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POP WATCH AND US – 3.5.11 @ 5.15pm

Alec Baldwin is the latest actor to join Adam Shankman‘s Rock of Ages movie cast. Baldwin joins Tom Cruise and Julianne Hough in the casting line up. On a weekend, where the Middle East is on our minds, here’s ten things we’re looking at online via Horiwood.Com.



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4. Libya – A region in revolt – one picture

5. Only a star nose – Hollywood, a different view

6. Rewind – Lost Trust in the USA & Wikileaks scandals

7.  Indigenous Glee Club – the Maori way

8. Brooklyn Decker talks diet tips

9.  Kendra Wilkinson


Alec Baldwin will play the role of Dennis Dupree in Shankman’s film–  an ex-rocker hanging onto his glory days while he runs the Rock of Ages nightclub. That’s funny!

In Islamabad, thousands honor Shabbaz Bhatti, yesterday, as depicted in this photo via The New York Times. Bhatti was the Pakistani murdered for being a Christian. I think of words of scholars (theologians) in this moment who believe that ‘Democracy always follows Christianity’ in world cultures and societies, in the main. Many people would disagree with that thought. Yet, Bhatti’s matyrdom is an indication of a man who did not have freedom of speech or freedom of expression.

Below – a pic of a shooting jet, flying across California skies in memory of Shabbaz Bhatti, perhaps, and all of the people lost too in earthquakes, Middle East revolutions in the world at this time. The photograph was taken in Hollywood, five minutes ago. There is a face depicted in the clouds. Luis, a friend whose also an artist and painter tells me, he thinks the face is of a man wearing a suit and looking down. My computer is too crap, to get a big enough clearer picture, of whose face it is. It could be a young faced Abe Lincoln, or it could be someone else. Peace!

“You were our precious gift of joy… a spark in the darkness… you warmed our hearts”–verbage via the New Zealand Herald for earthquake victims in Christchurch.

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