a liberating experience. You appreciate what really matters and that the rest is just bullsh*t.”

Mt Everest is the tallest mountain summit in the world. What a good effort!

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In 1933 a cricket match went down between Britain and Wellington. Here’s a photo from cricket history.

[Photographer - unknown. Pilgrim's Planet art collection]

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The cool thing about Indian cuisine, is that it tastes the same in any country you’re in. Today, in order to celebrate India’s win in the Cricket World Cup, I decided to check out Star of India, on Melrose Ave in West Hollywood.

The food is delicious. The service is friendly. The artwork, a tad cheesy, but the warmth of spirit was outstanding too.

Best of all, an all you can eat daily lunch buffet was affordable. $9.95 all up.

Angelenos, put The Star of India on your list of things to do. And again… Namaste India… congratulations on a fine cricket sporting win.

Here’s two pics of the artwork today.

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Writes Dashiell Bennett today for Business Insider, “India has won the 2011 Cricket World Cup by 6 wickets over Sri Lanka. MS Dhoni batted a six on the final ball for Indian to overtake Sri Lanka’s lead. He overcame a 274-run inning, despite losing his first two batsmen (including “the master” Sachin Tendulkar) in the opening overs.

Dashiell writes that the winning partnership between Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir led the comeback, as both came just shy of 188 runs between them. It’s India’s first World Cup championship in 28 years.

The internet is abuzz today that ESPN will be screening the next world cup here in the USA. What a fine effort from India, with a good bar set by Sri Lanka going in to bat first.

Cricket supporters are always a little batty, because the game is a fun one to watch and play. It takes all day, like tennis some times so watching cricket is always an occasion that guarantees spectators time out, while enjoying an exciting sport on the green. Cricket fans are as chilled out as they are passionate about their favorite sports stars of the game. Cricket is about anticipation and the art of some of the quickest reflexes you’ll ever see shared in a sports arena. Riveting stuff! Congratulations to both teams.

[Photograph courtesy of the Associated Press]

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One Cricket World Cup related tweet [sourced via Google in America] shows fear beneath a visage of the act of supporting a sport.

Here it is – by ‎ – “If India were playing China in the Cricket World Cup Final today, productivity would dip so much on this earth that it would stop turning!” Twitter - “

If your life was about ‘majorities’… that was perhaps the case in the last tweet… you’d tweet that. Life is more than that though… [sometimes it's about MINORITIES too]. It’s also about planet preservation thinkers over ‘numbers games’ of people players (the safe vote)… so…. for the planet (as I AM a green thinking Maori-Kiwi in the USA]… I guess it’s up to me, to offer a picture of the world today as a reminder we are at best, mere stewards of the Earth’s future interests and peoples interests arriving long after us – no matter how great or small. Sometimes, the last will be first. Meekness ensures this. Let’s be more meek.

Today in Hollywood here is how you voted our top ten… on a day that received 6 x the hits of a normal Hollywood day as a blogger [it is April fools!]. Here we go then. Our top ten democratically voted posts are…

1. Dan Carter is a rugby football star

2. Pippa Middleton is no longer on a diet

3. Alex Meraz

4. When Robin Li agreed to give Mark Zuckerberg a meeting

5. Miss Elliette

6. Spikey couture and Rihanna was a winner

7. NBC, UNIVERSAL will showcast Rugby World Cup 2011 in the USA

8. Bill Gates & Harry Houdini

9. Judge Maryann Sumi judges fairly for majority in Wisconsin – USA

10. Chris Liddell + milk

My question is… why can’t people just love cricket for cricket… and the good sport it is?

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Conservative Leader Stephen Harper practices a swing with a cricket bat as he watches the India vs.Pakistan cricket match in Brampton on Wednesday. India took the match win. –Photo courtesy of The Star.

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ISLAMABAD: Disappointed Pakistani cricket fans on Wednesday blamed a sluggish Misbah-ul-Haq for defeat in the World Cup semifinal thriller with arch-rivals India. ( Click here for full coverage of India- Pakistan World Cup semifinal )

India defeated Pakistan by 29 runs in an action-packed match to set up a World Cup final showdown with Sri Lanka in Mumbai on Saturday, leaving fans across cricket-loving Pakistan dejected.

“We lost because of Misbah, as he did not score well when it was most required,” angry fan Awais Shakir said on Islamabad’s main Jinnah Avenue as thousands of disappointed viewers were leaving screenings of the match.

For more go here via India Times.


For a fact about India as a nation we are all warming to – via twitter comes this interesting statistic,

‎ India’s Population 1.21 Billion, 623.7 Million Males & 586.5 Million Females; Larger Than The Combined Pop Of Indonesia, Brazil, PAK, US, BD

Twitter - 


Why we should we watch cricket in the USA?: Sachin Tendulkar‘s sports profile is used by ESPN to get Americanos up to speed on the game. Go here to read that. A snippet of the interview, is so dramatic it’s like reading sportsnews that’s fused with Bollywood overtones. Hilarious. Here it is:

“Sachin is both the riddle and the answer. That’s what I’m told. You must understand India to understand Sachin, but you must understand Sachin to understand India. They created each other. They are the same.

This, obviously, makes no sense to me.

How could it? Just a few hours ago, on a mid-February morning, I landed in Dhaka. I came with a copy of “Cricket for Dummies.” The 2011 Cricket World Cup starts tomorrow, India at Bangladesh, and I know nothing about the sport, not even about the tremendous pressure on the Indian National Cricket team to win its second World Cup after a three-decade drought. How tremendous? The Hindustan Times’ logo for their cup coverage says, every day, in enormous letters: A Billion Dreams … 28 years of yearning.

I don’t understand that the sport itself is at a crossroads, in crisis even.

I don’t realize that Sachin Tendulkar is likely playing in his final World Cup, still searching for his first title. Tendulkar is probably the most famous man in India. He’s so famous that people who worked for him are famous: a well-known Bollywood movie character is based on his first agent, Mark Mascarenhas, who died in a car wreck.”

Blimey! Lay it on!

India know faces Sri Lanka who beat the Black Caps of New Zealand. Alright, go Sri Lanka!!!

Just kidding … may the best team win. Namaste India, congratulations!!!

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Watch live streaming of The Cricket World Cup right now from Hollywood. Here’s a link for webcast sporting action.

America is cricket obsessed in this minute. Woot! It’s a good sport.

Useful info heading into the final four teams battling for cricketing victory is – “Welcome to Watch & Enjoy live streaming ICC World Cup 2011 Semi Final match live between Sri Lanka vs New Zealand on your PC on 30th March Wednesday 2011. .
Geo Super, Star Cricket, Ten Cricket, Star Sports, Ten Sports, ESPN, NEO Cricket, Sky Sports and other television channels are broadcasting…


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Here in the USA we all know who Sasha Fierce is, we know who Sasha Obama is… but do we know who Sachin Tendulkar is? That is the question in sports news today. Google is a big fan of this sportsman.

According to Mid-day.ComSachin Tendulkar is the most searched cricketer while Twitter and Facebook are flooded with messages and updates on the big game

While cricket enthusiasts from remote corners of the country are flocking to Mohali to grab a piece of the action from the India-Pakistan semi-final, on the internet, the game is on. According to Google Trends, before reaching Mohali, people have been searching for tickets for the semi-final, hotels to stay and travel ticket availability. Maximum searches are coming from Karnataka, followed by Delhi and Maharashtra. Surprisingly Punjab is not on the list of top three states searching for the big game.

[Photo caption - Hot favourite: Children cheer for Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian team
in New Delhi on Tuesday, before they take on Pakistan in the World Cup
semi-final match. PIC/Rajeev Tyagi

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New Zealand’s opposition leader of the nation’s Labor Party, Mr Phill Goff not only had to deal with a gay sex scandal of a Jr. politican who had to resign, but he also said his members of Parliament had talked about the sale of state assets by John Key‘s government and the impact it would have on electricity prices, as well as the Christchurch recovery, which he said the Government was using as an excuse to make changes such as cuts to Working for Families.”

Kiwis don’t like selling off national assets at all (because politicians do come and go) when assets go what’s left for future generations? Eroding community programs is also viewed as an erosion of cultural strength too at the grass roots.

There’s a lot going on in New Zealand. Rebuilding is definitely robust opposition terrain to flex some weight behind such issues. For sure. The whole nation’s heart is with Christchurch City though, the people are awesome.

In any event, there’s a royal wedding to attend for the nation’s PM, so Mr Goff needs an introduction about now as the caretaker leader during the upcoming days where the world will celebrate Will and Kate‘s special day in London.

Phil has been one of the nation’s longest serving politicians. Always thoughtful and purposeful. Most of all patient is how I remember him when I was in high school. Just kidding, he’s not that old! Blimey.

The climate these MP’s are in is leading ‘Facebook culture environments of peeps,’ where work gets in the way of Facebooking (darn it!) like this story perhaps shows, More than half see work as a big yawn.

Who are the new neighbors in New Zealand who’ve snapped up the state assets? What asset territories/ companies were sold off and what nations are the buyers from? New neighbors are always fun if we take a chipper view of these harrowing facts of sold assets. All these questions… and so little Facebook time too in a day. What will Kiwis do? :)

The Rugby World Cup is ahead in the upcoming months. Exciting stuff to plan and prepare for in anticipation or a major sporting event on the planet. Go New Zealand! It’s a party in Kiwi-land soon.

What about Sir Peter Blake‘s son, doing extra mural university papers and being on college campus when he can be and standing as an MP (no disrespect meant to the other candidates). Perhaps he could motivate the student pack in Dunedin as a good young leader? And generate some exciting culture in Dunedin that would benefit Canterbury youth as well? Why not! Give this student town something to Facebook about. Or, why doesn’t Dunedin (or Canterbury) create its own Facebook all Kiwis can use.

So many exciting possibilities ahead for Dunedin. Kara whiua!

[Photo caption - Labor Party leader Phil Goff emerges from a meeting with his front bench at Otago University in Dunedin today - NZPA].

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There’s nothing like a good cricket match to discuss what’s important in the world. India-Pakistan are set to discuss better security between their two nations, cracking down on drugs trade out of controlness with a view towards strengthening peace between both nations.

The BBC reports, ’India will raise what it describes as Pakistan’s “lack of sincerity” in cooperating with India in tackling terrorism. Correspondents say no-one is expecting swift progress on issues at the heart of the dispute between the two countries. As well as the main disputes over counter-terrorism and the Himalayan territory of Kashmir – which both countries claim – the two neighbours also differ over economic and smaller territorial issues.’

First up though, today, ‘Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani accepted an invitation from his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, to attend the Cricket World Cup semi-final.’

With cricket as a shared sport, expect relations between these two nations being blessed. Cricket is very community minded. It is more often than not about fair play too. Nice one.

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If ever you’ve felt like a loser in the last two years or so, here’s an inspiring story of how you can turn this around, by learning from mistakes, focused effort under pressure… and of course, the art of teamwork with an ability to switch the pace up, when needed.

Jesse Ryder (83) applied himself to get his first half century of the tournament. Cramp meant he sat out the entire South African innings, replaced by How. Ryder’s partnership with Ross Taylor (43) gave the New Zealand innings substance, even if neither exhibited much swashbuckling. Ryder’s team The Black Caps lost 11 times running last year in one day tournaments. This year, the qualify to be one of four of the best cricket sports teams in the world.

Teamwork. Focus. Resistance. Inspiration going a long way. Marauding fielding skils were all buzz words of the team’s turn around.

Ryder’s team’s perspiration came earlier in the week. They trained relentlessly in the Dhaka heat on Wednesday and Thursday after a Monday fitness session had melted them in the furnace of Mumbai.

“About over nine or 11 the ball started [to reverse],” Jesse’s team mate Jacob Oram said. “If we were playing in New Zealand, people would think you had sandpaper out there. But considering the block and the nature of the wicket, it’s a skill you need and [bowling coach] Allan Donald has to take a lot of credit.”

Alright – it’s good to see New Zealand doing well on a global cricketing stage. It’s a fun sport. Meekness is about crawling through disappointments and past mistakes to deliver on the cricket pitch on the day. This is what these boys do. Being humble heroes is their business.

[Jesse Ryder is photographed here in India by Getty Images]

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Writes sports journalist Andrew Alderson today, “Inventor Thomas Edison once said genius is 1 per cent inspiration, 99 per cent perspiration.

Appropriately he also invented the light bulb and that is what went on for the New Zealand cricketers yesterday morning against South Africa.

Substitute fielder Jamie How dived after a flash outside off from Graeme Smith at backward point, Jacob Oram sparked the middle order collapse when he ran to take a miscued Jacques Kallis pull shot to deep midwicket and Martin Guptill ran out AB de Villiers when Faf du Plessis squirted a delivery to mid-wicket and dashed.

“We are our own worst enemies,” Oram added. “We should play like this more often than not. We have the skill and talent. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out often enough. We know a lot of people don’t rate us. It’s not just the public and media; it’s the cricket fraternity around the world.”

Black caps captain and veteran Daniel Vettori said this match vindicated their efforts: “We haven’t endeared ourselves to the fans enough… Guys are stepping up and performing their roles. Wrighty’s been a huge influence on that, keeping it simple. I’ve enjoyed working with him immensely. He hammers it home each meeting, each training. He’s taken a huge workload off me and been great for the guys.”– for more on cricket news, go here.

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I am sorry South Africa, but Patel at the local 7-11 in West Hollywood is not sorry you lost the cricket to The Black Caps.

In REUTERS words – ‘New Zealand beat South Africa by 49 runs to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup on Friday. The Africans have now lost five successive World Cup knockout matches dating back to 1992.

New Zealand will face either co-hosts Sri Lanka or England in the last-four match in Colombo next Tuesday.

(Editing by Pritha Sarkar; To query or comment on this story email ).’

Patel said “good job.”

[Photograph - The Hindu - South African Dale Steyn during a practice session ahead of their quarterfinal match against New Zealand on Friday in Dhaka.]

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Cricket fans witnessed Pakistan take Australia’s cricket title. The semi-final part 1, of crickets world cup is India Vs Pakistan.

Patel at the local 7-11 is so excited New Zealand is playing South Africa in semi final no.2 today. He was shocked that someone else living in Hollywood knew that as well. Lol!

Some useful links are Australia Dethroned… Now It’s India Vs Pak. And Australia v India: Yuvraj Singh sets up Pakistan showdown 

This news off the bat of an earthquake hitting Myanmar (Burma). To make a difference to Myanmar’s earthquake hit region, go here.


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Watch ICC World Cup 2011 Live Online Watch Live Streaming Online

1. Music – Flags by Brooke Fraser

2. Why is Japan so calm in crises?

3. Rebecca Black Unplugged

4. Princess Beatrice is out of the box

5. Warriors of Song

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I have to behave myself here. :)

But it must be said, when you look at this photo of an Aussie and a Kiwi playing a cricket match for Christchurch City this weekend in Wellington where The Hobbit‘s 3D production HQ is, that the question must be asked in bold:

So WHERE IS Elizabeth Hurley EXACTLY when she’s most required to watch a charity cricket match for EARTHQUAKE survivors?!

How insensitive of Liz NOT to turn up to THIS cricket match… of all the days!

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Growing up playing rugby football, I never thought I’d see the day where somehow I’d get to blog in Hollywood (woot!) about rugby football coaching legend Graeme Henry hanging out at a cricket match with The Gladiator/ Robin Hood Oscar winner guy (Russell Crowe). Yet today is that surreal collision of Kiwi childhood dreams converging into this one photograph by Mark Mitchell. For more photos of Russell, Graeme and friends, go here to view these lads in action for Charity cricket for Christchurch City’s rebuilding effort post the quake in Wellywood. A nice gesture.

Graeme Henry is the current coach of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, a football team most people in the world have heard of and like. Graeme’s always as laid back as a Tararua cheese TVC. He’s a dude.

Voted in Hollywood today, here’s our top ten trending celebrity, entertainment and news posts on a day where we are all conscious of earthquake survivors in Japan, Christchurch and Tsunami survivors too. Peace!

1. 80′s music commentary – Herbs with Maori anthem of Nuclear Waste wisdom

2. Fukushima Iwaki Japan vacate 170,000 people in nucler meltdown precaution

3. Amber Rose before the storm

4. Tsunami & Quake Watch – Japan in 3 pics – 3.11.11

5. No waste – fashion recycling keeps it real – Michelle Obama is measured

6. The Bush family have a budding writer via Christchurch

7. Hollywood Vegas cellulite bikini confessions by Holly Madison & Kim Kardashian

8. Virginia bootleggers movies are a new theme in Hollywood reflecting the times

9. Friday by unknown artist Rebecca Black

10. Best Sports People of 2010 – Social Media votes via Twitter results

Writes Reuters of this Satellite image of Japan post the quake and tsunami – This one-meter resolution satellite image of Fukushima Daiichii Nuclear Power Plant in Japan, right, was taken one day after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck the Oshika Peninsula on March 11, 2011. According to news reports, this is the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history. Analysts believe the powerful earthquake moved Japan’s main island eight feet, shifted the Earth on its axis four inches and unleashed a devastating tsunami. The image shows extensive destruction to buildings, vehicles and infrastructure. Entire regions have been flooded, swept away or reduced to ruin. The image was taken by GeoEye’s IKONOS satellite at 10:36 a.m. (local time) on March 12, 2011 from 423 miles in space. The image on the left is a satellite images of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite on November 15, 2009. - Washington Post for REUTERS.

People on a rooftop await rescue in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture -Reuters

Cricket spectators support Christchurch’s earthquake relief fund by attending a charity cricket match in the nation’s capitol. That’s the humanitarian spirit! LOVING IT!!! Go Kiwis. Pic via NZH.

With 10,000 people missing in Japan’s hour of need, we can help by acting with faith and hope. Go here to make a difference if you’d like to. :)

Music today – Commonwealth Anthems from Kiwiland, backstage with Crowded House performing at Live Earth Day Australia. There’s a new star on our watch older than us all…. it’s the Earth. The more aware of the earth we are, the better we will all be. This rousing performance reminds us of that. Much love from the City of Angels today. Kia ora Russell and Graeme! Mauri ‘Ola…. Life to US!

USA Media outlets raising awareness about the people of Japan too in this moment our earth’s watch are: AmericablogAndrew SullivanBAGnewsNotesBloggingheadsBoing BoingBrave New FilmsBuzzFeedPeek (Alternet)Political AnimalPolitical Capital (CNBC)Political WireRaw StoryRedstate.orgSeeing The ForestThe Swamp (Chicago Tribune)Swampland (Time)TalkLeftTalking Points MemoTapped (American Prospect)Taylor MarshThat Minority ThingTruthdigThink ProgressThis Modern WorldWashington Whispers (US News & World Report)WonketteThe Young TurksRoger E. HernándezChristopher HitchensRich LowryDick MeyerJohn NicholsJack ShaferRobert ScheerLynn SweetBrian TillGeorge WillMichael WolffPBS NewsHour. Nice one!

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MUMBAI: In what has been defined as a David vs Goliath clash at the Cricket World Cup, Canada managed a decent batting display in the match, but lost to a much stronger New Zealand side by 97 runs at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday.

To date it has been Canada’s best batting performance in a World Cup match ever displayed, with the Canadians chasing a maniacal 358 (for 6) set by New Zealand who won the toss to bat first.

Canada went as far as 261 (for 9) with skipper Ashish Bagai‘s impressive 84 and middle-order batsman Jimmy Hansra’s unbeaten 70 (injury-ridden though) leading the way. However, it paled much in comparison to Brendon McCullum‘s effortless 101 and Ross Taylor‘s ruthless 74.

News story via Times of India.

I gotta say, to see Canada improve their cricket game like this, is the main point of this story. That’s awesome that Canada is doing better on the cricket pitch. Go Maples! New Zealand gets the opportunity now to enter the semi-finals of Cricket World Cup. A good effort. :)

Cricket is one of those sports where 15 players are in a team, yet the joy of cricket is in being a spectator. You sort of pack a picnic of… (beer mainly) and head out to the cricket all day with your mates to cheer your team on. It’s the best and India’s most treasured sport they love! If a billion people are nuts for cricket, it must be bloody good.

[Brendan McCullum is batting in this pic with wicket keeper Ashish Bagai looking on. Photo via Sydney Morning Herald].

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Actor Martin Freeman who plays Bilbo Baggins stepped in as the ref for a charity cricket match in Wellywood (Wellington) New Zealand’s capitol city. The match was played for Christchurch City’s regenerating project.

Looks fun!

[Photo of Martin by NZPA. Cricket supports courtesy of Twitter via the NZ Herald]

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A happy looking Russell Crowe participated in a charity cricket match in Wellington City for Christchurch City. Nice one. Crowe is from a famous cricketing family, down under in New Zealand.

[Photo by Mark Mitchell for the New Zealand Herald]

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World Cup Cricket Shocker:Bangladesh Tigers stun England.

[Photo caption - Mohammad Mahmudullah, left, celebrates with teammate Sahfiul Islam after their unbeaten 58-run partnership secured victory for Bangladesh. Photo: AP]

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You know that your cricket team needs a bit more encouragement when Patel at the 7-11, reckons that India or England are definitely his favorites to win the final match of the Cricket World Cup! Hey!!!

Here’s music artists XX singing the mellow sounds of Shelter with some newsy bites being shared by you in Hollywood. I like the guitaring. Peace!

1. Red + NZ

Johnny Depp‘s Rango took the first place spot at this weekend’s box office, bringing in $37 million in ticket sales.

Does NASA really need to get their freak on like Charlie Sheen is too?

Prosecutors Add More Federal Charges Against Loughner

Kylie Minogue takes aim at her record label

2. Aishwarya Rai

Alexander Skarsgard Goes Shirtless

Cricket: Wright just interested in a win

3. Kendra


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