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Humor this weekend comes via Sarah Lane, one of two dancer body doubles working on the set of Natalie Portman‘s Oscars winning performance of Black Swan.

Sarah says that only 5% of the dancing in the film was Natalie. The rest was her. This has lead the film’s choreographer Ben Millepied to be involved in a tennis match of opinion with Sarah in the news of late. Benjamin claims 85% of the film features Natalie dancing as her character, not as Sarah claims.

In any event, it’s a shame Sarah does not quite have Natalie’s beautiful face. Needless to say Ben Millepied looks like a good knight of Natalie protecting her rep. Every Hollywood princess needs one. And, it sets Portman up to be in line with all of the Lois Lane movie publicity with a Sarah Lane name drop, today, when that movie hits, further down the track. Smart press… believe it or not.

I like Portman’s sense of humor. ‘Scandal!!! I cheated,’ is her big Hollywood tabloid story this week. No sex involved. How funny!

If this story interests you, go here.

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Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta was arrested after an altercation with a reality TV star at New York nightclub last night, it has been claimed. The 27-year-old, award winning actress, allegedly biffed a glass at Samantha Swetra, who was in The City with Whitney Port.

Swetra filed a police report this morning with her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia, according to TMZ.

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Vanessa Hudgens is someone who I have not met. People I know who have worked with Vanessa here in Hollywood say she is so beautiful in person, she actually hurts to be around. Her eyes are breath taking apparently.

Anyway, Vanessa had her 100th nude pics leaks scandal recently in her relatively young career as a Hollywood star.

Not to worry, Vanessa has a lot of support this time round. Namely from the FBI who have met with Hudgens and her lawyer for an hour to take a closer look at her invasive breach of privacy. Hacking is not cool. It’s like rat’s scurrying down internet wire lines for a digital whiff of Vanessa’s coochie she has not consented for them to peek at. Not cool.

The only difference between Vanessa and Selena Gomez for example is about four years. Both are Disney spun girls. Selena at 18 has already requested ten more security guards just because she’s dating a famous Canadian teen. Vanessa, whose just pressed the “cool it” button with Zac Efron, on the other hand is very low maintenance compared to you Selena. She has zero security guards.

It’s good that she’s getting her case investigated though. Hacking is sooooooo invasive! Stars taking naked pics of themselves in the first place is a mystery. When you blog, the story line rhetoric of scandals like this are… ‘this is a picture of me, directed by me, starring me, distributed by me sometimes, naked pics leaked by a hacker monster other times.’ It’s very Kardashian to do such things.

It’s all about a battle for control over a person’s own representation themselves. So far, since those High School Musical hit movies that spawned Glee on TV, control over Hudgen’s own representation (post Disney’s years where Hudgens was their signed star and then post helping making Zac famous) has been this California beauty’s ongoing battle. Let’s hope she lands some good movie roles soon. Apparently she’s very sweet.

Poor Vanessa Hudgens. So sweet, so invaded.

[Photographer - Ramey Pix]

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“I think they should just replace this guy all together. He’s a mess,” says Jeff of CBS in Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen may have danced around hot coals in the appearance of a very unhealthy dicey dance with Hollywood celebrity of late, but Sheen is however, appearing to line his biz ducks up in a row in the media blitz trainwreck show he’s turned out, over the past two weeks, off-setting oil, refugee, revolution, Mid-East news occurring concurrently.

All of us have tacked between feeling sorry for refugees/ rebels of dictators in Mid-East and North African nations, who had or have President-Dictators. Monarchies seemed to remain shaken but still on their thrones in similar Mid-East governed nations. Presidents appear to have gotten pushed. When our hearts got heavy with seeing people in deserts dodge bullets over oil realignment, distribution and control, we segued into Charlie Sheen news, then other celebrities news off the back of Sheen’s latest rant. He is everywhere.  Read the rest of this entry »



Last year at the Oscars, we had beauty when Sandra Bullock won.

Then we had an anti semitic display of Bullock’s messy tabloid-fit divorce straight after. That show went on for at least six months post the Oscars where writing “Poor Sandra Bullock” every day was what tabloids, media outlets and bloggers did most days.

This year at the Oscars, the Brit’s cleaned up the male actors (best director and script too) awards section, taking that away from Hollywood this year. Those are all now in the UK.

Natalie Portman is doing “Jewish, young love purity, dance of life” as her star template as a winner this year, so it gets left to Charlie Sheen to turn on the dirty tabloid show, post the Oscars.

He certainly is not disappointing anyone on that front. Although in all of this, you wonder how his health is. At the moment he is show biz’s ‘reshuffler’ starring as ‘the oracle.’ If you want trends re-ordered in show biz, call Charlie, he’ll do it. Here’s the latest from camp Sheen today.

Charles Estevez aka Charlie Sheen is a show of his own. Now that the tiger’s been let out of the TV cage (from the Two and a half men tv show) for a bit, he’s engaging in his own reality TV show, big time. If you missed his last round of crazy, here’s some quotes via MK via YHG, with Charlie saying:

“I have not. No, no. Women are not meant to be hit. They’re to be hugged and caressed.”

“There was an incident years ago where everyone thought I hit her. I was trying to contain her. I had her arms and we both went down to the ground. Her initials are B.A, I’ll give you that much. I don’t want to make the whole thing about her. I felt terrible and delivered her to a plastic surgeon and everybody said I hit her and no…. I feel bad about that one. She was attacking me, though, with, like a, a small fork. Like a cocktail fork. And she had it with her, that was the weird part. What was she doing with, like, a shrimp fork in her purse? She stole it, clearly. From a buffet.”

[That Warren Buffet reference is so funny!]

“It’s been a tsunami of media and I’ve been riding it on a mercury surfboard.”

“The reason it went bad is because I don’t do pills. I don’t take opiates, I don’t do benzos or any of that psychotropic nonsense. I used to [take cocaine]. I’ve gotta be careful because that’s like lawsuits and things that went on. Well, yeah. I’m not taking it. I had to pay for it. Well, um, I hadn’t done any for a while, like 7 hours, but I had this hernia thing that was popping out.”

“I won’t take [pain pills], so I maybe hit the vodka a little too hard to reduce the pain.”

“That was an old brain, I have a new brain. I have a 10,000-year-old brain and the boogers of a 7-year-old. That’s how I describe myself.”

“And then it was like, ‘You must let me impose my will on your face.’ And it was like, woah dude.”

“I was joking about being underpaid but to come back for a 10th season… Eh, that’s all negotiable. You can’t talk about this stuff on television. I don’t know. I was on crack. Where’s Dr. Drew when you need him?”

People Magazine, the terrain of the A-List, or mega-trending reality TV stars of the minute, go with Charlie as their cover guy this week with a quote, “If I’m insane, I’m OK with it…This is not an act.”

Sheen joins Twitter,  Charlie has temporarily lost custody of his twin sons Bob and Max, due to the boys mother Brooke Mueller quoting Charlie saying in The Bahamas that “he’d poke her eyes out with a pen knife.” Sheen has a home there, where he parties beachside. Sheen is now ordered to stay 100 yards away from Brooke and the boys, with Brooke adding:

“I am very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane. I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children’s safety while in his care.”

Brooke allegedly, is in day rehab for her drug addiction. Sheen now adds “custody battle” to his reality star persona, where Radar (who else?) has footage of Sheen acting more “crazy Uncle” then even Mel Gibson could muster, last year. (That was a lot!).

I think Charlie thinks he’s much better than Colin Firth and/or Christian Bale of the UK, because he posted this  of himself on Twitter, with his own Oscar depicted in poster form.

He’s so Hollywood, in bringing Oscars back to the center, in doing so. I know at least 20 people who would have been bitter, for a whole year over the Brit’s winning their Ocars gold, if Sheen hadn’t of done ‘crazy guy Oscars’ press for them. Phewsh! That gig’s done.

Someone did have to do that this year. Sheen is that person. All of this off the back of heavy publicity from Sheen with interviews given to TodayGood Morning America, 20/20 and Piers Morgan.

Sheen also claims that Chuck Lorre doesn’t even provide him with scripts for Lorre’s hit show Sheen stars in. EW writes, Sheen claims that “the uber-writer/producer was never in a position to resume production on TV’s No. 1 comedy because he hadn’t written any new stories for the show. “Why is it that when I was ready to return to work, you told me there were no scripts ready to shoot?” Sheen said during this week’s interview with Today. It turns out, however, that like many of Sheen’s comments, that one wasn’t entirely grounded in reality.”

Pop Eater claims Sheen’s rants are like a “14 year-old World of Warcraft video obsessed teen.” Also noting “Charlie’s Twitter bio even has a suspenseful ego of its own: “Born Small… Now Huge… Winning… Bring It..! (unemployed winner…).” Very Gaga, that’s so funny!

Sheen’s “chocolate milk” twitter show is lol, though slightly warped (the best shows in Hollywood always are, a tad bit warped). He’s doing twitter rants like “My path is now clear, defeat is not an option,” where he sounds very DC. He also continues the Tiger Woods American bloke theme tweeting: “Questions? I’m here for my people!!! Bring it. #Tigerblood.”

Bored Americans now have taken over twitter when they should be working in their exciting day jobs as Sheen gives them that “winning” feeling to his trainwreckedness. Here’s one, “As @paulscheer puts it, “Oscars should be called Charlies.” Now that’s wining. And what do winners drink to stay fueled? Chocolate milk, of course. And how does a wizard know when it’s time to refuel? “The only watch that keeps Warlock time — Class of 1927 ring ‘Bambino U.’” We have a feeling that Sheen majored in “Winning.”"

Television Without Pity, analyzes Sheen’s contribution to the American psyche as being like so: “Before Charlie Sheen introduced the concept to us via a series of confusing and ill-advised interviews, we had no way to rate the quality of “winning.” But now we know that Sheen apparently is “winning,” thanks to his tiger blood (i.e. ferocity), Adonis DNA (i.e. attractiveness), ability to defeat earthworms with words (i.e. articulateness), ability to convert tin cans into gold (i.e. improve shows/films by his mere presence) and “bitchin’ life” (i.e. substance abuse, promiscuity, violence or other illegal activity, none of which we condone or endorse). Rating each category on a scale of 1 to 10, we thought we’d determine the “winning” level of some of the biggest, most outrageous celebrities out there. If you, too, can come close to Sheen’s winningness (he scores 10s across the board), he may want to party with you. Or follow you on Twitter.”

are a plenty on Google. Carol Smaldino gets all Roman us, referring Sheen to “the Gladiator within us.” B*tch please! Canada is extremely impressed that Sheen can get a million people to follow him in just 24 hours. Sheen’s name clocks up 478,000,000 search terms for him on Google as well. Nuts!

LA Times focuses on the fact that Sheen has given ABC the highest ratings in 2 years. 9.3 million people tuned in. Brooke accuses Sheen of being anti semitic. Sheen has since denied it.

Gosh, it’s a non stop show in Sheen’s camp. Let’s hope that in heating up news networks, social media outlets across the board, that THE MAN IS ALL GOOD!

He sure is a good distraction for war, chaos, hiking oil prices and depression within America too. In light of Charlie’s openly shared issues, no nation in the world is having a “melt down”, simply because Charlie is doing this for everyone. What a showman.

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Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus news: In Hollywood, if you shine, you will get torn down. If you have a villain, they play the enemy while the public play your supporters. This tactic was key in creating Angelina Jolie into an American megastar. Jon Voight her dad, was her first villain, then she followed this up with Billy Bob Thornton playing her villain husband too. As therapy, she played Jennifer Aniston‘s villain, but ultimately Jon Voight playing Jolie’s villain got her off to a good start.

From the pages of Hollywood 2nd generation star guide to megastardom then, Billy Ray Cyrus plays Miley Cyrus‘ villain dad, claiming that Disney destroyed their family. While Star Magazine parrot this tabloid dirt. Us Weekly recycle Star’s idea running with a “Destroyed by Daddy” line. It’s very Mommy Dearest, with a gender reversal. A mother of a family, is sort of who earns the most for the family. In the Cyrus clan, Miley is like a mother, while also having a very sweet mom as well.

Let’s see how this angle goes for the Cyrus whanau (family). I like them. They are good people. Extremely sweet, with thick, weathered cowboy-cultured show biz skin. A winning combo.

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Human Rights & Writers, True American Media-Conglomerate Corporate Stories: Hollywood’s latest tabloid saga involves “human trafficking.” In particular “Scientology” is under the microscope for human trafficking. Tabloids of course take Scientology’s most famous face (that being actor Tom Cruise) to ‘play out’ this Hollywood scandal.

According to reports Scientologists are under investigation for paying slave labor rates. That being, rumors of Tom Cruise getting his motorcycles repaired, boats fixed, buildings aesthetically enhanced to be more architecturally pleasing on the eye, is what the scandal touts as a story.

Tom allegedly booked workers through the Scientologist’s hook up networks of laborers. He also reportedly paid them $50 a week for these workers labor. For a second there, I thought I was reading about some people who work in torrid conditions in China or Egypt’s 20% of people who live below the pita bread line too. But no, apparently, this is a story from California, USA.

[Pics via Easy Googler and Horiwood.Com Archives -Artwork by artist Holly V. Hoof]

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1 Fact: 1 billion people do not have clean drinking water. Where: Africa and India are most affected.

The threat: More people are lost in the world through this situation than war.

The solution: We can make a difference through UNICEF Tap Project. If you want to, please do.

True fact 2: For as little as $10, one person can have clean drinking water for a lifetime.

That’s like a beer at a Hollywood club with the tip. Amazing aye! Act. Bump this post on too. Let’s flow. :)

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[AI suggestion - perhaps NGRAM needs to go back to the chalk board phase]

If I was naive enough to believe Google’s “Books Ngram Viewer” that claims to count words based on 5 million published books and track their trends in terms of amount of times words appear in books (quantitative research), the Maori people of New Zealand would not fare well. The results would have me rehashing that archaic dead-end term, “racism” asap. Maori don’t like doing that in this enlightened age. It does not get people very far, because it immediately casts Maori in the light of having to drive a car fueled by ‘white man’s guilt.’ When you drive on whenua (land) that has tar seal put on it and called a “road,” that would be too much “irony” for a Maori to handle in any given day. Besides, why should we? That’s something that would appeal as a college student. The past is healing.

The tracking tool claims (my search conducted between years 1920 and 2008) that the word “Maori” peaked as a topic of interest in books in the year of 1978 (aprox). Since then it’s plummeted and currently, the usage of the word Maori is as low as its status listed in 1950 findings that’s given in the little graph that pops up. Already, this NGRAM Viewing tool of Google is capable of starting civil wars. I don’t like it much at all so far.

Being scientific, with heart and soul – this means: a) Maori are extinct again – a typical ‘pseudo-scientific’ finding (yawn!) Maori have learned to ignore since being able to read maps – but this time in a literary sense.

Already this supposedly revolutionary tool of technology is spitting out results generating ‘information’ that is rather boring quite frankly in my humble opinion. I say this because such ‘information’ has been so done TO DEATH already!  Read the rest of this entry »


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Glenn Beck is yabbering on at Fox News about Julian Assange, Russia and whales, rape allegations. The hate mongerer for Republicans of TV Talk whose gig is the line ‘government is lying,’ Goes Behind The Scenes of upstager, Julian Assange’s Scandals:

Beck Paints a Picture of Fear: I want to ask you, who is the most feared person in the world is right now, feared by people in power, the man behind the WikiLeaks drama being played out in real life. His name is Julian Assange. Business executives, politicians and leaders are scared.

Glenn’s Whale Jokes: “I would guess everyone but Vladimir Putin is scared. The guy stabs whales with like toothpicks and kills them.”

Beck on The Bittersweet Truism’s of ‘forced’ journalism: “The truth shall set you free. But it will make you miserable first. We’re about to hit the misery part. Many people would rather have slave chains to secrecy than endure the misery required to live in the truth. Thus, Assange is positioned against all the fighters straight in the crosshairs.”

Assange’s supporters: Filmmaker Ken Loach, a socialite, Jemima Khan, a journalist, John Pilger are listed as open supporters of “the man dumping national business and personal secrets all over the Internet –is going to be potentially brought down by something he did in secret. Or did he?”

Assange is a paradox like the most famous leaders: “I’m really torn on this story,” confesses Beck. He is exposing the fact that our governments all around the world have been lying to us. It’s been a job we’ve been trying to do but have been pilloried over and over for doing it.”

The Crime Assange is being Tried On: Assange is under investigation for sex by surprise. What’s that? Two allegations, from two different Swedish women. He is a man caught in a crossfire of two lovers. Both accusing him of different tales.

[Image via Huff Po] Read the rest of this entry »


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The drama surrounding Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is all ago today. Many media are now asking is Julian Assange being framed? And how did Rihanna know all this at Halloween when she appeared on US television dressed as Jessica Rabbit on The Dave Letterman Show weeks ago?

According to the CSM these things are occurring with Julian:

Deportation from the UK: He’s in a London jail cell awaiting deportation to Sweden. Accusations that Assange sexually assaulted two women in Sweden are being bandied about. Although both women in question claim they’ve had consensual sex with Assange, the ladies are allegedly using the “rape” word. Assange could face Sweden’s ”broken condom law,” (unprotected sex is illegal in Sweden) if he still continued without wrapping up, after his condom broke, as one of these ladies claim. Bad joke, the ‘leaky condom’ one! Meanwhile, the two ladies making allegations are getting ‘abused online absurdly by Assange’s supporters,’ says their lawyer who wants to be the Swedish Gloria Allred discrimination lawyer of the 2010′s.

Assange’s Insurance for a fair trial: His lawyer is warning that Assange has distributed the digital equivalent of a “thermonuclear device” in case something happens to him.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Fox News shares info on Time Magazine‘s current cover man, Julian Assange of Australia who is seen as a whistle blowing spy of American inside information. In a way he’s an information pirate of our times. His pirate’s swagger is ‘what some don’t want people to know.’  Here’s the latest from Fox.

The BP Shocker: Files on BP and Guantanamo Bay are believed to be in Assange’s possession. Oops.

Insurance Industry Shocker:

One of the files identified this weekend by The Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file — has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia. Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.

The Aerial Raid that Killed Afghani Civilians Footage: Other documents that Assange is confirmed to possess include an aerial video of a US airstrike in Afghanistan that killed civilians– Doh! A video is so not a ‘document.’ But this sounds not pretty.

A key needed to break Assange’s document codes: One of the key files available for download — named insurance.aes256 — appears to be encrypted with a 256-digit key. Experts said last week it was virtually unbreakable. Nigel Smart, professor of cryptology at Bristol University, said even powerful military computers would be unable to crack the encryption. He said: “This isn’t something that can be broken with a modern computer. You need the key to open it.” The file is 1.4 gigabytes in size, which would be big enough for a compressed version of all the files released this year and additional data.

And I thought cryptology was a rap song. No.

Zombie Computers Hacking. Bank of America are shunting. Energy Companies may not be so private: Assange said last year that he had been leaked a computer hard drive from an executive at Bank of America and warned this month he was planning a major release on a large American bank. He also claims to have confidential files on BP and other energy companies. Tens of millions of personal computers were hijacked last week in an act of sabotage that crippled the WikiLeaks website. WikiLeaks revealed that a “denial of service” attack that temporarily shut down the website used a network of “zombie” computers, which were infiltrated by the hackers.

Swiss are hosting Wikileaks Currently: The site re-emerged on Friday with a Swiss address, The new name was provided by the Swiss Pirate party, which champions internet freedom. Assange has also set up contingency servers in Sweden.

My thoughts: I hope the kids of any sketchy people, learn to forgive their parents in wake of all of these scandals damage as truth comes to light and that America’s children grow up to be better than their folks. Let’s hope for that in conjunction with Afghani kids healing too from air force pilots that could quite possibly need new glasses.

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It is the second time Brad Pitt has seen Megamind. This time Mr Pitt is pictured with Angelina seeing the film again in Paris, France.

Wikileaks US leaked docs news dominates our top ten celebrity, entertainment news posts here in Hollywood. A shock, because this is not a political blog but an entertainment celebrity blog. I guess world leaders are celebrities right now then, if they’re rating above known celeb names. A good sign.

Here’s John Key‘s quote on the 1600 documents that relate to New Zealand, 1400 hundred of them stemming from Wellington: ”My understanding is it’s more likely to be the odd sort of comment which is colourful in nature, the sort of thing that you might say to your mate around the coffee table but not necessarily something you’d want written down and read by the person that you were reporting on—I see biodocuments (documents about people) or I see reports that come in from our embassies and high commissions around the world. They always have a degree of colour or [creative] licence about them. I take them with a grain of salt. Generally the positions we hold we make them public anyway.”

Good advice on how Wikileaks docs should be read. Just like most things written on this blog really. On that note, our top ten voted worldwide today are:

1. Pic: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson vacation in Capri

2. Saudi Arabia and Arab leaders side with Israel’s view of Iran

3. Olivia Wilde does all the stuff Megan Fox won’t do

4. Jay-Z and Beyonce have late lunch in New Zealand

5. Wikileaks: Saudi gives President Obama “glowing” review like John Key will get

6. Kate Middleton’s comparisons to Princess Dianna are prevalent

7. Zahara Jolie-Pitt has the Naomi Campbell pouts down pat already

8. Kim Kardashian covers W Magazine

9. Art: Kanye West & Lady Gaga

10. TIE A: Is there ‘lost trust’ in the USA over the wikileaks docs scandal?

10. TIE B: Jay-Z’s tribute to lost Greymouth Miners

“No one is under any illusions about how we feel about the Fiji administration at the moment or what’s happening in Afghanistan so I’d be surprised if there’s anything there”–JK for NZ.

TVNZ reporting via NZPA on NZ’s Position about the US criticism in the Wikileaks Doc: ‘After revelations via Wikileaks that diplomats were told to spy on United Nations figures, the US is accountable, NZ’s leader says.

‘Among the documents released was a classified directive to US diplomats sent on behalf of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in July 2009 which sought intelligence on the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the ambassadors of the other permanent members of the UN Security Council – Britain, China, Russia and France.

The “new national human intelligence collection directive” was sent to US representatives at the UN missions in New York, Vienna and Rome, and 33 embassies and consulates. The UN has reacted saying it will take up concerns with the US and that its operations under the 1946 convention on the privileges and immunities of the United Nations included immunity from search or interference by member governments.

Key did not criticise the US when asked about the controversy this afternoon.

[Brad and Angelina, Paris courtesy of Getty Images. This image - Two Keys via NZ Herald]

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Whose bad? Julian Assange apparently is so bad.–image via AP

The question on the table today via the Global Media is: has the world lost trust over the USA’s Washington-Wikileaks scandal that reads like a tabloid of US gossip concerning major world leaders – or was the trust lost already by the George W. Bush‘s reign of US politics, war mismanagement and the over-eager depletion of the US economy? A few leaked docs/ cable transcripts – are hardly going to tarnish America’s trust record.

The asset-bubble spill over effects that global leaders in the world rightly say America is responsible for contributing into the global economy with a draw down of $600 billion–is this the cause of lost trust for the USA that the media are referring to? That shocking information was announced, straight up – straight to cam, not leaked. And now, a future for the world, facing North Korea and Iran’s nuclear missile’s management concerns–can the world still trust America to lead? Of course we can–even after we know how America really feels about the world. Why does that change anything?

And although Afghanistan is not the focus right now and unexpectedly honest confessions are, in the form of leaked security documents–isn’t the North Korea/ Iran issue more prevalent, then ‘who let the cat out of the bag with US diplomatic relations?’ With a view not to judge, in a group of people, such descriptions are kinda normal. Why the big fuss?

Anyway, here’s what news outlets are reporting today as I observe from Hollywood.

U.S Natonal security has been “severely damaged.” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says: “We’re at war … [and] the world is getting more dangerous by the day”–reports CBC Canada

“Shocked. Shocked. Shocked” is what Judith Miller says the US is after reading Russia’s Vladimir Putin being described as an “Alpha Dog” Read the rest of this entry »


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According to The National Enquirer (one of the most dramatic newspapers in the game) David Arquette and Courtney Cox are in marriage counseling in an effort to save their marriage.

Reconciliation if possible is usually smart. If possible. So good on them!

By the way, The Post are normally known for given the lovable Oprah Winfrey her darker side of humor with the ridiculous scandals they run on her. Obviously Oprah finds these amusing otherwise she would have sued these guys a gazillion moons ago. The latest Oprah scandal running is this headline: Janet Jackson hates Oprah Winfrey’s Guts. Lol!

Allegedly Oprah’s interview with MJ’s kids is what the blow up was over. As if!

MJ’s 3 kids are in direct competition with Justin Bieber –with these four kids selling merch, so they need to do press about now. Oprah’s final season is the best spot for MJ’s kids to appear on, so it’s hardly likely Aunt Janet is mad with Oprah at all. In TV land that’s still top billing.

[Image of Courtney and David wearing their Peace tee shirts courtesy of ExecTe]

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If teen mom, Amber Portwood had been photographed having a caramel latte at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (a good alternative to Starbucks coffee here in the USA), she would not be involved in a “drinking scandal” via tabloid news at the moment.

Amber was photographed having a drink with friends, causing a furore here about whether or not she is a responsible mom or not. A bit harsh via the media I think.

Anyway, what she does have on the go is a domestic battery issue or two to deal with. Portwood  was formally feloniously charged. While downing tequila shots with friends at an Indiana home in her hometown of Anderson, “She said she needs to watch how much she drinks because she’s on something.”,” while taking out a bottle of prescription pills. It appears that the young Amber Portwood is in no hurry to get her daughter Leah back or so tabloid news would have us believe. We all know babies need both parents, it’s just who babies are, to feel secure–so let’s not believe much of what the tabloids are writing.

I’m actually writing this post from Hollywood because Amber is the no.1 lady on this Hollywood blog this weekend in America. You’d think that with a lot happening around the world, that other women would be no.1 this weekend, but Amber even pipped the U.K’s Kate Middleton for top interest honors today, here in Hollywood. Go figure. People love to talk about Amber. When guys go out drinking with friends, no one bats an eyelid, but when women do, all hell seems to break loose? Is that fair? No! –Right Celebrity

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As readers of this blog are aware, I am completely rugby football obsessed. Particularly with New Zealand’s football team, called the All Blacks. They are the host nation team of the Rugby World Cup 2011, so team selection this year, has huge interest internationally. A new team was hand picked today, and Sonny Bill Williams was the big winner, being a new selection or “cap” in the team.

Five mid-year All Blacks have gone, Sonny Bill Williams has been anointed and others recycled for the team’s tour to Hong Kong and Europe.

Hosea Gear, Daniel Braid, Hika Elliot, Andy Ellis, Stephen Donald, Andrew Hore, Isaia Toeava and Sitiveni Sivivatu have been chosen after missing selection earlier this year.

“Sonny Bill has been selected on form,” coach Graham Henry said. “He has played very well for Canterbury, he is a gamebreaker with huge strength and the ability to offload in the tackle. He has a lot of untapped potential …

“He is a very unselfish player, a great team man and offers different ways of playing the game.”

[Here's footage of the team's coach Graham Henry suppressing a wry chuckle in a very serious press conference when Sonny Bill's name is mentioned and questions fielded his way. Footage also includes Sonny Bill's on-field action and game of play too.]

Reader comments on The Herald’s website are mixed over Sonny Bill’s selection: Writes YouKnowItsTheTruth in describing Williams as a “mercenary”. Read the rest of this entry »


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Is Brad Pitt really in the six mile high club with a French hottie, whose not Angelina Jolie? OMG. Cue the: Escandelo/ tabloid-flying/ pomme de frites/ uber-celebrity cheating scandals alert button etc!!! WITH SIRENS! ASAP!!!

Personally, that’s between Brad and his publicist (Angelina doesn’t have one). But airplane allusions of “travel and sexy adventure” are the key messages that draw the imagination into this story at all, I think by this magazine cover from Star Magazine.

In reality, it also seems like the movie marketing team for Johnny Depp and Angelina‘s new film, The Tourist, have begun their ‘work’ via this always humorous and light-hearted tabloids scandals angle approach. In a clever switch out, Brad is now the star of ‘The Tourist’ not Johnny or Angelina. 

After you’ve finished laughing at the above scandal, a reminder that Pakistan is on the Jolie-Pitts agenda too, so why not go here to visit the flood victims support page. Imagine your life sustaining food you’ve helped buy, traveling six miles high instead of Brad (and alleged French knock out air stewardess) winging its way; into the lives of 17 million displaced Pakistanis, and think how hot you all are for making that happen.

I mean, really!!! You’re a globetrotting magician. You should be on this cheeky cover, with aviator propellers swirling behind you for giving to Pakistan today, not just Brad. You know it! Cheers all. :)

[Image source props to Cover Awards - Front Page Celebrities PR Store Online 24-7]

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Kendra Wilkinson has a sex tape, haunting her right now. Radar Online reports, that E! Entertainment‘s cameras are going to record Kendra’s reactions to it, for her reality show Kendra.

Reports Radar: ‘Despite Wilkinson unleashing one of Los Angeles’ best law firms, Lavely & Singer, onto porn company Vivid Entertainment to stop the release, Vivid released a statement saying the tape will be distributed by the end of the month.’

Poor Kendra!

[Magazine image of Kendra Wilkinson courtesy of OK! Magazine via Cover Awards]

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Easter Weekend is when the tabloids up their game to resolve bad boys and girls of their sins by running scandals stories from past and present all together, to take the sting out of the current scandals and sort of wash them all away.

In an article this weekend, the website PopEater puts Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Hugh Grant, Woody Ellen , Paul Reubens under the spotlight, to highlight the fact, that when a star has a sexual indiscretion scandal, that they do make a comeback.

Tiger Woods is one lucky man. And again, what is Jesse James doing in this line up–he’s not an entertainer. But after his alleged scandals, maybe he is a bonafide entertainer now?! :)

One thing is certain, the PR machine is in overdrive to help restore Tiger Woods back to the golfing and sports-entertainment arena. Nobody is perfect, and that’s very sweet in a way.

Go here to read the article if you want to.

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Addressing America’s culture of Profligacy: Leadership pitfall areas to watch  Men Who Want Their Cake and Eat It Too: The Power-Drunk Blind Side of The Gold, The Girls, The Glory which goes with a leader’s position.

Profligacy is basically total excess. Or the state of being “wildly etravagant and given up to dissipation and licentiousness.” Obviously, profligacy is the lurking danger or pitfall for any consumer-driven capitalst culture.

This pictorial feature from People Magazine, titled Scandalized! Famous Other Women: Then and Now From Marilyn to Michelle: The mistresses behind the most talked about Affairs… dares to compare Michelle McGee to Marilyn Monroe. What a joke. But the ‘other women’ in this storyline, are pitched as jewels in the crown, of leaders once taken over by profligacy.

It is historic, that men in power could quite possibly have an affair. In ancient times, long ago, King David’s affair with Bathsheba for example, led to the eventual birth of King Solomon. The famous affair was written into The Bible in detail, the bible being the world’s original tabloid in parts, having the kahonas to comment on the good, the bad and the ugly of world leaders.

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Apparently, politician, John Edwards has a sex tape, filmed with himself and his then pregnant mistress, Rielle Hunter. Edward’s ex-aide, Andrew Young confirms this; just days before Young’s tell all book, The Politician gets released. Sketchy!

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