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The Wall Street Journal has a very good story on chronic fatigue syndrome. Having had a friend who was afflicted by this condition for about fifteen years before a cure was found for them, I’m going to run this story as Hollywood news today.

My friend now is able to get back on their surfboard. He’s a winner! Yet chronic fatigue syndrome had him bed ridden for all those years.

People with CFS or Tapanui Flu as we’d say down under, are amazing and resilient people, I’ve found. They have a depth of spirit, due to coping with the disease. Perhaps the biggest stars of CFS sufferers, are their very patient, loving and tolerant family members who wait patiently for a cure.

Some people, don’t get a cure. But that’s changing in medical science as this story shows:

Ginger Burg at her home in Gasport, N.Y., near Lyndonville. Ms. Burg, who fell ill at age 14, recalls that she and the others who got sick were considered ‘crazy, delusional, lazy people.’

One snowy afternoon in October 1985, eight children from the tiny farming community of Lyndonville, N.Y., went sledding together. Within a few weeks, they all got sick.

David Bell, the local doctor who treated the children, recalls that their symptoms were similar to the flu: sore throats, fevers, muscle aches and severe fatigue. After three days, they hadn’t recovered. Then a week. A month. Ninety days.” Six months later, the young people were still fatigued.

Go here to read in full. To see doctors who are committed to making a difference in this area, here’s a few. What cool people:

Meet Dr. Gordon Broderick of University of Alberta
Meet Dr. Katheen Light of University of Utah
Meet Dr. Marvin Medow of New York Medical College
Meet Dr. Bud Mishra of New York University
Meet Dr. Sanjay Shukla of Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
Meet Dr. Dikoma Shungu of Weill Cornell Medical School

And – Kia Ora brotha Richard. Thank you for the messages and… Go Champ!

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