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Lucky is being surrounded in a city of talented, creative writers: This week I seem to have been a writer magnate. Writers have struck up conversations with me all week. It’s like a writer avalanch moment – it’s raining people with story ideas, movie scripts, books and words. I’m digging it. I don’t know why this week has brought that on. In Hollywood it’s perhaps a sign that independent writers are emerging out of recession’s woodworks here in Hollywood. I like that. They have survived the writers’ drought, that actually began four years back with the writers’ strike. They’re tenacious and strong people.

Unsurprisingly then, I met a writer today. I know nothing about her. She told me she had a challenging day with her lawyer. Her story (confidential) moved me, hence this post. In her own words then:

Cara Mia Bella. “There is a garden growing and flourishing brilliantly within the ground of your being utilizing divine intelligence symbiotically blossoming in service to the highest expression of who you are. This garden is nourished by Love. May joy and beauty and love be yours today and every day!”–writer, screenwriter (Swingers) Melanie Lutz whose new book Love Land will be hot this valentine’s day. Author too of Always Alice Blog and Crazy Lemon blog contributor as well. Author of the book The Bare Melcessities.

If you know Melanie, feel free to leave a comment either here or on Mel’s own blog. She’s very Gleeful as a creative thinker.

[First time Peoples Choice Awards Winner 2011Jane Lynch of Glee and Horiwood Hollywood discuss the virtues of healthy iron supplements in the hood - "organic is best!" was our conclusion. Hailing from the organic paradise of Middle Earth (New Zealand) I was happy that Jane too holds that view. One day Jane hopes to go to New Zealand for a good vacation as her schedule permits to check out "the mountains and the beautiful beaches". She's so conscientious to give back to audiences like Kiwi's who watch her hit show each week like many Kiwi's do. Culture that is real is about mutual dialoguing and respect shown one to another. It's never one way. Jane is one smart lady. Melanie is too. As a good sport and Maori dude, whose a fan of four times world rugby football champion girls, The Black Ferns, I just feel so dumb today, like I almost need to enroll at Yale University or something and join Yale's rugby football team as well. Lol!].

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.7.11~