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Sometimes I feel like a waterfall in West Hollywood, that just won’t stop. Where the water comes from within the spirit that feels dry, jaded, tired on grey winters days, ironically on days when it pours with rain – I don’t know.

One thing I do know, is that 2 million innocent children, die each year in our world, on our watch, regardless of what flags we wave above our heads, or what parades we have under them for whatever reasons to gratify our own sense of worth and identity. While our flags flap around in the wind, the lives of these children do too and many die because they don’t have access to clean drinking water. They get sick, their lives and their potential in this world are cut short.

Sometimes I wish, that people who are told and even say themselves that they are Kings & Queens would rise up like the legend of Moses in a dry desert, and take the wooden staff of their generation’s destiny and dare to strike the rock of greed, of apathy, or blindness, of entitlement, of nationalism, of hatred, of extreme and costly ‘paper gangsta’ capitalism, of those attitudes of detachment masked in those nonhuman words ‘that’s them and not us,’ of leader’s pride, human blind spots and prejudices; and our own too judging these leaders who are at best, mirrors of ourselves that we elected in many cases (or, the flip side too of letting go of the paralyzing and crippling fear of extreme loss and grief that inevitably follows in that degree of sudden loss too, it’s all the same constructed coin)–and these royals of the earth would say “enough, let these children go free” and cause water to flow to children they don’t know, whose parents they’ve never seen, whose dreams are more real than us at times or our bank balance or the figure we are told of our paper worth or lack of, or the excitement in our allocated and imagined carbon credit worth too. We are so green thinking these days!

[Excuse the Kerouac-esque lack of punctuating all proper, in that last paragraph].

Then I realise, sh*t, these Kings and Queens are on this blog everyday. They’re you and on a good day – I could be in your good company too. On a good day. Giving the gift of water to someone else is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do in the 2010′s. One of the true signs we have actually evolved with all of enjoyment and claims of new technology et al that have radically changed our lives. Giving water and saying to someone else, “I love you and you are much loved” are two simple yet vital things we can do each day.

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Dragonfly chiffon with a metal zipper by Miss Elliette is still hot fashion today. So haute accessible and clever. Very young Hollywood. Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Lea Michele would all look Summer chic in this dress on the red carpet today.

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You’ve got to be quite a lady to pay tribute to metal in chiffon frabric. Here’s one lady who did and fourty years later, this dress still holds its form and is still saleable today as a summer, Young Hollywood red carpet dress. What a lady.

Miss Elliette – Copper Chiffon Vintage Dress: Vintage 1960′s Copper chiffon dress with sequins on bodice. Absolutely terrific in MINT condition and fits like a dream. The color on this dress is a little browner than it appears in the photos, I had some trouble capturing the exact hue. I would say that it is less orange than it appears and does look like a darker penny. Acquired from the same estate that had the Malcolm Starr Peach chiffon dress, and the lime green chiffon Carol Craig vintage dress. Such a unique collectible vintage clothing piece!” The way the hem hangs is circuitous. An unbroken ring. Like the concept of love in eternity.   

Bust:  34”, Empire Waist: 26”, Front Bodice: 13” from top of shoulders to waist, Skirt from waist: 21”, $225

Courtesy of Dressing Website. This color would look great on both Christina Hendricks and Beyonce with double copper and gold hoop earrings and a gold turbin. These earrings pictured are by moonlight lily. Every young girl going out in Hollywood, should have a pair of these. And, this dress is up for grabs, right now. What a score -a piece of true Californian history.  

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To a California fashion designer whose chiffon couture American made garments were sought after by royalty and their subjects worldwide . . . for your family, your art, your strength and great love, thank you.

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I like to provide ‘fresh content’ sometimes while I report on Hollywood celebrity news. I don’t go out of my way to do that though, just when I happen upon, I cut it into our view.

So, here’s Horiwood.Com on Entourage‘s Adrian Grenier at local hot spot, Club Voyeur while Adrian flexes his Hollywood profile and directs a promo.

In Hollywood terms, this is a coup, because Club Voyeur‘s whole appeal as a must go to, Young Hollywood club night spot, is the fact that no photographs or camera’s are allowed. However C.V makes special exceptions for Entourage stars, because they are local paparazzi for the club’s uber hot branding, that constantly says “follow us inside, we do the best fun ever.”

Normally, I would have jumped into the shot with Adrian, because creating images of Maori in Hollywood in reality–is  important for Maori young people to see (it rarely happens) and also Adrian is my own father’s second name and my whanau (family) back in Middle Earth and Australia would have loved that pic–especially the 13 nieces and nephews.

However, hanging out with a true celebrity like California’s Miss Elliette somedays, made me forget that I was meant to get that dream-inspiring shot with whipper snapper, relatively newbie, Hollywood celebrity– Adrian. Oh well! :)

And for some strange reason, I wanted an entourage of fresh home grown tomatoes after getting this photo for you tonight. That must be the hori appetite shining through, like true colors in Hollywood amidst world changing dreams of peace.

For the tomato-entourage thoughts. Lol! Enjoy!

~This Hollywood exclusive posting (fresh Hollywood entertainment media, OMG World Exclusive) going up for Matthew Bryan (aka Dr Fresh)–a Musical M.D in training, serving the better future of medicine in Puerto Rico right now–a dude who is both Entourage and C.V savvy while enrolled at UCLA Med School. ICU. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 8.18.10~


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Beverly Hills Fashion Queen News on Hollywood’s Queen in Paris: While Hollywood’s reigning cinematic Queen, Angelina Jolie graced the red carpet at the premiere of her latest spy thriller, Salt, at Le Grand Rex on Tuesday (August 17) in Paris, France. Here in Beverly Hills, Miss Elliette, 87, America’s Queen of Chiffon and the architect of American Business Couture for women fashion designers gave a guided tour in her home, to inspire the children of the good people of Mulholland Drive today, to always create and share one’s art.

As a twenty-something girl’s eyes lit up marveling at the painted fashionable ladies on a vase, like they were living glamazon film stars moving across the vase’s surface as if in a beautiful Hollywood film, I witnessed first hand, the magic of a true artist with her audience.

Miss Elliette is this lady. And her art as a fashion designer still lives.

Thanks ladies for turning on a show today. Here’s how you voted our celebrity topics of interest today. Thank you. 

1. Angelina Jolie‘s Marilyn Monroe-esque movie marketing skills are #1

2. About Horiwood–> Music: Beauty for Ashes with Steve Apirana

3.Written in True Blood with Anna Paquin and friends

4. Justin Gaston‘s Psalm-ink message for Young Hollywood dreamers 

5. Music: Beauty for Ashes by Steve Apirana

6. Alex Meraz loves how he was scripted into Hollywood

7. S by Shakira

8. Liza Morales for the LA Lakers ladies club

9. Hot Chocolate News -3.20.09

10. Grainy Hollywood romance, Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson

Rugby Star Pick: All Black Brendan Leonard is a rugby football star

Humor: Retro Lady Gaga news on this blog, once used to be so whack and out there!!!

[Images of Angelina Jolie courtesy of Just Jared. Miss Elliette's painting on porcelain vase: image, artist's own collection].

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World Peace – Hollywood fashion piece. White fabric chiffon strip. 

May transparency be our fabric of peace, as we grow up in love. Let’s go Hollywood and California USA. 

May we always have courage to press beyond a miraged desert terrain veil of seemingly ‘worlds apart’ media-constructed ‘difference,’ for this is the same desert terrain yet palm beautified story, of how Los Angeles came to be. ICU

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As Chelsea Clinton swanned down the aisle with beau Marc MezvinskyElvira Kanim, the late baby sister of legendary fashion designer, Miss Elliette had the most beautiful, touching, heart-felt private family send off. Special. Kim Bryan did a sweet service, Bruce Bryan M.D was on iphone sermon interjections and humor, Aunt Elaine‘s story never had a punch line but nobody cared she added effervescence, and fly-girl Lea Kanim was the hostest with the mostest on the day. Superwoman. Suzie added a smile of Hollywood, military glamor. More on that event, when the family have decided which photographs, can be shared with you. What a sweet lady Elvira Kanim was. She was both a gorgeous Aunty and a fun chiffon minx. RIP honey.  :)

Celebrities. Hollywood news topics. Entertainment news hot potatoes from here in Hollywood. Here’s our top ten entertainment posts for Saturday July 31st 2010. Thanks everyone. Life is peachy. 

1. Sweet heirloom tomatoes at Miss Elliette‘s American Cafe

2. Christopher Nolan reshuffles Inception script’s timeline for a #1 film 

3. Leonardo DiCaprio on cerebral thinkers Angelina Jolie triumphs in Salt!

4. Justin Gatson and friends get naked for PETA

5. Kimora Lee Simmons joins Tyra Banks

6. Fairuz on being a voice of hope for world peace

7. Land of Milk and Honey - Kings of Leon 

8. Quintessential recipe book reading for breast cancer survivors

9. Abraham Lincoln on democracy 

10. Eva Longoria‘s tortilla soup recipe is Hollywood tasty 

Bonus Post: Allyn Bryan Aspergers Advocate is one popular lady

Bonus Post: Suzanne Hinn‘s divorce drams are such a spotlight stealer :)

Bonus Post: Zoe Saldana stars in Columbiana with Cliff Curtis

Bonus Post: Bradley James is joining the New Zealand army

Bonus Post: Liam Neeson‘s beloved Natasha Richardson

Bonus Post: Beam us up Scotty, with Karl Urban as Star Trek‘s Dr McCoy

Hollywood dental star: Show me your teeth by Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga

And to tidy things up a little with some ‘overwhelming emotion’ like a Presidential family ocean: Here’s what the Clinton family said about their special family occasion: “Today, we watched with great pride and overwhelming emotion as Chelsea and Marc wed in a beautiful ceremony at Astor Courts, surrounded by family and their close friends. We could not have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate the beginning of their life together, and we are so happy to welcome Marc into our family. On behalf of the newlyweds, we want to give special thanks to the people of Rhinebeck for welcoming us and to everyone for their well-wishes on this special day.”

A sweet day of family across America. Oh… and go here to buy Bob’s new romance novel of young love, set in Israel and Palestine. Author Robert Ellis is pictured here with Rev. Dan Brown –the young Pastor, at the Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, a picturesque town that means ‘a canopy of green trees.’ Bob’s book links: Books-A-Million & .

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~To learn love, life, liberty, wisdom, purpose to serve and lead with happiness; always stay close to your els. Action–Horiwood, July 2010~

When you first get to Hollywood, tour operators suggest you purchase a star map on Hollywood Blvd, that offers directions to celebrities homes and addresses. People buy these by the hundreds. 

Beyond tourism, when you seek to commit to community and put down roots, there is a saying that to make it in Hollywood, you don’t need a map. You just need to know your way around your star tattoos. 

But the truth is, California’s most fulfilling life, is when you choose to stay close to els.

Here’s how you voted our top ten celebrity news posts today. Thank you:

1. Horiwood’s Trifecta: Olivia, Lynne, Brooke for

2. Oksana & Mel 

3. From heroin to heroine: Angelina Jolie‘s star story

4. What a guy! Richard Chandler is a billionaire philanthropist

5. Wife by Alex Meraz

6. Leonardo DiCaprio for Christopher Nolan for Inception II

7. Angelina Jolie is triumphant in Salt

8. Colgate College whiz biz coaching 101 for newbies: Jared Leto goes blonde

9. Remembering Liam Neeson‘s beloved Natasha Richardson

10. Sexing up the Virgin brand with Sir Richard Branson

[Image 1: Aunt Elvira's owl that faces the Sito Tree. Image 2: Miss Elliette's owl, at her favorite place of el thinkers, Beverly Hills Library, adjacent to Kellys Cafe.].

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Celebrities, entertainment, newsy items. Here’s how you voted our top ten news, from Hollywood today.

1. Country hotties know how to stay in shape 

2. Kimora Lee Simmons joins Tyra Banks 

3. Oksana & Mel 

4. Elegant Chiffon Angel Strut - Miss Elliette‘s birthday card 2010

5. Angelina Jolie‘s arrives with her children in Japan

6. Suzanne Hinn is kinda totally eligible, despite the divorce drams

7. Inception Sequel talks 

8. Britney Spears & Sons 

9. Angelina Jolie triumphs in Salt! 

10. Alex Meraz 

[Music: Bic Runga as Madame Butterfly with Say After Me and her family intergenerational tradition of Kiwi cabaret singing, Angelina Jolie in Japan. Images, courtesy of Getty Splash]

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Today we celebrated the one and only, Miss Elliette‘s birthday. Her biggest fans as far afield from Hollywood as New Zealand, called in to wish her a special day.

For the Lady of California responsible for pioneering Chiffon couture, that dressed the 50 states of America, the Middle East, Princess Dianna and Asia, for being America’s Chiffon Angel with courage, finesse, color, beauty and elegant flow we salute you, on your birthday as our living legend of Lady Liberty’s grace. Along with her sisters, daughters, nieces and family, Miss Elliette is American Chiffon Fashion Royalty. 

For any American woman, who ever entered the world of business with a fashion label, Miss Elliette is their original Architect. 

To celebrate her birthday and her many gifts in her life that she gave to the American people as an artist, here’s a woman that reflects Miss Elliette’s same spirit as a working mother, who also conquered with determination, passion, hard work devotion, excellence, focus and elegance. Along with Zoe Saldana of Avatar, this unique woman shares the title of Hollywood’s Queen of the box office. Here’s Angelina Jolie demonstrating the Californian Art of Hollywood’s iconic, chiffon legs strut today in Tokyo.

Jolie demonstrates an American artform of chiffon, that Miss Elliette designed, created, accelerated and made her star signature fashion statement of liberty, defining a sexy expression of American glamour and the liberation of women’s sexy style that women welcomed with elated comfort. 

Happy 87th birthday, sweetheart. Timeless, you’re one of a kind. Everyone who knows you loves you, admires and adores you. Rock on! Let’s go ladies. Up!

Hari huri tau ki a koe, Te Kuini o Nga Kakahu Putiputi Ataahua o Te Ao. Arohatinonui. Thank you. 

Always a Queen, Miss Elliette celebrated her birthday at lunch sitting opposite her Author King with a glass of her favorite pink champagne. Cute.

[Image of Angelina Jolie at her Salt premiere, Japan, courtesy of Splash]

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Whose on the front page of the Beverly Hills Courier this week? Author Robert Ellis of the new novel Courage To Love and Angelina Jolie of the movie Salt.

Let’s go 90210 kids of L.A. Courage to love the world with Peace and transcend all cultural and language differences. This is how American leaders roll. 

, , , Books-A-Million, , Barnes&, , Tate Publishing.

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.24.2010, with thanks to America’s Chiffon Angel: Miss Elliette, living legend of Fashion, Business, The Arts & Heirloom Tomatoes, Brenton Garen, entertainment journalist and A.Winters, Publicist~


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Andre da Loba‘s artwork is winner. And, as the sweeping financial reform bill passes–the New York Times concentrates on President Obama being the target of frustrated executives as they have trouble adjusting to the new bill describing his governance as a ‘new era of big, stifling government and heavy regulation.’ Verizon’s Ivan Seidenberg, stung like a telephone bee’s wounded-wasp-alter-ego, blaming Mr Obama for “an increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation” and defining his administration as “reaching into every sector of American life” and “making it harder to raise capital and create new businesses.”

This only confirms, that twenty-somethings or grads straight out of college, need eagles eyes to give guidance through these snarly sharky waters of biz. May the young and promising, not lose their spirit of optimistic potential. On a lighter note…

Here’s Lindsay Lohan commenting on this same generation getting chewed up and spat out, all too easily by the hands of the entertainment industry, here in California. In Lohan’s black comedy, reinventive style, while up against the ropes fighting for her life, the troubled starlet gives a shout out to her “just breathe” tattoo-ed, celebrity pal, Miley Cyrus in Complex Magazine, and Miley’s departure from Mouse House factory Disney. Can’t be tamed boots with rainbow buttons on black. What a stretch. Lol!

If government and biz are at conflict, and the youth show mistrust at the system, than perhaps artists are some of the best people to turn to, for a key message. They just might be making sense of these exciting times of change and chaos. There is no creativity, or new life unless there is chaos in change. As wise lady and my favorite female American celebrity (aka Miss Elliette) once said to me, “I like the concept of a molecule in a tree, that holds life to create each branch that can bear fruit.” How uplifting, from a great tree of American biz growth and fashionable biz development. In her world, no matter what, at her table of wise words and indomitable tenacity, we are all growing. Her King makes us grow. Courage to Love change. :)

Because democracy is just that, on this blog, here’s how you voted and stacked our top ten entertainment and celebrity news posts. And, no matter what, let’s support a President of the U.S.A in his first term in office, to regulate in order to liberate the economy. For the young, if not ourselves. Thanks everyone.  Box office champs rule in these eclectic votes. Wow! 

1. Inception Sequel: Leonardo DiCaprio, cerebral filmmaking & Chris Nolan

2. Robert Pattinson inspires at Twilight 

3. She conquered with Elegance: Miss Elliette‘s epic American story

4. Suzanne Hinn:”it’s my marriage, I’ll divorce if I want to” show 

5. Yosemite double rainbows video clip has heat

6. Wife by Alex Meraz 

7. “Melocaust” ignorance by young Eli Roth and TMZ

8. Whisky bravo tattoo by Angelina Jolie for Bradley Pitt

9. Poetry & Lord of the Rings: Cliff Curtis‘ wedding ring inscription

10. Justin Gatson and friends get nekkid for Peta

Hollywood grunt: Vintage Angelina Jolie: Show Me Your Teeth

[With thanks to Op-Ed commentary from Roger C Altman]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.19.2010~


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Hola Cary! C U sn. :)

[Peace Garden location image by nature, Miss Elliette for Peace in The Middle East. Pic courtesy of Bobbey Mac's iPhone].

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Tangerine roses by nature, Miss Elliette. Gorgeous like the scent of fresh tangelos.

[Image, courtesy of Bobbey Mac's iPhone]

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 7.14.2010~

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(المُحِبُّ): يَاحَمَامَتِي اللاَّئِذَةَ بِشُقُوقِ الصَّخْرِ وَمَخَابِيءِ الْمَعَاقِلِ، أَرِينِي وَجْهَكِ وَأَسْمِعِينِي صَوْتَكِ، لأَنَّ صَوْتَكِ عَذْبٌ وَمُحَيَّاكِ رَائِعٌ.

وَعِنْدَمَا يَعْبُرُ مَجْدِي، أَضَعُكَ فِي نُقْرَةٍ مِنَ الصَّخْرِ، وَأَحْجُبُكَ بِيَدِي حَتَّى أَعْبُرَ،

«أَزَحْتُ كَتِفَهُ مِنْ تَحْتِ الأَحْمَالِ الثَّقِيلَةِ، وَسَلِمَتْ يَدَاهُ مِنْ حَمْلِ السِّلاَلِ.

[Hot tip: Sometimes, you must see the world, side on... to get an education This was her message] … Quircke for Lisa & Kiwi family from Horiwood, West of Wood for L.A, Hasbaya, China, Montreal, Lebanon and America. 

On July 13th, our beloved, graduated for the 2nd time, to a much better place. She died with a peaceful and jubilant smile on her dial. She was sweet, elegant, wise as an el, charming, intelligent, gorgeous with an American vocabulary to die for and most of all – family-centric and community loving. Already, I miss her presence, humor, scent, gracefulness in this world.

In honor of her life, which offered inspiration and redemption, like a turning point, in many a person’s  ’Hollywood’ story, the top ten tonight, has been highjacked to paint a picture, over a month, of who Aunt Elvira and her family are. Here we go :)

Entre: Lena Horne for Aunt Elvira  & her ashes on Haramon as Rain in Hasbaya: Dr Bruce’s star trek hike ;)

1. Un Sospiro in The Secret Garden

2. Brooke Fraser for The Beloved June 6th 2010

3. Li Bryan‘s love, Pinkberry and Lea

4. Apple iPad & Ten Things

5. Tree of Life in a state of grace

6. Gorgeous is her American vocabulary

7. Goodness by Juliet Ellis

8. Honey Bee‘s fridge speaks

9. Art: Glistening on Peace Roses: Miss Elliette & Shakira for the beloved

10. Beauty for Ashes by Steve Apirana

Music: Beatitudes of the Classics 

Love by Emile, Compassion by Kim Bryan

Future by us. :)

(الْمَحْبُوبَةُ): حَبِيبِي بَيْنَ الْفِتْيَانِ كَشَجَرَةِ تُفَّاحٍ بَيْنَ أَشْجَارِ الْوَعْرِ، تَحْتَ ظِلِّهِ اشْتَهَيْتُ أَنْ أَجْلِسَ، وَثَمَرُهُ حُلْوٌ لِحَلْقِي.

 خَاطَبَنِي حَبِيبِي وَقَالَ: انْهَضِي يَاحَبِيبَتِي يَاجَمِيلَتِي وَتَعَالَيْ مَعِي،

Comme un pommier parmi les arbres de la forêt
      est mon ami parmi les jeunes gens,
      j’ai grand plaisir à m’asseoir à son ombre.
      Combien son fruit est doux à mon palais.

Mon bien-aimé me parle,
      et il me dit:
      Lève-toi, mon amie, viens donc, ma belle,

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

我 的 良 人 在 男 子 中 , 如 同 苹 果 树 在 树 林 中 。 我 欢 欢 喜 喜 坐 在 他 的 荫 下 , 尝 他 果 子 的 滋 味 , 觉 得 甘 甜 。

כְּתַפּ֙וּחַ֙ בַּעֲצֵ֣י הַיַּ֔עַר כֵּ֥ן דֹּודִ֖י בֵּ֣ין הַבָּנִ֑ים בְּצִלֹּו֙ חִמַּ֣דְתִּי וְיָשַׁ֔בְתִּי וּפִרְיֹ֖ו מָתֹ֥וק לְחִכִּֽי׃

עָנָ֥ה דֹודִ֖י וְאָ֣מַר לִ֑י ק֥וּמִי לָ֛ךְ רַעְיָתִ֥י יָפָתִ֖י וּלְכִי־לָֽךְ׃

Como el manzano entre los árboles del bosque, 
         así es mi amado entre los jóvenes. 
         A su sombra placentera me he sentado, 
         y su fruto es dulce a mi paladar.

Mi amado habló, y me dijo: 
         ”Levántate, amada mía, hermosa mía, 
         y ven conmigo.

As the apple-tree among the trees of the wood, So is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

Kei te aporo i roto i nga rakau o te ngahere te rite o taku kaingakau i roto i nga taitamariki. Ahuareka ana taku noho iho i raro i tona taumarumarutanga, a he reka ana hua ki toku ngao.

I korero mai taku e aroha nei, i mea mai ki ahau, E ara, e taku ipo, e taku mea ataahua, ka haere mai.

Living Art Peace Rose by Miss Elliette for her baby sister, the Princess Bride, July 13th 2010. What a Woman!

~Peace bee on EarthPosted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA, with thanks to Camela. 7.13.2010~


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“We are all Africa”–Shakira. “We are all the Middle East”–author

Shakira sings Waka Waka at the closing ceremony of Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Go here to see. Since the Colombian-Lebanese diva first performed the song live at the opening ceremony, she has already amassed 17,427,000 video clip watches on YouTube, two weeks later. She amazin!

Here’s how our top ten news posts on celebrities and entertainment topics you found of interest look today. Spanky. Thanks for being such a rivetingly exciting and eclectic bunch. Every twist and turn, is a roller coaster of life shared freely in the moment. It’s all about shared smiles, the world over, in the dance of precious life. Enjoy your news.

1. Supermodel Kate Moss has courage to love Palestine

2. Oksana and Mel Gibson

3. About Horiwood–> Anne Franks graphic diary is taught in schools

4. Tax Breaks and New Orleans for Twilight

5. Lindsay Lohan‘s new attorney is kinda orange

6. Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough romance anyway

7. Spain wins Soccer World Cup 2010 

8. Robert Pattinson @ Twilight 

9. Dance Art by Alex Meraz 

10. Bad daddy! Angelina Jolie‘s father bites bad

Humor: Lady Gaga and latex gloves are rather spanky

Hot Post this week: Adventurous Love: Miss Elliette is a Queen of Peace at Malibu. Let’s wurq America! We’ve been told! :)

[Image: "Glistening on Peace Roses" as grown by Miss Elliette, as living art from her garden.]

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Answer: Go here to see, And… of, course! :)

[Music: Red Chiffon by Beyonce of Destiny's Child in Atlanta, courtesy of Serra Retreat. For the moving image, thank you tyvonncharm ]

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Yesterday a celebrity asked me: “Would you like to go for dinner with a celebrity tonight?” Cute.

Although I didn’t deserve to this week, I said “okay.” At dinner, I got to see kindness and magic, sitting opposite me over great food and funny conversation after work. Only in L.A!

Thank you. Here’s how you, the people, voted our Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news democratically from Hollywood, Friday July 2nd 2010. Thanks everyone. Courage To Love.

1. Justin Gaston and friends get naked for PETA

2. Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black 

3. About Horiwood–> Miss Elliette at the Brandy Rose Chapel

4. Alex Meraz of Eclipse 

5. Octo-sana and Mel Gibson 

6. Robert Pattinson inspires by Twilight 

7. Kellan Lutz and pup

8. Liza Morales for L.A Lakers 

9. Christina Hendricks golden globes 

10. Vanessa Bryant for basketball 

[Images: Top: Rev. David Brown of Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes, checks out his rare gift of organic heirloom tomatoes in a Saks Fifth Avenue bag (of course!) given by fashion designer extraordinaire of America, Miss Elliette. Go here to this other blog, to read about Miss E's theory on how opposites attract

[Below image: Young Hollywood's Queen and voice of the Amazons in a dress sewn by her mom, Miss Q'orianka Kilcher, 20. Cute too.]

This Summer, let’s start a Love Train. not?!

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~Her tomatoes are wayfarer than all others.~

Seers–always have courage to be married to the “see”–Looking Glass music mysticism

Humility is this profound little ‘old’ lady, giving Chuck the gardener at Wayfarers Chapel one of America’s finest organic heirloom tomatoes.

She gave a piece of her always advancing scientific art form away in acknowledgement that this man could grow roses as well as she could. 

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“For all who dare to love”–Robert Ellis dedication, foreword. 

“One day these hands, will touch the World”–Rachel Scott, Columbine

“There is nothing more powerful, than an idea whose time has come”–Victor Hugo

Some things are just meant to be. In 1958 in Spain, surrealist artist Salvador Dali released his manifesto “Nuclear Mysticism,” he also painted Rosa Meditativa in a year of historic revolution. 50 years later in California, author Robert Ellis wrote Courage To Love a modern day romance novel, asking the question and painting a compelling saga of what happens when an Arab falls in love with a Jew in Israel and Gaza?

This timely novel which has Dali’s painting as its book cover, arrived on Monday from the publisher, and today at the Wayfarers Chapel in California, a red rose, that matches the color of Dali’s rose, blossomed in the Chapel’s garden as a welcoming symbol of Peace to greet this book’s arrival to the Chapel’s coastal book store. Surreal but real. Some things are just meant to be. 

Celebrities, entertainment news from Hollywood U.S.A. Here’s our news today. Thanks everyone. 

1. Jacob Black with Taylor Lautner at Twilight 

2. Salty! is Angelina Jolie 

3. Alex Meraz and wife 

4. Twilight Eclipse‘s casting news shocker 

5. Stefani Germanotta before The Fame

6. Alex Meraz and wife –part 2 

7. Vanessa Bryant for basketball 

8. Robert Pattinson is inspiring by Twilight 

9. Only a star nose 

10. Humor: Allyn Bryan is one popular lady!

Bonus Post: Doctors Without Borders spotlight Sudan

Bonus Post: Maxwell‘s Pretty Wings 

[Image of Designer Hands for Roses of Peace, American national treasure of fashion, the Arts and Business Couture, Miss Elliette. Image of Sarah Burton's take on Alexander McQueen's pre-spring collection 2011, debuts with a samurai dolls theme. Source]

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Hot! is Courage To Love the novel, now positioned for observing the spirit of Peace for the Middle East at the Californian point closest to Catalina Island, Palos Verdes.

Deep dreams arising in the heart for the world’s better future, written down in ink, now becoming fiction on pulped wood, becoming Peace, becoming thought, becoming love dialogues, facilitating healing, becoming flesh. Courage To Love the Middle East with spirit.

Exciting… Let’s go L.A!

[Image of Miss Elliette with her beloved, the author, Robert Ellis, courtesy of the Wayfarers Chapel Visitors Center with the original SeaWorld site in the background. Today.]

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The world’s favorite cover girl, Angelina Jolie covers Vanity Fair. Watch clip. Buzz words, trending topics, celebrities and entertainment news, as voted by you the people–are clocked daily on Horiwood.Com. 

Trends are what we do and observe 1st–making them available to you, quicker than many media outlets can. Oh… and Lady Gaga wearing pink hooves is ridiculous in her Rolling Stone photo shoot, as shot by Terry Richardson. Are those hooves even kosher?! Ha! Sheeperz. Here’s your top ten. Enjoy!

1. Eminem‘s Recovery Album is white hot 

2. Vanessa Bryant is en route to Soccer World Cup 

3. She Conquered with Elegance –The Miss Elliette Story 

4. Robert Pattinson and friends @ Twilight Eclipse L.A Premiere 

5. Octo-Sana undergoes spin for record sales 

6. Brilliant Dialogue: The Hangover Quotes 

7. Twilight Eclipse shocking casting news 

8. Bad Daddy: John Voight on Obama 

9. You’re Gonna Rise Up Singing by Leona Lewis 

10. Dance is their baby–Alex Meraz 

Humor: Randy Spelling is a Beverly Hills life coach

Humor II: No! Emma Watson‘s One Night Only post & Carlton Cole aren’t available tonight. lol!

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… is one of the yummiest in America. Many Saffron thank yous. :)

[Image courtesy of Connie Hong. Grey. Hong Kong. Doris Leung. Pantene/ Top image, cactus roses for American Eagles--courtesy of P.R shop, West Hollywood]

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Quote: “Courage To Love is a modern romance novel for all who dare to love–Miss Elliette, June 3, 2010″

To order this book for schools, educational programs and for the magic of romance in a novel that can change the world for good, go here. If you would like to sponsor the placement of this Romeo & Juliet styled novel set in Israel in Shool Districts that can’t afford to purchase or teach this important novel (with current budget cut backs) but who want to and should, then please write to: Courage To Love, P.O.Box 69A44 West Hollywood, CA 90210–specifing your school district of choice for World Peace in modern American literature that matters for a new generation of American leaders. Thank you. Let’s go U.S.A. Up!

[Courage to Love is a novel by Robert Ellis, pictured above]

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One for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. And for Bob, Lisa, Miss E  & my family and whanau in NZ, China, Australia & USA.

Dustin Lance Black is such a humble young man. Sensitive, perceptive, discerning and open. This kid has spirit.

And…  Courage To Love is so on the radar in Hollywood’s Oscar’s winning, screenwriting scopes! The official word from The Academy is “what an important story.”

Let’s go Bobby Mac! [Bobby Mac is Robert Ellis--a writer who is Oscar, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize worthy. He writes profound stories of World Peace in the Middle East.] You only need to read all of the top headlines in today’s World News pages to know how important Robert Ellis is as a writer. He’s the voice crying in the wildnerness across the Gaza strip in every page of his compelling new novel, saying Peace can occur here.

Humble and gracious to a fault, Bobbey Mac simply rocks! And, yes I see through your Peace glasses too. Thank you. .

~Top photo as snapped after Peace General training and duties today in Beverly Hills. Robert Ellis image photographed by The Incomparable, Miss Elliette, Peace Dove in in black and white pastel by Artist, Holly V. Hoof. Posted by L iterary Assistant, Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 6.1.2010~


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~If you follow US fashion history and who pioneered American fashion design, business and fashion distribution models for America, then I hope living American fashion legend, Miss Elliette of California, is in this line up. Otherwise this fashion exhibition needs a revisionist reading.~

In America, we have yet to fully honor the great architects of fashion and businesss couture. We always tend to look to France and Europe and pretend that haute fashion designers and business pioneers in the fashion industry only came from there.

Thankfully. Some museum’s are getting with the program. A future generation of American fashion designers–need to be inspired. So this little press release caught my  attention today as American fashion designers get honored (alongwith good French designers too).

“May 7–August 1, 2010: Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing, 4th Floor: To mark the new relationship between the Brooklyn Museum and the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum presents an exhibition of some of the most renowned objects from its costume collection. American High Style consists of approximately eighty-five dressed mannequins and a selection of hats, shoes, sketches, and other fashion-related material that will reintroduce the collection, long in storage, to the public. The exhibition is organized in groups representing the most important strengths of the collection. Works by the first generation of American women designers such as Bonnie Cashin, Elizabeth Hawes, and Claire McCardell are featured, as well as material created by Charles James, Norman Norell, Gilbert Adrian, and other important American designers. Also included are works by French designers who had an important influence on American women and fashion, such as Charles Frederick Worth, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jeanne Lanvin, Jeanne Paquin, Madeleine Vionnet, and Christian Dior. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will celebrate the arrival of the Brooklyn Museum costume collection at the Met with a related exhibition, American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity, on view May 5–August 15, 2010.

This piece is: “Norman Norell (American, 1900–1972). Evening Ensemble, 1970–71. Gold organdy, beaded gold silk jersey. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Toni Tavan Ausnit, 1990 (2009.300.1383a–b)”

Let’s go legendary fashion designers in the USA. With the role of supermodels of America being turned into literary novel series by imbuing them with super powers–to create America’s next wave of heroes and heroines–I think it’s time that the American fashion legends and designers –who clothed these clothes-horse creatures and made them look even more amazing–deserve a turn too!

Charles James (American, born England, 1906–1978). “Butterfly” Dress, 1955. Smoke gray silk chiffon; pale gray silk satin; aubergine, lavender, and oyster white tulle. Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of the Brooklyn Museum, 2009; Gift of Mrs. John de Menil, 1957 (2009.300.816)

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Baseball superstar Ryan Howard agrees to a $125 million extension with Phils. M.I.A‘s Born Free video depicting redhead genocide sings out your top ten today. Go here to see and hear.

1. Kristen Stewart‘s Twilight Eclipse poster has major heat

2. Horiwood home page–>George W. Bush’s new book looks a beauty

3. Betty White‘s SNL promo teaser is darling

4. Bret Michaels progress report

5. Ashlee Simpson vacations in Hawaii with family

6. Honey is what the American Bee makes–Beyonce Telephone

7. GOP love uber trendy Club Voyeur West Hollywood

8. Tom Brady, David Beckham & Sons support Rose Bowl football

9. Working mother Angelina Jolie loves her kids and Peace

10. About Horiwood:–>

Humor: Jelly donuts, cigarettes Vs Gisele Bundchen‘s balanced life

Bonus Post: Miss Elliette–An American Story of Building Empire in Fashion

Bonus Post: Politics in Art: Prosperity Rhetoric of US Presidents

Bonus Post: Poetry: Allen Ginsberg‘s Crossing Nation

Humor: Redhead soccermom M.I.L.Fs love Barack Obama

[Image courtesy of Padre Steve & Phoenix New Times ]

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