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Reports Mickey K today out of Africa, New York: “Cathy Cruz Marrero, who just started a job at the mall, tells The Reading Eagle (via DM) that she was texting a message to a church friend when suddenly she found herself with a face full of water and fountain pennies. Cathy shook off her embarrassment and shuffled off without knowing that the security footage would soon be seen by over a million laughing hos. Cathy is not amused.

“My issue is I don’t think security was professional because they didn’t send anyone to check on me until 20 minutes later and I had already left. Instead of laughing, they should have said, ‘Is she OK?’ and been down there right away to check on me.”"

Oh Cathy. Outside of Church circles, it can be a very cold, cold world. Grow up honey! People are like that. Even when being paid not to be haters –like security guards and New York bloggers too. The good news is – God still loves Cathy – either wet or blow-dry dry. Doesn’t Cathy look like Eva Longoria with a Sandra Bullock chin though? Quite amazing really.

If you slipped over in the shower this morning like I did and you need to laugh at someone more of a klutz than you (like I have a need to today for healing therapeutic purps), then watch Cathy Cruz Marrero fall into the fountain too, while ‘fellowshipping/ gossiping’ on her phone at the mall – after these ten links being viewed from Hollywood today. Cathy’s moment is a total gift. I don’t see how Christians can get all litigious and lose their sense of humor. I mean, it’s not like Jesus sued all the pricks that nailed him to the cross, so what’s Cathy’s problem? Jesus chose to Mandela-it instead, take the higher road, and just opt to rise again. Didn’t Cathy learn that once when she sat in a pew? No. And when you yourself trip up – why then try and trip mall management up in the legal system, for your own fall? I’m not following Cathy’s logic here. If you’re a Christian klutz, you’re a Christian klutz. Stop making excuses. If you’re a walking comedian with an iPhone, why can’t a security guard laugh at you. Gosh Cathy liten up with a heart of for… forgive… what’s the word? Oh yeah forgiveness–that’s it–the whole point of the Christian message, really. Cos Lord knows we all need it, from a higher power for being such pompous-entitled-*ssed and short sighted people each hour of any given day. Is Cathy just sounding a little bit alter cocker to you? She is to me. Anyway, on with what’s hot and what’s not.

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I also notice that some smart *ss has linked my website to an Indian porn star on word press. I guess I should own it as a compliment then. Gee, fanx! Lol! They’re probably the same person who searches Horiwood.Com news via Google – when my blog stats tell me they’re really in America. Lol!

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