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African Cats is a dramatized Disney documentary film. Jordin Sparks adds her emotions on vocal to the soundtrack to give this film some life.

Cute family entertainment.

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron have published a joint statement on Libya ahead of the London Conference on 29 March 2011.

Their Statement Reads:

Tomorrow in London, the international community will come together to support a new beginning for Libya. A new beginning in which the people of Libya are free from violence and oppression, free to choose their own future.

The world has witnessed momentous events over the last ten days.  Following an appeal by the Arab League to take action to protect the people of Libya, on 17 March the United Nations Security Council passed an historic resolution to protect civilians from the violence unleashed by Qadhafi’s war machine.

Two days later, the Paris Summit emphasized the determination of the participants to act collectively and resolutely to give full effect to UNSCR 1973.

The same day, a coalition of countries took action to help break the siege of Benghazi and drive back Qadhafi’s forces. Hundreds of thousands of people have been rescued from the brink of humanitarian disaster.

Our countries are resolved to continue to enforce UNSCR 1973 to protect the people of Libya. More countries from Europe and the Arab world are joining us. It is only when the civilian population are safe and secure from the threat of attack and the objectives of UNSCR 1973 are met that military operations will come to an end.

We emphasize that we do not envisage any military occupation of Libya, which would be contrary to the terms of the Resolution. We reaffirm our strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity of Libya.

Military action is not an objective as such. A lasting solution can only be a political one that belongs to the Libyan people. That is why the political process that will begin tomorrow in London is so important. The London conference will bring the international community together to support Libya’s transition from violent dictatorship and to help create the conditions where the people of Libya can choose their own future.

In the words of the Arab League resolution, the current regime has completely lost its legitimacy. Qadhafi must therefore go immediately. We call on all his followers to leave him before it is too late. We call on all Libyans who believe that Qadhafi is leading Libya into a disaster to take the initiative now to organize a transition process.

In our view, this could include the Interim National Transitional Council, the pioneering role of which we recognise, the civil society leaders as well as all those prepared to join the process of transition to democracy. We encourage them to begin a national political dialogue, leading to a representative process of transition, constitutional reform and preparation for free and fair elections.

To help Libya make this transition, we are today also calling on all the participants at the London conference to give their strong support.

We have averted a humanitarian disaster but Libya still faces a humanitarian crisis.  In London, our countries will come together with the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, NATO and the Arab League to consider how we can bring urgent relief now, and how we can support the needs of the people of Libya in the future.

In the last few weeks, the Libyan people have demonstrated their courage and their determination. Like all other peoples, they have the right freely to choose their leaders.

We must unite to help them make a new beginning.

News source – Number

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Once upon an American poet’s guitar, some amazing POETRY for AFRICA was penned in chords and vocals and soulful exchange: Here’s INVICTUS as well by WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY as we remember all the good things African people have given us, gifted us and will give us in our good futures. Thanks Africa!



The soundtrack for the Rugby World Cup festivities has begun in an unusual way. Sports festivals favorite Lionel Richie has teamed up with one of the best male vocalists on the planet, Guy Sebastian of Australia to record a new version of Richie’s hit All Night Long. Sebastian was the first ever winner of Australian Idol reality TV Talent show.

The song that has been performed successfully at The Olympic Games in Los Angeles in prior years (1984 -watch video footage below) is being remade with a charitable focus in mind. Richie and Sebastian aim to help raise funds for the earthquake hit City of Christchurch, who lost loved ones in their hour of devastation. Says Richie of the joy of giving to this City:

“I can think of no better use for one of my most successful copyrights than to help raise needed funds for the people of New Zealand. New Zealand has been very good to me over the course of my career and I welcome the opportunity to return the kindness.”

Lionel selected All Night Long for the region of Canterbury, as “it will give people a reason to donate and celebrate the good times ahead instead of just dwelling in the past.” Word.

Richie and Sebastian will perform the song on stage during their current New Zealand tour.

Guy Sebastian, a gracious statesman of Australia in a pop cultural capacity added, “Being offered the tour with Lionel is a real honour but getting to record with him is truly humbling,” Sebastian said.

There is so much good will occurring in the South Pacific right now, it’s amazing to watch. What a good collaborative effort between two fine entertainers for noble-hearted people and for a noble cause.

Above is Guy singing Receba o Poder/ Recieve the Power with Australian-Polynesian R n B vocal princess Paulini, Espanol-singing artist Silva AlemãoRobert Galea (Italiano). Amélia Farrugia (France) in a song that guy and Gary Pinto penned.

Richie and Sebastian’s song has RedOne as producer on it. As we know RedOne is a producer who grew up in Africa with a cross-cultural daily reality and his work involves producing some tracks for Stefani Germanotta of the USA. I’m feeling that We Are The World giving vibe strongly on this one, aren’t you?

Here’s Lionel in action.

[Story penned by NZPA via The New Zealand Herald]

Artwork – Holly V. Hoof of Los Angeles to celebrate this moment that is humbling to blog about because goodness, kindness, compassion that is honoring life is being shared freely and willingy in hearts with such a gesture. So powerful.

Fine entertainment producing in action. If you’ve ever taken the time to read the lyrics of Christchurch’s national anthem, this is the “freedom’s ramparts on the sea” part of the anthem being fulfilled in entertainment for Christchurch City. As we know “ramparts” is also a word found in the Star Spangled Banner of the USA as well.

May Love & Peace always be our power shared equally and freely around the globe amongst people in our common bonds of shared humanity. To love others and be considerate to others is to be royal and warm-hearted. May that always be what we sing about and celebrate with and in our strong communities (the real celebrities of us all)… the most. True power is when we serve others like brothers and sisters into our comos-zealous destinies at the foot of The Tree of Life.


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Are lions endangered? Jeremy Irons next project alerts us to the fact they could be, more so than most of us are aware. Have a listen.

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Nigeria, Libya, Tripoli are all names of nations many New Yorkers saw with their new fad diets news today.We live in such a diverse world as the front page of the New York Times depicts today. Look at these following news links to see what went on today.

Highlights of NY Times, NZ Herald, Washington Post and Talking Point Memo today are:

Census: Calif. Latino population surges

Qaddafi Funds Cast a Shadow in Hollywood

Obama, British PM: Qaddafi’s Ouster ‘Primary Objective’ In Libya

Nathan Astle: Black Caps send message to top teams

Flirting With a Repeat of a Stunted Recovery

Summers: The Social Network is ‘fairly accurate’

Car Bomb Kills 25 At Pakistan Gas Station

After the Fashion Pressure, the Smoke

New Orleans: Mardi Gras revellers lampoon BP

Ethics Showdown Brewing Over Suspended Attorneys

Urge to Own That Clapton Guitar Is Contagious, Scientists Find

James O’Keefe Punks NPR With Muslim Brotherhood Stunt

Bittman: Sustainable Farming Works?

Russians protest by emigrating, not demonstrating

Photos: International Women’s Day

Room for Debate: Why Are Oil Prices So Volatile?

Travel book: In Search of Ancient New Zealand

Op-Ed: Fair to Muslims?

Cultivating Fiji’s true flavours

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Wowsa! In Pucci Halle Berry wears the fused colors of Eygpt and Africa, at the NAACP Awards last night.

An eye brow raising red carpet appearance.


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Photograph by J Tanner.

From Kabul, Afghanistan, Angelina Jolie is a team member right now, committed to her role as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for refugees.

In a statement that Jolie has issued via the U.N., African nations of Libya, the Ivory Coast, (or Cote d’Ivoire’s) political turmoil and unrest, Jolie allegedly has said:

“As we witness these newest crises unfold in west and north Africa, it is critical that all parties respect the fundamental right of people in danger to flee to safety—whether civilians caught in conflict in their own country or refugees and asylum seekers caught in new conflicts,” Jolie said. “All I’m asking is that civilians be protected, and not targeted or harmed.”

Jolie asks the world to address this moment, adding, “We have to give people safe passage, evacuation if needed, and ensure they have asylum. We don’t want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands.”

The U.N. has also issued a joint appeal with the International Organization for Migration for a humanitarian evacuation for people trying to escape Libya for Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Liberia. Angelina’s two day excursion to Afghanistan focuses on inspiring hope with refugees who are still trying to reintegrate almost 10 years after returning from exile. That’s quite a story, each one of these people have.

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As we know Libya is in disarray this week. Big time! Off the back of Egypt’s revolution too, this has hiked oil prices sky high, and only those in the US with oil shares are winning big time from this news being read from within America. The rest of us, will have to pay more in our grocery carts for Middle East/ North African democracy. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the rich certainly aren’t paying for it. We are paying for democracy’s furtherance at the gas pump and in the supermarket. Fair enough, whatever it takes.

Due to billionaire Libyan leader, Kadafi’s latest appearance on a global stage as the ‘scary guy’ grocery prices have gone up for imported products. Everything to do with fossil fuels (oil) transport – has also gone up in price. It will hit average Americans in the pockets hard in the next few weeks.

Thankfully, several leaders are speaking out to stop the increase of oil from going ever higher, as well as thinking of Libyan peoples well being too in all of this. They have lived under this regime for fourty years. They now want a taste of a more Western lifestyle, under fair rule. Good for them! I think all of the photographs of the Kardashian sisters amazing lives, have found their way into Libyan homes and they want Western democracy.

In response to all of the latest Libyan uprising news, here’s what some leaders around the globe are saying about the Libya-Oil Hike-Democracy Vs Dictatorship News.

President Obama to Angela Merkel, Germany’s Leader: “When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” reported the White House in a statement.

US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton says: “Gadhafi has lost the confidence of his people and he should go without further bloodshed and violence… The Libyan people deserve a government that is responsive to their aspirations and that protects their universally recognized human rights.”

United Nations: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wants immediate action to protect Libyan civilians.

Libya’s Ambassador to the US: “A caretaker government” is preferred to be led by ex-Justice Minister Mustafa Abdel-Jalil commanded, said Aujali . By supporting Abdel-Jalil this would help Libya he beleves. ”He is a very honest man, a man with dignity,” Aujali told The Associated Press. “I hope this caretaker government will get the support of Libyans and of the international community.”

Interesting times. To help Libyan people get through their trials, Amnesty International is doing a lot today to get Libyan people out of Northern Africa. Go here to make a difference if you’d like to.

Here in the US, Labor backers are fighting the Koch Brothers (the uber rich family who sort of tell the Bush family what to do and the Bush’s listen because they’re close friends). Rallies are being planned as “a growing coalition of liberal groups in backing unions fighting challenges to their ability to represent workers and negotiate [fair] contracts.” Without Unions standing up to  the Koch Bros. and people like them, the USA would become China for new immigrants. Meaning, the Koch Bros, and co. could demand that people work for $3 bucks an hour if they win. Expect rallies around this in the USA.

Iraq - Thousands of Iraqis are protesting corruption and poor services from their government.

Egyptians wants the top officials connected to Mubarak flushed out.

Yemeni protestors hit the streets demanding President Saleh quit the job he thinks he has.

Brazil is growing so fast, its infrastructure needs work to support its growth.

Pakistan is still playing spy games for press.

Gaslands Oscar-nominated spotlight, has fossil fuels companies mega-upset.

US Stock rose. Woot! Battle for control of the US stock market is still in a bidding war.

The US Economy grew at a 2.8% rate, although there is zero evidence of this on the ground. We’re still regressing, is the feel for the average Joe person.

Berkshire Hathaway has released it’s annual stockholder letter.

And Aussie wine being sold so cheap here in the US as to undercut California winegrowers is doing so well, people are ripping off the kangaroo branding to give other wine a chance here with consumers. Why a New Zealand, high quality bottle of vino cannot be spotted anywhere in L.A leaves a Maori-Kiwi Angeleno wanting to have a word to anyone who says their on Ambassador US relations or foreign trade here in the US. I kid you not. They’re useless!

All of this in today’s Wall Street Journal. Read it.

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Here’s Beyonce‘s L’Officiel magazine cover via France as her tribute to Kuti. Perfection as always from the Queen Bee, not that it matters. :)

Ten posts we’re bumping on as pop culture right here in the Hollywood hood in this fleeting fickle minute. Love it. Let’s keep sharing fun moments in between life’s trials and challenges.

1. Teen Mom, reality TV star Maci Bookout

2. Christchurch City is on our hearts

3. A bird’s eye view – A City hit by a quake

4. Henry Cavill & Sofia Gervara

5. Men’s fitness magazine tips

6. When Beyonce added film producing to her credentials

7. Jane Fonda at Golden Globes 2011

8. 100 things about Twitter culture

9. Experiment – the new immigrant experience in the age of social media – US ’11

10. Art – Interweaving narrativies – A Maori Tutukutuku Hollywood panel

Musique - Opposite People by Fela Kuti

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Beyonce Knowles has darkened her face with a “blackface” historical reference, as art in a photoshoot for L’Officiel Paris magazine’s 90th anniversary issue.

A statement issued by the magazine factually states that the entertainer’s latest artistic endeavor via this photo shoot is “a return to her African roots, as you can see on the picture, on which her face was voluntarily darkened.”

Her work is intended to be a tribute to the Nigerian musician of the Cool Cats group and human rights activist Fela Kuti, born of Abeokuta, Nigeria. Fela is the subject of a Broadway musical as well.

Like Beyonce’s Josephine Baker tribute of the past with her De Ja Vu performances in big shows of entertainment, like Fashion Rocks showcase shows, I love this artistic endeavor too. Hot!

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The Wall Street Journal as usual has a hefty line up of news. Read it.

A display of democracy in Africa’s heartland of Uganda gets the front page pic today. Democracy displays are all the rage aren’t they? I wonder if these people have access to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple Computers etc to express that democracy from Africa’s heartland, themselves. Right! :)

My sister and her friends have a big heart for Uganda Farmers. She’s even got a trust set up to help these people in the future. It is in her heart to do something for them. Oh to be more like her, then in that regard.

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Starbucks is recommeding that we watch The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela. I hope dude’s okay.

The documentary starts with the kids of Orange Farm where Mandela also hailed from.

It’s a good watch. Click on above pic to view. I’ve been listening to the doco soundtrack as I blog today. Inspiring stuff. Like a history lesson. Yet, remarkably Nelson Mandela still lives today.


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Here’s a pic of gorgeous cake making skills with a good, festive, celebratory message from West Hollywood’s sweet toothed local artists!

So creative and clever.

The cake is made celebrating our local cake shop’s 35 years in the biz as master cake bakers to Hollywood star’s special occasions.

I like their choice of a performing elephant as the theme of this cake. It seems to sum up the city of Los Angeles as a spectatorial town quite well.

Elephants are native to Africa and India as we all know. These beasts are skilled at finding water supplies hidden beneath the ground. They’re just such magnificent creatures. Especially in cake form.

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After all that build up to Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way, I am left thinking two things:

1. Gaga’s Egyptian eye styling is very stage-theater.

2. The actual song, Born This Way sounds like she’s sampled Madonna‘s Express Yourself song in its entirety and has chopped it up thinking Madonna’s archives were a) her own and b) an eight ball to chop up and massacre while on a cocaine binge.

The song should go straight into the [digital] shredder and she should be sat down and told to knock off the partying, get rid of all the ego-stroking ‘Little monsters’ around her and told to try harder.

When you’re earning $70 million a year in music and some of the biggest names in music want to work with you too… No. This is not good enough. She makes Pink (Alecia Moore‘s anthems) look extremely undervalued, with this track!

Who is producing this girl? Not everything she does is great, or ‘original.’ This is one example of that.

Constructive criticism: Bad Romance has more originality to it, tune wise. I would much rather listen to Rihanna if you’re talking ‘gay anthem hit makers’ as Gaga’s hype machine has been claiming this track would be. Rihanna, for example, doesn’t claim to be the diva of gay communities, instead she just delivers hits that all people like.

In addition, lesbian singers deserve a buck about now with their music, if Gaga is going to claim the ‘gay’ card as her fame ticket. This, her latest effort, is not good enough in my humble musical opinion. This track also confirms the view that Germanotta is perhaps at her strongest when she’s on piano singing ballads. When she sung a line of this song at MTV Music Awards, everyone responded. It was a capella, delivered emotively and slowly. This version on the track, loses all of its soulfulness of the first taste of the song, she gave her fans.

I saw Lady Gaga live in concert, when she was humble. She was flawed, inexperienced and still finding her way, although her ambition said that she could still carry a full length show. Somehow, she still did provide a good show. Her humility made up for her jolted performances.

Everyone loved her and her humility wowed us. I even donated an hour of my time writing a concert review after the concert to aid her musical efforts and her journey as a star. That humility or a feeling of ‘Gaga The Artist’ all seems to have disappeared with this Manhattan kid. What happened? The machine she put herself through, doesn’t seem to be bringing out the best of her talent, on this track.

UPDATE – It’s been 4 hours since I first listened to the track. Not once, have I wanted to listen to it a second time. I am sure it will be flogged to death on the radio anyway, so we’ll all get to hear this mediocre effort enough times, like all of Gaga’s songs to date. She hasn’t evolved as an artist on this track. Yes. I’m disappointed. She’s capable of more, musically.

Conclusion – My money’s on Pink’s F*cken Perfect song and her Raise Your Glass pop anthem as well for big American pop anthems traditions created and presented with risk, gusto, authentic creativity of fearless songwriters – post Bad Romance if Gaga’s going to take this song to market and flog it. Both songs are written and delivered by Pink way better than this from Gaga if we’re giving away rock-pop songwriting crowns today in America to the select few pop princesses allowed through the lucrative hoops as messengers of America’s King (political) system.

UPDATE II – Most of the twitter community think - ‘Born this Way,’ it sounds remarkably similar to Madonna’s classic 1989 hit ‘Express Yourself.’ Forbes Magazine is also leaning towards ‘yes she did copy Madonna’ too. Well, in fairness to Gaga, mimicry is the highest form of flattery really. It’s just that Gaga is so talented musically, she didn’t have to.

Alright -moving on with the show then, where attention is more needed than Gaga’s meat purse or her deluded self… To make a difference to people who shouldn’t be born this way (below), but are because they don’t even have clean water and there’s too much greed in the world and ego too by the sounds of things …. Click on this pic. BTW – That’s 1 in 6 of US in the world.

[Thanks Michael]

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“It is the obvious first step to release people from dire poverty. Clean water must come first.” – Doug Pitt

Human rights is about equal water flow, equal food distribution, equal access to knowledge and technology and medicine. It is about having spirit to allow these things to happen freely, fairly, humanely and with equality in our hearts to give willingly to our brothers and sisters of the world–Horiwood 2010′s.

I notice today that Doug Pitt’s Africa 6000 International charity’s website is on the blink. Doug Pitt.Org isn’t any more helpful, so perhaps the brother needs some attention today from Hollywood.

REWIND – 2009 PRESS. Celebitchy reported – “When Doug Pitt’s name came up as a Republican nominee candidate for the Missouri State, Brad Pitt apparently convinced his little brother not to run. This is according to the National Enquirer - they claim Brad has “big plans” for the work he and Doug will be doing together, and they wouldn‘t be able to do their work if Doug ran for Congress. Just in the last six months, Doug and Brad (and Angelina Jolie, through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation) have given away more than $2.5 million to Missouri-based charities and causes. There was the  just before Christmas last year; then the $600,000 to Drury University for environmental technology (in the name of their father); and just a couple of weeks ago there was the $1 million donation to a pediatric cancer ward in honor of Jane Pitt. It seems Brad has successfully convinced Doug that there are better ways to help people rather than running for Congress.”

In April 2010, Just Jared website reported, “Doug Pitt is honored for his humanitarian work and named Goodwill Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania by President Jakaya Kikwete at NYC’s Essex House on Monday (April 19). His older brother, actor Brad Pitt, was supposed to attend the tribute dinner but he was grounded due to the volcanic ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Doug’s wife Lisa Pitt was in attendance. FYI: Doug is a professional photojournalist. His charity helps supply fresh water in Africa.”

In a photojournalistic essay, Doug wrote an article called The Water Project. It went something like this: “The Maasai live in northern Tanzania and Kenya and since the 17th or 18th century have made their livelihood as pastoralists—that is, with livestock free to graze this flat, big-sky landscape. During the past 40 years, the Maasai have been making a transition to cultivated agriculture. There are a lot of reasons for this, partly because private and government interests have taken over Maasai land, sometimes in the name of environmental conservation, sometimes for tourism. Less room for Maasai livestock to graze, and difficulty joining the money economy, are just two economic problems that fuel the villages’ lack of clean water.

Pitt says two out of five children in the Maasai community he visited with WorldServe don’t live to the age of five. There were a lot of aspects of Maasai life that were shocking, he says, including the fact of life that kids die from highly preventable diseases. “But at the same time, it’s like, ‘Back off, Western guy, we like where we’re at,’” Pitt explains.

“Doug has such a gift for connecting with people,” says John Bongiorno, president of WorldServe International, Read the rest of this entry »



Snag films are a pretty groovy website.

They are a film library, who screen documentary films for free.

Today at the flix we are thinking water for India and Africa and pondering two thoughts, 1. Why on our watch do 1 in 6 people of the world still do not have access to clean drinking water? And. thought 2. there’s nothing like a gold hoop earring appearing in Africa via America.

In Journey to the Mother Land (2008. 45 mins) we learn: “During the spring of 2006 Alicia Keys embarked on a journey to Africa that changed her life forever. During her month-long trip, Alicia witness countless stories of people infected with HIV, who despite the odds, were overcoming personal hardships with astonishing bravery. Some of the communities that Alicia visited on her pilgrimage had an HIV prevalence rate of over 40%, but what she encountered were incredible accounts of resilience and triumph. Join Alicia on her journey and hear the compelling stories from those she encountered during her visit, making her even more galvanized in her commitment to publicly addressing the need for lifesaving drugs and ongoing care for these inspiring people.”

Click on Alicia’s hoop earring pic – to watch her documentary film. At Snag Films website there are over 2,000 documentaries that can be viewed for free. Good free educational entertainment. Some of their documentary films catalogue can be quite funny too.

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Although my own belief is that freedom to access clean drinking water is a universal right, especially in Africa and India, thankfully President Obama has wise words on Egypt’s current revolution of change. Responding to how the Egyptian people’s internet was cut off, the 44th President of the United States of America says: “freedom to access information is a universal right.” So true. I was thinking that water makes up most of us as 63% or more of our bodies are made of the stuff, and electricity that fuels computer, internet and mobile telephone battery cells is largely dependent on water also. Knowledge is carried by water. My hope is that we get that right as human rights, on our watch and that all people of the world have it flowing freely their way.

Magazine Cover: Time‘s recent issue, depicts two American Presidents together. Cover Awards website writes: “While Obama and Reagan’s politics seem drastically different, Time points out that Obama admires Reagan’s “persona” and is approaching the second part of his presidency in a “Reaganesque fashion.” Or as Obama has said himself, “Reagan recognized the American people’s hunger for accountability and change.””

Alright, that sounded a little like current Egypt news too then today. Synergy all round.

The what’s in your taco story, outlined on this magazine cover is kinda more where it’s at here in the US politically at this juncture in voting history. That’s funny!

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The headline is true, 12,000 Hollywood blog posts created to date on Horiwood.Com. But let’s share wise words, from someone saying something more important from Hollywood today.

Here’s one thought worth sharing as Hollywood news: “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up.”–Jesse Jackson.

With that key thought in mind, to help the one in six of us in the world who do not yet have access to clean drinking water (an indicator of basic human rights of humanity on our watch) . Thanks. Let’s keep sharing culture that flows and that has real consequences for the good for others.

March 22nd is World Water Day, but hey! Give early. Y Not?! :)

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“At the coral reef, the beach tide was low like the flat Injun prairie plains of Boise, Idaho.”–Horiwood, a novel.

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated. It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”–Sir Edmund Hilary‘s humility as wisdom in Hollywood.

What’s up with this picture? It’s like when the cast of Mad Men went for berry martinis at The Abbey with the Hollywood Maori Harry Potter blogger guy, on the way to the Arclight theater to see a film with hobbits in it in 3D. That’s too many alluvial-intellectual levels of a horticulturalists nation’s, pop cultural quircke.

Anyways, in more simpler news. Ten Hollywood entertainment news posts, you’re sharing as culture right here on Horiwood.Com via social media are:

1. Kiwi Humor – A vintage Hollywood movie postcard for Sir Peter Jackson

2. The physics of super heroes - when good scientists become movie geek experts too

3. Benjamin Franklin & Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki quotes

4. Sir Ian McKellan will reprise the grey power fierce, for The Hobbit in 3D

5. Wisdom from the book In The Presence of a Gorilla

6. Yale Women’s Rugby Team & Rugby World Cup excursions 2011

7. Nesian Mystik music

8. Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe for Trevor Project teenagers

9. Maori Hollywood actors, the Courage to Love Novel, catching up with 3D star Cliff Curtis

10. Nicole Kidman joins Jon Hamm for presenting duties at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2011

Bonus Post: Starbucks for AfricaRox in a Box lyrics with The Decemberists good folks band

Other Hollywood news websites, blogs and media outlets who sometimes share Harry Potter, Twilight Saga, The Hobbit news too are: E!Hollywood NewsHollywood ReporterAccess HollywoodHollywood.ComET OnlineDeadline.ComCelebrity GossipYoung Hollywood.; HuffPo.

[Photo of Elijah Wood courtesy of Elly's Elijah Wood Site. Pic of double taiaha Maori, martial arts, future action movies combat weaponry, courtesy of Aotearoa New Zealand]

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It has to be said that Starbucks in the USA loves making money off gloomy song lyrics. Here’s the lyrics to Rox in The Box song lyrics playing right now in the Hollywood Starbucks I’m blogging from. It’s like, the sounds of drudgery set to coffee beans grinding. A little morbid like a melancholic poetic dirge from coal country towns.

In fairness to Starbucks though, they have their kind face on for Africa, with an opportunity to give via their Ethos Water Fund. Click on pic above, to live above the grind of human lives dying and make a difference. Just because yes we can. The Decemberist’s song lyrics follow below:

Get the rox in the box, get the water right down to your socks
This bulkhead’s built of fallen brethren bones
We all do what we can, we endure our fellow man
And we sing our songs to the head frames creaks and moans

And it’s one, two, three on the wrong side of the lee
What were you meant for? What were you meant for?
And it’s seven, eight, nine, you get your shuffle back in line
And if you ever make it to ten you won’t make it again

Read the rest of this entry »



Who knew that Natalie Portman can sing too?

This video footage of Nat, aged 15, performing at New York’s Center Stage Theater Camp, shows Portman’s many talents.

What a talented artist. To do our bit for Oscars buzz hype today, go here to see.

Portman has always been a big supporter of people in Africa. If you feel like doing the same today, here’s a good link for women and children who don’t yet have access to clean drinking water in Africa. Cheers!

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“All the world’s a stage” – William Shakespeare -playwright, poet, from As You Like It.

The front page of the New York Times is like an orchestra of orchestrated world news today. It’s doing a lot.

First up, a federal inquiry says the financial crises (they say 2008, but it’s still going) was avoidable according to a Federal study. The outcome of the survey (findings) blames the piglet ways of Wall Street culture, with The Federal Reserve also getting a wee smack on the hand too for not curbing it. Whatever!  Read it here.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah government taking shape, unrest in Egypt over Hosni Murabek’s nearly 30 year-rule, and Tunisia unrest news – somehow lands on the Times as a US foreign policy situation to now sort out. Read here. Of particular note in the story, this new news is sited as effecting Palestinians, who are no longer likely to make an more concessions in the Israel-Palestine negotiations talks. Meaning, Israel-Palestine is still the central jewel of politics in the world, due to Israel’s significance as a spiritual site in the Middle East. Isn’t it fascinating how Israel-Gaza as a strip of land, is the balance of world power relationships – in many ways. It’s like the gauge of many political issues and how they’re ruled on in the world. Quite powerful to observe in the news, really. If you live in Hollywood, you just know already that Natalie Portman (Jerusalem born who speaks Arabic) better win best Oscar this year, already!

Perhaps we need to do some more wikileaks leaks confessions – to calm that hot spot of the Middle East down a little? I say this today, because I have rolled out with Lebanese people for most of my life in New Zealand and Los Angeles, and they’re really cool people. Quite civilized with very sophisticated knowledge awareness of the world, I’ve found.

Locally in the US, President Obama is proposing a bipartisan effort to ‘out rule the world’ for the USA. Obama sights America’s future as being more important than winning the next election. Good positioning of issues that help unite majority in the USA.

Gun control in communities also gets some attention too. Fair Warning website covers The Times reporting that NCR have put the stoppers on gun research reports studies. Read here if interested.

Wow! That’s the latest on the agenda unfolding for the final week of January 2011. That’s quite a bit to think about, or not.

I’m kinda glad we covered Egypt-American news off on the blog already today. :)

If we’re going to look at Egypt politically (and not historically – or neither look at what Egypt symbolizes to many cultures spiritually) – we’d have to introduce two key words on a political front. Those being the words of those two things that are a little less ‘paper economy based’ like “oil” (or natural gas) oh…  and “gold … symbols of rule.”

Lofty (Rahm) is getting good press at the minute. Sending peace to Alexandria, Egypt today. Like, big time!

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As I blog today in Hollywood as a Maori Kiwi farmer’s raised country kid son, there’s a lot going on to deal with. Nothing is as simple as those country days, in a Cosmopolitan City like Los Angeles.

I get texts on my phone asking for a meeting with a Romanian-American kid whose discovered paranormal activity in Laurel Canyon, beneath the house with a pyramid on top of it, currently on the market for 3.5 million, “why wouldn’t Tom Cruise buy it?’ is the gist of texting. Why I would even go, I don’t know?

I know that the founding Native American Indian tribes of California used to meet in the Laurel Canyon area each year, seasonally and theater would occur between the convergence of tribes there – where they would reenact a year’s worth of tribal stories for each other as tribes, in shared song and dance narratives.

Hollywood in a way, is an evolution, of this tradition, but technology (cinema, film, media, mobile telephony) is the preferred medium to convey this tradition in the world now from California. As I’ve already told this kid that, I don’t feel like going.

There’s always going to be paranormal activity in the Canyon, until Native American Indians are invited back to do what they always did on Hollywood Hills and Canyon landscapes, as people. It’s just what they do and should be allowed to do as a sign of genuine belief in the origins of freedom of expression of America’s founding fathers, mothers and their children. That’s where the concept of American family begins as a narrative in the USA, in a celebrated and ongoing healing process that should be honored and respected too for all of America with Native American Indians being a vital part of that.

I had suggested to the kid to meet with Indian tribes himself if he was so concerned about the increase of paranormal activity in Hollywod, to see if there was any interest in that and to meet with the Mayor of L.A too to get it going on. He had looked at me like I was a total spinner, (I have the same thought each day too at times, so that’s quite okay) but it’s certainly much better than entertaining ghosts in the canyon, I think. Far smarter.

Pyramid worship here of the rich and famous and Free Mason society types aside here, I think Indians have their place in Hollywood as people on this landscape that should be honored and respected as honoring the roots of a nation’s peace and human rights record and pathway forward. So that’s the end of the texting saga as I turn my phone off. Peace is the greatest gift of all in California. Least we get confused at to what robs America’s peace, we need to learn to turn our phones off sometimes to have it.

Beside me to the right, the blonde girl in the cowboy tartan red and black cowboy, all wool shirt (too hot for California actually), cut off denim shorts and black fishnet stockings talks the need of “boundary setting with her new boyfriend” to her ‘Personal Gay’ friend. He just nods at everything she says, like he’s a tamed poodle or something. What’s up with that brainless trend?

A Mexican Aztec fashion designer, with sharp cheekbones talks to investors in the cafe today about how far $100,000 investments could go, and where that would take them. He’s 50 with little Richard eyeliner Aztec eyes. A fierce statement in today’s Hollywood. He’s not big on ‘speaking the English,’ he’s like “You give me $100,000 and this is what you get for that.” Yet there’s no denying that he knows his stuff in the new wave of the fashion apparel business in California. He’s a modern merchant of Cali’s fashion world as perhaps best denoted by his leopard, tiger markings-fused silk printed gypsy-esque scarf worn over his Aztec Indian jewelry. The look in his eye, tells his investors, that he’s fearlessly forging ways forward in the current economy. Good for him! A discerning confident spirit.

He wears an old school biker leather jacket with the words L.O.S A.N.G.E.L.E.S in white leather down each black sleeve and plenty of jean jewelry chain accessories.

Beside and opposite me, Mandel an Orthodox brother studies up on the Torah on his laptop and my African-American brother, Jey Lawrence sits too. Jey’s dad researched in the Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn Hollywood-popular era of the 70′s, Jey’s family history. He mapped his families tribe back to the Southern Nile of Egypt, hence Jeys Egyptian key, eye, double spears, skin-shield tattoos. He is very Barack Obama-esque today (the contemporary inked version) and watches college football keeping up with the next generation of sporting talent. Of course being in Hollywood weird things happen all the time in good ways. My last Hollywood post was about the Key of Ramses II fused with the prophet Isaiah’s words. Then Jey sits right next to me, with a version of Ramses tattooed on his arm. His version does look like Obama’s face a bit, and we laugh about that, because it’s true.

In addition, Jey tells me that the Maori haka is a big trend in college football. Where football teams perform the haka (Maori war dance) before their football matches. What is even more awesome though is when the crowd of spectators respond and do it too. Jay says American footballers love Maori culture because it is an expression of warrior-hood and tribalness that defines community, that football represents here at community level. The Maori haka resonates with America’s belief of strong warrior communities.

I can’t argue with that. Maori culture and tino rangatiratanga (the spirit essence of the culture) is all about that. It does think of protecting everyone, and ensuring everyone remains strong warriors in community. The haka is a visual expression of this aesthetic in effect. The haka – when performed properly, is always spiritual. Jey loves it.

Jey has moved from personal fitness training to now doing hair. He says it’s way easier to manage. We talk the concept of ‘hair lockers.’ Where Jey points out the beautiful twenty-something blonde girls in the cafe and says most of these girls have weaves, or hair tracks on their scalps. I’m so dumb, I’m like “no way!”. He’s like, “yes, they all do. California is hair capitol of America.” When they get their hair done, their old hair they take off their heads and they save it. Hence all these girls have what is called a hair locker in their bedrooms at home.

I say, well, Hollywood American girls are sort of like Native American Indians, collecting hair in that scalping tradition way then. Jey says, “not a good example. But yes. You’re right. Half of Hollywood is like that.” We laugh. Servite Football team of California are Jey’s favorite college football team’s fans, he says do the Maori haka the fiercest. They’re also big on Scottish music too. Must check them out. Jey reminds me of my brother-in-laws Lou, once bro-in-law Matthew, Richard and Eddie who all play touch rugby football. Some internationally too. Jey most looks very similar to brotha Eddie who is half Maori of the Tainui Maori tribe and half Tongan of the South Pacific.

‘Don’t be a stranger,’ Jey says off to his next appointment. Dude is so Warren Beatty of Shampoo movie days in 1975 Oscar winning history, minus the attitude. We had a good conversation today, with his permission to share it with you. Yes, feel privileged.

On any given day you blog in a cafe in Los Angeles, such things go on all around you in the real Hollywood.

I love it.

Today Malia gets top billing (pictured above), with her Maori koru design aesthetic from Aotearoa-New Zealand etched into her Young Hollywood scalp. She’s all fierce, smart, beautiful like a skinnier version of Missy Elliott, the rapper; having biz meetings with a blonde guy from the U.K with a Cockney accent whose convincing Malia to sign with him as her photographer/ manager.

She is beautiful, confident, quietly resolute. As I ask to share her winning look back to the good people of Aotearoa-New Zealand where her I.D is inspired from, (and with you all) she smiles big, turns side on and says “Wurq it Mah-ree peoples of New Zeeeeeland.”

Like that. Let’s go America! :)

As a New Zealander, I am that American footballers and supporters do the Maori-Kiwi haka of New Zealand. Just get on a plane every now and again and head down to NZ to see it performed live every now and again, for reals from the source of culture, okay? :)

What a fun day. I feel like I hung out at Hollywood’s version of The White House – Hollywood coffee bar today. Thankfully Aotearoa, New Zealand is so in that picture too. Fun.

[Gosh, that was perhaps the longest blog post header written ever!]

Music today is laid back mellow, as I think about Hawaiian sun, South Pacific palm trees and beautiful Aotearoa beaches, while listening to the Zac Brown Band ‘s song Toes brought to US by 5 Gum, while thinking that I’ve already done our celebrity news today in this one post.

I can imagine my Maori-Samoan cousin Eileen Taogaga grooving to this at the Helensville pub today near the Kaipara, on a mom’s friday night off in the ‘big smoke’ of Helensville as good country Kiwi folk do in any tight knit rural community, with the best green grass in the world, far across the waters on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean of Malibu as I blog, from The City of Angels today.

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The Oscars nominees for 2011 have just been announced here in Hollywood.

Abigail Medeya, Jonah‘s sister is catching up on her Tcheky Karyo news.

Gotta love the French! They have their own film stars and star system. Abigail is very Kate Winslet regal today in front of a map of Africa and Arabia.

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GOLFING NEWS: This vintage Axel Rose tee shirt of Eddie Murphy making an “O-kay sign,” reminds me a little of Tiger Woods son’s name. So at a very creative stretch today, I’m posting this under Hollywood Golf news.

Well worth a share today, in remembering Hollywood pop culture, printed on grey cotton.

When I saw it, this piece of Hollywood entertainment culture was going round and round on one of those train track things at the Suru clothing store, like how you choose your sushi by the dish in High Street, Auckland City biz and fashion district, that’s swiftly washed down with Asahi beer of Japan, during quick lunches.

Here’s a beer brand I’ve never tried before, Chang Beer. Chang’s iconography features double elephants (Indian or African, who knows), as spotted in West Hollywood competing fiercely for the restaurant market, right opposite the O-Bar restaurant.

In posting these two images, I make a mental note to be more diverse and give other culture’s produce a try. Who knows? Chang beer might be good.

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Did I ever mention that West Hollywood is one of America’s military most favorite cities. Residents of this city are the darlings of the US military. I am reminded by this by the constant stream of military choppers who display their wings above us, quite a lot.

They’re noisy metal beasts, choppers, if you live under them while blogging at Starbucks.

West Hollywood is between Beverly Hills and the power production offices of Hollywood studios.

California is a well protected state, due to the powerful people in the world who live here and shape global perceptions.

Their money funds and elects Presidents.

As I fade out from the chopper drones, while drinking the fresh Pike River roasted coffee of the day, I am captivated by the grey set today who have rocked out with canes and Swifty Lazar glasses (originals not Bieber 3D glasses per se) to turn on a show for the ‘kids’ of Hollywood today.

Their stories are fascinating. Captivating. Each word a gem of California history.

They speak of Cary Grant and recall the contribution Cary made to California life and culture. A lady, with a Princess Diana hair cut in silvery grey, recalls how when she first got to Hollywood, how the first day she got a job in a studio.

So excited at the possibilities of what this meant, she set out to Sunset & Vine to celebrate her achievement with a glass of champagne.

Perched up at the bar, she turned to ask the nearest person next to her, “Hey, so do you ever see Cary Grant in places like this in Hollywood?”

The man said, “I don’t believe I ever have, but you never know, if you look hard enough you just might.”

She says, it was only then that she realized who she was talking to. It was Cary Grant.

The shared laughter at the table lasts for a minute. Obviously, this is a favorite story.


I look at them and think, unless grey power are prepared to still put their Swifty glasses on, grab their wooden canes and meet at Starbucks, how else does a new generation of Hollywood people catch a glimmer of important life messages in a city where messages for the world are what we do. Their message today perhaps is- that it doesn’t matter who you speak with, or talk to – everyone could be Cary Grant – a person. Even a stranger, talking to the freshest faced kid who just got off a greyhound bus in Hollywood.

Today, I think Grant would be in Africa, in the faces of people we may have never yet met. Or in India, in the poorest districts. Or even sleeping under palm trees at night in Los Angeles, if we look close enough. I think real stars, do whatever they do, to somehow make a difference for the people who most need it. Finding such people in need, is a star’s real business.

I have my Swifty Lazar invisible glasses on, as I turn my camera skywards and press ‘capture.’ Here’s that shot as the canes disappear like magicians wands assisting unexpected whiz kids out the glass doors of our local Starbucks today. They are priceless. So cute!

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Her name comes just before America. For those of you wondering what a non-flimic person like Amber Rose was doing treading the red carpet at The Critics Choice Movie Awards last night and you’re upset by that news, than you need to catch up with the way the world has spun last year. Here’s a true fact.

Although it has been obscured by many A-Listed stars, the star system, (even Hollywood studios) and also mainstream media outlets – if you have a Hollywood blog, actually based in Hollywood and observe celebrity trends like an art and a science (that it is as a propagation of culture) you will know for a fact, that Ms. Amber Rose was the no.2 most voted celebrity in entertainment in 2010.

She doesn’t even have a reality TV series platform like a Kardashian or a ‘real’ housewife of ‘some city,’ or a Palin, or an IVF family like a Gosselin – yet she just is super famous. Neither does she sing like the gorgeous Rihanna of the exotic Caribean Isles, yet Amber Rose just is.

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