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Donald Trump says some nice words on behalf of singer Jennifer Hudson today, with a slight diva diss thrown super pop star Rihanna‘s way. Donald is a little snarky like that. But hey, many Americans still love him.

Antcomic reports: “Rihanna canceled her performance hours before she was to appear at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s private club in Palm Beach. Rihanna reportedly was to be paid $500,000 to sing at a fund-raiser for the Boston-based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute but was replaced by Jennifer Hudson at the last minute.

“I thought that (Rihanna bailing) was insulting to everyone,” the maybe presidential candidate said. “But for Rihanna to go to the (NBA) All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect.

“But, nothing was missed. Jennifer’s a beautiful girl. She came on her day off even though she performs almost every night. She is an unbelievable talent, and her voice is better.”

Hudson, the Oscar winning actress of Dreamgirls, and Trump must have hit it off. She dined with the billionaire, and about 400 members, Sunday night at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach and even sang a set with the house band.”

[Antcomic's original source, seems to have dropped the news story since, but as The Donald obviously needs the press and Hudson has such a good message in the above song, let's go with it! Thanks Rihanna! x].

Jennifer Hudson lyrics as penned by songwriting great, Dianne Warren, follow for inspiration for many nations of the world who can draw from this lady’s knowledge of a resilient spirit right now:

i was in the darkness
i was out in the cold
seemed nothing could heal this
this hole in my soul
you reached out your arms to me
held out your heart to me
pulled me back from the edge
thought i reached the end.

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Who did you like the best, Girls that Screamed for Aretha Franklin giving goose bumps – (Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, Christina Arguilera, Florence Welche, Martina McBride) or Bob Dylan with Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers?

In post Grammys Morning News – here’s what’s buzzing in Hollywood:

Justin Bieber fans get nasty on Esperanza Spalding- hacking the jazz artist’s wikipedia webpage. Spalding picked up grammy gong for Best New Artist. Spalding can play a musical instrument (cello) and sing live, so that was fair enough. Nice marketing by wikipedia though!

Milli Vanilli movie planned

Justin Bieber‘s Grammys performance is praised by US tabloids

Arcade Fire Talk Shocking Album Of The Year Grammy Win

Eminem Grammys night commentary

Charlie Sheen Passes Two Drug Tests

After her latest round of Madonna karaoke, dressed up in egg shell, next Lady Gaga‘s bleeds Whitney Houston‘s global . Blames her need for ‘security.’ Incidentally, Security is the name of Kelly Clarkson‘s dog.

Tiger Woods Fined For Spitting

Grammys red carpet curves - J Lo & Kim Kardashian pics

The UK did not like Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Grammys performance

Prince William picks Prince Harry to be his best man

CNN does “let’s to get to know” Esperanza Spalding news

Who performed best or worst at The Grammys 2011 – go here to see.

Rihanna‘s fragrance commercial is viewed online half a million times in 3 days

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Jennifer Hudson is a diva who when you see her perform live in concert, she can give you a case of the goose bumps because her vocal prowess is just like… well, off the richter scale! And I saw Jen before she ever got hit by a devastating family tragedy. She was amazing!

Hudson is rumoured to be teaming up with Christina Aguilera for an Aretha Franklin tribute at next week’s Grammy awards ceremony.

Today, the Academy Award winner revealed her cover of a new album I Remember Me. The artwork was snapped by Rihanna collaborator Anthony Mandler.

The album is believed to be influenced by the murder of three family members in a shooting and the birth of her son. “I’m excited about this album because it’s almost like a renewal for me, reflected through the chapters of my life,” says the diva via her website.

“My fans have been so loyal, I feel like they have been on this journey with me and I can’t wait for them to hear the new album.”

I Remember Me, set for release on March 22. Hudson shared her new single Where You At on Oprah today.

Definitely get this album. Her last album is still on my playlist. Always uplifting is our Jen!

[Artwork imagery via Hip Hip Crunch. Thanks team!]

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Born this way – I believe that all children of the world were born to have access to clean drinking water whenever they need it.

BTW: At the moment 1 billion people don’t. 2 million children die through not having access to clean drinking water each year.

Born this way to drink clean water – is these kids and their parents’ dream day. We can make it a dream day everyday for them. Let’s make it happen fun people, by clicking on UNICEF’S TAP PROJECT link. Let’s FLOW! Thanks groovy people.

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Kim Kardashian is the number 1 reality TV star earner of 2010. Jessica Simpson has quietly built an empire of $750 million this year with shoes, denim, swimwear, fragrances, and accessories–affordability to people is how she did it.

Achieving that goal in a global economic crises was no small feat. Good for her! Britney Spears, Jason Trawicke holiday in Mexico (below) and Jennifer Hudson is spotted with baby Daniel Ortega today. Cute. Hudson inspires us with an anthem of being grateful for the Spirit of Love that always brings us on through every threat hurdle or fear in life, as good shines in the World.

If there’s one person in America with first hand knowledge of the depth of love that resides in the American people and this nation’s great spirit it is this young lady. When she sings she dispels fear, instills courage and restores faith in the America Dream. I had the privilege to see Jennifer live because a friend kindly made that moment happened. We never left her concert the same. She’s a gift.

On that note–Let’s go people. Up!

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news post you voted worldwide today in Hollywood. Here’s our top ten. Thanks people.

1. Elizabeth Edwards is remembered

2. Queen Elizabeth II in 3D TV

3. Lil Bow Wow hangs with Breezy for a Gaga New Years

4. Oprah tells Barbara Walters how Gayle King is a good friend

5. Melbourne‘s Daniel Assange talks dad’s “audacious awesomeness”

6. Susan Boyle for Christmas season

7. Miranda Kerr‘s Merry Aussie Christmas for GQ Germany

8. Gylne Tider‘s weird “let it be art” is poignant

9. The rise of Latina in fashion & beauty

10. Chris Nolan‘s Cerebral filmmaking: A look at Inception

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Jennifer Hudson was spotted singing in NYC last night, for the Happy Hearts Fund Event.


Anyone doing something for others in need is even more pivotal this year than any other year in US history since the 1930′s. Go J-Hud!

The Happy Hearts Fund’s mission is “to improve children’s lives through educational and sustainable programs in natural disaster areas.”

I dig. Do you? If you’ve ever heard J-Hud sing live like I was fortunate enough to here in Los Angeles, the girl seriously moves octaves and mountains with a spirit of hope when she sings. Let’s hope she does for kids of the world needing her, after this performance.

[Top Image courtesy of Splash via Mickey K].

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“In a world full of despair, you must still dare to believe”–imagination: Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

Michael Jackson, earned $275 million posthumously for his estate. His star template for entertainment distribution and spin off merch – is still America’s star template all emulate.

GK Films are negotiating to develop a feature film around MJ’s Thriller.

Real Effects Entertainment are shopping the idea to studios. Kenny Ortega is attached to direct, and The Hangover scribe Jeremy Garelick to write the screenplay. That’s funny publicity already.

GK are driving the film pitch but Fox 2000, Mandate/Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are bidding too. The film budget is expected to make $50 million.

The song’s folklore, involving Vincent Price and the town he grew up in–is the basis of the film’s narrative’s plot line.

Thriller songwriter Rod Temperton is up in this mix too. Meanwhile, Cirque du Soleil is in talks to do two live shows based on Jackson’s music.

Montecito partners Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock are developing a film that focuses on MJ’s earlier years as The King of Pop. Peter Schlessel -head of GK films is leading producing efforts on this film idea.

While at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Schlessel made the deal for This Is It!,  a big earner for SPE, and it is likely that GK Films will distribute Thriller through its SPE output deal. UTA reps Garelick and Reel Effects, while Paradigm reps Ortega.

This report via Mike Fleming.

My thoughts are – if MJ was using 3D film technology in his This is It! Tour visual arts armory — shouldn’t this film be shot in 3D, like the future of Bollywood film?

Distribution: If Hollywood wants a piece of India’s entertainment than this is a good idea. No other artist has been downloaded more times than MJ in India’s entertainment history of music sales. 24% of all songs in India downloaded are MJ songs. Really Summit Entertainment should bid big, as they are the leading ‘werewolf’/ wolf pack kids in Hollywood.

We live in an age of the 3D Jackson Estate still furthering entertainment models and distributon strategies for American Ent. I dig. Before Jackson died he was all about Thinking Green to save the earth’s enviroment – and he was doing this in 3D.

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Jennifer Hudson shines at Chicago’s House of Blues while signing her poster for Michigan Avenue Magazine. Jennifer Hudson is always inspiring.

Hollywood entertainment and celebrity news as you voted our top ten today. Thanks everyone.

 Here’s our top ten. Enjoy. 

1. A turbin wearing Tiger Woods fan & Shiloh J-P

2. Justin Gaston wears Psalmist King’s ink in Young Hollywood

3. Corey Millers owl ink with a message

4. Matt Damon movie still, Hereafter by Clint Eastwood

5. Ted Hughes poem discovery, U.K

6. Brooke Fraser talks strings as flags

7. Kelly Clarkson on her mom’s tattoos

8. Art Pic – Salvador Dali

9. Halle Berry hugs a man not Oliver Martinez

10. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

New poetry: Ukelele Sway

Bonus Post: Interweaving Narratives: Maori Tukutuku art

For a novel about Peace set in Palestine & Israel: Go here to .

To help young people struggling with depression: Go here.

Special thanks to The Roosevelt Hotel for fixing Horiwood.Com’s computer, so “Horiwood.Com can keep on blogging. Don’t stop,” when it went bust.

Such a good gesture I am thankful for. The Roosevelt and their hospitable team are staples for big studio movies after party events. The Roosevelt is where the Jolie-Pitt family choose to stay sometimes. They love it.  Thanks Roosevelt.

Speaking of Angelina and adored tribe, Project Angel Food, also do what Brad and Angie do, just here in LA. They’re awesome. Check them out.

I hope you’re all smiling. I am. Courage to believe in change.

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Tennis great, Serena Williams gets bikini wet at the beach in MiamiYoung Black & Fabulous

What a leader. Wyclef Jean raises $10 million for Haiti–All Hip Hop

Brandy and Flo Rida sighting–Young Black and Fabulous

Eve, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Letoya Luckett rock out together in Austin, Texas–Bossip

Mack 10 talks Ice Cube , New West and brand new music–All Hip Hop

Beyonce and Jay-Z find time to have a dinner date together @ Nello’s–Young Black & Fab

Tia Mowrey and Tamera Mowry love doing brunch at Toast in West Hollywood–Bossip 

Jennifer Hudson slims down to play Winnie Mandela. I can’t relate to her anymore. Lol!

Gotta love a dreamer. Matt Kemp has allegedly proposed to pop star RihannaBossip

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I’m feeling me some gospel music today… because sometimes you need to look past men and their egos which mask a denial of fragility found in mortality– and you find that you need to look above their heads, at Someone greater and worthy of your attention, adoration and your spirit’s true worship.

Love will never block your worship to Someone greater. Love will support it. Therein lies the essence of Love at Easter time.

Here’s two songs from Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson who in the American tradition of gospel music and the cultural arts of America, are doing just that. Out of America’s dark roots in traditions of slavery, comes this sound. Over 400 years after the first slaves arrived in America from Africa, gospel music is still the sound of Amazing Grace today from Lady Liberty’s beautiful and resilient shores. As cheesy as it is, I Love it! Easter music doesn’t get more real than this. Happy Easter everyone.

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Oscars dream girl, Jennifer Hudson wore Avatar blue to Sir Elton John‘s Oscars party last night, while the Jonai popped it to represent the Disney kids in party classic black.

There are some mean champagne hangovers in the City of Angels today. The comedown after Oscars golden and giddy heights of LA’s biggest night of the year So…. be careful on the roads. Someone might collide into you, when you’re least expecting it.  :)

[Images via Wenn.Com]

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Jennifer Hudson’s white moustache is so cute!

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The Earth needs our Love–Michael Jackson‘s message in song, Grammys 2010.

[Image of Prince Michael Jackson I and Paris Jackson courtesy of ABC. Image of Michael Jackson's star with Maori Taonga from the Moana (Sea) photographed by Horiwood today]

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La Toya Jackson is a vision of silky blue as she leaves the set of Dancing With The Stars.

Celebrity always does bite, but it is how one uses their fame for the good, that shows a star’s true star power, or whether they are just pretending to be a star. Always give. Celebrity News bites today are as follows:

Hollywood legend, Steven Spielberg has been retained as Creative Director for Universal at $50 million a year. Nice!–Variety

At 16, Miley Cyrus brief appearance in Sex & The City II sparks questions. She loves it.–popeater

Oscar and grammy winner, Jennifer Hudson is in talks to play the role of Winnie Mandlea in a Nelsen Mandela biopic. Great role!–showbiz411

Giving fills Madonna‘s love of more fame with Glee. The hit feel good TV show is doing an entire episode devoted to Madonna songs as Madonna gifts Glee her music royalty rights. Nice!–Music-Mix

Charlize Theron may play Mad Maxine, as Mel Gibsons famous role  gets set for a Mad Max reprise, down under–Sydney Sun.

Kanye West did not die in a car crash as falsely reported. Taylor Swift did not kill him.–Sophos


~featured pic and charity link is The Joey Parker Movement, see details below after celebrity gossip bites continues. thank you~  Read the rest of this entry »


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Yes. Jennifer Hudson is rightly one proud momma. David Ortega Jr. makes his debut to the world via People Magazine. So cute!

Says Jennifer Hudson on the joys of mothering: “I love being nurturing and caring because I love to see other people happy,” said Jennifer. “Who better to devote my time to than my own child? He has a lot of personality, like David. His favorite time to smile now is diaper changes. Or when he spits up on you – he just cracks up like he thinks it’s the funniest thing. And his bottle is his pacifier. With a pacifier, it’s like he knows, ‘Ain’t nothing come out of here. No, I don’t want that. Where’s the real deal?’ His best friend is that bottle; that’s all he wants.”

After family tragedy and murders, isn’t this girl finally knowing true joy again. So awesome to see.

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