Not bad at all. Press play to hear.

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I told you

I retired

before ten.

What were

you doing

at my door

one night

long after then



a cricket


and a long

black coat?

Oh I remember

you wanted

a cup of tea.

–from the book, A Tingling Catch: A Century of New Zealand Cricket Poems 1864-2009 by Mark Pirie.

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Biz Meeting News: Bradley Cooper was spotted out on the streets of Paris with stunning French actress Melanie Laurent on Monday night.

Ten People Picks today @ 2.41pm KiwiTime are:

1. Whakatauki for Taylor Jane

2. Lil Wayne

3. Sienna Miller

4. Maori Triathletes UK: Trinity Brooke & Simon Brooke

5. Stephie Key

6. Prince Harry Windsor

7. Kim Kardashian

8. Ria

9. Artist: Sean Sullivan

10. Tiki Taane - Soundtrack to Forever

Banking News S&P downgrades credit ratings of top U.S. banks

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But how exquisitely

important to turn on

sans worry-waves and



in sensory vibrations

all in one and one in

all enclosed in perfect

acid stillness

Beautiful plastic

middle-class people

suspended in a lift-well

between the concrete

and the bubble bursting

to a gust of inane laughter

flowing in and out through

primp and life-size floral

tie-ones, shiny leather gear:

rip-off Indian cotton see-throughs

billowing to a great desentized

deodorized fart

Beautiful plastic rabbits run away

to your hide-away pseudo communes;

but don’t forget to pop out again

for the jazzy boutique commercials.

Drug Lore, a poem from Shaeshifter by Hone Tuwhare

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Comedic Talk Show Host, Conan O’Brien is reportedly devastated that comedian Patrice O’Neal has died at only 41. Read more here. Photo: UK Guardian.

Band frontman Nuki Waaka, 79, died in his sleep on Sunday November 27. Having grown up in Whakatane, Waaka and his then wife Marge “Mahora” formed the Maori Volcanics in 1964. A great pioneer of Maori entertainer’s natural ability to completely rock a show, has passed away.

The Horiwood Top Ten Today are:

1. Billionaire Richard Chandler 31st most voted star 2011

2. Hollywood Teamwork – The New Zealand All Blacks rugby football team

3. In LA Ink – Are my family of wise owls all good?

4. Henry Rollins on nuclear energy via Japan as teacher

5. Country hotties who work it out & stay in shape

6. When Robin Li met with Mark Zuckerberg

7. Basketball – LA Lakers & The Bostic Celtics

8. Winston Peters is voted Grey Power’s preferred pin up boy 2011-14

9. The Cook Islands Beauty

10. Ten things about billionaire Christopher Chandler

Also rating well: Northland’s bronze hockey babes; John Key on evironmental leadership; Adam Frankel; A look at New Zealand inequality; Native Actors – Taylor Lautner; Golf @ Kauri Cliffs; MMatt Leinart‘s sports injury is worse than Rick Perry‘s brain freeze propensity; Burns Victims music by Rihanna, Emimen & Midnight Oil; Human Rights Watch – Curbing Economic Bullying towards Maori; Movie based on exploiting indigenous peoples resources – what was that again?; Cooking at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Los Angeles; India-US relations – President Pratibha Patil hosts the Obamas for dinner.

New Zealand News:

Rena: Thousands of tonnes of waste disposed

Building consents jump 11pc in October

India-Kiwi communities – solemn farewell for slain security guard

Cricket: Time to walk Ricky – Cairns

Phil Goff moves on to promote energy stocks offshore – Did you know David Shearer has eyes most like Carlos Spencer?

Hollywood Humor in NZ: Angelina Jolie’s backup career plan? Funeral director

todays paper

Full Paper Metro Style Sports

Australia News:

Side effects to children of MP’s taking pharmaceutical meds

Severe storms heading for Sydney

Sports Tragedy: Gary Speeds wife found his body

No Homelife: Aussies must get a life and leave work on time

Aussie humor: Husband ordered to pay wife for lack of sex

Boxer Shannan Taylor’s condition is improving.

Sydney’s favourite books

Asia-Pacific News – Wall Street Journal:

Iranian Students Storm British Embassy

Myanmar Sparks Investment Interest

Dow Holds Gains, Up 32 Points

Euro Zone Boosts Rescue Fund. How exactly?!!!

In Japan, a Paradise of Michelin Three-Star Restaurants

Electric Highways: Toyota to Sell Plug-In Prius in Japan

Up in the China Cloud – Lenovo Plans Web-Linked TV

Facebook Targets Huge IPO

Budget Surplus ‘Herculean’ Task for Australia

UK News:

UK warns Iran over embassy attack

Ivory Coast ex-head on way to ICC

UK – U to two million set to strike

Russia News:

Russians question ‘spy’ inquiry

Washington DC News:

The Fix: Who benefits from Cain’s collapse?

Clinton heads to a hopeful Burma

Hard-line Iranian students storm British Embassy in Tehran

Facebook settles privacy complaint

Michael Jackson’s doctor sentenced to 4 years

Market Watch

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I can’t keep up with your turning tables, under your thumb I can’t breathe….

Lyrics breathed live by Adele in concert.

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According to the CSM, “AMR: What does Chapter 11 bankruptcy mean for American Airlines fliers? American Airline parent corporation, AMR Corp., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday. With peak travel season just around the corner, experts are split over what it could mean.

The parent firm, AMR Corp., said American will keep flying its routes, honoring mileage awards, and paying full salaries and benefits for employees.

That still leaves many travelers wondering about the future of a once-leading airline. And the unsettling news comes with a peak travel season just around the corner.

Users of the social network Twitter revealed the uncertainty with comments like, “probably not going to fly with American Airlines” and “i’m so glad i fly @delta.”

At the same time, many fliers are aware that bankruptcy has become a periodic fact of life in this competitive industry. American is just the last holdout among the “legacy” carriers, struggling with higher wage and pension costs than discount rivals.”

Well, it’s interesting to note American Airlines collected Thanksgiving Travel revenue hauls first, before announcing this news.

Maybe if the 70% of Americans that do not yet own a passport, get their first one – this could help this airline. Or, has the economy dipping cut into the average Americans domestic travel plans so significantly, as this result perhaps indicates.

[Photo caption -An American Airlines aircraft at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in Grapevine, Texas. The parent companies of American Airlines and its regional affiliate American Eagle are filing for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection Tuesday. Photo by Tony Gutierrez for the AP]

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The big story in New Zealand today, has got to be a coal mining story. NewsTalkZB reports:

No need for consultation on new West Coast mine: The Conservation Minister is denying there’s a need for public consultation on an application for an open-cast coal mine on the West Coast.

Forest and Bird is concerned about the lack of dialogue with the community about the mining application at Denniston Plateau.

Kate Wilkinson says access for mining is considered under the Crown Minerals Act, which does not provide for public consultation.

She says the act is being reviewed by the Energy and Resources Minister to work out what constitutes a significant mining application, and therefore requires talks with the community.

Ms Wilkinson says claims that the land meets the criteria of a significant mining application are questionable.

Reporting by Sophie Lowery

Question: What is the R.O.I figure of the value of total coal to be extracted actually going back into New Zealanders pockets? Before this pristine West Coast backyard of natural wonders, gets ripped or altered? Can we have the figures please of “total coal value out” and “what goes back to Kiwis, not multinational execs?” That may speed things up. You know… Kiwis making weighed decisions in transparent biz deals for and of the New Zealand people and future generations of Kiwis.

Most interesting comment on TV feedback of the day on peoples relationship to natural landscape on this issue has been: “It will take a while before the world learns that you can’t eat money.” Then we all use coal to light barbecues brightly, don’t we? We can’t judge too much. So how much coal goes from the West Coast, is also an issue – perhaps.


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So, I’m working on honing my missing gratitude skills. Here’s a quote.

Gratitude begins where entitlement ends–Pastor Scott, Auckland City, Sunday.

Last night at men’s bible study group I’ve just started attending, we prayed through this principle – that living in New Zealand we’d always see opportunities by having the common basic courtesies of saying “please” and “thankyou” more often.

I think gratitude is a process. A daily habit to cultivate more each day.A byproduct of happiness and stopping to enjoy happiness and being more appreciative of it. That certainly kicks anxiety out the door. Anxiety is the byproduct of the deception of entitlement. Getting over entitlement is about being thankful for the simple things in life.

Water, food, fresh air, green grass, spiritual friends, laughter. Life.

Thanks Scott!

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According to a new study, “Pakeha women (European women with New Zealand citizenship) are far more likely to partner with men of ethnic groups that tend to be bigger and stronger – Pacific, Middle Eastern and African men – than Pakeha (European) men are to partner with women from the same groups.

Conversely, European men are far more likely to partner with Asian women, who tend to be smaller, than Asian men are to partner with European women.”

There you have it. If this study is to be believed, the highest demographic of earners in the country, the White Older Rich Male – prefer to share their wealth with Asians.

Charming. I think of family friends the Tans who live in China and Brisbane Australia. Great people, a Pakeha mom and Malaysian-Kiwi dad.

This still doesn’t explain the same study saying that 69% of all babies born in the last five years are ‘Maori’ babies. I guess that’s good for Iwi shareholders then to negotiate better energy deals with the government that will sustain Kiwis.

Mark Tan, the eldest son of our friends, married a Maori girl from Ahipara and they speak Te Reo Maori to their children, so – maybe this is explained that way too. These days they’re educating Chinese diplomats children. Maybe, they’re teaching Chinese diplomats children how to speak Te Reo Rangatira too, for New Zealand’s strong future ahead in the world.

Romance is always an exciting thing. The possibilities are getting more diverse in Kiwiland. The cultural unifier here uniting all cultures in identity, will always be a pride in Te Reo Rangatira spoken by everyone, even if that is in the form of our Maori haka.

[Image - Front Page of the National Paper, New Zealand].

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Once upon a time, a rugby football player Carlos Spencer played rugby football for Auckland City.He was just a normal guy from a small town called Levin who was good at rugby – until he was selected to do a Toffee Pops chocolate biscuits commercial. That lol, comedic TVC depicted Carlos – ‘The Boxer’ – doing the Kiwi bloke ‘art of sexy.’ Sexy is something that is not taken too seriously in New Zealand. You’re sexy when you’re funny, here. It just is how it is. In the TVC though, Carlos was funny.

A lot of Kiwi women warmed to rugby football in a whole new way. Carlos was the man. The ‘sex symbol’ of New Zealand at that time. For the Kiwi bloke sitting back watching TV while the Mrs oogled over Carlos, Spencer was like viagra (way before viagra happened) or avigra (for dyslexic people who prefer a deal from BigPharma styled opportunists). The moment Spencer came on the telly in his comedic Toffee Pops TVC, a Kiwi bloke knew ‘it was game on in the bedroom when the rugby was over.’

Life really doesn’t get much better than that for the middle Kiwi bloke. (Most Kiwi men really are that easily pleased). Either that, or the wife was going to make the dreaded phonecall, throw her freakem dress rags on and ‘warpaint up’ and head off to the club with the girlfriends–a side effect of the same TVC that wasn’t as preferred as, option 1.

In that particular moment, men up and down the country, cursed Carlos. He was the nookie grinch but club owners did okay out of it. Carlos, had the difficult job, of keeping men honest in the bedroom. There was no Justin Timberlake songs in those days to do the same thing. Even though he was a construct on television women loved Carlos as much as Toffee Pop biscuits and appreciated the leverage they could get out of him. Shockers!

And let’s not even mention, how Carlos altered who teenaged girls wanted to grow up to marry during those days. Carlos was also the ‘cultural engineer’ of future generations.

Since his younger pin up boy days on and off the rugby field in New Zealand, Carlos has spent time coaching rugby football and living in the UK and South Africa. He’s visiting his homeland for a good cause.

Charity boxing with ruby league alum Awen Guttenbeil is on the agenda. Their message? If you’re over 40 get regular blood tests. When it comes to diseases like prostate cancer, early detection in a hihgly scientific world, is still yet the only known cure, for prevention. In NZ 1 in 10 men are at risk. Journalist Mark Sainsbury has the story here.

A good effort from Carlos. His story is all about what rugby football stars can go on to do.

If in America, click here.

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Switching on the blog today, recommended music, dance-art viewing is Beyonce‘s Dance For You video portrait.

I am reminded of African-American history, that this resilient people have always done ‘the art of sexy’ for America. When I first got to the US, I was invited to attend a private African-American birthday party in Houston Texas. It was a spontaneous, unexpected invite. At the party a group of 100 friends, sat me on couch that they put on the back of a stage, that doubled as their dance floor.

So there I was, a Maori-Kiwi from New Zealand feeling a bit out of place but not. The invite was, ‘watch us dance.’ I don’t think, I’ve ever been more moved by a particular culture outside of Maori culture than This Houston community and the gift of themselves that they gave me, to watch their community perform their rites of culture. Ironically, in Beyonce’s hometown I got to watch the friends she grew up with all dance in community and pop their moves on the d-floor together. Their bodies moved like poetry. I felt so white and awkward in comparison, needless to say, I did not dare dance once. I was transfixed in just watching them flow.

Not one person danced the same. Each person had their own unique dance styles, unique rhythm to their dance moves, their smiles and expressions of ‘the look’ when dancing. Individually – each person was an artist, expressing different portraits of their community’s vibe in the most sexiest form of dance I’d ever seen. Collectively as a community, Beyonce’s Houston friends from school, were stunning. Diverse, eclectic and couture wearing, beautiful and graceful yet staunchly strong people.

When I watch this video portrait from Bee, you see Beyonce reference in film noir style, the fact that African-Americans were never in film noir films of the Hollywood era as a leading figures. In a culture of Mad Men TV shows and Boardwalk Empire styled pop cultural parallels – Bee steps into the frame of this era, and she raises the bar on sexy for pop stars and entertainers thinking they’re all that. Wow!

Imitators clear the stage. I also appreciate the way she still writes her song lyrics in Houston-esque ebonics. Her political statement referencing the culture of her people’s long walk to freedom, showing that she hasn’t changed that much, is delivered in this cross-cultural American tribute.

Definitely one for the grown ups. In that distinct Houston way… Way cool!

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TOP KIWI OF THE DAY – 30.11.11

The no.1 New Zealander you voted today is: Billionaire Philanthropist Richard Chandler

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Anxiety is over-rated. It only works in Pharmaceutical companies favor. Revolution is only useful, if real change occurs for real people, in meaningful ways that are sustainable for them.
Two covers from Time Magazine.

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The current New Zealand government canceled the census that was due, heading into the election 2011. That’s unheard of.

I’d rather have the census results than photos or news articles about cups of tea. In particular, the statistics of Maori are vital to assess what has happened to Maori in the last five years. Also, what are the new immigration statistics as well.

Why in 2011 are white New Zealanders still mispronouncing Maori words in Prime Time television? Deliberately. Mockingly. Ignorantly? That’s so 60′s. Get off the TV!

- – -

In High Alert Watch News: One shocking statistic that has emerged in today’s paper from a new study, is that 1/5th of all Maori in the world, now live outside of New Zealand?

What can be done to stop the cuckoo factor, of causing Maori to exit New Zealand in their droves? Why are Maori either being jailed at a disproportionate rate, or grossly underpaid by new employment laws in proportion to people of other races in New Zealand, or being pushed out of the nest in a greedy and bullying way.

Where is a New Zealand Maori Prime Minister in the making? Like, an obvious strong contender or three of ten? Let’s identify these people sooner, not years down the track. Or a deputy PM? Where are younger Maori politicians, supporting older Maori politicians? They seem to be thin on the ground, or not getting voted into Parliament more commonplace as they should be.

Where are the jobs closing the disparity between Maori unemployment rates and Maori youth unemployment rates in New Zealand? Why is the poverty divide between Maori and nonMaori so appalling? Why are the stories in media in New Zealand, all so deliberately negative about Maori people?

Who will stop the racism and inequality? What tests and measures have been put in place to review racist business practices, governance models that do not allow Maori fair opportunity in New Zealand. When was the last time each business was Treaty of Waitangi tested? All of these thoughts fill my mind, at this sad (yet also exciting) news. It’s exciting as Maori people are getting more mobile. It’s sad, because Maori need whanau to remain strong in Maori culture and kaupapa. Why can’t New Zealand create an environment that does this.

Why are 51% of all people in New Zealand prisons Maori? The options for Maori youth are, “you’re either going to get locked up, or, end up unemployed. But by the way, you’re The Crown’s Treaty Partner.”

Way too confusing and oppressive to be believed. I’d like to see a stronger lead from all leaders in New Zealand (not just Maori leaders) about lifting Maori up more, as equal Treaty partners who are a vital part of co-creating New Zealand’s future. Can we give our Kiwi young people, this image to work towards?

Alright – let’s be thankful for the Maori left in the country then. :) Time to rebuild a society that has a look and feel that Maori are more comfortable to excel in.

[Music - Te Piringa - singing in Te Reo Rangatira, "Give thanks."]

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10 People you picked:

1. Kristen Stewart

2. Steve Rosenbaum

3. Ben Quale

4. Northland’s bronzed hockey babes

5. Christopher Walkin

6. Michael Jones

7. Tau Henare on Hillary Clinton

8. Petra Eccleston

9. Tom Hardy

10. Rachel Hunter

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  1. 134210882

    Khitam Hamad, 12, whose face and body was burned after a car bomb exploded in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, poses in a hallway at a program operated by Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on November 28, 2011 in Amman, Jordan. MSF has been running a reconstructive-surgery program for war-wounded Iraqis since August 2006. The program, which helps Iraqis irrespective of age or ethnic/religious background, is currently treating roughly 120 cases. MSF was forced to pull out of Iraq in 2004 due to the escalating violence in the country. Following the years of violence in the country, the state of medical care in Iraq is poor. There is a chronic shortage of doctors and nurses and much of the country’s hospitals are using outdated and damaged equipment. By Mario Tama for Getty Images.

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New Zealand-born businessman and investor, Richard Chandler, has a net worth of $4 billion as of July 2011, according to Forbes.

Chandler became one of New Zealand’s richest men by pushing for reforms at South Korea’s SK Group, and is now one of the biggest shareholders in Sino-Forest Corp. (TRE), the Chinese company targeted by short-seller Carson Block.

Chandler’s Mandolin Fund Pte owns 26.7 million shares of the Chinese tree-plantation owner, with the latest purchase made on July 19, the investment company said yesterday in a statement. The 10.85 percent stake makes Chandler’s group the third-largest shareholder in Sino-Forest after Davis Selected Advisers LP and Wellington Management Co., data compiled by Bloomberg show.

Richard has residency in Monaco. One website says that he has vested interests in companies that dabble in money laundering with Russia money. No way! I don’t believe that, but that can be read, here. His mother would mollywop him across his head with a paint brash, if he had of, anti-smacking laws aside. I think Chandler just wants to not make Russian billionaires feel so bad, by not correcting that perception about him. What do you think?!

One thing I do know about this guy though, is that what Richard is most famous for on Horiwood.Com is the fact that his mother is an artist. Add to that his philanthropic interests and work in India and throughout Asia. He worked in his dad’s shop as a teen and just went from there.

You voted him your 31st most favorite star this year. Nice one!

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Gratitude opens the eyes to see, define and create opportunity–Pastor Scott after describing his Black Friday shopping experiences when living in the USA, on Sunday.

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Katy Perry, the American pop star checks in as the 32nd most voted star this year. The daughter of a preacher and wife of British comedic actor, Russell Brand, Katy achievements are many, including having 5 no.1 hits off a debut album. No other music artist has achieved this to date in the USA.

What I liked about Katy Perry live in concert, is that she plays a ballad on the guitar and sings – she is soul-stirring, quite deep and awesome. She’s also grown a lot as an artist.

The One That Got Away is Katy Hudson’s latest hit.

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IdeaLab Carl Franzen November 28, 2011, 06:35 PM Most Recent Latest news stories from TPM reporters:

Why Did Google Shutter Renewable Energy Program?

Google’s renewable energy initiative, Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal, was one of the seven products and services that got the axe last week, along with Google Wave and Knol. At the time, Google defended the decision in a blog post, writing “other institutions are better positioned than Google to take this research to the next level.” … Read More →


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I get to think that God

is somewhere there between the rivermouth and sea


–poet Sam Hunt

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The UK is reading all about Kim Kardashian‘s family Thanksgiving Day. Read it here.

An election result in New Zealand has pushed up New Zealand news today.

The Horiwood Top Ten Are:

1. Jemaine Clement – 11 People You Picked as News – 28.11.11

2. Kiwis who do good

3. American Music Awards Winners 2011

4. Who is educationalist Hilda Harawira

5. Oil exploration tales

6. The Hollywood Reporter becomes a Magazine

7. Jessica Clarke

8. Rugby – Team Effort

9. Waterfalls – Retro TLC

10. Election New Zealand Results 2011

Kourtney & Kim Take New York is also rating well.

As is: Seldom Heard on China: ‘Sell’

In New Zealand News:

Post election reshuffles dominate headlines. What is real and what isn’t remains for the dust to settle.


Egypt’s historic vote

Murdoch tabloid branded as ‘horrific’

Police arrest Occupy protesters in LA

Alleged Colombian drug lord captured

Tennis: Federer focuses on Olympics

Sanctions could devastate Syria’s economy


Swan slashes spending

Asia-Pacific via Wall Street:

China Pushes to Buck Up Yuan Market

Dow Surges 291 Points

Tepco (Tokyo Power Co) to Sell $2.5 Billion of Assets

Africa in Natural-Gas Spotlight

India Tweaks Sourcing Rules for Retailers

Australia’s Breadbasket Faces Water Squeeze - A plan to reduce water use in Australia’s key food-producing region is pitting farmers against environmentalists and throwing the future of the country’s breadbasket into question.

Russia News

Putin Warns West on Interference

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Quote of the day: Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us.–Lauryn Hill

Lately I’ve been trying to hone my missing gratitude skills. One way I do that is to thank wordpress. Horiwood.Com is proudly a wordpress community member. So, to say thanks and being creative, crazy democratic, here’s what ten bloggers have to share on the wordpress community.

1. Growing IT Moguls real estate: Start Ups are Hard, So Quit Your Whinging and Get on With It!

2. Deer at West Bragg Creek


4.Thoughts from Tahrir

5. KoreanIndo

6. Junk Science – We’re Not Worried About the Intellectual Climate

7. Black Friday – Don’t buy this jacket

8. JYJ3 Import Music Charts, no.1

9. Bruno Serato – Community Heroes

10. MoneyNing: How to Save Money During the Toddler and Preschool Years

Thanks wordpress. It sure is a change from “teen bullying stories.” Bullying happens to kids in environments where community services are cut, or are being thought of being depleted for families. That’s all I have to say about that issue, today.

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Today I was asked the question – What would your funny Maori tee shirt design be for this year?

I replied, the tee shirt would say “I want to come back as an immigrant.”

It would be made in China and upsold at the Otara Markets for a 200% mark-up, of course! Oh no wait, it’s 2011. I’d sell it on this website. :)


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Australia is just a little bit interested in actor, writer, indie Kiwi music star, Jemaine Clement and his comedic buddie, what’s his name? :) The announcement today that Clement may make a new movie is featured here.

[Photo caption - Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie of New Zealand from comedy band Flight of the Conchords].

People rating well today are:

1. Anthony Boric - New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Football Team

2. Christina Hendricks waist

3. Petra Eccleston

4. Kim Kardashian on twitter

5. Shane Cameron & Monty Betham‘s boxing buzz

6. Artist Tim Timmerman

7. Rihanna‘s fashion

8. Crystal Rachel -a young Maori mother on ballot day – New Zealand election 2011

9. George Clooney

10. Jemaine Clement for Men In Black III 

Bonus Socialite: Paula Macks - Auckland restauranteur

Favorite Poet: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

Special thanks to all New Zealand politicians & spouses & families, staff & supporters (as well as all journalists covering the New Zealand election news coverage 2011) who helped give Horiwood.Com a spike today). You’re all Winners!

For the record, if you talk to anyone in California, everyone loves these two lads. Jemaine is perceived as the funniest and most bankable entertainer. Although Bret is the one the girls would like to date and take home to their white American mommas on Thanksgiving, Jemaine is the one that makes an audience laugh the loudest. The words “humble, funny” are what you hear a lot, when these lads names are mentioned. That’s a good vibe for Kiwis anywhere in the world, so let’s stick with that.

[Music - Business Time... again!]

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At the time of writing, the 3rd most requested person being searched for this Hollywood themed entertainment website is:

I have never met Hilda. She is the wife of politician elect, Hone Harawira, a man who faced the fiercest opposition of any MP elected in New Zealand 2011.

Once, while living in Northland, I noticed that Lindy Laird had done an amazing interview with Hilda. Lindy’s article was called, Mana behind the tattooed chin. In particular what was on display was Hilda’s connection with a community of people in her role as an educationalist.

Reading the article, I couldn’t help but admire this Hilda woman in the portrait Lindy had painted with her journalistic words. Hilda was the real deal, politician’s wife for her community in these times. I ran a portion of the article on this website. Sadly, the Northern Advocate, chose not to digitize Lindy Laird’s words for everyone to see. You can’t upload every story on a news website, yet I wondered about The Advocate’s editorial choices. They all too easily run negative stories of Maori people, in a region that has one of the highest Maori populations per head of capita. I took this photograph of the paper, because I didn’t want Hilda’s positive Maori story, to go missing. I wanted her to be seen. Visible. A part of modern day New Zealand. Read the rest of this entry »



Kylie Minogue inducted into ARIA Hall of Fame

I remember watching Kylie Minogue perform live at The Hollywood Bowl. What made Kylie so special as an artist was that she had that trademark down to earth Aussie humor combined with an obsession for couture and glamor. Winner! Oh yeah, Kylie also sung every single song, live. Double winner!

The highlight of that night was her 1920′s Hollywood glamor version of her first ever no.1 hit in Australia, Lucky. Slow and classy! Like the auteur/ artist that Minogue is, live.

Watch Video: Top of the pops: ABC News: Pop princess Kylie Minogue holds back tears as she is inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

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According to The Daily Dish:

“A McKinsey Global Institute report noted “from 2000 through 2007, a remarkable run-up in global home prices occurred.” It is highly unlikely that a simultaneous boom and bust everywhere else in the world was caused by one set of factors (ultra-low rates, securitized AAA-rated subprime, derivatives) but had a different set of causes in the United States. Indeed, this might be the biggest obstacle to pushing the false narrative. How did U.S. regulations against redlining in inner cities DefaultChartalso cause a boom in Spain, Ireland and Australia? How can we explain the boom occurring in countries that do not have a tax deduction for mortgage interest or government-sponsored enterprises? And why, after nearly a century of mortgage interest deduction in the United States, did it suddenly cause a crisis?

These questions show why proximity and statistical validity are so important. Let’s get more specific.The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 is a favorite boogeyman for some, despite the numbers that so easily disprove it as a cause.It is a statistical invalid argument, as the data show.

For example, if the CRA was to blame, the housing boom would have been in CRA regions; it would have made places such as Harlem and South Philly and Compton and inner Washington the primary locales of the run up and collapse. Further, the default rates in these areas should have been worse than other regions.

What occurred was the exact opposite: The suburbs boomed and busted and went into foreclosure in much greater numbers than inner cities. The tiny suburbs and exurbs of South Florida and California and Las Vegas and Arizona were the big boomtowns, not the low-income regions. The redlined areas the CRA address missed much of the boom; places that busted had nothing to do with the CRA.”

Sustainable economies are all about real assets that are useful as opposed to “money” that’s overprinted all too easily by some, really, aye?!

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