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Eyal Press surveys opinion among the youth in Israel:

[Y]oung Arabs, who are often portrayed in the Israeli press as implacably hostile to the country’s ideals, support principles such as “mutual respect between all sectors” in higher proportions than their Jewish counterparts (84 versus 75 percent).  …

“Maybe it’s not a surprise that the minority in any country is very supportive of democratic rights,” says [public opinion analyst] Dahlia Scheindlin. “But it does seem ironic that in the Jewish State, which insists on defining itself as the Jewish democratic state and the only democracy in the Middle East, the Arabs are our most democratic citizens.”

(Photo: A Palestinian boy rides past the Hamas Prime minister Ismail Haniya’s destroyed office in Gaza City, on March 25, 2011, as Israeli aircraft attacked four targets in the Gaza Strip during the night, lightly wounding three people, in response to Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. By Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty Images)

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For Rachel Hunter, Christchurch, Japan, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Israel, Palestine.

May Peace rule in our hearts and minds on this precious earth.

Thanks Rach.

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Israel launches Gaza air strikes - At least 17 people have been injured by a series of Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian medics say. There were reports of up to nine explosions in Gaza City, and in the north and south of the territory.

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“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare -playwright, poet, from As You Like It.

The front page of the New York Times is like an orchestra of orchestrated world news today. It’s doing a lot.

First up, a federal inquiry says the financial crises (they say 2008, but it’s still going) was avoidable according to a Federal study. The outcome of the survey (findings) blames the piglet ways of Wall Street culture, with The Federal Reserve also getting a wee smack on the hand too for not curbing it. Whatever!  Read it here.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah government taking shape, unrest in Egypt over Hosni Murabek’s nearly 30 year-rule, and Tunisia unrest news – somehow lands on the Times as a US foreign policy situation to now sort out. Read here. Of particular note in the story, this new news is sited as effecting Palestinians, who are no longer likely to make an more concessions in the Israel-Palestine negotiations talks. Meaning, Israel-Palestine is still the central jewel of politics in the world, due to Israel’s significance as a spiritual site in the Middle East. Isn’t it fascinating how Israel-Gaza as a strip of land, is the balance of world power relationships – in many ways. It’s like the gauge of many political issues and how they’re ruled on in the world. Quite powerful to observe in the news, really. If you live in Hollywood, you just know already that Natalie Portman (Jerusalem born who speaks Arabic) better win best Oscar this year, already!

Perhaps we need to do some more wikileaks leaks confessions – to calm that hot spot of the Middle East down a little? I say this today, because I have rolled out with Lebanese people for most of my life in New Zealand and Los Angeles, and they’re really cool people. Quite civilized with very sophisticated knowledge awareness of the world, I’ve found.

Locally in the US, President Obama is proposing a bipartisan effort to ‘out rule the world’ for the USA. Obama sights America’s future as being more important than winning the next election. Good positioning of issues that help unite majority in the USA.

Gun control in communities also gets some attention too. Fair Warning website covers The Times reporting that NCR have put the stoppers on gun research reports studies. Read here if interested.

Wow! That’s the latest on the agenda unfolding for the final week of January 2011. That’s quite a bit to think about, or not.

I’m kinda glad we covered Egypt-American news off on the blog already today. :)

If we’re going to look at Egypt politically (and not historically – or neither look at what Egypt symbolizes to many cultures spiritually) – we’d have to introduce two key words on a political front. Those being the words of those two things that are a little less ‘paper economy based’ like “oil” (or natural gas) oh…  and “gold … symbols of rule.”

Lofty (Rahm) is getting good press at the minute. Sending peace to Alexandria, Egypt today. Like, big time!

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Like many of you, I’m a big fan of all kids in the world having clean drinking water whenever they need. 1 billion people don’t have access yet. 54% of all people in Africa need us to act on their behalf for their better water situation as well.

Click here to make a difference if feeling it. Let’s flow. Thanks peeps. Water.Org is asking for $10 to makes this pivotal dif. Sweet!

[Music: Kings of Leon] Their message:”It’s in the water.”

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Have you heard of these 3 terrorist groups? Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades of Palestine, the National Liberation Army (ELN) of Colombia and Harakat-ul Jihad al Islami of Bangladesh?

Me neither. Apparently, these groups are all bad peeps to keep an eye on. You learn new things everyday.

Whenever a terrorist group is announced, it’s important to realize that terrorists are extreme minority ideological groups of dissidents in the world, so we wouldn’t want to mistake all people who are Arabs, or from Colombia or from Bangladesh as being bad people, when they are just as good as you and me.

Apparently internationally there are 500 terrorist groups listed as being not safe to many nations. I thought in a global economy the biggest terrorist of us all, is the temptation to get in debt. Overdraft is always an unpleasant feeling as only a bank or lender wins big.

Their interest fees often induce terror for future generations to repay. Food for thought too perhaps in keeping nations secure and safe within a nations borders.

[A Bangladeshi woman is featured above]

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(Picture: PERSONAL PM: Former teen parent student Danielle Logan, left, tells Prime Minister John Key about currently studying at teacher’s college and presents him with an edible bouquet grown at He Kaakano childcare unit. Sharon Davis (The Maori Rose of Sharon) and politician Phil Heatley watch their exchange and banter, Whangarei City, Te Tai Tokerau, Northland, New Zealand).

At the moment New Zealand’s Prime Minister has met with key global leaders at the APEC Summit in Vietnam this year. But before the PM of New Zealand jetted out for the global summit, Mr Key took some time out of his schedule to meet some incredible people of He Mataariki School in Whangarei City, Northland, New Zealand. They are remarkable, being commented on today for their passion for education, children’s value and place in the world, women’s achievement and collective community leadership from Hollywood.

The school works with teen parent moms and their children. If you live in America you will know that teen parent moms are on tabloids spotted at supermarket check out aisles in the US. They are big news.

[This photo: U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton left, talks with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key during the ASEAN summit on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Image via AP via India Times]

Jake Davis, my youngest nephew, got to the meet the PM with the turning of the first sod for a $1.4m development of the teen parent unit and associated childcare centre He Kaakano that He Mataariki have championed being built. Here’s news snippets of Mr Key’s visit:

[This photo: Jake Davis meets John Key]

“At He Mataariki Teen Parent School, John Key even insisted one pregnant girl call her baby John despite the fact it’s going to be a girl.”

“He also told a three-year-old girl his cat’s name is Moonbeam Smoky Fluffy-Pea.”

“Mr Key was escorted by Whangarei Member of Parliament Phil Heatley who says he knows what the demands are on the prime minister’s time. Mr Heatley says it is extraordinary Mr Key chose to visit He Mataariki for a second time – he visited the unit once when he was leader of the opposition.

[Photo: John Key Arrives in Vietnam]

But Mr Heatley says it was good to have him back to seal the deal for the upgrade. “Once a prime minister opens it there’s no turning back.”

Jake Davis‘ mother Sharon Davis (known as the Maori Rose of Sharon in Hollywood), who was born in Tonga, raised later in Fiji and returned to New Zealand when she was her son Jake’s age; has a rather cute story about Mr Key meeting young Jake.

She writes: “Today the Prime Minister came to turn the first sod of grass, in preparation for the building of a new teen parent school.  The little helper chosen to help him turn the sod was Te Raukura (the two year old child of a teen parent).  She didn’t want to do the deed, so he grabbed the hand of a little 4 year old boy.

That little 4 year old boy was Jake.  Our Jakey (our little Maori prince’s family name of endearment, although he’s almost growing out of that now) turned the first sod of earth over for the new teen parent school with the PM.

[This photo: John Key and Jake Davis, 4, discover an earthworm, while Te Raukura 2, watches on. Image via FlipVideo]

When the sod came up Jake looked at the sod, looked at the prime minister and exclaimed ‘Look a worm’.  John Key bent down and scooped up the worm and put it in Jake’s little hand and chatted away with an excited Jake about their find.” A cute green thinking story.

[Below image: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key next to (R-L) Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and China's Premier Wen Jiabao as they wait for the start of a gala dinner on the sidelines of the summit meetings between leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and their counterparts from partner countries including US, China, Japan, Russian, South Korea and Australia in Hanoi on October 29, 2010. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that he would visit India later this year, stressing there was 'enough space in the world' for both the giant nations to prosper despite a backdrop of frosty ties. Image: The Times of India]

Alrighty then: moving on now to global leaders news at APEC. John Key has met with Hilary Clinton briefly who is excited to be traveling to New Zealand next week for talks with the PM. Mr Keys says India’s Pime Minister, Manmohan does not appear to be phased by broadcaster Paul Henry‘s comments about Governor General Sir Anand Satyanand. Mr Keys says all leaders understand it is an open world and people say “many things.”

The NZ Herald reports: “Mr Key will visit India next year with a business delegation and Dr Singh indicated he was looking forward to the visit.

“He’s very optimistic about the growth of India, he’s talking about at a minimum it’ll be 8.5 per cent, maybe 9, so maybe there’s one or two things we can learn from that.”"

“Mr Keys has announced that United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is likely to attend the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland next year. It would be the first time a UN Secretary-General had attended such a meeting, Mr Key says, and a recognition of the increasing importance of the Pacific region.”

Mr Keys hopes to discuss Fiji‘s return to democracy with newly elected Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard next year. He adds: “‘We remain absolutely committed together to do whatever we can to have democracy restored in Fiji.”

At APEC a lot of interest surround’s Japan’s detaining of a Chinese sea captain when these two nations fishing vessel/ Patrol boats collided off the coast of East China Islands, sparking the Chinese people to be incensed at the detaining.

This prompted Japan’s Prime Minister Nato Kan to say:  the current spat should not be regarded as “a decisive trouble,” saying the two countries have weathered a long history together.

“This sort of trouble that we’re seeing right now, compared to various incidents we’ve had in the long history of our relations, would not be regarded as a decisive trouble. And I think both countries remain calm and try to come up with solutions that would be positive to both countries … in terms of peace and stability for the Asia-Pacific and the entire world,” he told reporters.” It’s handy a Kiwi is at APEC to smooth strained relationships between China and Japan’s leading lads with a good Kiwi smile and sense of humor. Goes a long way.

Mr Key also spoke of Ban ki-Moon’s gratitude towards Sir Geoffrey Palmer‘s abilities with the the upcoming investigation of Gaza, Palestine for the United Nations. (Commentary on that can be found here).

Back in : A Humpback Whale was sighted in the bay this week. A pretty city.

[This image: Reuters Pictures: China's Premier Wen Jiabo (L) and New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key (R) show the way to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during a group photo at the 5th East Asia Summit in Hanoi October 30, 2010].

[This image below, depicting New Zealand's ecotourism travel destination activities: "A boy swims with dolphins in the Bay of Islands" Horiwood.Com].

~To learn of the Maori culture that Jake descends from of the Nga Puhitonunui tribe and Ngati Whatua tribe, go here to see how young lads like Jake are raised. Fierce warriors. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.29.10. Billy Graham‘s Hollywood Star – Walk of Fame for Jake’s Uncle Billy Davis and his esteemed visionary grandfather, Graham Adrian and Jake and Sharon’s kinsmen by blood–serving in politics: Sir Douglas Graham and Kennedy Graham- image photographed, Hollywood Blvd, Horiwood’s own.~


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Once upon a time, when I was 15 in the 80′s and sneaking out to hit up da club with my sister Cherry on hot summer, high school nights, (who’s bad?), girl group When the Cats Away had a big hit, called Melting Pot.

The lyrics are as follows: “What we’re needing is a great big melting pot. Big enough to take the world and all we got. Stir it for a hundred years of more. Til our multi-colored peoples right the score.” This is still the heart of New Zealanders today. And the heart of anyone who claims to be a leader, a star, or a semi-decent next-door-neighbor.

Facing reports of marital trouble, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher jetted off to Israel for what the actor describes as a spiritual journey.

“Sharing Love & Light while in Israel,” Kutcher Tweeted on Saturday night, hours after the pair left from Los Angeles International Airport. “Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences.”

But is Kutcher referring to something other than marital relations? A source close to the couple says the actor is speaking at a conference in Israel. “They are not in Israel to renew vows,” the source says. Maybe they’ll find time to enjoy Israel’s festive club scene too.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news today. Here’s what our top ten shaped up to be. Peace ya’ll.

1. The Art of Celebrity with Angelina Jolie

2. Denim cut offs with knee high boots by Miley Cyrus

3. Zoe Saldana stars in Colombiana

4. Justin Gaston wears Psalmist Kings ink for Young Hollywood

5. Ten tweets from HM Queen Noor

6.  A Hollywood press junket – Star Trek‘s Karl Urban for Red

7. Graeme Hensen is doing way too much with a rugby football

8. Zahara Jolie-Pitt has the Naomi Cambell pout down pat already

9. Maori, Shane Walker & Anika Moa win big at Vodafone Music Awards

10. 46 Jalapeno peppers at the 99 cents store

ps: Buy the novel, by California author, Robert Ellis, a novel about forbidden young love on the Gaza strip in Israel and Palestine.

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Watching Bashar Murad, a Palestinian kid, singing his own original music recently, reminded me of how important artists who cross-over from Palestine into the Western World, and vice versa are in the world.

They’re unique and much needed to facilitate Peace. They are the bridge, for us and our thinking beyond ourselves.

Which reminded me too to ask this question: have you fullas and fulla-esses brought my friend Bob’s book yet?. Hope so. If you haven’t. Here’s the blurb (back sleeve intro/ synopsis) of Courage to Love by author Robert Ellis. Click on book’s cover by artist Salvador Dali – to buy and gift for Christmas, or friendship gifting too? Hey! Here’s the skinny:

“It is an unthinkable match— Josh, a 21-year-old American lieutenant and Haja, a teenage Palestinian freedom fighter. Both wounded in war and sent to Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Rose of Sharon hospital, they are brought together during a hospital attack by the beauty of music and its ability to transcend each other’s language. Despite different religious upbringings, and the stern commands of their families, Josh and Haja fall in love.

Tensions rise to the breaking point as they fight two battles: against the wounds destroying their own bodies, and against the centuries old traditions concerning Muslim women, and the dictates of an Orthodox Jewish heritage.

In a haunting reminder of Romeo and Juliet, author Robert Ellis takes us on a journey through the turbulent struggle of young love in today’s wars. Facing the threat of a new terrorist attack, can Haja and Josh overcome the odds against them, and give themselves, their families and the world, the Courage to Love?”

Awesomery. If we all read book’s like Bob’s book here, then kids like Bashar Murad will have a better chance of being understand, less at risk, and a real voice of Peace and forgiveness in this world, along with their Jewish sisters and brothers of Palestine and Israel also. Thanks Bob for writing this novel for Bashar’s generation. Um, and how’s novel number two doing?

You can facebook . If you do, can you send the link to this post too, so he knows about it. (I can’t do that too. Shesh! :)

As Bashar sings here, the Arabic language projected on a screen behind him, is so profound viewing this performance from Hollywood. It’s kinda groundbreaking entertainment. Exciting.

Bashar has like, a mouth full of steel right now (major teen braces happening) in his ‘star trajectory planning,’ and I’m sure he’ll get better with time. Find out about this kid, and again, buy Bobby Mac’s book! :)

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Bashar Murad of Palestine is a young singer. In watching this clip of Bashar singing his own song, Alive, I realized, it’s the first time I’ve personally ever seen a Palestinian teenager perform. This kid has potential.

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Residents of the Jewish settlement of Beit Hagai in Hebron resume construction of a housing project. Image by Marco Longari AFP/Getty Images / September 2, 2010. 

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People who eat dates from Palm Trees in desert terrains, should all just have dates together and talk through their fears, concerns, hopes, issues, and dreams. World peace thinking. Oh right, at the Whitehouse coming up, those such dates are on the menu. Nice. 

For the latest on the Middle-East peace mediation situation go to these New York Times posts to check them out in full.

1. Op-Ed NT Times. 8.31.10: New Chance for Peace

2. Restoring Unknown Names of War in Iraq

Key Players on the Mid-East Chess Board, world strategy of Peace game of hot politics are: Mahmoud Abbas for Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu for Israel and the Judaic-Christian World (that includes over 1 billion Catholics and 300 million Christian Chinese community members); Presient Barack Obama and U.S Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for America and her allies, including Queen Elizabeth II and all Commonwealth nations leaders; Hosni Mubarak for Egypt; King Abdullah of Jordan; Tony Blair for America and the U.K and the E.E.U nations; Saudi Arabia and Turkey; 

[Images: New York Times with a shout out to Bobby Mac, and palms print artwork, West Hollywood window, today on the way to work]

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In every religion, there are those who would drape themselves in the mantle of belief and faith only to distort it’s most sacred teachings — preaching intolerance and resorting to violence.“–Hilary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, USA. 

[Image courtesy of Kevin Lamarque of Reuters, with the photo caption "The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians would aim to 'resolve all final status issues within one year." via The Guardian, UK. Quote courtesy of Religious Tolerance.Org]


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The New York Times reports that for September 2, Hilary Clinton has announced that Palestinian and Israeli leaders will meet in Washington for direct negotiations.

“There have been difficulties in the past, there will be difficulties ahead,” Mrs. Clinton said in a statement on Friday. “I ask the parties to persevere, to keep moving forward even through difficult times, and to continue working to achieve a just and lasting peace in the region.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s PM and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority agreed to place a one-year time limit on their talks that will cover the thorny issues like the borders of a new Palestinian state, the political status of Jerusalem, security guarantees for Israel and right of return for Palestinian refugees.

It will be the first time both parties have talked towards a peace process in 20 months. Great work from the Obama administration.

[Above image: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell spoke at the State Department, in Washington, Friday. Photog: Drew Angerer/The New York Times]

For a book that outlines the kinds of conversations that Israel and Palestine will be having in this process of Peace, go here to read. 

[This Image Mother Teresa and Hilary Clinton, courtesy of Time Magazine]

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Snapped this morning. Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black holds his used copy of the new novel, Courage To Love by the California author, Robert Ellis, 88.

Dustin’s comment for the author, is in the pic below. This comment from Laura Miller, an executive in L.A on her feelings about Courage To Love as a pivotal story encouraging peace, love, forgiveness in Israel, The Middle East and the Gaza Strip. Beautiful review:

Writes Laura: “A new exploration of the middle-eastern condition that takes place in a hospital and in two families of different backgrounds: it is the thermometer for the growing madness of the present Jewish-Palestinian conflict, but the perspective is not political, but human. Courage and freedom, fight and rights, alliances and love, are all protagonists of a sweet story that succeeds in giving hope and a message of peace.

The evolution of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict passes through a Hospital, much differently than from the journalistic articles which we are accustomed to (in which only negative news, such as attacks, slaughters, violence of every type are mentioned). The idea of the writer is to show to the reader how to go beyond what we hear in the news and see that above all we belong to the same race and that our feelings are universal. He succeeds in his attempt using old-fashioned single words: love, honesty and truth. They emerge strong, grabbing the reader’s attention, so that the reader is forced to follow with rapture this beautifully written story of a love.

A story without pretense, linear, with beautiful characters that you will fall in love with.”

Wow! With thanks to Ian Punnett, Coast to Coast AM radio host & co-host of A Balanced Breakfast with Ian & Margery family radio show, Minnesota. Let’s pass this book on from Coast to Coast for peace in the world. 

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Jennifer Aniston very politely pays tribute to her friend, Barbara Streisand for Harpers Bazaar. Louise Sadler of New Zealand now living in Australia takes on an anti-Arab, website, with just two words. There’s a brown girl from Kawerau in the ring. Hot. And when it comes to your celebrities, Hollywood entertainment news topics of interest. Here’s how you voted our top ten. Shine on!

1. About Horiwood–> Gabriel Byrne on Richard Burton & Dame Liz book

2. Billy Ray Cyrus band Brother Clyde has a good message

3. Inception Sequel, Leonardo DiCaprio on Chris Nolan‘s cerebral filmmaking skills

4. Every Rose has its thorns: the Hollywood trajectory of Angelina Jolie

5. Eligible by Suzanne Hinn 

6. Alex Meraz was written into Young Hollywood’s artists set

7. Australia’s Schapelle Corby 

8. Beyonce from Telephone 

9. Reshuffling a script’s timeline & embedding meaning in scenes: Chris Nolan

10. Levi Johnston Playgirl cover mock up 

Lou Sadler fights anti-Arab sentiments on the anti-semitism website, with a comment. Go Maori girl. 

Bonus Post: Humor: An anti-nuclear weapons tee shirt

Bonus Post: Johnny Depp, Forbes #9 Top Celebrity 2010

Music: Brandon Davis Crossfire 

Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the next generation? To take a closer look, go here. This post brought to you, with a nod to a book, Courage To Love by author Robert Ellis, that looks out for the  future of both Jewish-Arab children in the world. Go here to buy. This from the book:

“In a haunting reminder of Romeo and Juliet, author Robert Ellis takes us on a journey through the turbulent struggle of young love in today’s wars. Facing the threat of a new terrorist attack, can Haja and Josh overcome the odds against them, and give themselves, their families and the world, the Courage to Love?” Only we can all decide this, for reals. 

Word up! Let’s rock. 

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Alright. Today I see that the anti-semitism blog has listed Hollywood’s first ever Maori entertainment and celebrity blog as being anti-semitic.

This has happened because I posted an entertainment news article titled: Supermodel Kate Moss has Courage to Love Palestine. Kate had attended a Hoping Foundation charity event in London, benefitting innocent children in Palestine, caught up in the bullets of war. Innocent blood should always be protected, regardless of race, religion, or what global territory a child may find themselves in. For this reason, I applauded Kate, by reposting the article on this blog.

To my friends at the anti-semitism blog. I have these things to say:

a) I was born with a Jewish name, named after an American-footballer with the same name. This I have never wanted to change and am proud of. I was taught Jewish theology as a Maori kid.

b) The Maori of New Zealand lost sons, daughters, brothers, uncles, fathers fighting Hitler during the war. In fact, Maori are credited by the British as inventing trench warfare, the very war method, that allowed Britain and her allies with America, to defeat Hitler, thus helping to save Jews and us all. So culturally, history’s spilled blood of Maori like me, has never intentionally been anti-semitic either. It’s not how we roll.  

c) Just because I care for an innocent Palestinian child’s well being just as much as a child across the border in Israel–does not make me black-listed worthy enough, or, Kate Moss either, for your false accusations on your blog.

So, to the owner of the anti-semitic website, consider that King Solomon (Israel’s wisest King in history with a rare gift of wisdom to see beyond difference) took time out from managing his busy kingdom, just to write his famous love sonnet for a Shulamite, an Arab woman–and I suggest you recapture some of this love in your heart of a legendary Jewish King. Hatred towards Arab people and Jews and any people on the earth, is not of God. And God out of the equation, it’s just not cool. Peace. 

Shalom and Mauri Ora. On that note, go Kate Moss and Horiwood.Com for looking out for children, a future of World Peace and growing up in love. To the domain name ‘owner’ of the Anti-Semitism website… I forgive you, in advance. :)

[Image of Kate Courtesy of Enjoy France blog. Image of Star of David courtesy of Ornaments Express Exclusives, click  on link purchase as a gift for the Anti-Semitism website 'staff' to wear over their hearts of compassion.]

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“We are all Africa”–Shakira. “We are all the Middle East”–author

Shakira sings Waka Waka at the closing ceremony of Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Go here to see. Since the Colombian-Lebanese diva first performed the song live at the opening ceremony, she has already amassed 17,427,000 video clip watches on YouTube, two weeks later. She amazin!

Here’s how our top ten news posts on celebrities and entertainment topics you found of interest look today. Spanky. Thanks for being such a rivetingly exciting and eclectic bunch. Every twist and turn, is a roller coaster of life shared freely in the moment. It’s all about shared smiles, the world over, in the dance of precious life. Enjoy your news.

1. Supermodel Kate Moss has courage to love Palestine

2. Oksana and Mel Gibson

3. About Horiwood–> Anne Franks graphic diary is taught in schools

4. Tax Breaks and New Orleans for Twilight

5. Lindsay Lohan‘s new attorney is kinda orange

6. Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough romance anyway

7. Spain wins Soccer World Cup 2010 

8. Robert Pattinson @ Twilight 

9. Dance Art by Alex Meraz 

10. Bad daddy! Angelina Jolie‘s father bites bad

Humor: Lady Gaga and latex gloves are rather spanky

Hot Post this week: Adventurous Love: Miss Elliette is a Queen of Peace at Malibu. Let’s wurq America! We’ve been told! :)

[Image: "Glistening on Peace Roses" as grown by Miss Elliette, as living art from her garden.]

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Immigrant writers are always exciting in any country, simply because their outside perspective provides valuable insight to an emerging narrative of nationhood. They bring passion, new life; needless to say, that creativity emerges from the chaos of struggle.

Genesis and any new beginning is about journeying through the creative process of what in ancient Jewish culture is described as Tohu and Bohu [תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ] — meaning from the darkness of the unknown (formless wasted void), is the most fertile area where the illumination of light can create new things for the world. In fact, in areas of waste–lies the biggest site for creative minds to function. The spirit, art and science of creativity is to turn waste into something good. For example, Kevin Costner‘s recent work as a green thinking biz venture entrepreneur, whose vision is now being utilized in the oil spill clean up efforts–demonstrates this point perhaps. 

The Tohu and Bohu process of new creativity from formlessness, is known as being rather chaotic/ or having the appearance of great confusion [eg: 'mad scientist' personality stereotypes often have these creative traits]–and immigrant writers create chaos with interpretation, in order to expand meaning and pioneer their own path too–because they have no other choice to fight to write their words and make sense of the world around them; thus inspiring all other writers to journey with them outside of comfort zones and norms–to give voice to a new and different path, that builds on the existing traditions of a nations founding fathers and mothers dreams.

Anyway, thankfully in L.A–we have Carolyn Kellogg who offers her perspective from the L.A Times, on 400 years of writers within North American terrain. Edward Said [إدوارد وديع سعيد‎, ] –commenting on “Orientalism” as one of “Palestine’s most powerful voices” is one of my favs. The following words are ‘borrowed’ from Carolyn, in the form of guest commentary today. Thanks C.K. Writes Kellogg:

“The Library of America anthology “Becoming Americans: Four Centuries of Immigrant Writing” is daunting, weighing in at 724 pages — however much a hardcover wrapped around 724 pages weighs — but too good to pass up.

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~When it comes to Californians’ hearts and the spirit of Peace in The Middle East – Love is a reservoir of Courage in action~

[Image of Diamond Valley Lake -- the largest reservoir in Southern California with a capacity to hold about 800,000 acre-feet of water--courtesy of Water Technology. Image of water, symbolizing the Durvat Reservoir, On The Way --as purchased by Californians for Peace in Gaza, courtesy of Song Skincare. Yes! Californians are so cool! We have good flow].

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