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Christine O’Donnell is like Sarah Palin – meaning no one voted them in as politicians in the big stake runs – but they’re certainly good tabloid fodder in making politics less, well–snorish!

The Washington Post is obsessed about Christine. Sometimes when you enter politics it can appear as if you’ve sold your free-spirited soul to the devil–it just stops existing, so because Christine has hers still–Washington love loving her and hating her, loving her and hating her–hence The Washington Post devoting a lot of time and attention to O’Donnell in the form of this commentary today.

“Because my home was vandalized and eggs thrown at my house,” O’Donnell explained, “I pay the campaign money, I pay the campaign money to use the townhouse as my legal residency, not the campaign pays me.” I’ve watched this clip about a dozen times and I’m still trying to figure it out. I think I almost got it. But let’s see if the reported investigation into this and other allegations can nail it down” writes WashPo’s Jonathan Capehart.

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Posted by horiwood on December 30, 2010 in America, Christine O'Donnell, Delaware, Politics