12 Dec

[Photograph via Lady Summer's Tour of New Zealand]

Many nations have had their Foreign Affairs diplomatic laundry aired via wikileaks regarding dealing with the USA. Via the New Zealand Herald, here’s some links. Hardly riveting news but none-the-less a good insight into how New Zealand and US relations have been seen in the past –and how they are improving in the upcoming future:

17 February 2006
Ambassador Bill McCormick
On possible changes to National Party policy on nuclear arms
Read it here

11 September 2005
Charge D’Affaires David Burnett
In the midst of the 2005 election campaign
Read it here

24 February 2005
Canberra Mission
After a meeting between Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and the US Commander of UN Command in Korea, General Leon LaPorte
Read it here

3 May 2006
Ambassador Bill McCormick
On Journalists’ visits to the US
Read it here

17 February 2006
Ambassador Bill McCormick
On NZ’s acceptance of a US proposal on defence engagement
Read it here

24 October 2008
Margaret McKean
After visit to NZ by Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research Randall Fort
Read it here

2 March 2007
Deputy Chief of Mission David Keegan
Scene-setter for visit by Prime Minister Helen Clark to Washington
Read it here

24 November 2006
Ambassador Bill McCormick
On the resignation of Opposition leader Don Brash
Read it here

January 6 2010
Deputy Chief of Mission Bob Clarke
Scene-setter for visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to New Zealand
Read it here

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  1. Colin Slade

    May 26, 2011 at 6:09 am

    Kia Ora Sam

    Great website – nice to discover it via this page when I was looking for pictures of New Zealand.

    Unfortunately the picture used to illustrate the page is not of a NZ scene but I’m guessing one from the Canadian or US Rocky Mountains. It does come from the site you credited – i.e. “Lady Summers tour of NZ” but she was wrong.

    But thanks for the interesting stuff you have on your site. I’ll be back.



    PS Have you read about the “Wellywood” controversy in Wellington at the moment? Worth a post I should think.


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