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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is known for wrestling. He is the lad who is of Samoan origin, then grew up in New Zealand before wrestling his way with sports as his entertaining medium within the USA.

His audience appeal he then transitioned into show biz as an action star of cinema to then wow his fans via Hollywood in action movie roles often playing the exotic other in such roles.

He’s no.1 today on Horiwood.Com in our top ten entertainment and celebrity news posts. Here’s how you voted today. Thanks people.

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Pics of DJ Rock of the South Pacific via DT & EW.

Some bloggers and media outlets in the USA who like to cover Dwayne Johnson, star of Polynesia, The South Pacific are USA too are: NPRNewsweekPeoplePoliticoProPublicaRadarReutersRolling StoneThe RootSalonSan Francisco ChronicleSlate;Washington TimesWashington Post; ; Youth RadioAltercation (Media Matters)AmericablogTIMETimes Of LondonTMZUSA TodayVanity FairWall Street JournalWashington Independent

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Sports commentator Rick Rockwell comments on Dwayne Johnson‘s return to professional wrestling as The Rock noting

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to the WWE on Monday Night RAW still has everyone talking about it three days later. Apparently, that was just a small sample from The Rock. According to a Thursday blog post by Jim Ross, The Rock has something special planned for WrestleMania 27. Jim Ross and The Rock exchanged emails after The Rock’s appearance on RAW and the Rock responded as followed:

“Got a great email when I returned home from Memphis from Dwayne Johnson who was still pumped about his MNR experience in Anaheim. I had emailed ‘The Rock’ late Monday night about how proud I was of him for his amazing performance on RAW and he hit me back and indicated that I would love what he was planning on doing at WM27. Big time players play their best in big games and there’s no bigger game in WWE than Wrestlemania and no bigger game day player than the Rock.” Jim

It sounds like WrestleMania 27 is going to be exciting because of The Rock. We are all hoping that he has some sort of confrontation with John Cena. I can imagine how “electric” the environment will be when those two come face to face. As the late Gorilla Monsoon used to always say, “you can cut the electricity with a knife”.”

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Confucius say: Artwork to calm down misguided craziness in the world, The Lucky Machete tattoo by Rev. Mike, does not take lives or injure other people’s person or life or families in community.

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Julian & Chelsea, circus stars appear again on Horiwood.Com in Hollywood. Ten posts we’re sharing via social media, from Los Angeles The Entertainment Capitol of the World, in this momento are:

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8. Polynesian movie heroes humor – Dwayne Johnson says Show Me Your Teeth

9. Strong Mateship – Julia Gillard swans on down for cultural-match time with John Key of Aotearoa

10. About Shannon Doherty‘s Guide to Living book

Bonus Young Hollywood post – When rebels Julian & Chelsea escaped the Vegas Circus

Music – Sun Goes Down by Maori and Polynesan brotherhood Nesian Mystik depicting the centuries distilled cultural Kiwi artform of Bronaaki. So Kiwi irey, they’re all good!

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Three German bull dykes speak German in Hollywood while playing on their iPhones and swapping Echinacea pottles to read from the health store. Not that it matters as it is totally a closed conversation, but why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? Lol!

If I could speak German, I’d probably throw in some Ray Allen 3 point record talk as a conversation opener. I’d follow it up with some banter about Cisco. Peggy Rea and Axel Weber. I would definitely say the words ‘Born This Way’ to get their attention, with perhaps some work out hot tips terminology as read via Hugh Jackman’s build up press for X Men First Class. (Watch trailer at link). Hugh’s a big hit with dykes, oddly. Go figure! Then in my best Donald Trump I would mention the “s card.”

I decide an echinacea conversation is all a bit contrived and I’m feeling lazy today, so I choose not to interrupt this power health, dyke moment. Gosh. These girls are all set in echinacea euphoria land. Still, these girls make me ask, Why don’t I speaka da Deutsch?

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In Other News - Grey Lyn, Auckland City, Samoan raised action star Dwayne Johnson gets majorly segued into Hugh Jackman’s Hollywood mix, with an exclusive Fox news story (now not so exclusive) that goes like this:

It’s that time again, folks: Hugh Jackman is pumping iron and packing on the pounds to shape up for the next installment of Wolverine.

But who has he enlisted for help in achieving that rock-solid physique? Why, none other than The Rock.

“I got the diet from Dwayne Johnson, he put on 25 pounds for his last film and I saw him and was like, ‘wow’ so I called him up and he gave me his exact diet,” Jackman told FOX411′s Pop Tarts at the Audi Super Bowl celebration at the Audi Forum in Dallas on Friday evening. “I need to put on about 30-40 pounds, I don’t know if I can get there but I am up about 15 pounds so far. I’m trying.”

Jackman’s Johnson-inspired weight gain diet is comprised of 6,000 calories daily, and believe it or not, but its “hard work” to eat so much.

“Basically it’s steak or chicken, broccoli and cauliflower, and sometimes rice but only up until lunch time,” he explained. “That’s it eight times per day. It’s like a job in itself.”

Jackman, who hosted the Academy Awards in 2008, also shared some words of wisdom for this year’s hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco.

“Have fun, enjoy the first hour because it’s the best audience you’ll ever have and from then on there is a lot of seat fillers and people that are really tired and probably upset they didn’t win,” he said. “So just keep the show moving.”

And even though the Australian native grew up playing his homeland’s beloved form of football – rugby — he’s happily converted to U.S style.

“It took me a little while to get into, because I was used to rugby and played rugby,” Jackman confessed. “But I love that in every game there is great pressure and suspense. With rugby and Aussie Rules (another form of Australian football) it is just flowing all the time, but American Football is so full of suspense. I just love it. And the athletiscm, these guys are freaks. I love it.”"

The world is changing so rapidly, that the US has its very own rugby football team. If you want to support them at Rugby World Cup in September this year. Get your hot tix, right here. You won’t want to miss it.

But why don’t I speaka da Deutsch? :)

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Be a reservoir via Hollywood of life for kids. To put it bluntly, 2 million kids die each year because clean drinking water is what 1/6th of the world still need.

Let’s flow. Thanks people.

[This photograph: Ethiopia]

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Faster is a movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Angelina Jolie‘s ex, Billy Bob Thornton. It’s a film premised on high action in a story about slow justice.

Never underestimate a Polynesian action star in Hollywood. They’re fierce.

The movie opens Wednesday in the City of Angels. Go see. Tom Berenger and Mauricio Lopez and martial artist, Sidney S. Liufau also star in this George Tillman Jr. directed film.

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The art of Samoana tatau – visibility as credibility in a battle of culture… Dwayne Johnson of Grey Lyn is The Rock of Hollywood.

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Hilary Clinton’s in New Zealand, so here’s one from the NZ military troops to celebrate the U.S Secretary of States presence in NZ waters, that they protect and serve.

A thought: Milky Bar Kids in New Zealand rock aye?! Men in New Zealand are just brought up culturally aware and nuanced in diverse cultural lore as this video clip represents a picture of. A colorful and vibrant culture is New Zealand.

Here’s the Royal New Zealand Navy doing the haka of New Zealand (Maori warrior war dance) at the Devonport Royal Navel Base in Auckland, The Supercity. As mentioned on this blog before, the haka has been performed as an expression of masculinity and one’s inner spirit of a warrior, for over one thousand years within New Zealand shores. It’s just a part of how we roll as a rugby football playing nation.

The troops of the Kiwi King, John Key, Prime Minister.

Top Pic: New Talent: Kalani Jones

Pic Below: Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock of Hollywood, Ca.

Haka video source: Jordan Samuel Graham – my nephew.

[Image of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Day, because I cant find the pics of when Chelsea Clinton visited Queenstown, New Zealand from back in the day, so this one will suffice, aye. Question: When will the Obama's pay NZ a visit? We have good fiscal leadership in NZ, well worth a trip down to learn and see the countryside too with the girls. A family vacation?]

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Aloha! Talofa, Kia Ora, Malo ni, ea mai koe? Kia orana, Malo lelei! ’Sup? And, who are these two love birds then?

Who: Darrin & Kobez

Where: Hawaii, Obama‘s home State.

What: Vacationing love birds from New Zealand in Hawaii, USA.

Shout Out: Are you voting Parata for Mana electorate? I hear she’s the best candidate and most experienced for the job. Exciting stuff!

Btw: The chop suey at the Sidewalk restaurant in Oa’ahu, Hawaii, is even more amazing than the chop suey, Aunty Sia makes in Porirua, after Tongan Church on Sundays. Aunty Sia, would be impressed. Eat there. Yummy Polynesian delicacies. Their Ahi Poke is to die for, huge portions! (recipe: fresh tuna, cut in generous chunks, freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, plenty of sesame seed oil and sliced green, spring onion – yummo!). Try this at home in Porirua. Too good to be true.  

However, Sidewalk’s or Aunty Sia’s chop suey, isn’t quite as good as the chop suey Miss Universe of Samoa, the one and only Aunty Martha makes (my Aunty and Aunty of Michael Jones and Cathy Collins & Mr Cool - Derek Jones too, obviously!). But definitely a close second.

Now back to our two lovebirds, Kobez and Darrin: You two Wellingtonians are both so lucky, to be in yummo chop suey, rich, Polynesian heat, right now! It’s raining today in otherwise sunny California – the home of Dwayne Johnson.,”The Rock” -formerly of Grey Lyn, Auckers.

Gosh, just thinking about Aunty Sia’s chop suey in Porirua and Aunty Martha’s as well is making me want to play down some major records of The Jets here in Hollywood, but I should show some respect to Brother Love with his Poly club classic we all can get our siva-salsa-haka dance grooves on to. He’s coco-licious cool.

Here’s Roimata for you Wellywood-Hawaiian birds of love to enjoy and all of Porirua City. Like Aunty Sia’s chop suey in colourful Porirua, Brother Love is the best. Playing it down from Hollywood today for all of us in Porirua City, Grey Lyn, California and Hawaii. Heck Yeah! Let’s go Porirua! Up!


To experience Hawaii too as a tropical getaway vaction location, here’s a good link.


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Little Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who was raised in Grey Lyn, Auckland will star in the fifth installment in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

A rep for Johnson cofirms to The Insider the news. And who says sports stars can’t transition to be action movie stars too? Great news for Poly lads worldwide. Let’s go Polynesia. :)

[Image courtesy of Jason Merritt for Getty Images]

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Dwayne Johnson, originally of Grey Lynn Auckland, stars in Tooth Fairy.

“Show me your teeth.” :)

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