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Digital Coffee Culture Snap Shot, USA – Three views today from coffee corporate giant, Starbucks, online wired community reflect a bit of a Japan focus today. Nick Jr‘s appropriation of Japanese cartoon figures. Zagat doesn’t really direct us to Dallas (I rewired that link for amusement). And Adele of the UK gives over a free music track to download so the Brit songstress can have Starbucks marketing presence for music sales in every American neighborhood today via Starbucks.

Click on all three windows to see where they direct your focus.


Oh… and let’s NOT forget, 1/4 of a cup of coffee or more per day, reduces stroke risk by 25% latest research results have shown via Sweden.

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The big winners at the Berlin Film Festival ended up being documentary films. A trend that mirrors reality television stars perhaps here in the USA.

39 Pounds of Love features an Israeli with mega spirit. Watch by clicking in pic above.

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… are very cute.

Lol! Only in West Hollywood would you get soccer mom Harayuku girls action, going down all vintage Flinstone‘s Hanna-Barbera-fierce-like while the kids are alright at school.

These ladies are having way too much fun mixing up their parenting-fashion styles in California. Why be serious? is their point. Lighten up. That’s why we have animation! Love their fun fashion statement today.

BTW: Bam-Bam Asian-American mom’s platinum blonde Marilyn-Posh Spice hair do is more real than Lady Gaga‘s. I kid you not!

[Photographed snapped 5 minutes ago and used with permission]

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1 bilion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Yet we are made up of 63% H2O as people. I think true celebrity is about whose moving water flows in the world. It’s as simple as something like that.

Nicole Richie is one of the brightest stars that does all year round. She’s our girl. Click on pic to learn more about what we can do through initiatives like Global Water.

To make clean water flow in dry places where it needs to be the most, let’s do it. Thanks. Love you all.

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Christina Hendricks eat your heart out! Look at Jessica Rabbit and Roger Rabbit photographed 50 yards from my place in West Hollywood.

Too much Hot Ginge Hollywood fun.

I was thinking, Hollywood is one of the few places –where something that is animated in cartoon form becomes real in a human way. This is the art of American culture–such moments are a little surreal.

The lesson–imagine, script, draw your heroes. Then become them if you want to. This is the result of that American celebrity artform.

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Duck under my umbrella says John Key and Phil Heatley.

Photo Caption: Prime Minister John Key and Whangarei MP Phil Heatley duck for cover as a rain squall blows through during their visit to He Mataariki School for Teen Parents in Raumanga.

Reports the Northern Advocate via Hollywood today: Thursday saw Prime Minister Key say this about education of teen moms:

Mr Key said “it was good to be back in a place that provided such fantastic learning opportunities for its students. Looking at your achievement board is an example of how well you are doing.”

“Everybody can be very proud of themselves,” he said.

Mr Key said the school was working incredibly well and was an important place for youngsters in the region.

“We know unless you get a good education it’s hard to get the job you want and get the opportunities you deserve,” he said.

Mr Key is proof that Chilvalry is alive and well for teen moms. In the spirit of Whangarei-Hollywood Art, here’s some right back at these two lads for their good efforts.

As most of the teen moms at He Mataariki can pick up a guitar, play it and sing beautifully as Maori and Kiwi women of talented promise, here’s some early Johnny Cash with his pals Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl PerkinsThe Million Dollar Quartet reflecting back to these multi-talented ladies–and the gentlemen who step up to the global stage to let them and their children’s global presence and contribution for The World, shine.

These two lads of Key-We land are a little bit Elvis and Johnny Cash meets Mother Teresa and Angelina Jolie, in the way that they rock n’ roll for others, as showmen and men who delight in taking fierce action, to lead for good causes.

The Million Dollar Quartet were also legendary lads who entertained.

[Top image courtesy of Northern Advocate]

[This image,yesterday - Hanoi Vietnam: LEADERS WHO LUNCH: ASEAN Secretary General Surin Pitsawan (R) shakes hands with Philippine President Benigno Aquino as (L-R) New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key, China's Premier Wen Jiabao, India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Lao Prime Minister Bouasone Buphavanh look on. Getty Images].

~Hollywood Walk of Fame, In Kind. Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 10.30.10~


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Reggae chill sounds, from hori favs, Katchafire.

Here’s the lads new music offering, in the self-titled single from their new album, On The Road Again.

The animation nation, music video is a bit dif. Enjoy.

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An artist whose ranks higher on Google than her record labels official site, deserves some attention today. It’s a good popular vote display, currently.

There is a feeling with youth worldwide (not just the U.S alone) that young people weren’t considered all that well in the last decade of world goverance models. The Washington Post, runs with a strong story this weekend on a ’the five things today’s youth won’t forgive us for’ type media angled, in recognition that many parents are left stuck answering these kinds of pricklyquestions raised at the family dinner table, or on weekends by their kids. It’s not like a subject change is going to make a parent relevant to their kids. We all need answers to give to children asking real questions. Forgiveness, will always be the conclusion of any such debates. Artists sing, paint, create, express their forgiveness. Like this young lady above.  

Rather than be disgruntled or darkly pessimistic, many young artists have owned this terrain and are reinterpreting their odds they face as an artform of reflection, amongst their generation.

[Image of Justin Gaston - Animal Rights Advocate courtesy of ]

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Toy Story III pay tribute to Christopher Nolan‘s Inception success at the box office, with this re-edit of their favorite toys.

Surreal, but a good message about peoples dream lives. 

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Celebrity and Entertainment topics that interest you in Hollywood today are these. Today we farewell Simon Monjack –screenwriter of Hollywood, who died too young. Sad. Taylor Lautner takes out the top spot tonight here, while a spicy revolution is in the air. Can you sense it? Here’s how you voted your top ten.  

1. Taylor Lautner for Twilight Saga Film Franchise

2. Poi E Re-Mixed by Taika Cohen/ Taika Waititi

3. Kidney Donation with Vicky Young of the Navajo

4. Cliff Curtis is Hollywood‘s Maori King 2010

5. Revolution: Tracey Chapman

6. Vintage Robert Pattinson

7. Adam Lambert & Kiss 108: Live in Boston

8. A Hollywood Tragedy – Simon Monjack dies

9. An Author’s Sugar book series [now with Spice]: Lauren Conrad

10. Robert Pattinson‘s marriage proposal to K-Stew

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A deer crashes into a restaurant and is caught on tape.

When I first moved to California,  I lived  in Glendale. It is a pretty city, about 30 minutes away from Hollywood in traffic via the 134 East Freeway.

You know? the Freeway where Nicole Richie, drove the wrong way when she wasn’t invited to Les Deux nightclub when Paris Hilton was being mean, and went clubbing with Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and Nicole wasn’t invited?

We all thought “Oh dear” when Nicole acted out. Richie made headlines for a  week at the time. Nicole Richie and husband, Joel Madden, now live in Glendale too and Richie is so much more stable staying out of Young Hollywood’s night spots.

Growing into one’s celebrity skin in Hollywood can be awkward, as Richie once showed. It takes all kinds to give all of the animated and colorful shades of true life Hollywood stories. The city is surreal, it takes time to adjust in it. I love living here. You’re often caught saying “Oh deer” as you see the freakiest things around you!


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