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An Anomaly can be defined in many ways. Kindness is always the best one! Be kind. :)

To know people. To include people. To see others on an equal footing as ourselves, is being human.

When we lose the ability to do this, we lack love. Amnesty International ensures that love is at work.

Until we look a complete stranger in the face and say “you’re my brother” or “you’re my sister” because we are human, then we are children, pretending to be superior but merely hiding behind adult masks of material possession acquisition. To acquire without love flowing out as well, makes us lose our humanness.

Although new to this nation, I’ve welcomed foreigners into America. It has been a pleasure to do so, because in them I see a future I believe this nation needs.

America is changing. Rip your poker face off, and know the thrill of helping others in need in the world who need Liberty as much as we do. Just do it. I think it’s rather thrilling when we do. Many things being offered in America as being liberating, or freeing —  actually enslave. Yet, when we help others in need we demonstrate our liberty in full effect.

Liberty is always expressed by free people extending this concept and spirit to others. In a way, welcoming new people into a nation are liberty’s fresh waves – like a new moon’s tide a nation needs to replenish itself. Without Liberty, we stagnate.

Kindness is our compass of the heart that incites us to see others equally. I’m all for building an America based on kindness, equality and humility in recognition of the shared humanness complete in others, when we complete it. They also complete US.

Amnesty International do it all year round. Click on this pic to make a difference if you’re feeling it. Cheers!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 3.4.11~