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There’s nothing like an Orson Welles movie poster while at dinner eating an aztec steak (glamorized hamburger patty) here in West Hollywood.

This is a Citizen Kane original movie poster photographed at the Silver Spoon in response to hot chocolate being dolled out to a guitar playing Conchord.

Believe it or not. :)

This is my Kiwi cinema Heavenly Creatures movie nod tribute for the day.

In this clip, it’s the stuff about loss that many can relate to. If you’re not a fan of The Donald, go here to my favorite clip, How To Run A Newspaper.

Martin Scorsese offers his thoughts on how much Citizen Kane shaped his self-conscious filmmaking aesthetic and Scorsese’s generation of filmmakers.

Here’s Spielberg on Scorsese, Welles and Alred Hitchcock‘s filmmaking styles. To “quickly adapt film content themes” but yet not be too “imposing” was their mastery as storytellers.

Welles is perhaps just as well known for his War of The Worlds radio show in that Forgotten Silver ‘manipulate-the-media’ Hollywood humored tradition, that reminds us that all media texts are constructed narratives of place, purpose, intention, situations, outflows for an imagined community, perceiving and receiving a message they are led to see as an angle or shard of reality.

The more serious the tone, the more credible it is as real news was Welles and Sir Peter Jackson‘s reality jolt in these two examples of hollywood history sited. Auteurs who give us that gift, with a sense of humor, do a favor for the world. Always think for yourself based on the combination of ‘words/ pictures/ sound’ that have been presented in whatever form, is their message.

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A billboard message as photographed five minutes ago in Hollywood let’s us know the new direction of Washington-Hollywood’s next show. It’s a little Toni Collette or Hugh Jackman too, definitely very Nicole Kidman-esque as well.

From Steven Spielberg’s show comes the billboard message, “The battle for the student body has begun.” The best trained student minds go where? That is the question, especially in the scientific field of green energy technologies advancement. :)

It’s now a battle of the smarts. I love it!!!

The United States of Aussie in the USA. These celebrity news posts voted by you on Horiwood.Com today in Hollywood round out that sentiment. Enjoy.

1. Hugh Jackman on wearing Aussie speedos

2. Aussie angel Miranda Kerr for Victoria’s Secret

3. Chelsey Lately fans

4. Daniel Assange of Melbourne

5. Jessica Rabbit is doing a lot in the USA this year

6. Jolene live by Keith Urban and country buddies

7. In Aussie, Rihanna‘s security team keep close

8. Te matarae i Orehu – Maori Poi Dance for Aussie Tribe Ngati Ocker

9. A Wikicoup? Aussie humor

10. Kiwi Humor - Sonny Bill Williams now boxes for the better team ;)

Oops, I almost forgot. The best post ever–Keisha Castle Hughes, Barack Obama, Julia Gillard, John Key & Beyonce. Hot!

Some entertainment based blogs in the USA who might be covering Aussie and New Zealand news more in the near future are:

Answer This
A Socialite’s Life
Best Week Ever
Blogebrity Read the rest of this entry »


[Photo caption - Photographs: from left, by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage, Jag Gundu/Getty Images, David Livingston/Getty Images, Ernesto Ruscio/Getty Images, Jun Sato/WireImage, Steve Granitz/WireImage, Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic].

Vanity Fair’s list of 40 Top Hollywood Earning Stars sheds light on who people genuinely like, appearing in studio system as our guest commentary spotlight. Faces of the studio system we all appear to dig the most are:

40. Eddie Murphy
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $13 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$7.5 million: Tower Heist (fee for co-starring in action comedy with Ben Stiller)
$4 million: Shrek Forever After (back-end bonus)
$1.5 million: Older film revenue

39. Guy Ritchie
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $13.5 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$7.5 million: Fee for directing untitled Sherlock Holmes sequel
$6 million: Sherlock Holmes (back-end for directing, based on worldwide gross of $523 million, and share of DVD and pay-TV revenue)

38. Shawn Levy
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14 MILLION (2009 rank: 26)
$10 million: Real Steel (fee for directing and producing upcoming robotic action film starring Hugh Jackman)
$4 million: Older film revenue, mostly from the Night at the Museum franchise

37. Hugh Jackman
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$9 million: Real Steel (fee for starring in upcoming Shawn Levy movie)
$2 million: Butter (fee for starring in upcoming Weinstein Co. film)
$1.5 million: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (fee for starring in small art-house film)
$1.5 million: Older film revenue

36. Reese Witherspoon
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14.5 MILLION (2009 rank: 31)
$12 million: This Means War (fee for starring in upcoming romantic comedy directed by McG)
$2 million: Water for Elephants (fee for co-starring in upcoming drama with Robert Pattinson)
$500,000: Older film revenue

35. Tom Cruise
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $14.5 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$12.5 million: Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol (fee for writing, producing, and starring in upcoming fourth M.I. movie)
$2 million: Older film revenue

[Oscar winning filmmaker Sir Peter Jackson courtesy of Horiwood.Com's Archives]

34. Shia LaBeouf
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $16 MILLION (2009 rank: 39)
$15 million: Transformers: Dark of the Moon (fee for starring in Michael Bay’s upcoming, third Transformers movie)
$1 million: Older film revenue

33. Katherine Heigl
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $16 MILLION (2009 rank: 25)
$15 million: One for the Money (fee for producing and starring in upcoming romantic cop comedy)
$1 million: Older film revenue

32. Martin Scorsese
ESTIMATED 2010 EARNINGS: $17 MILLION (2009 rank: —)
$10 million: Hugo Cabret (fee for directing and producing upcoming 3-D adventure film starring Sacha Baron Cohen)
$3.5 million: Shutter Island (back-end for directing and producing, based on worldwide gross of $295 million, and share of DVD and pay-TV revenue)
$3.5 million: Older film revenue [Photographs: from left, by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic, Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage, Dave Hogan/Getty Images, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage, Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic, Mark Sullivan/WireImage, Alex J. Berliner/BEImages, Jon Furniss/WireImage, Fergus McDonald/Getty Images]. Read the rest of this entry »



Sadie & Lawrin are in on our top celebrity news from Hollywood at this minute. Sadie is a budding screenwriter and her momma is a coffee buddy of mine in L.A. Lawrin is the director of the She works with a lot of talented stand up comics and funny filmmakers too. She’s a multi-tasking working mom of America. Already as a kid growing up in California – Sadie’s telling her mom her latest movie idea. It involves a lot of blood – much to mom (Lawrin’s) horror. Lawrin can’t stand the sight of human blood onscreen. Sadie’s first TVC for a major ‘multi-national conglomerate corp’ drops next week. Stay tuned for that on your TV. LA kids, they’re full on talented!

Sadie is too cute. Celebrity entertainment news from the City of Angels today (is coming up, stay tuned):

Steven Spielberg cuts in to Glee‘s appeal with Smash a TV pilot musical, where Broadway musicals is NBC’s theme.

General Motors takes a stand against Skins in MTV. Nice one! No advertising.

All aflutter over Kate – royal-watchers hit the bookies

Redhead comic Conan O’Brien‘s (Conaco/Warner Bros.) pilot for Vince Uncensored goes to CBS. Honesty in family is the theme.

Hip hop artist and actor Drake will join Susan Sarandon and Eva Green in the film, Arbitrage a relevant film about corporate fraud.

What Hollywood star wants to not marry?

Kerre Woodham has fun ‘white girl bashing’ – the easiest Maori target – like popping open an Aussie beer with a black horse on it, on a stolen beach in summer! Loved the commentary though. Was funny for a lazy writer! Though I wish white men would do their own dirty work, don’t you Kerre? Woodham remains one of my most favorite castrating comedians in the game though. She’s always good for that for the white lads. Next generation of white girl Kiwi comics please! It’s time. Kerre would fare well dating a Fijian boyfriend about now, to look less racist in her shared habitat of Aotearoa-New Zealand, from Los Angeles. Just sayin!

Pink (Alecia Moore) talks cutting edge parenting a la American rock stardom.

Madonna‘s charity education developments in Malawi go wider - no longer ‘one institution.’ Smart -grass roots missions 101.

Spencer Grammer, 27, is engaged to James Hesketh.

Tristan Prettyman strikes complications with an upcoming marriage to fiance Jason Mraz. Love should never be ransomed.

What does rocker Prince & Oscar winner Halle Berry have in common? New romance.

Manager Manny Halley can kiss Keyshia Cole‘s . Heard her new Calling All Hearts album yet?

Ten hot cinematic couples of 2011 are these 20 actors.

[Celebrity news with thanks to Pop Eater and Ms. Lavandeira today].

Bloggers who don’t live in Hollywood like I do, yet who cover Hollywood Entertainment news rarely are: David CornRead the rest of this entry »



1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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Two Hollywood names and good mates received mentions in Wikileaks news.

Wikileaks on Tom Cruise: “In a conversation with Pol/Econ Specialist on August 13, Hamburg Interior Ministry Spokesman Marco Haase suggested that the announcement was the result of several unrelated occurrences, such as the recent publication of Caberta’s book, the case of the Berlin girl and her brother seeking refuge in Hamburg (Ref.), the attention to Scientology generated during the filming of the movie “Valkyrie” in Berlin, in which Tom Cruise stars, and the summer media slump. According to Haase, Nagel believes that a ban alone is not the answer. Rather, assistance to ex-Scientologists and education.  It is doubtful that the Hamburg government will change their view of Scientology in the future even though officials openly and cordially discuss with ConGen representatives USG policy on religious freedom.”

Wikileaks on Steven Spielberg: The semi-annual meeting of the Arab League Boycott group was held April 23-26, 2007 in Damascus. On that meeting, the cable notes: ”The one addition mentioned was film director Steven Spielberg, who was singled out for his USD one million donation to Israel last year during the summer conflict in Lebanon, according to Ajami. The committee banned all films and other products related to Spielberg or his Righteous Persons Foundation, Ajami said. Generic enforcement guidelines given to ALBO members include the banning of DVD imports and airing of Spielberg’s films.”

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Liam Neeson‘s much publicized reteaming with Hollywood great Steven Spielberg for the Abraham Lincoln biopic was something we all wanted to see.

However, Neeson dropped out of the film a little while back.

Spielberg than approached Daniel Day Lewis to fill the shoes to play the role of the legendary American President. Day Lewis accepted the role.

Here’s what Spielberg has to say on the matter: “Daniel Day-Lewis would have always been counted as one of the greatest of actors, were he from the silent era, the golden age of film or even some time in cinema’s distant future. I am grateful and inspired that our paths will finally cross with Lincoln,” said Steven Spielberg.  “Throughout his career, he has been exceptionally selective in his choice of material,” added Stacey Snider, “which makes us feel even more fortunate that he has chosen to join with us for Lincoln.”

Based on the best-selling book, Team of Rivals, by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, the screenplay has been written by the Pulitzer Prize winner, Tony Award winner, and Academy Award nominated writer Tony Kushner.’

This film has Oscars written all over it.

[Images: Corkery/ News Getty via NY Daily News and Horiwood.Com]

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Anytime is a good time in Hollywood, to write a David Brown post:

With supportive friends – you can do great things.

Without support, it’s tougher to slice through the apathy, the hatred and doubt – JB, 2010′s

News via West Hollywood. Who exactly is hot on Jerry Brown, Governor Elect of California? Hold up, let’s C:

DreamWorks Founders Host Jerry Brown Fundraiser in WeHo

via Katherine Spiers of The Wrap: “DreamWorks founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen hosted a fundraiser for Jerry Brown Thursday night at West Hollywood’s Soho House, 9200 Sunset Blvd, Sunset Strip WeHo.

“The private club, more often the setting for decidedly non-political nightlife, is a members-only institution with another outpost in New York City.

“Thursday’s event was a $5,000-a-head reception, with a private party for donors at the $25,000 level.

“Other co-chairs of the event included J.J. Abrams, Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, George Lucas and Rob Reiner.

“Katzenberg, Spielberg and Geffen have a history of publicly supporting Democratic candidates and have hosted fundraisers for Bill Clinton and President Obama.”

Not a bad line up at all of leading Hollywood producer lights, faces and names all in support of Jerry Brown, 72. And of course, Kiwi-Fruit Brown/Green thinking types do too. :) Maori Hobbits fans in this line up, included in West Hollywood. I may not be able to throw money his way, but I can give Jerry Brown support on this blog, with creativity and time.

Like good sheep, yes we brown Maori-Kiwi Polynesians do too. :)

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Robert Pattinson shares a joke with an adoring Twilight Suga Momma at Eclipse ‘s film premiere in downtown L.A. Cute. And Tata Vega sings Miss Celie’s Blues from Steven Spielberg‘s The Color Purple classic. Here’s how you ranked your top ten for Thursday 6.25.2010. 

“Sister, remember your name, no twister’s gonna steal your stuff away, my sister we sure don’t have a whole lot of time. Shake your shimmy, ‘cos honey this Sug is feeling fine.”–The Color of Purple.

1. Vanessa Bryant comes out on top in June 2010 

2. About Horiwood–> Actress Brooke Abbott has wings

3. Liza Morales fans heart her bigtime 

4. You’re gonna rise up singing by Leona Lewis 


6. Horiwood’s Top Ten – Sat 7.18.09 

7. Robert Pattinson and friends at Twilight Eclipse L.A Premiere 

8. The King family for Michael Jackson ‘s legacy

9. Queen Noor makes a stand on nuclear weapons non-proliferation 

10. Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal sees the President

[Image courtesy of Splash]

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I’m sorry Chicago, but Ms Oprah Winfrey really is moving to California. She wasn’t bluffing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Oprah has just hired Peter Adamson to manage her ‘family office’ and watch her money and investments portfolio. In California, Peter Adamson manages Eli and Edith Broad‘s money so that the Broad’s can continue doing artistic and philanthropic things for arts and culture in LA–in and around Hollywood’s movie culture.

It looks like Ms Winfrey is going to get a little bit more creative, in her role as a power producer of Hollywood films and TV Network producing in her next, Californian reincarnation. She’s freeing up her time, so its less money focused. Love it. And the philanthropic money management skills of Peter Adamson on board–prove that Oprah is heading in the same direction as the Broads. Think Oprah in the past–but on a much bigger philanthropic scale.

To check out what’s happening on the Broad Stage concerning music, jazz, live performance and the arts, here in LA… go here. It’s time that LA got a bit more artistically philanthropic. So this is exciting news. The past two years, a spirit of meanness, fear and stingyness has gripped this city. Good works incite more good works. So, hopefully Winfrey and the Broad’s will get a really good ping pong match going on between them–concerning artists support in the 2010′s.

Needless to say, anything that Oprah’s attached to when she hits Califor-NI-A–invest in those stocks. Here’s some retro Tupac–to celebrate in advance, the Oprah Effect on Hollywood. :)

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Dorothy Height, an American legend died of natural causes at the Howard Univeristy Hospital.

Dorothy was the president of the National Council of Negro Women for 40 years. Bossip reports: ‘As a civil rights activist, Ms. Height participated in protests in Harlem during the 1930s. In the 1940s, she lobbied first lady Eleanor Roosevelt on behalf of civil rights causes. And in the 1950s, she prodded President Dwight D. Eisenhower to move more aggressively on school desegregation issues. In 1994, Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.’

As you’d say in New Zealand, Dorothy had a very good innings. What a hero elevating her people through the hoops of basic human rights and equality in the history of America. Love Dorothy Heights legendary story!

[Music by Tata Vega, Miss Celie Blues from Steven Spielberg's epic film, The Color Purple co-starring Whoopi Goldberg and Danny Glover]

In the Maori language of Aotearoa reserved for chiefly occasions: Haere ra ou tatou Whaea me Te Wahine toa o nga Amerika Tino Attahua me nga taangata pai katoa o Te Ao.

[Steven Spielberg's Hollywood star, with Maori chiefly element symbolizing the discovery of a new world, courtesy of Team Horiwood.Com & The Hollywood Walk of Fame , from the City of Angels, especially for Ms Dorothy Height and the richness of her America that we experience and enjoy today]

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This story really moved my heart today. Oskar Schindler’s only private list, containing the 801 names of Jews he helped save from Nazis, is going on sale for $2.2 million. Dated April 18, 1945, it is arguably, the most important document of the World War II era.

Gary Zimet is selling the list on the website Moments In Time to whoever buys it first. I think America should buy it as a hallmark against racism, hatred, prejudice, imperialism at any cost–and it should be hung in The White House, as a living document to be cherished and remembered, as a monument of Peace, that the man who saves lives in war (regardless of what race those lives are) will be a hero of the world in the canons of history. As we have a President who has paradoxical duality as being cast as both the designated warlord of The Western World as well as being the bearer of a Nobel Peace Prize, surely this document should be in or near his home. To pass it each day, would be a powerful thing for him.

More importantly, here are the 801 names of the lives Schindler saved, who speak to us all of hope’s ability to redeem and see through the blindness of the status quo, political rhetoric of one man’s times, and who singlehandedly rejected the perks of his position to do what was in his hands to do. What a guy and what a list.

In a perfect world, Bernie Madoff‘s family would buy this list and gift it to the White House. That would be a made-for-Hollywood movie moment about the Madoff family, if they did do this. We’d even all go and happily see the movie, quicker than we would to see Wall Street 2, or The Blind Side as redemption occurs with significant momentum at the film’s close. If Steven Spielberg directed this film, even better! It would be just as powerful an American film as the upcoming Abraham Lincoln biopic film directed by Spielberg and starring Schindler’s List star, Liam Neeson of Ireland. 

Liberty is always active and involved in the art of grace, restoration, rebuilding and redemption, even for a shark like Bernie Madoff– a pin up boy for America of corporate greed and Wall Street corruption.

But whoever buys this list, has made an amazing statement to the world. Life is more important than empire.

The full list follows:

L.  Ln.  Rel.   Natn.  H.No Surname         Forename     Birth    Occupation
2   226   Ju.     Po.    69061 ABRAMOCZYK        Szyja          15.9.17   ang. Metallverarb.
2   271   Ju.     Po.    69109 ABUSCH            Josef          28.10.12  Maler-Lackierges.
2   264   Ju.     Po.    69102 ABZUG             Emanuel        10.2.04   Schreibkraft
2   269   Ju.     Po.    69107 ADLER             Alexander      25.8.23   ang. Metallverarb.
 Read the rest of this entry »

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La Toya Jackson is a vision of silky blue as she leaves the set of Dancing With The Stars.

Celebrity always does bite, but it is how one uses their fame for the good, that shows a star’s true star power, or whether they are just pretending to be a star. Always give. Celebrity News bites today are as follows:

Hollywood legend, Steven Spielberg has been retained as Creative Director for Universal at $50 million a year. Nice!–Variety

At 16, Miley Cyrus brief appearance in Sex & The City II sparks questions. She loves it.–popeater

Oscar and grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson is in talks to play the role of Winnie Mandlea in a Nelsen Mandela biopic. Great role!–showbiz411

Giving fills Madonna‘s love of more fame with Glee. The hit feel good TV show is doing an entire episode devoted to Madonna songs as Madonna gifts Glee her music royalty rights. Nice!–Music-Mix

Charlize Theron may play Mad Maxine, as Mel Gibsons famous role  gets set for a Mad Max reprise, down under–Sydney Sun.

Kanye West did not die in a car crash as falsely reported. Taylor Swift did not kill him.–Sophos


~featured pic and charity link is The Joey Parker Movement, see details below after celebrity gossip bites continues. thank you~  Read the rest of this entry »


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