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Did I ever mention that West Hollywood is one of America’s military most favorite cities. Residents of this city are the darlings of the US military. I am reminded by this by the constant stream of military choppers who display their wings above us, quite a lot.

They’re noisy metal beasts, choppers, if you live under them while blogging at Starbucks.

West Hollywood is between Beverly Hills and the power production offices of Hollywood studios.

California is a well protected state, due to the powerful people in the world who live here and shape global perceptions.

Their money funds and elects Presidents.

As I fade out from the chopper drones, while drinking the fresh Pike River roasted coffee of the day, I am captivated by the grey set today who have rocked out with canes and Swifty Lazar glasses (originals not Bieber 3D glasses per se) to turn on a show for the ‘kids’ of Hollywood today.

Their stories are fascinating. Captivating. Each word a gem of California history.

They speak of Cary Grant and recall the contribution Cary made to California life and culture. A lady, with a Princess Diana hair cut in silvery grey, recalls how when she first got to Hollywood, how the first day she got a job in a studio.

So excited at the possibilities of what this meant, she set out to Sunset & Vine to celebrate her achievement with a glass of champagne.

Perched up at the bar, she turned to ask the nearest person next to her, “Hey, so do you ever see Cary Grant in places like this in Hollywood?”

The man said, “I don’t believe I ever have, but you never know, if you look hard enough you just might.”

She says, it was only then that she realized who she was talking to. It was Cary Grant.

The shared laughter at the table lasts for a minute. Obviously, this is a favorite story.


I look at them and think, unless grey power are prepared to still put their Swifty glasses on, grab their wooden canes and meet at Starbucks, how else does a new generation of Hollywood people catch a glimmer of important life messages in a city where messages for the world are what we do. Their message today perhaps is- that it doesn’t matter who you speak with, or talk to – everyone could be Cary Grant – a person. Even a stranger, talking to the freshest faced kid who just got off a greyhound bus in Hollywood.

Today, I think Grant would be in Africa, in the faces of people we may have never yet met. Or in India, in the poorest districts. Or even sleeping under palm trees at night in Los Angeles, if we look close enough. I think real stars, do whatever they do, to somehow make a difference for the people who most need it. Finding such people in need, is a star’s real business.

I have my Swifty Lazar invisible glasses on, as I turn my camera skywards and press ‘capture.’ Here’s that shot as the canes disappear like magicians wands assisting unexpected whiz kids out the glass doors of our local Starbucks today. They are priceless. So cute!

~Posted by Horiwood.Com, Hollywood California USA. 1.19.11~