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A quote via Tony Kokshoorn, Mayor of Greymouth, where 29 New Zealand, South African, Scottish and one American born miner lost their lives in coal mine blasts that devastated a nation with this coal mining tragedy. The quotes are:

“It can only be described as humbling. There have been some special messages accompanying the donations, which have been made available for the families’ viewing,” Mr Kokshoorn said.

Tony was referring to the $3.5 million donations that have been given via businesses and personal donations to The Pike River Relief Fund for: “the trust that would give financial support to those who suffer financial hardship as a direct result of the tragedy, and the nature of this support would become more apparent as time progresses.”

Ironically, The National Bank (an Australian owned bank that’s the largest banking system in New Zealand, that also services parts of India) is not manning the trust. Instead Westpac Bank is, a bank that is also Australian owned. In fact all of New Zealand’s banking services, bar Kiwibank Ltd are Australian owned–Australian banks charging interest and bank services fees on all aspects of New Zealander’s productivity. It’s strange thinking we have Australian wasps (banks) mining a portion of most Kiwi’s labor and honey. That’s a daily form of very heavy Australian tax being imposed on Kiwis–with very little questioning into that fact. Yet in New Zealand, we do have this system in place. Confidence in one’s own money management is needed perhaps? Or do we just not care? :)

I like Julia Gillard, Australia’s new Prime Minister elect. She’s quite a doll, stemming from good Welsh coal mining people–but New Zealand is not Australia’s paradise green PR Shop. Aotearoa-New Zealand has much deeper roots than this. Yet the appearance of a few things in New Zealand, belies this fact. This trust management being but one example of what I mean, where power (in the form of relief) seems to be directed to flow from.

Perhaps Kiwibank should be managing this fund though–that seems the right Kiwi thing to do for Kiwi families in Kiwi community. Now there’s a new thought. Especially after all of that “New Zealand is Independent” entertainment news that was heard around the world recently. Just saying!

Good stuff though. Compassion in grief-time is the way forward, not only for Greymouth and these families but The World at this time. Love this story.

Irish Central also pays tribute to the miners’ families with news coverage of U2′s live tribute in concert to the lost miners, while performing in Auckland City, over the weekend. Go here to read some Irish News if you like.

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Hosea Gear and team mates celebrated the New Zealand All Blacks rugby football teams win over Wales in a 37-25 win. See pics below of Hosea’s team mates as these lads were in top football gear. Bono & U2 wrap poignant concerts in Auckland City, New Zealand. Images New Zealand Herald.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news you loved and voted worldwide today in our top ten are as follows:

1. Sam Bellingham, Beyonce, Maori Moms & U2 in Auckland City

2. Pray – Justin Bieber Music Video Premiere

3. Jay-Z‘s tribute to lost Greymouth Miners

4. Kim Kardashian is the USA’s no. 1 reality tv star

5. Poor Kanye West, booed at Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

6. Pic: Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough

7. Zahara Jolie-Pitt

8. Ink – A Union Jack tattoo by Tom Hardy & P-Nut

9. TatauDwayne Johnson is The Rock of Hollywood

10. Model – Yasmin Bidois

[Image All Blacks rugby football player Dan Carter kicks a penalty against Wales, while buddy Richie McCaw makes a charge forward. Getty Images]

[NZ All Black John Afoa (L) dives past Wales’ George North to score a try (like a touch down). Image Reuters.

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[Image caption - Fan Sam Bellingham was lucky enough to get a photo with Beyonce as she arrived at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand].

My Maori mum, Tui of Helensville is too cute. Right on midnight (Los Angeles Time) she called me to say that she had gone with her grandchildren to see Bono (she meant U2) perform in Auckland The Supercity.

She also said that Beyonce was spotted going for lunch the next day at The Soul Cafe in Auckland City. “She’s beautiful dear,” were mom’s words.

Maori moms are so much fun. Mine is in her 70′s and can still rock it out to a humanitarian’s rock concert with her grandkids. Namely, her blackest grandchild Bradley James. Love her!

On the phone we talked about what she feels the world needs today. For once I listened. She spoke of people needing a true sense of manaaki (or hospitality from one’s spirit) that this would warm and brighten the world and make it a better place.

She was deep as well as funny as Maori and all Kiwi moms usually are. I felt her manaakitanga over the phone of a woman who has birthed her children in New Zealand, in Tonga in Fiji and travelled to India, China, Israel, America, Australia, the Phillipines as the global people-loving citizen that mom is. From New Zealand, her home–mom’s love of her big-hearted nation in the world beamed bright across New Zealand’s South Pacific Waters to my Maori-Kiwi heart here in California.

Thanks for the fun phone call mom.

And – go Sam Bellingham in New Zealand! You rock. Los Angeles sees your star Kiwi smile too. xox

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A burden shared is a burden halved–the bronaaki of friends

The Herald Sun Australia reports that a fleet of white buses have taken family and friends up to The Pike River Coal Ltd managed mine, in Greymouth New Zealand where 29 trapped miners lost their lives. When I read this story it makes me cry, so go here to read this heartbreaking story if you want to.

In New Zealand show biz news, rapper Jay-Z paid tribute to Greymouth’s lost miners while performing in concert for Live Nation as the opening act for fellow artists and super rockers U2 in this green paradise haven nation.

KY Post report Jay-Z saying: “They will always be in our hearts and they will always be forever young,” before dedicating track Forever Young to the lost men.

In Los Angeles, “Young” is the name of Jay-Z’s wife’s publicist actually (for reals) as well as Jay-Z’s protege artist Rihanna‘s publicist too.

In that light, this is a touching tribute from Jay-Z in a show biz Hollywod way as well if you know the nuances of this song choice in L.A. To read more about the lost miner’s Jay-Z tributed, go here to these news stories leads featured on the New Zealand Herald’s website:

  1. Latest updates: Pike River tragedy
  2. Pike River: Heartbreak in a beautiful setting
  3. Pike River: Mayor slams ‘gutless’ messages
  4. Pike mine: River of tears
  5. All Blacks: The Magician
  6. Pike River: How you can help
  7. Pike River: Grieving father’s plea
  8. Latest updates: Pike River tragedy
  9. Pike River: Third robot reveals violent blast
  10. Pike River: A nation in sorrow opens its heart

Cheers brotha Jay-Z! U2 also scrolled the 29 miners names onto their 360 degrees Tour’s stage screens, as pictured above. How poignant.

Also special thanks to all of these news media who have covered the story too offering hope forward for all of these miners families with a burden shared. Peace yall!

. BBC NewsThe New York TimesAOL NewsNPR.MSNBCCBC NewsThe Age, AustraliaWHTC News. Hurri Yet Daily NewsMining WeeklyJapan TodayInternational Business Times. Perth NowW TenThe Daily BeastSalon.ComChron.ComChina DailyDenver PostEmirates 247Reuters IndiaAJCKivi TVTelegraph IndiaBoston Metro USWral.ComSalt Lake City Desert NewsTimes of IndiaSwiss Info ChannelThe Pittsburgh ChannelXfinity.Australia Network NewsPress TV IrCBS NewsXinhuaMetro UK. . Au News.ComForeign Peace Fm OnlineTVNZABC AustraliaAll VoicesNew Zealand HeraldSMH AustraliaOne News Page UKDay LifeThe Globe & Mail CanadaThe U.K IndependentMail & Guardian South AfricaNews Discovery.ComT N T MagazineDawn.ComABS-CBN NewsCNN News BlogsWVNS TV VaChannel 4 News UK. Euro NewsSky News3 NewsFox NewsThe Guardian UKYNet News IsraelNewserReutersBusiness WeekThomson Reuters AlertnetAol NewsCourier Press UKOfWNewsOnWebABC News. YouTube.Bangkok PostPalm Beach PostThe First Post.Co.UKSign On San DiegoMy Fox New YorkRTT News.Breaking News Ie.Earth TimesBBC for ScotlandTalk Talk UKDaily Record UKWestern Australia TodayThe Sun UK. . Human Events.Southern End Standard UK. Aol NewsNucleusMirror UKSBS Australia3 FMThis is LondonWikio UKBlog runnericScotlandMontreal GazetteWinnepeg Free PressTo The CenterReuters Africa.

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“The moon has turned red over One Tree Hill.He runs like a river to the sea”–U2

BBC reports: “A third explosion has hit a New Zealand coal mine almost exactly a week after an initial blast trapped 29 miners.

Hopes of finding any survivors were dashed by a second huge explosion at the Pike River mine on Wednesday.

No-one was injured in the latest blast at the mine, which is filled with volatile gases.

Prime Minister John Key has warned it may take months to recover the men’s bodies, and pledged an investigation, saying the nation “needs answers”.

The latest blast happened at 1539 local time – almost exactly one week since the initial blast that caught the men – 24 New Zealanders, two Australians, two Britons and a South African.

The third blast was less powerful than the earlier two, and no-one was near the mine entrance when it happened, said Pike River Coal chairman John Dow.”

Be the answer.

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My friend Dale Karauria who manages the most amazing election campaigns for politicians EVER in New Zealand’s capitol city of Wellington, when really she should be standing as a politician of New Zealand herself, because everything about Dale rocks as a leader, Facebooked me yesterday.

Dale’s Facebook coms centered on the Greymouth miners families, the tragedy, the recovery of these lads bodies and the sadness New Zealand and the world feels at this time. Always the optimist friend, Dale focused on the amazing tributes that have been flooding like hope in a dark hour for the West Coast of New Zealand. Today I woke up, conscious of Dale’s words, the love pouring into New Zealand and these miners families, hence this post.

On Saturday we had the New Zealand All Blacks rugby football team and the Welsh rugby football team pay tribute to the families of the 29 trapped miners in New Zealand, all presumed to be dead.

Now, U2 has paid tribute to the mining town of Greymouth, in a touching concert dedication of the lost men’s lives. Here’s Bridget DeLauney with that report: “A song dedicated to U2′s Kiwi roadie 25 years ago was transformed in a haunting memorial to the Pike River 29 last night, when the Irish rock band played at Auckland’s packed Mt Smart Stadium. Roadie Greg Carroll formed a strong bond with U2 and lead singer Bono when the band toured New Zealand in 1985.

His death in a motorcycle accident in Ireland devastated the band, which brought his body back to New Zealand for his tangi. Last night, Bono told fans he knew New Zealand was struggling to cope with the Pike River coal mine tragedy, the West Coast’s darkest hour.

“In Ireland we sing,” he said launching into I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and One Tree Hill, dedicating the crowd rousers to the 29 lost at Pike River.

What a beautiful moment. One Tree Hill is the place of love, where many romantic hearts have been lit alight in passion. It’s where my Waikato dad of Te Puke (The Hill) proposed marriage to my Maori mom of Helensville many moon beams ago. From this Hill, the world’s super rockers send a message of hope, piercing the darkness of grief in New Zealand. Here’s the lads version of the song, from their concert here in California at the Pasadena Rose Bowl–in celebration of 29 good men, their lives, and the bright memories as brothers, who were muched love. Peace.

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“After the flood, all the colors came out”–U2

Pictures: Sunlight through palms and trees, my street and Santa Monica Blvd and Fairfax, West Hollywood California, today.

Video: U2 playing their much loved 360 degrees concert at The Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California.

Message: People would much rather trust a proven rock star then a politician today. They’re more fun – and you get from them, what they promised when you bought into what they said they were offering. Unfortunately the same thing can’t be said of some nations politicians today. Thank goodness for both good politicians and fine rock stars. There’s hope rising in the world. :)

Hot U2 Performance Venue: New Zealand on Thursday 25th November. To see you U2 again in NZ, go here, here and here.

You’re welcome. And there are four Australia dates too for U2 performing live in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Too much rock concert happiness and fun down under. :)

This clip: Beautiful Day

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Via the AFP: “SARAJEVO (AFP) – Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is expected to get a new licence to film in Bosnia after the authorities revoked the initial one over concerns about the script, a local producer said Saturday.

“I was promised by the Ministry of Culture that the licence will be issued on Monday,” Edin Sarkic told AFP, adding that he was about to restart preparations for the shooting.

“I will then have twenty days to set up a score of locations and I think it is doable,” he added.

Jolie has already begun the shooting in Hungary of her first movie as a director: a love story between a Serb man and Muslim girl at the beginning of Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war. The serb man allegedly raped the Muslim girl, and then she falls in love with him. Different.

The Ministry of Culture of the Muslim-Croat Federation, one of Bosnia’s two post-war entities, on Wednesday cancelled the licence to Jolie for filming scenes in Sarajevo and the central town of Zenica in November.

The approval was revoked when the Women Victims of War association complained after media reports spelled out the film’s plotline.

However, both Jolie and the producer claimed it was a misunderstanding and urged the authorities to reconsider the decision to revoke the licence.

The ministry demanded to be given the screenplay before delivering a new licence.

Jolie has said that part of the reason to make the movie was to remind people of what happened during the war in Bosnia and to give attention to the survivors of the conflict that left some 100,000 people dead.”

You know, there’s other ways to ask to meet a lady for tea. In a case of art imitating life, Jolie’s directorial and creative decision making ability gets invaded by political players, to find out what she’s up to.

Staged, or, a glitch in her week, drawing good awareness to Serbia’s past? A nice press opportunity for Jolie. Always the victim of bullying, overcoming odds, the onscreen theme, of her central character’s storyline.

When you forgive your rapist, two people are freed in that moment. A powerful film. In a way, all war is ‘rape’ on people on land on resources, as one power seeks to subdue another. A good theme in this film.

Here’s U2‘s version of their song, Modena – Miss Sarajevo with the late Pavaroti. He was pure art.


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Dear LA Times Readers, with Love:

Here’s the definition of contentment, the remedy of resentment, the latter being the thief of life’s fullness. Let’s live in contentment.

Dictionary Definitions provided for us by Dictionary Reference: as word medicine for our United States of Recovery


the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind.

Archaic . the act of making contentedly satisfied.

“A state of mind in which one’s desires are confined to his lot whatever it may be. It is opposed to envy, avarice, anxiety, ambition and repining. It arises from the inward disposition, and is the offspring of humility, and of an intelligent consideration of the rectitude and benignity of divine providence, the greatness of divine promises and our own unworthiness of rest and peace hereafter, that contentment provides in a state of grace.”

Just a spoon full of sugar then. :)

Love that definition.

Noun Origin: mid-15c., from Fr. contentment , from contenter

For the writer/ editor who composed the compelling piece on resentment recovery yesterday for all Californians to read. Thank you. If we live in contentment and not resentment, would love win out over war? Here’s music artists Beyonce, U2 and Eric Clapton with their art of live music today as entertainment for reflection on that question. 

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Today I’m reflecting on why an Irish rock group arose form poverty to become the world’s dominating force of rock music who according to Forbes Magazine  2010, made bank with a whopping $130 million of earnings. Not bad for an 80′s super rock group who work tirelessly for a sense of world peace via their music profiles and sonic pictures on an audio level. Principles of creativity from the 80′s need to take a front seat in the 2010′s. Big thinking creative times are a good remedy, towards economic recovery and growth still. 

Although U2 told us to batton down the hatches and simultaneously ‘Put on Your Boots,’ (irony), we still love these super rockers today, because this band of brothers and fathers, still dare to songwrite new material, father their children, collaborate with other artists at world events while singing in new Presidents too. Hot. But back to songwriting and music artists being encouraged to write new songs.

Forbes says: “Live Nation ( LYV - news people ), which recently merged with Ticketmaster to become the most dominant force in the live music business, now serves as an industry bellwether. It recently announced that ticket sales for its top 100 acts dropped 9% for the year, amid a 17% drop in the concert business at large, and it expects sales to fall further.

The real drop in music industry earnings may be yet to come. “Everybody was surprised by how well the business held up last year, despite the economy crashing around us,” says Gary Bongiovanni, the editor of Pollstar, a concert trade publication. The biggest fear of some promoters is oversaturation of the market, as the same acts tour year after year without a new album to support. That may soon lead to a decline in both ticket sales and ticket prices. “In today’s world artists have to tour to make money because they can’t just sit at home and collect their royalties and expect to make their mortgage payments,” Bongiovanni says.

Courage to write original songs. Let’s go rocking songwriters! And on the note of a band of fathers who songwrite and rock it out today. Let’s consider the band Rossmore as a potential opening act for U2 here in Hollywood at the Rose Bowl in the future, because Rossmore rock their music out too. Anything is possible when you possess the creativity and courage to write and perform good music. Let’s go rock stars!

[Live images of U2 performing on their 360 (degrees) tour, photographed by EPA/TONINO DI MARCO, courtesy of Monsters & Critics]

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“Beloved, where the streets have no name, is where I’ll always find you.”

[Music: Muse + The Edge @ Glastonbury Live]

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U2 is signed to exclusively provide music for ESPN‘s Soccer World Cup. What a coup. Go here to .

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Here’s a beautiful performance by U2 at Slane Castle of their song, Where the Streets Have No Name.

Heavenly, like the Hawaiian Frangipane flower, on St Paddy’s Day for ya– sent from Hollywood, via your resident Maori.

St Patrick’s Day is a universally loved celebration time the world over. A real testament to the Irish people, really! :) Years later, we love U2 even more than we first did.

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These are the top 50 big winners of touring North America with entertainment in 2009. Bono and co. of Ireland are so rich!

Heavy metal bands didn’t do too badly either! 

Pollstar Top 50 Tours of North America:

Rank              Total Gross*              Artist
1                   123.0                       U2
2                   94.5                         Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
3                   88.0                         Elton John / Billy Joel
4                   82.5                         Britney Spears
5                   77.9                         AC/DC
6                   71.1                         Kenny Chesney
7                   69.8                         Jonas Brothers
8                   56.9                         Dave Matthews Band
9                   54.5                         Fleetwood Mac
10                 53.4                         Metallica Read the rest of this entry »


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It’s official, at the European Music Awards in Berlin, if you perform for the Obama’s Inauguration, you will receive top entertainment honors throughout Europe too.

At the European Music Awards in Berlin, the world’s pop royalty were officially donged for services to the Western World  as ambassadors of entertainment (and politics).

Top honors went to: U2 for Best Live Act and their 360 degrees concert tour experience. Beyonce of course was the show’s  big winner. Bee won for Best Female, Best Music Video (Single Ladies, Put a Ring  On It).

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The Hollywood Reporters writes that U2′s performance at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, Sunday was the largest live streamed concert audience they have mustered watching a concert. 10 million people worldwide watched the concert.

There’s money in concerts, live music and broadcasting live concerts to the world via the internet. Congrats US, Los Angeles & YouTube on that fine effort.


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Victoria Beckham does her famous trout pout pose for the people at home, for Harper’s Bazaar UK‘s Christmas issue. Hasn’t Posh Spice come a long way!


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Twenty years ago, U2 played live as the Berlin Wall fell. The super rockers plan on performing a to celebrate this historic moment, on November 5th in front of the Brandenberg Gate during the MTV Music Awards.

What a significant moment for U2, freedom and the world!

Nice one fellahs! To see U2′s last performance in Berlin July 20th 2009, go here.

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… were not to be outdone by the British singer and music producer’s cute freckles. Amy Winehouse is now looking more like Beyonce than ever. Same surgeon perhaps? The wonders of medical science.


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Demi Moore, Barabara Streisand and Ben Stiller were spotted, Sunday night at U2‘s Rose Bowl concert in Pasadena, California.

The concert was a record breaking one at the Rose Bowl that seats 92,000 said KTLA News.

U2′s Rose Bowl concert was video streamed live via YouTube and fans worldwide went crazy to watch their Irish rocker heroes entertaining a Pasadena audience tonight.

The greatest rock band in The Entertainment Capitol of The World. Can’t beat that. Get on your boots! Let’s rock. Nice one U2! Thanks lads.

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