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The worst luxury one can delude oneself to feel in tough times, is the deceptive one, of self pity. You just can’t afford that emotion. It’s too taxing.

Today we learn from Italy, about how vital community is – and yet how bonds of community made up of family-based culture, can also be exploited by spoiled brats. (joking). However, this is italy’s story today, if you do the math.

Writes Stacy Meichtry for the Wall Street Journal, “On a recent Sunday in Rome, Daniela Varano and some friends lunched on eggplant parmesan whipped up by the 33-year-old publicist’s mother.

Mom, meanwhile, was 500 miles away in Bovalino, a small town in southern Italy. Despite the distance, [where items are transported overnight] she does what it takes to spoil her grown daughter with home-cooked fare.

“The umbilical cord was never cut,” says Ms. Varano’s 61-year-old mother, Lina.” Daniela maintains when she eats and shares her mother’s food with friends, “I’m maintaining an emotional link with my family.”

Stacey also notes, “Jobs for young Italians are scarce—particularly in Italy’s poorer south—forcing people to migrate north to big cities, leaving their mothers behind. In Calabria, on the toe of Italy’s boot, 52% of Italians between the ages of 15 to 64 were “inactive,” or not working or studying during most of 2010, according to Italy’s official statistics agency ISTAT. Authorities say Calabria is also home to the ‘ndrangheta mob, a drug trafficking syndicate that maintains a stranglehold on the region’s economy, starving the area of jobs.”

Rather humorously, the story of Italy’s doting mothers ends with this view of their independent kids, ‘A high-school teacher, Mr. Natale has been receiving Sunday deliveries [of food] for eight years. He deeply misses his mother, he said, but “there is no going back.”‘

Perhaps these mothers of Calabria, need to see ‘the world as their children’ and export vacuum packed products to China, America instead. I mean Calabria/ California… that has a good ring to it in this age of Jersey Shore culture taking the USA by storm. Now there’s a thought to really help their kids and grandchildren out as matriarchs of Italia grounded in reality too. For Stacey’s story, go here.

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Italy doesn’t want the Jersey Shore cast coming to Europe – Huffington Post.

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The soundtrack for the Rugby World Cup festivities has begun in an unusual way. Sports festivals favorite Lionel Richie has teamed up with one of the best male vocalists on the planet, Guy Sebastian of Australia to record a new version of Richie’s hit All Night Long. Sebastian was the first ever winner of Australian Idol reality TV Talent show.

The song that has been performed successfully at The Olympic Games in Los Angeles in prior years (1984 -watch video footage below) is being remade with a charitable focus in mind. Richie and Sebastian aim to help raise funds for the earthquake hit City of Christchurch, who lost loved ones in their hour of devastation. Says Richie of the joy of giving to this City:

“I can think of no better use for one of my most successful copyrights than to help raise needed funds for the people of New Zealand. New Zealand has been very good to me over the course of my career and I welcome the opportunity to return the kindness.”

Lionel selected All Night Long for the region of Canterbury, as “it will give people a reason to donate and celebrate the good times ahead instead of just dwelling in the past.” Word.

Richie and Sebastian will perform the song on stage during their current New Zealand tour.

Guy Sebastian, a gracious statesman of Australia in a pop cultural capacity added, “Being offered the tour with Lionel is a real honour but getting to record with him is truly humbling,” Sebastian said.

There is so much good will occurring in the South Pacific right now, it’s amazing to watch. What a good collaborative effort between two fine entertainers for noble-hearted people and for a noble cause.

Above is Guy singing Receba o Poder/ Recieve the Power with Australian-Polynesian R n B vocal princess Paulini, Espanol-singing artist Silva AlemãoRobert Galea (Italiano). Amélia Farrugia (France) in a song that guy and Gary Pinto penned.

Richie and Sebastian’s song has RedOne as producer on it. As we know RedOne is a producer who grew up in Africa with a cross-cultural daily reality and his work involves producing some tracks for Stefani Germanotta of the USA. I’m feeling that We Are The World giving vibe strongly on this one, aren’t you?

Here’s Lionel in action.

[Story penned by NZPA via The New Zealand Herald]

Artwork – Holly V. Hoof of Los Angeles to celebrate this moment that is humbling to blog about because goodness, kindness, compassion that is honoring life is being shared freely and willingy in hearts with such a gesture. So powerful.

Fine entertainment producing in action. If you’ve ever taken the time to read the lyrics of Christchurch’s national anthem, this is the “freedom’s ramparts on the sea” part of the anthem being fulfilled in entertainment for Christchurch City. As we know “ramparts” is also a word found in the Star Spangled Banner of the USA as well.

May Love & Peace always be our power shared equally and freely around the globe amongst people in our common bonds of shared humanity. To love others and be considerate to others is to be royal and warm-hearted. May that always be what we sing about and celebrate with and in our strong communities (the real celebrities of us all)… the most. True power is when we serve others like brothers and sisters into our comos-zealous destinies at the foot of The Tree of Life.


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Alright, the biggest trend in world news is undeniably what I term “public demonstrations news.” It’s about countries turning out a public show on ANY issue, so that the media outlets of the world cover your news story.

I blame it on FACEBOOK culture. No, that was harsh. It’s just what everyone’s doing. Placards get media coverage, especially on ‘issues of democracy’ – that symbol of freedom and justice, journalists are always drawn to.

In China however, Lamborghini owners, feel as if they are being squeezed post the point of sale, to ongoing repair and maintenance of their low-in-fuel-costs vehicles.

The Sydney Morning Herald (I go to Australia to get my China news some days) looks at an irrate Lamborghini owner who held a public demonstration to vent his annoyance with the Italian brand by employing a team of sledgehammer-wielding men to destroy his car.

The Chinese businessman was reportedly upset his circa $650,000 Gallardo supercar still wasn’t up to scratch following a service at an authorised mechanic – so he decided to have it smashed to pieces in protest.”

I guess he’s calling out shark-like behavior. Fair enough.

To watch Chinese news with an Aussie accent click on video link below. If we put a ‘capitalist societies often display democracy’ lens on this –China sure is looking quite ‘democratric’ today with this public display based on consumer feedback of transport commodities, albeit luxury motor vehicles.

Sledge hammer beats placard today. Who would have thought?!

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Rugby: Courageous Italy stun France

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Oh Numi Tutelar

(At the British Museum, London, 25 June 1998)

3 in the morning
The streets deserted I had forgotten
only derelicts & prostitutes are abroad in the night
forsaken lovers locked out
(and Maori attending dawn ceremonies)

Make way, Britannia, Albion, Victoria Imperatrix,
make way our putatara are braying to bring down
your walls The dawn is coming and with it
Magi, gift bearers from the South

Piki mai, kake mai, homai te wai ora
ki ahau

We have come
from the utmost ends of the earth a tribe of travellers
with our own Queen, ministers & warrior escort
to the land of our Treaty partner where
our treasures have been plundered
(and Roma & I halfway round the world
to read in a stairwell)

Make way, O Egypt, ancient Assyria, Greece, Rome
make way our own Cleopatra comes amid you
Semiramis, Te Arikinui, Imperatrix of Aotearoa
Maori women, gift bearers from the South

Haramai te toki, hui e, haumi e, taiki e

So here we are
climbing upward     the Museum opening unwilling
to the dawn, the kai karanga calling, the warriors
pulling us in & Maramena asks, ìHow can our
culture so small survive in this treasure house
of many cultures?î
(The answer is simple: Godzilla was wrong
size does not matter)

Oh antiquities of Asia, make way, lions of Judah
bow down, Babylon, stela of Islam make way
give space, Oh Nimrod, Horus, Mahomet
we are iwi Maori, gift bearers from the South

E taonga tū mai, tū mai, tū mai

And in the great hall
for the first time we see the past before us
the treasures of our ancestors a Pharaonic ransom
of immense psychic power, indeed we live
with our past the ghosts among us
(How can I explain? We have always walked
backwards into our future)

Oh, ancestors, stand forever! Stand for yesterday!
Stand for today! Stand for tomorrow! Stand
for always! Stand! Stand! Stand!

Take heed, O Gods of all other worlds, numi tutelar
We come chanting, we come singing, we come
proudly from Rangiātea, there our seed was sown
We come, still voyaging by star canoes
by aurora australis

We are from savage islands, far to the south
we move through your constellations
make way and where there is one
oh Gods, there are a thousand

We are Magi, bearing gifts
and our dawn is coming

Ka Ao, ka Ao, ka awatea






~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 2.22.11. First published in Whetu Moana (An Ocean of Stars) – Contemporary Polynesian Poetry in English. Auckland University Press, April 2003, editors Albert Wendt (editor), Reina Whaitiri (editor) and Robert Sullivan (editor). Keisha Castle Hughes appears courtesy of the Whalerider film, via Celebrity Wonder~



From the pages of The Wall Street Journal – Italy’s billionaire Prime Minister is in the hot seat with an underage girl sex scandal. Wherever economies are in deficit, teens aren’t safe on many levels.

Exxon say via Houston that they are hard pressed to find new oil. A switch to natural gas via XTO seems to be making up an oil deficit. Edgar Hetteen who pioneered the snowmobile died aged 90 today and Dell tripled its sales yet still forecasted slower profit growth.

In other news I hear that Egypt is natural gas rich as a nation, apparently. That could be good for the US, while developing green energy more.

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[Painter Sebastiano del Piombo once painted Christopher Colombus, as depicted here]

Christopher Colombus is that great explorer that even kids growing up in New Zealand heard all about at school. He was quite famous down under. I notice that Christopher loved his hats while he sailed the open seas braving the fear of the unknown. He was quite a writer. His ship was his pen.

According to the modern online encyclopedia, Wikipedia (that may or may not have all it’s facts right due to anyone being able to write stuff on it and build this website asset of knowledge), Christopher was Italian.

Here’s Wikipedia on Colombus as a refresher course of Italy and America’s strong cultural ties: “Christopher Columbus (c. 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an Italian explorer, and navigator from the Republic of Genoa, in northwest Italy, whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere.  Read the rest of this entry »



TMZ reports yes Jersey Shore MTV producers are location scouting in Italia.

Justin Bieber‘s press camp give a shout out to Betty White for her birthday. Photo?

Lady Gaga does a Britney and enters the fragrance industry too. “Blood & semen” is her hook.





[Image - Russian salamis, sausages, meats - New York Russia Delhi, Little Russia, West Hollywood]

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On the twelfth of every month, I honor dear Aunt Elvira – a beautiful woman – I had the honor of caring for in California while she had cancer, who sadly passed away on this day.

Because her life is a celebration of good and sweet things, here’s Adele singing her song, Rolling in The Deep, on Italia Television for “Aunt Elivs’” sweet memory today. Enjoy! It doesn’t really matter what the lovely Adele is singing, Aunt Elvis has a sister by the same name, hence this song choice. I just appreciate the timbre of this singer’s voice in conveying depth of soul. Life is always about family! Peace. :)

[If you have trouble with the above clip - go to the link here]

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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… no matter how hard they try or how few lettuce leaves they nibble on a day, this magazine cover made me LMAO in empathy and the sheer ridiculousness of choosing this as a cover story from Vogue Italia.

I love it. Maybe this model can have a career as a comedian now with her own show. Thanks Italy! Priceless humor. What an unusual yet funny cover.

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Olivia Wilde is a knock out as she covers this month’s Women’s Health Magazine. In preparing to be movie ready she confesses:

“I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week. Weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal routine.”On Friday in IMAX and 3D, you can see Olivia’s hard work onscreen when TRON: Legacy opens at the flicks.

Wilde’s unconventional marriage defies any Hollywood movie role she could ever play. She tells a story of how she eloped with Italian filmmaker Tao Ruspoli (the son of Prince Dada Ruspoli) after only six months of courting. Rather unconventionally and very spontaneously, the love birds who share film as their passion married on a school bus in Virginia. They’re still going strong after six years from their special day on a bus.

“You’re not thinking, ‘We must be perfect!’” Wilde shares. “It was, ‘Hey, isn’t this an optimistic thing to do? And if it lasts, we’re lucky.’” She says having a filmmaking husband has it’s benefits. Tao just gets it. Wilde says her husband doesn’t even mind when she’s got love scenes with other actors — as long as it’s only on set.  ”I think he likes it, she says, borrowing an Italian sense of humor. “It’s a turn-on that I get to do these things. The confidence that comes along with doing well only makes you more desirable.”

Upcoming sci-fi flick, Cowboys & Aliens, is what Olivia will appear in next. The film co-stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Sam Rockwell. To check out more from this pint sized cutie of action film, shoot over to Women’s Health Mag.

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Four pics of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie promoting The Tourist in Rome, Italy.

[Images via Huff Po]

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[Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian made a lot of dough together once upon a time this year]

‘The pay is crap, the stiletto time is uber high for the lives of America’s top reality TV stars–but the endorsements and back handers to espouse a message and set a trend of pop culture for another celebrity, aren’t bad’–the Kardashian sister’s story this year as California’s reigning version of Charlie’s Angels TV entertainment.

Well, this is no surprise, Kim Kardashian is listed as the highest earning reality TV star of America this year. No one blurs reality and surreality quite like California. It’s what we do. The best.

Having a family focus and creating employment, Kim’s strategy as a star to make ‘family the big thing’ she’s about; has garnered Kim’s two sisters as top-earning reality TV stars too in a new year-end list of rankings, The Daily Beast said Monday.

$6 million in reported earnings is what the Daily Beast rank Kim on. She’s a cover girl, a sports and military locker room pin up star. One of the key stars of E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ryan Seacrest (really Kim) produced show, with a line of merchandising products ranging from timepieces to tennis shoes.

The beast reports Kim’s fortune is in-the-main amassed from the overall takings of the Dash Boutiques, a trendy chain of designer retail stores with locations in Los Angeles, Miami, and now Manhattan. A nice value add from Kim in steering information this way into he sisters collective brand power. (eg: spread your fame asap, and hedge your bets).

The Kardashian sisters, who have some of the best tabloid story line angles each week, just released a new book, Kardashian Konfidential, that has already sold 13,000 copies in its first week of release. Endorsement deals with Sephora and Bebe beauty brands are also their thing.  Read the rest of this entry »


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[Image: Book cover, La llave de la luz (Key of Light) by author Nora Roberts on sale at Target]

Reports the New Zealand Herald: “United States diplomats described Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as “feckless, vain and ineffective” and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il as a “flabby old chap” but New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key is sure their description of him will be “glowing.”

Of course!

[Image: Glowing Key via Quick Step]

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Namaste. Special thanks to all of you who read Horiwood.Com in Hollywood. May your holiday season be a good one and 2011 be prosperous and abundantly blessed for you all. Most of all, may your smiles increase and your spirits rise.

According to Quantcast, here’s what we all look like. Pretty diverse. I love you all. As a fellow global citizen, thanks for being my daily teachers who share yourselves on a New Zealand Maori Kiwi’s blog. You’ve taught me so much. As caring is sharing. Many thanks for your open hearts and your limitless abilities to share. Peace.

United States 11,875 53.82 123 53.81 102
United Kingdom 1,635 7.41 147 7.24 157
Canada 1,115 5.05 128 5.00 134
Australia 765 3.47 220 3.37 230
New Zealand 515 2.33 848 3.07 1,116
Germany 450 2.04 55 2.03 81
France 345 1.56 42 1.54 47
India 315 1.43 59 1.41 84
Brazil 310 1.40 32 1.36 39
Philippines 265 1.20 108 1.19 103
Italy 250 1.13 41 1.10 52
Spain 210 0.95 39 0.93 46
Mexico 190 0.86 34 0.82 32
Indonesia 185 0.84 52 0.82 68
Malaysia 180 0.82 89 0.87 97
Netherlands 170 0.77 52 0.74 57

[Photographs: Train Rider by Amy Helene Johansson and Jump by Leann Arthur] Read the rest of this entry »


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To be cast in a Victoria Secret’s fashion show, is like being Oscar nominated in the modeling world. It really is a big deal. Model Edita Vilkeviciute walks the runway during the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Nov. 10, 2010, in New York.
Model Isabeli Fontana walks on stage during the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York on Nov. 10, 2010. Her model friends follow at the most sought after American fashion show each year.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 11.11.10. Images via CBS, November 30th is broadcast date of this show on CBS~

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“How can you resolve things speaking in an alien tongue?” he asked in 1983. “The past can only be seen in the language of your ancestors.”–Sir John Turei

Sir Te Ahikaiata John Joseph Turei was remembered in New Zealand.

This great leader of Ngai Tuhoe Maori people did so much for his tribe and Maori in the revitalization of the indigenous Peoples language of New Zealand. His actions and wise words fathered us all.

Haere ra, e Ta. I salute you Tu from Hollywood, The Entertainment Capitol of The World. For the future of all rangatira hou, Mauri Ora Rewa Rewa Ruatoki katoa. Kia kaha tatou. May you exemplify the best of Sir John’s traits to remind us all, what good Maori leadership is and what key cornerstones of it always will be. This his legacy of faith, wisdom, discernment, foresight with prophetic giftings that were rare and love to us all. He saw with the eyes of his wairua, into men’s hearts before they ever opened their mouths. What a man.

Sir John’s humor at surviving the great depression of the 30′s as kid also defines this great man. Another example we need to draw strength from in this times, as defined by  these words to the NZ Herald once: “But I suppose I was more fortunate than most in the valley because Dad milked cows. Anyone with more than five cows could survive. You could say I was brought up under a cow’s tit. Milking was something I had to do from the age of six.”

Her served in the Maori battalion in WWII in the Middle East, Egypt, Britiain and Italy. He was a warrior who overcame death, Hitler and death systems for Peace and Life, internationally.

He “played a leading role in the development of Maori language as a foundation member of the Radio Aotearoa Board. He was also a foundation member of the Lion Nathan Scholarship Board for Young Maori achievers and led cultural delegations to China, South Korea, India and the United States.”

He was a man of great faith. During the war he found inspiration from the Presbyterian branch of faith in God. Personally though, I remember him as someone who made me laugh when I saw him speak at Ruatoki. Though strict, he was funny and entertaining too.

Dr. Michael Basset describes his 30 year relationship as a politician with Sir John as knowing these things about him: “Sir John said for me it was a joy to come at an early age under the influence of Sir Apirana Ngata. While John took the name Turei from the man his mother (Te Ahikaiata) was meant to marry, his “biological father” (as John always called Tami Te Whetu), increasingly acknowledged his son and took him along to political gatherings. Long before Turei performed the wero in front of Lord Bledisloe at the opening of the Treaty House at Waitangi in 1934, he had met Ngata, then Native Minister. Having left school early because his grandmother couldn’t afford Te Aute’s uniform, John often accompanied Ngata and Te Whetu on ministerial trips. Carrying bags, polishing shoes and fetching hot water for Ngata’s shaving, enabled John to listen to the old man talking with his closest confidants. John was always a good listener. His eyes would sometimes close in meetings, but he heard everything.”

… Key words: “wise money management for Treaty Settlement monies,” “humbugs vs punctuality”…. He also believed new generations needed to be married with tradition while wanting them to embrace tikanga with diverse modern expression. What he also gave to the people of Panmure and Waipareira in my tribal rohe of Ngati Whaatua, for this too, I say thank you from Hollywood for all Maori in Tamaki – The supercity.

He passed away in Blockhouse Bay where he lived, a city where my own parents first met and fell in love at first sight. From Nga Puhi, my other Maori tribe, Sir John’s words were measured, spoken like bread made of the finest wheat from Whangarei for all in New Zealand. A trait we can all emulate in honor of this great and noble man.

He was a man of Spirit. He was also an academic Dr. He was an ambassador to America, during his lengthy lifetime as a New Zealand leader. “Very much missed.”

[Reporting and executive producing, Tini Molyneux. Presenter, Scotty Morrison. Both for . Images of Te Kooti Calvert and his flag for the memory of E Ta Te Ahikaiata today].

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There’s something about Italiano as a language, that can make even a film about an IT start up company’s journey, so much more sexy, just spoken in Italian.

Here’s the Social Network‘s movie trailer for Italy via fashion designer,

It pops. Kind of like a film trailer in the Maori language. So sexy!

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Who: Caroline Loeb

What: Singing C’est La Ouate for France and Europe’s fashion jetsetters.

Via: with this message: 0rribili e dozzinali! Horus mi ha detto di dirvi che condivide..incredibile! Sapevo che non avesse grande simpatia per le oche in generale, ;-)

Thanks VW. Much love from Hollywood.

Humor US in European musique a la Milano. [ICU]

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Prime Visioni deserves a blog post today. Here’s Robert Pattinson allegedly for Ciak Magazine Italy.

Emile deRaven providing Ozzie girl bad presence, for every Twilight Mom in Italy to throw their pizza crusts at her, while watching Remember Me at home on DVD.

Actually, Italians don’t really have pizza crusts with authentico Italian pizzas, that’s an American invention of stodge during Chicago and NYC winters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today a friend called to say “think pumpkin pies” for no apparent reason except he’d met someone who’d just baked 1000 of them for Costco buyers.

As I don’t have a picture handy of a pumpkin pie – let’s go with this one, a watermelon embroidered on green felt by Elsa Schiaperelli as a stand in pic.

Pumpkin pies – halloween, Cinderella, desert with whipped cream and demi-tasse coffees, sound good for September’s remain. Like that.  

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The Huffington Post reports today, that The Vatican is caught up in a money laundering scandal of sorts.

VATICAN CITY — Italian authorities seized euro23 million ($30 million) from a Vatican bank account Tuesday and said they have begun investigating top officials of the Vatican bank in connection with a money-laundering probe.

“The [Pope] is perplexed and surprised by the initiatives of the Rome prosecutors, considering the data necessary is already available at the Bank of Italy,” it said in a statement.

To see a long list of Italian banker names being quoted in all this, go here. What a circus today for the Catholic Church.

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Three simple black ring-bands: Giambattista Valli‘s stunning dress provides an image of American elegance today. Feral garden chic, as fur brings a hint of the huntsman’s woods into the neck and hem of a red on black rose print mini-length dress. Rose sprays alluding angel-winged strength adorn each shoulder. I had to write that as theirs no arm holes. Joking. 

Jewelry broaches as three buttons, pinned as military medals in disciplined precision down the breast bone, add solidity finishing off this centre-piece creation. Obviously, Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, could not wear this beautiful dress. 

An artistic bust with one uplifting message of American fashion today speaking of a promise, still to come: “When fashion arose, there were blooms abundant.” Photo by Evan Sung. QVC Amber neck jewels in translucent kauri tree, resin colored stones below. Day 2 of New York fashion week. 

1. Naomi Campbell chose Dolce & Gabbana - celebrating 25 years in fashion.

2. In an age of Willow Smith - its wise to go to  for fashion analysis.

3. BCBG Max Azria‘s silk ‘functional minimalism dresses & jump suits were liked.

4. Video: Costello Tagliapietra‘s modernity in neutral. casual elegance dresses.

5. Of course, the star so far, was skewed in Jason Wu‘s favor. Style.Com has it.


7. Rag & Bone tried women’s wear 1st time. Adventure. Gaga pant suit. Textures.

8. Nicole Miller. Attenuated lean. Chiffon sheers. Twill. Linen. Maturing well.

9. Peter Som - Bouncy colorful patched textured wear. Guipure lace. Tweed on Silk.

10. Huffington Post has a Michelle Obama fashion post. A bit thin. 

Mashable provides good tools in keeping your eye on designers needlework. It’s about detail always, but especially in recession. 

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Lately, the art of West Hollywood cake making is being translated from American into Italian via google translate function, via this blog. It seems that Italian’s (though authentically proud of their spaghetti making ability) seem to love looking for cake art pictures on my Maori Hollywood blog. So . . . this one’s for you. 

Guest Commentary on snobbish Italian cooks: “It’s only when I left  Italy – where I was born and lived for 23 years – that I really realized how the world see us.

“As in most countries in the world, population and culture are different in different regions, and I truly believe the place where you grow up shapes you and the person you are going to be. However, I believe that if you are Italian (born and grew up in Italy), there is a part of you that will always share, not just with the Italian population, but with your country – meaning the geographical region, with that sun, that sea, that smell, that food.

“My husband told me more than once that he cannot wait to go to Italy to understand how a tomato tastes like. Because I can tell you right now, here in Canada I have never had the privilege to eat fruits and veggies with the same flavour. After all, we are not in Italy, and things – good or bad – cannot be the same.

I wish North American people could understand that every time they read the word “Italian” associated to any food, and I get so upset sometimes because to me it just looks like a trend, nothing more. I have to say I do not believe Italian food is the best in the world, and I’m glad I’m now able to learn and try so many different styles of cooking. But it really hurts when people pretend to know what Italian is, when the reality is they sell food we don’t even have in Italy!”

To read more, go here. And for a guest commentary on their blog about boxing go here. Of course being Maori I was gutted to read (on same blog) that Kumara or sweet potato fries are a calorie no-no, because sweet potato has five times the food value of potato so, I guess this is french fries propaganda, protecting McDonalds interests in the world. 

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Maori wisdom: “In a very old tree, you may be certain that the sapwood is on the outside, while the heartwood is in the middle… Desolate darkness, desolate brightness. … Care for the land, Care for the people, Go forward.”

Remembering my Hollywood Maori manners today from around the globe. This is what I’m wearing today in West Hollywood, California.

A Maori Koru taonga handcrafted from the Ocean, gifted by Doniece Mackay of Matapouri Bay of the Ngapuhi Maori tribe, who lives in both Rome & Paris, once put around my neck in Wellywood, New Zealand, with the words “You are an international Maori who is meant for the world. This taonga symbolizes our ancestors, who navigated our existence into this world. You, do the same thing”

The taonga rests on a Cotton Force tee shirt, as gifted by Dale Karauria of the Ngati Porou Maori tribe of the East Coast on Dale’s last visit to L.A. Brown cotton stitching on brow with a silver Maori ta moko print overlay.

This post going up for Cliff Curtis, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Temuera Morrison, Karl Urban and Rena Owen as a symbol of tino rangatiratanga, Kiwi ingenuity and in recognition of your abilities to dream big Maori dreams to entertain the world.

To Doniece and Dale–thank you both for being friends in Wellywood, New Zealand long before I set out for Hollywood. I wear you both across my heart. Much love and thanks. Sam xox.

Jewish whakatauki of Isaiah: “Ka hoatu ano e ahau ki a koe nga taonga o te pouri, me nga mea huna o nga wahi ngaro, kia mohio ai koe ko Ihowa ahau, e whakahua atu nei i tou ingoa, ko te Atua o Iharaira…. And I will give thee the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places…” 

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As shared and viewed on Horiwood.Com, 9.26.09.

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In important news, the Jolie-Pitts have purchased  a 15 bedroom, villa in Italy to chill out in for a cool $40 million.

Wow, that’s almost the price of 2 billion jalapeno peppers from the 99 cents store. Lol!

Spicy Italia star vacationing, even. The villa is believed to have waterfalls. Angelic flow

[Image of not the villa, courtesy of Splash]

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