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In that favorite game, of Kiwis watch Aussies, while Aussies watch Hollywood stars (as depicted in this issue of Who Magazine via Aust), while Hollywood watches Maori in New Zealand… (ironic aint it?!)…. I noticed the debut of Pink (aka Alecia Moore‘s) debut of her three weeks old baby girl, Willow Sage Hart.

Carey Hart now has two American princesses to run around after. Not a mean feat for a lad whose in a home of acrobats. Having seen Pink live in concert in Los Angeles, one has to say that her performance is as honest as Beyonce in the amount of energy and vocal work she puts into giving her fans a show.

There’s no one who can write American anthems in that pratty rock n’ roll genre, quite like Pink. Yet, it’s her parenting role, that is now capturing the world’s attention. Sure to be funny, here she blows:

Words by Melissa Laudado: Pink has delivered pitch-perfect performances while suspended upside-down from the rafters–and she hoped giving birth to her first child would be another exquisitely choreographed experience.

“I was really looking forward to the whole rite of passage–giving birth perfectly present, unmedicated, in the way nature intended,” explains the singer, 31, who spent month planninga  home birth with midwives.

But when she went into labour, her baby was in a frank-breech (head up, piked legs) position and couldn’t be flipped, so she ended up having a caesarean section at the hospital.

“Turns out this little girl had other plans,” says the renegade pop star, who was most concerned, with having a happy and healthy baby. “She is my daughter after all.”

Since arriving on June 2, Willow Sage has been causing anything but trouble for Pink (born Alecia Moore) and her mnotor-cross-champ husband, Carey Hart, 35.

“Everyone gives you this terrifying picutre of no sleep at allbickering,” says the three-time Grammy winner.

“They make it sound like waterboarding. It’s not that bad.” Though she concedes to “one major meltdown” their first night home: “Carey couldn’t figure out who to comfort first. It was pretty funny, actually. Poor guy,” says the singer.

“I think I’ve cried more than she has and that’s just because I’m emotional and a little nuts.”

Caring for the baby has been a team effort: Hart gets up with his wife for feedings, and after Pink breastfeeds, he changes and burps Willow, then lets her fall asleep on his chest.

“I knew when I met him, he’d be a great father, but watching him fall in love, watching him nurture her, I’ve never been so in love with him in my life,” says Pink, who took matters into her own hands by proposing to her boyfriend of four years at a motorcross race in 2005.

They wed in a beachside ceremony at Costa Rica’s Four Seasons Resort in January 2006.

“He keeps thanking me for giving her to him. It’s a beautiful time.” Hart seems to agree. He tweeted on June 20, “My first Father’s Day was perfect.”

The athletic, outdoors-loving coupkle of Malibu (Hart has been spotted toting WIllow in a baby carrier on walks near their home) looked to nature when it came to choosing their daughter’s name.

“The willow is my favorite tree,” explains Pink.

“It’s the most flexible tree in nature. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her… [She] is a flexible cleansed Hart,” the singer notes.

Despite their own free-spirited personalities, the couple are already thinking about setting boundaries for their daughter. “There will be no dating as far as Carey is concerned,” says Pink.

“He can’t even talk about it. It’s hilarious.” Still both look forward to taking her “on all of our adventures,” including Mum’s future tours and Dad’s supercross races.

Hart is already on the hunt for noise-blocking earmuffs for his baby girl.

Say’s Pink, “She is so lucky she’ll have the ability to travel to all the different countries and cultures and see so much.”

For now Pink and Hart are relishing spending their first weeks at home with WIllow.

“You hear people say it all the time, how life changes so drastically,” says Pink, who tweeted that she’s gone from “whiskey, tears and cigarettes” to “snot, tears and the colour of poop.” But she’s not complaining.

“You can’t possibly grasp how beautiful [life] is until you have your child,” she says.

“I could sit and watch paint dry as long as she was in my arms.”


[Photos by Baby as Art]

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I saw Pink in concert in LA. She’s a rocker dynamo who can deliver live in concert.

There are very few pop stars who can write good rock anthems, as well as perform them with grunt these days, like Alecia Moore can song-after song. She really is an American treasure of culture.

However, in looking at this pic of Moore and her beau Carey Hart, has this girl not been pregnant forever now, or what?

Anyday now… surely. :)

[Photograph via Bauer Griffin Online]

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One lady of rock n’ roll & pop music, with a baby bump, managed to trump 2010′s break out superstar of pop music with a no.1 smash hit in 21 countries today.

Yes! Pink was voted more popular than Lady Gaga today here in Hollywood. Congrats to both ladies. Egypt news didn’t feature in our top news choices. I guess that just means we’re definitely not CNN then. :)

Here’s our top ten this Friday. Happy Weekend everyone.

1. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

2. Kim Kardashian holds the no.2 spot

3. Pink‘s baby bump self portrait

4. Teen mom, Jenelle Evans

5. Megan Fox

6. Lady Gaga

7. Michelle Obama

8. Jessica Simpson

9. Daniel Assange

10. Knox & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

[Photograph of Pink via Blackberry Addictz.Com]

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After all that build up to Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way, I am left thinking two things:

1. Gaga’s Egyptian eye styling is very stage-theater.

2. The actual song, Born This Way sounds like she’s sampled Madonna‘s Express Yourself song in its entirety and has chopped it up thinking Madonna’s archives were a) her own and b) an eight ball to chop up and massacre while on a cocaine binge.

The song should go straight into the [digital] shredder and she should be sat down and told to knock off the partying, get rid of all the ego-stroking ‘Little monsters’ around her and told to try harder.

When you’re earning $70 million a year in music and some of the biggest names in music want to work with you too… No. This is not good enough. She makes Pink (Alecia Moore‘s anthems) look extremely undervalued, with this track!

Who is producing this girl? Not everything she does is great, or ‘original.’ This is one example of that.

Constructive criticism: Bad Romance has more originality to it, tune wise. I would much rather listen to Rihanna if you’re talking ‘gay anthem hit makers’ as Gaga’s hype machine has been claiming this track would be. Rihanna, for example, doesn’t claim to be the diva of gay communities, instead she just delivers hits that all people like.

In addition, lesbian singers deserve a buck about now with their music, if Gaga is going to claim the ‘gay’ card as her fame ticket. This, her latest effort, is not good enough in my humble musical opinion. This track also confirms the view that Germanotta is perhaps at her strongest when she’s on piano singing ballads. When she sung a line of this song at MTV Music Awards, everyone responded. It was a capella, delivered emotively and slowly. This version on the track, loses all of its soulfulness of the first taste of the song, she gave her fans.

I saw Lady Gaga live in concert, when she was humble. She was flawed, inexperienced and still finding her way, although her ambition said that she could still carry a full length show. Somehow, she still did provide a good show. Her humility made up for her jolted performances.

Everyone loved her and her humility wowed us. I even donated an hour of my time writing a concert review after the concert to aid her musical efforts and her journey as a star. That humility or a feeling of ‘Gaga The Artist’ all seems to have disappeared with this Manhattan kid. What happened? The machine she put herself through, doesn’t seem to be bringing out the best of her talent, on this track.

UPDATE – It’s been 4 hours since I first listened to the track. Not once, have I wanted to listen to it a second time. I am sure it will be flogged to death on the radio anyway, so we’ll all get to hear this mediocre effort enough times, like all of Gaga’s songs to date. She hasn’t evolved as an artist on this track. Yes. I’m disappointed. She’s capable of more, musically.

Conclusion – My money’s on Pink’s F*cken Perfect song and her Raise Your Glass pop anthem as well for big American pop anthems traditions created and presented with risk, gusto, authentic creativity of fearless songwriters – post Bad Romance if Gaga’s going to take this song to market and flog it. Both songs are written and delivered by Pink way better than this from Gaga if we’re giving away rock-pop songwriting crowns today in America to the select few pop princesses allowed through the lucrative hoops as messengers of America’s King (political) system.

UPDATE II – Most of the twitter community think - ‘Born this Way,’ it sounds remarkably similar to Madonna’s classic 1989 hit ‘Express Yourself.’ Forbes Magazine is also leaning towards ‘yes she did copy Madonna’ too. Well, in fairness to Gaga, mimicry is the highest form of flattery really. It’s just that Gaga is so talented musically, she didn’t have to.

Alright -moving on with the show then, where attention is more needed than Gaga’s meat purse or her deluded self… To make a difference to people who shouldn’t be born this way (below), but are because they don’t even have clean water and there’s too much greed in the world and ego too by the sounds of things …. Click on this pic. BTW – That’s 1 in 6 of US in the world.

[Thanks Michael]

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