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[Michael Jones - is appreciated worldwide as a sportsman of noble spirit].

Somehow, I managed to let a good bottle of red wine (a rare moment) stand in the way of bringing our top ten yesterday. Here’s those results from the Hollywood hood. Just as well.

Today Michael Jones is honored for his contribution to rugby football worldwide as a leader, ambassador of humility and calmness in any pressurized situation. A master at a game the Commonwealth love, below is an interview with MJ’s rugby football mate from rugby’s glory days, John Kirwan in an interview that gives a snap shot of New Zealand. It is Rugby World Cup year after all.

Our top ten for Monday 3rd of April from Hollywood are:

1. Fierce rugby football sketches show brute power in a great sport

2. Land mines, US troops, Post traumatic stress disorder

3. Big toothed American grins by The Kardashians

4. Game of Thrones has a gazillion horses in it

5. Nicole Scherzinger is a tad bit hot – X factor judge or not?

6. Oh the loves of Elizabeth Taylor‘s humanitarian life!

7. Lady Louise Windsor has a wedding to rock out in

8. Canada and Cricket – One Photo -3.30.11

9. Step to it Ohio – Flash mob dancing and US

10. Artic Hiking for a good cause – Prince Harry hits the ice

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An artist Natalie Stamilla has her Kiwi heart set on sculpting rugby football player Michael Niko Jones in a bronze statue. The artist aims to honor what Jones has gifted the game of rugby football, New Zealand culture, his worldwide fans and his West Auckland community, close to neighboring Helensville.

One of the most famous sports moments of Rugby World Cup history is when Michael dived across the try-line against Italy in the 1987 World Cup tournament to score. The photograph of this moment has captured the young sculptresses imagination and artistic talents.

It is ironic that someone who doesn’t really care that much for ‘graven image culture’ (like Hollywood loves to rock out with as US culture as a norm) and who is known for his great athleticism and cool calm strength veiled by restrained humility would agree to the sculpture even being made. He’s just so humble.

The moment perhaps shows Jones’ sense of humor to honor his team mates of rugby football of the game by green-lighting the project and what all Michael’s peers have given the game too, when Jones switched from basketball to rugby football. It was a rare sporting moment at the time and he brought his basketball reflexes to rugby football – changing the game with quick creative play. Jones is also a big star of South African people.

Michael’s mother Maina Jones was a vibrant school teacher who would always say she “loved Jesus.” It was just her line. Saying such things today, can get school teachers in trouble, but with Maina, it just drew her many fans closer in to her warm heartedness. In that regard, she made modern law scientifically irrelevant. Her life would never have fitted these restrictions. When she died, she had the second largest funeral of any New Zealander known in New Zealand history at her passing for a person who wasn’t born in New Zealand. She was a legend too.

Her bubbly laughter was like a well of joy. Her face was like the sun shining. She knew no fear. She loved all people. All of her children have her zest for life in fine doses and are equally interesting people who carry this one gracious lady’s spirit of excellence in leading others with laughter.

Because Michael has a living likeness named after him too, Niko Kirwan, (rugby football player John Kirwan named his eldest child after his legendary bro), the above fun pop art tribute via New Jersey, USA is going up for Michael’s Kiwi mum who mothered John Kiriwin too and her unique ability to feed peoples’ spirits while feeding them at her family table.

Honoring Maina’s legacy today from The Entertainment Capitol of The World, is perhaps what Michael, his sister Kathy and older bro Derek, would all want to see with this story. She was special. One out of the box.

Maina was her childrens’ and Michael’s biggest fan and she was 200% rugby football obsessed like most Kiwi moms are. As a sport, she loved rugby football. We all miss her enthusiastic contribution to a sporting nation. Her faith was bright shining as the sun.

Talofa Michael Jones! God is always with Michael and his brother Derek – The Matai (Chief – one of them) of us all. Stay close.

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Blake Skjellerup is an Olympian. He is raising awareness to bullying in high schools. Particularly with youth who identify with being gay.

Bullying of young people should not be in their picture growing up. Yet no one is exempt from stormy weather. Cases of bullying increase, in environments of economic bullying. Communities of young people feel the pressure of their parents to provide in stringently tight economic environments. The young people then go to school and they act out. It’s often that simple.

That needs addressing too perhaps in Blake’s work. This is an economic problem as much as it is a teen bullying problem, the very reason why we have an economic bullying section on this blog, so that the top earning 5-10% of personal earners can speak on the matter, not just schools or governments. The wealthy need to rise to the call of any teen being bullied if they want to and have a heart to.

Not bullying others is about respect and sharing. When we go to war, we agree to bully other people. The basis of this belief to suspend our civility and kill others, at war, is that we ourselves say – we don’t like being bullied. It’s what men do when bullied. At times men (and women) fight back. We can’t then be surprised young people then bully as these are the images they see on the mediascape we provide them.

Minorities are most at risk of being bullied which is why Blake Skjellerup gets a shout out on this blog for doing some good.

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Writes Dashiell Bennett today for Business Insider, “India has won the 2011 Cricket World Cup by 6 wickets over Sri Lanka. MS Dhoni batted a six on the final ball for Indian to overtake Sri Lanka’s lead. He overcame a 274-run inning, despite losing his first two batsmen (including “the master” Sachin Tendulkar) in the opening overs.

Dashiell writes that the winning partnership between Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir led the comeback, as both came just shy of 188 runs between them. It’s India’s first World Cup championship in 28 years.

The internet is abuzz today that ESPN will be screening the next world cup here in the USA. What a fine effort from India, with a good bar set by Sri Lanka going in to bat first.

Cricket supporters are always a little batty, because the game is a fun one to watch and play. It takes all day, like tennis some times so watching cricket is always an occasion that guarantees spectators time out, while enjoying an exciting sport on the green. Cricket fans are as chilled out as they are passionate about their favorite sports stars of the game. Cricket is about anticipation and the art of some of the quickest reflexes you’ll ever see shared in a sports arena. Riveting stuff! Congratulations to both teams.

[Photograph courtesy of the Associated Press]

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CINCINNATI — Ramon Hernandez hit a two-out, three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning Thursday, rallying the Cincinnati Reds to a 7-6 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers in an opening-day flashback to their NL Central title season.

[News source - Photo courtesy of Al Behrman for AP]

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Hollywood’s no.1 box office heavyweight, Mr James Cameron makes me smile today.

As guest commentary I’m going to run with The Hollywood Reporter’s full report on his appearance at CinemaCon 2011. As I never wrote this story, you might want to read it here at it’s original source, to be fair to this website’s hits rate.

As Hollywood’s reigning King of The Box Office in America, here’s what James had to say in a story penned with good humor too, by Carolyn Giardina: “Higher frame rates offer “the potential to improve showmanship,” the director tells attendees at ChinemaCon.

LAS VEGAS — Calling the current use of frame rates in digital cinema “inadequate,” James Cameron urged the industry to consider shooting and projecting movies at rates higher than the standard 24 frames-per-second in a demonstration he presented Thursday at Cinemacon.

Cameron contended that that higher frame rates offer the “potential to improve showmanship.”
To prove his point,  he showed a comparison of 3D content produced and projected at 24 frames-per-second, which is commonly used today, as well as at 48 and 60 frames-per-second (fps). He also showed clips that demonstrated other elements such as slow motion at these higher frame rates. Read the rest of this entry »


Everyday we were fighting for survival, doing whatever we had to do. We rolled up our sleeves and left our egos at the door.

When we love something, emotion often drives our actions.

This is the gift and the challenge entrepreneurs face every day. The companies we dream of and build from scratch are part of us and intensely personal. They are our families. Our lives.

It was December 23, 2007, just weeks before I returned as ceo, and Michael Dell and I had just finished the 30 mile bike ride we took with a group of friends every morning in Hawaii over the holidays. More than just exercise, these daily rides had become therapeutic for me, especially as Michael and I got in the habit of talking about our individual challenges at work–Howard Schultz shares his love of getting coffee making and selling right from the book Onward.

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Writing a wedding speech in minus 40 degrees temperatures? Prince Harry Windsor is doing way too much in the Arctic today, and all for a good cause.

Reports ABC America today, “Though the Royal Wedding is exactly a month away today, Prince Harry is focusing on a team of intrepid soldier amputees and explorers, who are trying to reach the North Pole.

ABC News reports, these four soldiers are members of the Walking With the Wounded team hoping to reach their goal, as the first amputees to reach the North Pole. To show his support, the prince — a fellow soldier — joined them for the first days of their trek. When asked whether he is preparing his best man’s speech, while out in the wilderness, Harry gave a cheeky reply, bringing the focus right back to the worthy cause.”

Nice one. Click on dudes pic to view video coverage of the trek via the USA’s reporting team.

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Here in the USA we all know who Sasha Fierce is, we know who Sasha Obama is… but do we know who Sachin Tendulkar is? That is the question in sports news today. Google is a big fan of this sportsman.

According to Mid-day.ComSachin Tendulkar is the most searched cricketer while Twitter and Facebook are flooded with messages and updates on the big game

While cricket enthusiasts from remote corners of the country are flocking to Mohali to grab a piece of the action from the India-Pakistan semi-final, on the internet, the game is on. According to Google Trends, before reaching Mohali, people have been searching for tickets for the semi-final, hotels to stay and travel ticket availability. Maximum searches are coming from Karnataka, followed by Delhi and Maharashtra. Surprisingly Punjab is not on the list of top three states searching for the big game.

[Photo caption - Hot favourite: Children cheer for Sachin Tendulkar and the Indian team
in New Delhi on Tuesday, before they take on Pakistan in the World Cup
semi-final match. PIC/Rajeev Tyagi

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New Zealand’s opposition leader of the nation’s Labor Party, Mr Phill Goff not only had to deal with a gay sex scandal of a Jr. politican who had to resign, but he also said his members of Parliament had talked about the sale of state assets by John Key‘s government and the impact it would have on electricity prices, as well as the Christchurch recovery, which he said the Government was using as an excuse to make changes such as cuts to Working for Families.”

Kiwis don’t like selling off national assets at all (because politicians do come and go) when assets go what’s left for future generations? Eroding community programs is also viewed as an erosion of cultural strength too at the grass roots.

There’s a lot going on in New Zealand. Rebuilding is definitely robust opposition terrain to flex some weight behind such issues. For sure. The whole nation’s heart is with Christchurch City though, the people are awesome.

In any event, there’s a royal wedding to attend for the nation’s PM, so Mr Goff needs an introduction about now as the caretaker leader during the upcoming days where the world will celebrate Will and Kate‘s special day in London.

Phil has been one of the nation’s longest serving politicians. Always thoughtful and purposeful. Most of all patient is how I remember him when I was in high school. Just kidding, he’s not that old! Blimey.

The climate these MP’s are in is leading ‘Facebook culture environments of peeps,’ where work gets in the way of Facebooking (darn it!) like this story perhaps shows, More than half see work as a big yawn.

Who are the new neighbors in New Zealand who’ve snapped up the state assets? What asset territories/ companies were sold off and what nations are the buyers from? New neighbors are always fun if we take a chipper view of these harrowing facts of sold assets. All these questions… and so little Facebook time too in a day. What will Kiwis do? :)

The Rugby World Cup is ahead in the upcoming months. Exciting stuff to plan and prepare for in anticipation or a major sporting event on the planet. Go New Zealand! It’s a party in Kiwi-land soon.

What about Sir Peter Blake‘s son, doing extra mural university papers and being on college campus when he can be and standing as an MP (no disrespect meant to the other candidates). Perhaps he could motivate the student pack in Dunedin as a good young leader? And generate some exciting culture in Dunedin that would benefit Canterbury youth as well? Why not! Give this student town something to Facebook about. Or, why doesn’t Dunedin (or Canterbury) create its own Facebook all Kiwis can use.

So many exciting possibilities ahead for Dunedin. Kara whiua!

[Photo caption - Labor Party leader Phil Goff emerges from a meeting with his front bench at Otago University in Dunedin today - NZPA].

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The Herald Sun reports that Ricky Pointing will stand down as Australia’s cricket captain.

Video in Ricky’s own words can be viewed by clicking on his pic.

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A DC marathon runner, completes their first marathon.

New Japan quake

New York favors local manufacturing being revived. Smart.

If Wall Street rewards opposers of Financial Reform, how can America win?

Emotions are the foundations of reason, as value indicatorsTed Brooks

Catalina  gets its daily Flyer boat back on Friday

Poi Dog Pondering performs in Chicago

Report: Blast At Yemen Bullet Factory Kills At Least 110

Perrier-Jouet turns 200.

Albert Einstein‘s look is ‘owned’ by a Jewish University.

An Imperial President article? – Lack of ‘going to war’ rationale, is questioned by one.

Frenzy over nation’s debt grows in Washington

Chile’s Zabriski Point & The Harmony Borax Works as stark hiking locations.

Scholar’s Blog William Cronan is censored by Republicans when critiquing Wisconson‘s Gov.’s loss of “neighborliness, decency and mutual respect” for the people.

Review: Daniel Radcliffe heads to Broadway

Government shutdown fears grow due to military overspending impairing Fed Agencies

Orchids on Broadway – Thinking Green Theatricality

Toxic radioactive water leaks from a Japan plant.

When Geraldine A. Ferraro, First Woman on Major Party Ticket, died at 75

Broke and over-extended in military – USA’s current imaging and story.

The Film Lounge examines The Adjustment Bureau.

Cuomo Strikes Tentative Deal on N.Y. Budget With Big Cuts

Anheuser-Busch and Chicago’s famed Goose Island craft beers brewery unite.

Report – From The White House to working for Facebook?

Missing the hoop when it mattered. Kansas bows out of basketball glory.

Because the kids & teachers still matter – New L.A. schools chief to take lower pay

Miami police shootings. What this means to a community still in shock.

Sarkozy on Libya is a blessing says a US blogger.

Lasting of last summer’s dried tomatoes. Conserving ahead from hand grown produce.

Iron Dome

Organic fair trade brown as a crayola color of the pack.

High-Tech Flirting Turns Explicit, Altering Young Lives too soon

5 reasons Miami’s nuclear power plant is not comfortable to be too close.

Lois Lane

AOL-Huffington Post: the virtual picket line

In Florida, teacher pay now tied to performance

A taste of the ‘real’ Puerto Rico

Merkel Set to Lose Key German State

Teachers – Finding a balance between strict and fun.

Photgraph courtesy of Photo Journal Japan Blog, a site that is kindly dedicated to the victims of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami.

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Not everything appearing as a Saint, is–C.S Lewis (all that glitters isn’t gold).

Would you sell the cricket bat in a nation’s hand? Or the rugby field from under their feet?

Living in humilty is to not live in delusion. Wisdom resides in humble people, who have an ability to recognize that fame is a mirage that only a minute few project. It is not reality for majorities of most people. Because humility recognizes this, in between navigating the quick sand fleeting mind fields of passing fads, humility is a spiritual protective force field around a nation’s future. Staying grounded on solid ground you still at best are a steward of, ensures a secure future for people you lead is to Stay Strong as a leader.

We call this art of humility Kia Kahatanga of financial management in New Zealand.

Future generations will praise such a leader who has this spirit. Fame is a demon. It seduces people into living short term. The wise think long term. Having been seduced in the past, I know this first hand and seek to help in this area.

We learn from mistakes. We need to learn quicker.

Debt is a demon. A nation’s assets in this current crazy world economy, perhaps need to be locked in a trust of safe keeping, under a key.

Vampires (sharks… whatevz you want to call them) swirl around freedom’s ramparts shores. And crawl over the green grassed hills and forrests of ‘home.’

Public demonstrations are all the rage. They are a sign of Demon.St.Ration at work. Seeing people live on coupons one loaf of bread at a time is debilitating. That’s not good leadership. It’s orchestrated mismanagement being pimped off shore. It needs to be curbed. It’s not freedom, it’s enslavement.

Democracy is being eroded. Culture is being sold. People of the future are being sold in this process to these narratives of potential enslavement. It is the nature of spend and debt to enslave. We must stop it. Asap.

This post can also be read in tandem with this post too (there’s a very good article to the New York Times cream of journalism from a veteran’s wise perspective observing the selling of America as America’s top journalist shares good insights of learning from America’s own life experiences).

[Photo caption - Currently on sale via the Knights Sports, Sporting Memorabilia, Wisden Almanack Auctions website and listed as 'Lot no. 452' is this item. The cricketing belt buckle. Brass belt buckle with cricket bat, stumps and bails and crossed racquets, 2.25"x2". VG. Estimate: £40/60.]

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Brisbane Broncos captain Darren Lockyer plans to bring his glittering NRL career to a close. Photo: James Brickwood.

“Of course it will be hard to leave my teammates and the Broncos’ organisation at the end of the season, but I know the timing is right.”

This man is a legend on the sports field. I’ve watched many a match with Darren providing skilled leadership at the helm for his sporting code, for Queensland and for Aussie overall. Sorry to see him go.

Story via Sydney Morning Herald.

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There’s nothing like a good cricket match to discuss what’s important in the world. India-Pakistan are set to discuss better security between their two nations, cracking down on drugs trade out of controlness with a view towards strengthening peace between both nations.

The BBC reports, ’India will raise what it describes as Pakistan’s “lack of sincerity” in cooperating with India in tackling terrorism. Correspondents say no-one is expecting swift progress on issues at the heart of the dispute between the two countries. As well as the main disputes over counter-terrorism and the Himalayan territory of Kashmir – which both countries claim – the two neighbours also differ over economic and smaller territorial issues.’

First up though, today, ‘Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani accepted an invitation from his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, to attend the Cricket World Cup semi-final.’

With cricket as a shared sport, expect relations between these two nations being blessed. Cricket is very community minded. It is more often than not about fair play too. Nice one.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a bit of a boxer. Here’s this whipper snapper’s show reel compiled by a fan, doing the art of Rocky in a Ring. What is annoying though is that when I tried to post Floyd’s Ali talents via YouTube in my humble blog, YouTube then said, his nono was owned by UMG entertainment. Oi, oi, oi.  Like say what? Anyways, click on pic to then link to UMG’s YouTube account to watch this man’s image box up a storm. Alright. Enough said about commodities who should own themselves and their representations in a modern enlightened FREE age of intelligence and decency of the humanities.

Five things we’re looking at right now and sharing as social media from Hollywood as culture we like are:

1. Stay Strong Maori Music – with a spirit of gratitude set to teamwork – Te Piringa

2. Rugby stars footageMen in Black, Kamiigusa Japan

3. Tahitian dance hips are a bit Shakira down under

4. Bill Gates takes a shine to Harry Houdini - a Hollywood legend

5. Kiwi Hollywood humor – Tom Hardy works his Batman tee shirt

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This week we learned that Atlanta, Georgia has and is experiencing a massive migration of African-Americans heading south from cities like New York and the Mid-West. Economically, America is undergoing State-wide ‘populations engineering’ in such an economic climate. This is what we are witnessing in America occur.

In unrelated news, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum recording artist Keri Hilson will perform “America the Beautiful” kicking-off WrestleMania XXVII live on pay-per-view Sunday, April 3 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

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Writes sports journalist Andrew Alderson today, “Inventor Thomas Edison once said genius is 1 per cent inspiration, 99 per cent perspiration.

Appropriately he also invented the light bulb and that is what went on for the New Zealand cricketers yesterday morning against South Africa.

Substitute fielder Jamie How dived after a flash outside off from Graeme Smith at backward point, Jacob Oram sparked the middle order collapse when he ran to take a miscued Jacques Kallis pull shot to deep midwicket and Martin Guptill ran out AB de Villiers when Faf du Plessis squirted a delivery to mid-wicket and dashed.

“We are our own worst enemies,” Oram added. “We should play like this more often than not. We have the skill and talent. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out often enough. We know a lot of people don’t rate us. It’s not just the public and media; it’s the cricket fraternity around the world.”

Black caps captain and veteran Daniel Vettori said this match vindicated their efforts: “We haven’t endeared ourselves to the fans enough… Guys are stepping up and performing their roles. Wrighty’s been a huge influence on that, keeping it simple. I’ve enjoyed working with him immensely. He hammers it home each meeting, each training. He’s taken a huge workload off me and been great for the guys.”– for more on cricket news, go here.

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Hitting the Beach is something Californians love to do. Here’s the latest sporting craze to catch a big wave:
- Saturday 2nd April, 8am time trial race Mona vale Basin followed by a paddling clinic presented by Woogie Marsh and Coreban. He is a very experienced paddler and will be conducting a clinic with something for all levels so come down and support him. $25.00 includes pre clinic race and Clinic.
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I am sorry South Africa, but Patel at the local 7-11 in West Hollywood is not sorry you lost the cricket to The Black Caps.

In REUTERS words – ‘New Zealand beat South Africa by 49 runs to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup on Friday. The Africans have now lost five successive World Cup knockout matches dating back to 1992.

New Zealand will face either co-hosts Sri Lanka or England in the last-four match in Colombo next Tuesday.

(Editing by Pritha Sarkar; To query or comment on this story email ).’

Patel said “good job.”

[Photograph - The Hindu - South African Dale Steyn during a practice session ahead of their quarterfinal match against New Zealand on Friday in Dhaka.]

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Cricket fans witnessed Pakistan take Australia’s cricket title. The semi-final part 1, of crickets world cup is India Vs Pakistan.

Patel at the local 7-11 is so excited New Zealand is playing South Africa in semi final no.2 today. He was shocked that someone else living in Hollywood knew that as well. Lol!

Some useful links are Australia Dethroned… Now It’s India Vs Pak. And Australia v India: Yuvraj Singh sets up Pakistan showdown 

This news off the bat of an earthquake hitting Myanmar (Burma). To make a difference to Myanmar’s earthquake hit region, go here.


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Voting hot in Hollywood today on this blog is Jarryd Hayne star story in a rescue mission where Hayes, an NRK footballer looked a little bit Dean Cain or Henry Cavill. See Jarryd’s eye brow WTF-ing heroic efforts interview here.

Basically, with his uber hot Polynesian origins in the South Pacific, Jarryd is a hit reality TV series just waiting to happen.

Now Jared’s Paramatta Eels football teammates are taking the mimi, out of Haye’s good efforts. They are likening him to The Hoff (David Hasselhoff) of Baywatch fame days. How Hollywood of them. Love it.

One quote via the Sydney Morning Herald comes via a teammate Luke Burt who notes, “It shows what kind of a man he is to go out there and do something like that” Apparently Jared is betting at surfing then swimming in the training pool for his sports game. This fact was parodied at the press conference when Jarryd’s football captain Nathan Hindmarsh said, ”What he did was awesome; he saved someone’s life.” In down under humorous fashion known to Australia and New Zealand, Nathan had jokingly mocked Hayne by entering the press conference with a kickboard. Lol!

“It’s great that he did something like that for a struggling swimmer. It shows what type of kid he is and what type of man he is to get out and do that. He did a great job,” said Burt of his star teammate who knows how to conduct league football crowds like few can, when he arrives on the football field. 

Read the rest of this entry »



NRL fullback Jarryd Hayne did some good. He helped an Irish backpacker caught in a rip at Coogee Beach, Sydney. Press play to see the post beach rescue interview.

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RYAN VREDE of South Africa website Keo writes that nullifying Sonny Bill Williams must be a top priority for the Sharks at Twickenham.

Why? For these reasons: ‘The hulking midfielder has been the fulcrum around which the Crusaders’ strategy has revolved. His immense upper body strength allows him to dominate the collisions and free his hands in search of support runners.

Herein lies his primary threat, evidenced by the fact that he leads the tournament in tackle offloads (19 – 10 more than his nearest competitor) and is second in linebreak assists. His ability to skilfully offload with one hand amplifies that threat.’

But wait, there’s more:

‘Stifling Williams will be the ask of the collective, starting with a solid forward showing that ensures the Crusaders struggle to establish the type of attacking platform that has seen Williams and co thrive.

The smother tackle – where a defender aims to prevent his opponent from freeing his hands in contact – is highly effective when executed correctly. However, it carries the risk of the defender being bumped off if he gets it wrong.’

All that from South Africa today. Go here to read more of what South Africa sports commentators and fans think about the best rugby football players in the world.

Sonny Bill is ignoring what his opponents think of his rugby football action. The latest from the ring is that Williams is planning to get his boxing game on and raise funds for earthquake devastated Christchurch City. He’s got his head screwed on well on his rugby football shoulders and his heart in the right place, this lad.

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[Photo caption - Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose (1) scores as Atlanta Hawks power forward Josh Smith (5) defends in the second quarter of an NBA basketball game, Tuesday, March 22, 2011, in Atlanta.]

Two basketball hooping peeps on twitter like the basketball flow of Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose scored 30 points to lead the Chicago Bulls to a 114-81 win over the Atlanta Hawks.

Their sentiments follow:

‎ Derrick Rose is COOKING the NBA on a FOREMAN GRILL.

‎ My man mike Wilbon & I had a convo..u CAN’T “NOT” like Derrick rose. His game. Work ethic. Heart. Humility. Drive. Courage. ALL top notch.

Nick Friedell of ESPN writes – “ATLANTA – Derrick Rose never forgets the bad things that happen to him on a basketball court. It gives him the drive to be successful day in and day out.

“He remembers every misstep, every wrong decision and every game that didn’t go his way. He wants to prove to any person that may have doubted him, or the way his team would bounce back in the face of adversity wrong. Plain and simple: Derrick Rose wants to beat you. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And if some reason he doesn’t, and the other team gets the best of him or his team, watch out. The next time he sees that team, he’ll be sure to get the job done.”

In addition, Rose says – “We knew that after that game we all felt bad,” the 22-year-old point guard said of the March 2 affair in which the Bulls struggled down the stretch. “You don’t want that feeling anymore. It hurts. And one of the reasons why we lost that game is definitely because of me. Turnovers, bad decisions, everything, it was because of me. And I just tried to stay focused. My teammates did a great job of getting open and I was finding them and they were hitting shots they normally hit.”

Learning from experience, getting the game better is what it’s all about. As Rose shows, he can deliver at the hoop.

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True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer talks training for the 2011 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race event. Press play to hear what Stephen has to say.

Han Han of China would do anything to be in Stephen’s seat right now. Racing car action is always fun.

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Photographer Christian Rios photographs actor Chord Overstreet taking a dip in an ‘infinity pool overlooking downtown Los Angeles.’

Just Jared reports ‘Chord took part in a signing for fans last night in Times Square and went out to dinner with co-star Lea Michele and her boyfriend, Theo Stockman! “Just left this cool spot with @msleamichele @nickwrichardson and theo had fun tonight,” Chord .’

One things clear. With abs like that Chord Overstreet would make a good rugby footballer as a star back. (In rugby, the ‘forwards’ tend to be heavier and ab-less and more about adding body weight to the forward pack as a mass working in collective). The game of rugby football is the best to play and watch.

I wonder if Overstreet likes the Flight of The Conchord series on DVD. With a name like his, he’s bound too.

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Tiger Woods can make a decision.

In less time than a year after settling his divorce, with Elin NordegrenTiger Woods and Elin are showing quick work in moving on with their lives.

Woods, 35, has been seen with a new girlfriend, Alyse Lahti Johnston, a 22-year-old aspiring golf pro originally from Cleveland, Ohio.

Sports and entertainment blog broke the story a week ago noting that the pair have been dating for a few months.

“They went out on his yacht with another couple the other night and Tiger seems to be smitten over her,” the blog post said.

Press play to see sports commentators have something to yak about today.

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FUKUSHIMA, Japan — The toll of Japan’s triple disaster came into clearer focus Monday after police estimates showed more than 18,000 people died, the World Bank said rebuilding may cost $235 billion and more cases of radiation-tainted vegetables and tap water turned up.

More can be read at The Washington Post, who holds no.1 google billing, on this story. is no.2.

Go WashPo, Go Japan!

As Japan’s people require friends committed for the long haul in their rebuilding effort as a people, here’s Yahoo’s links on ways to help.

AMERICAN RED CROSS: The American Red Cross is currently supporting and advising the Japanese Red Cross, which continues to assist the government in its response.  You can help people affected by disasters, like floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes, as well as countless other crises at home and around the world by making a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Donate here.

GLOBALGIVING: Established a fund to disburse donations to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. We are working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground to provide support. Our partners on the ground are working hard to provide immediate relief. Donate here.

SAVE THE CHILDREN:  Save the Children, which has worked in Japan since 1986, has an immediate goal of $5 million to launch longer-term recovery for children affected by Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Save the Children has opened the first child-friendly space in Japan, protective environments where children can gather to play and share their experiences under the supervision of trained, caring adults. Donate here.

SALVATION ARMY: The Salvation Army has been in Japan since 1895 and is currently providing emergency assistance to those in need. Donate here.

AMERICARES: AmeriCares and its relief workers in Japan are working to deliver medicines and supplies to hospitals, shelters and health responders to treat and care for survivors.  The AmeriCares team began mobilizing within hours of the first reports of the dual disasters, dispatching an emergency response manager to Tokyo to direct the efforts of our relief workers in Sendai, the largest city closest to the impact zone. Our team is in direct contact with local officials, evacuation shelters and hospitals treating the injured in Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate to determine health needs. Donate here.

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS: A team of doctors flew to Sendai, where they will be delivering supplies, assessing needs, and identifying communities that have not yet been reached. We continue to coordinate with local health authorities and partners on critical gaps, providing technical expertise and assisting with logistics. Donate here.

SHELTERBOX: ShelterBox responds instantly to natural and man-made disasters by delivering boxes of aid to those who are most in need. The box includes a tent for a family of 10, cooker, blankets, water purification, tool kit and other items survivors need to rebuild their lives in the days, weeks and months following a disaster. Donate here.

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[Photograph AP - WTA Tour player Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark holds a flag dedicated to the people of Japan after her match against Victoria Azarenka of Russia during]

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