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[Phyllis Mackay and Bob Riggle are seen on a yacht in Bodega Bay, Calif., in this 2005 photo. (AP)]

J David Goodman via India, writes of Pirate’s holding precious American lives captive while they crossed the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden — a shipping route known as “Pirates Alley.” The Adams were headed toward the Red Sea then the Greek islands Friday when, according to U.S. military officials, pirates boarded the boat they were on, Quest, off the coast of Oman.

Goodman’s words read like this – “Four Americans taken hostage after their yacht was hijacked by Somali pirates off the Horn of Africa last week were killed early Tuesday when gunfire erupted during attempts by the US Navy to negotiate with their captors, US military officials said.

Two pirates were also killed in a confrontation with Navy forces and 13 were taken into US military custody. The four travellers appeared to be the first US hostages to be killed in acts of Somali piracy since pirate’s hijackings around the Horn of Africa began two decades ago.

The Americans, Jean and Scott Adam and Phyllis Mackay and Robert A Riggle, a veterinarian of Seattle, were sailing on their 58-foot yacht for Djibouti to refuel when they were hijacked off the coast of Oman on Friday.

A Navy warship had been shadowing the yacht, called the Quest, since Saturday. The pirated vessel appeared to be moving towards the Somali coast in the days before the confrontation; once pirates reach shore with hostages, options for a rescue are extremely limited.”

Other accounts note of the Adam’s family that Scott Adam grew up in Chicago and worked for 30 years in episodic television and films. His wife Jean Adam (nee Savage) was a dentist working in California. Both couples had a passion for sailing with bibles on board their yacht (of all things). Both had children from previous marriages.

In a story reported on by Christina Hoag, George Tibble, Phuong Le and Jason Dearen, the Adam’s were described as “extraordinary and joyful people.” RIP.


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