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Melissa Rycroft, is the star that looks like she could be either Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie‘s half sister. Tye and Melissa introduce newborn Ava Grace to our eyeballs with this cute tabloid cover. She’s a cutie.

Here’s the lads of the Royal New Zealand navy doing the art of Kiwi fierce as a team too and their collective haka dance. I don’t know why, but due to all of the stalkers today while blogging at the local cafe (there was one okay person!), I feel a need to post this video. I’m often reminded that it’s not the unknown ‘terrorists’ off shore we need to be worried about. It’s our own neurosis within that can be most destructive to American peace.

Today however, on the blog – refugees are on our mind. Overcoming greed addiction was a message brought today by Natalie Portman. A fashion designer apologizes for anti-semitic drunk rants. And here in America, Charlie Sheen is the ‘game shuffler’ taking all of the celebrity topics many people cling to in order to make bank and have fame.

Sheen blows these favorite Hollywood topics through the Twittersphere today clocking up 1 million followers in under 24 hours, as he flexes his Hollywood star power, for all to see – albeit playing the ‘crazy Uncle role’ of the USA. It’s all here on the blog.

If pressed for time, the revolution-refugee posts are my favorite picks today. Here’s what you picked worldwide, right here in Hollywood. Many thanks, Kia Ora (same thing) and Mazel Tov (same thing too).

1. Photoshop Humor – Christina Hendricks on ‘ideal’ Hollywood bodies

2. K2 Maori Company – entertainment humor

3. When Kendra Wilkinson got hapu

4. Teen mom Jenelle Evans and her pot saga, continue to be news

5. Billy Ray Cyrus goes into bat to provide his kid some ‘villainous’ cover

6. The Hollywood trends inside our hat – 3.2.11

7. Suzanne Hinn Vs Benny Hinn – a divorce saga, most people are reading

8. Friends with KidsJohn Hamm & Megan Fox turn on a Hollywood show

9. Oscars Quote by Halle Berry – remembering greats who made us – Lena Horne

10. Jordin Sparks for Scott McCleery – American Idol’s new stars.

Bonus Post – Political turmoil in the world. Refugees need our love. We Are The World – Amnesty International link. In helping others in their revolution have a better life, “smile because you made their moment happen.”

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