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“Jayden was a sweet, happy little boy who smiled, gurgled and loved being in the centre of things.You were our precious gift of joy… a spark in the darkness… you warmed our hearts. Your beautiful spirit is with us forever, Jayden. May the stars light your way.”–words at young Jayden Harris, 8 months, funeral today. A Christchurch earthquake victim who died too soon ‘when a television hit him on the head’ in the quake.

‘You warmed our hearts’, baby Jayden’s funeral told (+ photos)

The grief-stricken family of eight-month-old quake victim Jayden Harris farewelled him in a moving ceremony in Christchurch.

Nothing much can make me cry these days. Yet Jayden Harris sure did. Haere ra kid. Remembered in Hollywood this day, on a momentous occasion for Horiwood.Com.

Note to Tracey Harris – May you find love in your grief, and may your love find wings for children of the world, who need you. ICU!

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In describing her definition of America, the lyrics “We’re plastic but we still have fun” were penned for an American pop music anthem, written by that insecure fame-addicted girl, now wearing Madonna‘s early 90′s celebrity skin (and Madonna’s music library too)  to make her next $70 million in a year, because she feels ‘scared’ and ‘insecure.’

I forget what her names is again. ;) But…you can’t miss her, she’s got the no.1 hit in 25 countries around the world right now, including her beloved USA too. It’s called Born to steal this way or something like it. Don’t get mad at me, for writing the truth. Cos that’s what that pop star is teaching her generation, of how to ‘be American and no.1.’ Not cool.

Anyway, if America does believe “we’re plastic, but we still have fun” then it appears that celebrities of Houston Texas, have been taking that pop anthem’s memo a little bit too seriously, as in Sheyla Hershey‘s rather sad tabloid news story today. Because New York lives in the shadow of excessive Wall Street piggy types, their bloggers do “b*tchy” better than a Maori lad of New Zealand living in Hollywood ever could dream of doing – because in Wall Street’s behavior, being sane is to b*tch about excess. Environment being the key catalyst to bringing out one’s uber-bitchy American artforms, so I best let New York break down Sheyla Hershey’s suicide situation. It’s very sad. Sheyla overdosed, losing the plot by sending the wrong message to her kids. Clearly, Sheyla’s news is a reminder yet again, that depression is a disease, American people need to mindful of, when in recovery – also a Grammys winning cultural theme – depicting the national art form of American recovery as well.

Anyway, here’s Michael K: ”Well, this is just a silicone sack full of sad. Sheyla Hershey, the womanwho once held the record for having the largest breast implants in the world, is in a coma after she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills at her home in Houston. Five months ago, Sheyla was forced to get her 38M titty bags removed when she contracted an infection. At the time, Sheyla said that she was sad to say goodbye to the twin Sumo wrestlers on her chest, but her daughter and son come first. But I guess the void of not having implants was too much for Sheyla to handle.

The Sun reports that this is the second time in two months Sheyla has attempted suicide. Sheyla was in therapy for her silicone addiction, but it didn’t help. Sheyla apparently said, ”Once I reclaim my identity as the World’s Biggest Boobs I can be a better role model for my daughter. I feel so ugly without my breasts. Without them, I don’t know who I am.”

Sheyla was supposed to get Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian (aka KKK implants) installed in her chest today. Sheyla’s husband confirms that she’s in a coma, “Doctors don’t know when she’ll wake. I just pray she gets out of it.”

If only Aretha Franklin could find a way to transfer the fat melting off her chichis over to Sheyla. This is just a modern day tragedy I thought only existed on Nip/Tuck. Sheyla can’t live with silicone, and she can’t live without silicone either….” via Gawker.

Um… thanks Michael for ‘letting’ me just do a ‘What’s her name?’ and ‘steel’ all your words too.

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