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Meet Chris Foose who hopes to start a career in movie sound mixing and sound engineering. At the moment Chris is reading up on thought processes (psychology) because he says the world is too crazy right now, and maybe text book wisdom will help Chris understand why people do what they do. Fair enough.

Chris is about to start working at Los Angeles Film School. Woot! Go Chris!

Chris is of German, Japanese decent and heritage of the Philippines too as an All American guy of today.

Some Hollywood entertainment news from the hood and around the globe, right now is:

Super Bowl moments

Miley Cyrus jets back to L.A. I dig her American Legends tee. Hot.

NFL: Falling ice injures six at Cowboys Stadium

Will Eva Green star with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows vamp flick?

Rugby sevens: NZ face Australia in quarters


Sadly, Enron CEO Jeffery Skilling‘s son John Skilling has been found dead in his dorm room. Sad.

Egyptian journalist dies of gunshot wounds

Retro Internet expozay’s sharing can get you . Internet-addiction and its origins is a religion. Don’t mess!

Verizon iPhone

Mila Kunis provides the non-pregnant ballet-esque cultured shots for Hollywood movie marketing.

Bonus Post – Khloe Kardashian and Lamar‘s new fragrance ad is cute.

Bonus Post II – Some Waitangi Day News

Bonus Post III – Will The Situation leave Jersey Shore?

Some bloggers and journalists who don’t live in Hollywood, so they can’t take photos of real Hollywood residents like Chris as I can, yet who still love covering Hollywood news stories too (who doesn’t?) are: Funny or DieGeorge’s Bottom Line (George Stephanopoulos) Read the rest of this entry »