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“You give your life and invariably they leave you with nothing. Young girl ain’t got no chances. No roots to keep her strong. She’s shed all pretenses. That someday she’ll belong.. She will find her place in the sun”–Tracey Chapman provides poetic political-music commentary with She’s Got Her Ticket below WSJ’s financial news.

This photograph of Bibi Aisha,18, who had her ears and nose cut off after she balked at an arranged marriage in Afghanistan has picked up top honors at the 2010 World Press Photo of The Year Awards. Such a harrowing image of a beautiful young lass, with her visage altered by laws not serving her young life well.

Photographed by Jodi Bieber the image that alerted us to real human rights needs in the world was originally Time Magazine’s controversial cover in August. Poor Bibi!

In local views, a Hollywood minute is always so fickle. It’s like a week read in tabloids, but all the celebrity story line cards are shuffled. Your votes at any given hour, best reflect a Hollywood reality. That’s why I love our 10 Hot Posts Right Now section. Your choices, your authoring via popular blog hits taken from people from 50 nations of the world.

Here’s that picture with ten choices. Eclectic as ever!

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In world news and financial watch news via the Wall Street Journal, here’s what’s on Wall Street Culture’s radar today:

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Three German bull dykes speak German in Hollywood while playing on their iPhones and swapping Echinacea pottles to read from the health store. Not that it matters as it is totally a closed conversation, but why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? Lol!

If I could speak German, I’d probably throw in some Ray Allen 3 point record talk as a conversation opener. I’d follow it up with some banter about Cisco. Peggy Rea and Axel Weber. I would definitely say the words ‘Born This Way’ to get their attention, with perhaps some work out hot tips terminology as read via Hugh Jackman’s build up press for X Men First Class. (Watch trailer at link). Hugh’s a big hit with dykes, oddly. Go figure! Then in my best Donald Trump I would mention the “s card.”

I decide an echinacea conversation is all a bit contrived and I’m feeling lazy today, so I choose not to interrupt this power health, dyke moment. Gosh. These girls are all set in echinacea euphoria land. Still, these girls make me ask, Why don’t I speaka da Deutsch?

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In Other News - Grey Lyn, Auckland City, Samoan raised action star Dwayne Johnson gets majorly segued into Hugh Jackman’s Hollywood mix, with an exclusive Fox news story (now not so exclusive) that goes like this:

It’s that time again, folks: Hugh Jackman is pumping iron and packing on the pounds to shape up for the next installment of Wolverine.

But who has he enlisted for help in achieving that rock-solid physique? Why, none other than The Rock.

“I got the diet from Dwayne Johnson, he put on 25 pounds for his last film and I saw him and was like, ‘wow’ so I called him up and he gave me his exact diet,” Jackman told FOX411′s Pop Tarts at the Audi Super Bowl celebration at the Audi Forum in Dallas on Friday evening. “I need to put on about 30-40 pounds, I don’t know if I can get there but I am up about 15 pounds so far. I’m trying.”

Jackman’s Johnson-inspired weight gain diet is comprised of 6,000 calories daily, and believe it or not, but its “hard work” to eat so much.

“Basically it’s steak or chicken, broccoli and cauliflower, and sometimes rice but only up until lunch time,” he explained. “That’s it eight times per day. It’s like a job in itself.”

Jackman, who hosted the Academy Awards in 2008, also shared some words of wisdom for this year’s hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“Have fun, enjoy the first hour because it’s the best audience you’ll ever have and from then on there is a lot of seat fillers and people that are really tired and probably upset they didn’t win,” he said. “So just keep the show moving.”

And even though the Australian native grew up playing his homeland’s beloved form of football – rugby — he’s happily converted to U.S style.

“It took me a little while to get into, because I was used to rugby and played rugby,” Jackman confessed. “But I love that in every game there is great pressure and suspense. With rugby and Aussie Rules (another form of Australian football) it is just flowing all the time, but American Football is so full of suspense. I just love it. And the athletiscm, these guys are freaks. I love it.”"

The world is changing so rapidly, that the US has its very own rugby football team. If you want to support them at Rugby World Cup in September this year. Get your hot tix, right here. You won’t want to miss it.

But why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? :)

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Living in Hollywood means that cinematically we’re either cultured in that Black Swan ballet way this Oscars season. Or, we’re debating about governments’ shifting power via ‘more fun’ corporate agencies and forms (Facebook) acting as government for ‘whoever,’ in The Social Network‘s popularity with Academy voters this year. Such questions are being talked about with many young people in Hollywood, in that exact same manner. It is their banter at Cafes.

No one really understands why James Franco, is even hosting the Oscars this year – let alone even being nominated in the best actor section. That’s got everyone double scratching their heads, like – “whose he screwing?” is what the kids are wondering out loud today. Don’t worry, no one wants to really know. But they like James overall. He’s seen as a bit of a pawn. Sometimes funny in this role too.

Teens and twenty-somethings are always so honest. Perhaps the most critical Hollywood film audience of all.

Thankfully, Hollywood is also about light-hearted fun, minus dark themed wickedness in film. It’s almost like when the global economy lights were turned down to dim, politicians have been told that by encouraging more spooky film themes and twisted pop culture, that this will make politicians shine brighter as angelic heroes of the people. Please! It’s not working.

To escape all that, thankfully, we have the comedy genre.

Just a genre where to be too deep, too political, too clever is considered a yawn, because all movie goers want, is a good laugh. Comedy provides that.

While blogging yesterday, a total stranger said to me, “I want to be your friend forever, like in my favorite movie Grown Ups.” I thought that was one of the best offers of friendship I’d ever heard. Said in the spirit of this film, their humor made me laugh. As the film is now on Blue Ray dvd, let’s revisit its story line then:

“Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you have to grow up! Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider are at their hilarious and outrageous best playing childhood friends who once played in the same basketball team who reunite one holiday weekend to relive the good old days. It doesn’t matter that these five guys are now respectable businessmen, husbands and fathers. Once they get back together, nothing is going to stop these kids-at-heart from having the time of their adult lives in this hilarious and heartwarming film that proves men will be boys from the people who brought you Click.”

One must always take advice from a Kevin. So alright then, I have my ears on. Let’s lighten up a little, get funnier and remember to laugh our no-no’s off, because that’s what life should be about more, in the world. I don’t know if there’s more problems in the world for today’s youth to face and deal with on Facebook, or whether we’re now just more aware of any problem instantly in an internet mediated age. Sometimes we need to laugh too. Joy is strength. Let’s do it!

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